Asics Gel Resolution 4 Grey/Orange Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: Lesson learned - order your true size or deal with the hassle of a return. Shoe now fits great (can't wait to try them out later today)! Also bought the Babolat Propulse 4, which to me sets the standard for a tennis performance shoe.
From: Anon, 4/13

Comments: I'm a big Asics fan, but the Resolution 4 is a big disappointment. If you had the Res 3, then the 4 is a completely different shoe. The 3 fit like a glove, which molded around your foot plus there was more cushion, arch support and padding. The 4 has none of these characteristics. Even the shoe laces and tongue are too short for me. After switching to the 4, I have developed foot and ankle problems. I even wrote the company but as of yet to hear back.
From: Ken, 4/13

Comments: I use these shoes for pickleball which is played on the same surface as tennis, but the court is smaller. It took a couple hours of wearing the shoes to form to my arch, but after that they felt very comfortable and secure. I have a narrower foot so the half size smaller recommendation worked well for me. I was using an Asics running shoes before these so that helped me know what size to get. I saw great results from these shoe. They gripped the court very well, were great for side to side movement, and very well when I had to hurry to the net and make a sudden stop. Needless to say I am very pleased, and they look pretty cool too.
From: Ian, 4/13

Comments: Great shoe. Took me few days to feel comfortable. I ordered my normal size (8.5) and yes they are a tad long but I laced them right up to the last eyelet and the fit is comfortable. I'm glad I ordered my normal size as I think a size lower would have been tight across the toe box. The quality of these Asics is evident from the time you hold the shoes. Superbly constructed and well designed. The more I wear them the more comfortable I feel in them. Grip and stability is very good. So far no durability issues. I play in a very hot climate and so far the ventilation is ok. I will definitely consider another pair.
From: John, 4/13

Comments: Bought a pair of Gel Res 4's and loved the gel cushioning due to the pounding my knees take playing a lot of tennis and basketball. But after a few months the gel started forming a ridge under the arch of my right foot so that I started to experience a lot of pain in that foot. So thinking this was a fluke I bought a new pair and it started doing the same thing within 2 weeks! So I returned it and am now trying the Yonex Power Cushion 308. Hope they will fare better.
From: Barry, 4/13

Comments: I personally found the 1/2 size down to be perfect for me. I wouldn't fully say that they don't need any break-in, but didn't take long to fix that. Felt great after breaking them in a bit, and gives good lateral support. They cheaped out on the design, on one side of the shoe the color pattern isn't stitched, it's a sticker. We'll see how long that lasts, but other than it feels very well constructed.
From: Shelby, 4/13

Comments: These fit fantastic right out of the box. I ordered Asics because they fit my feet better than any other shoe. I have had Asics runners for years and these fit great too. Not sure about the 1/2 size over, but I wear 14's so maybe it's not the case at that large size. Wore them for 4 hours this afternoon, on concrete, and they feel like shoes I've owned for 6 months. Can't wait to get them out on the court this weekend. Thanks Asics for a great shoe, and TW for a great price.
From: John, 4/13

Comments: Coming from the Nike Breathe Frees and a variety of barricades (size 8), the 1/2 down didn't work for me. Going 1/2 size down created a really tight squeeze. The shoes are a touch longer, but I think the width is a little tighter than normal. If your width is snug or tight, then do not go down a size. This will result in a shoe fitting where you are basically busting at the seams in the forefoot. Definitely do not buy unless you can try them on.
From: H, 3/13

Comments: I succumbed to the flashy blue/yellow - I love color combos. Undoubtedly the most expensive sneaks I have ever bought for myself (mind you we buy $150 customized Nikes for our son and $60-$80 soccer cleats for both kids). I had loved the fit & airiness/light as air feel of past less expensive Asics. After 6 hours of play, they had remained a little narrow fitted. I could feel a slight ache. I have normal sized width feet. I wouldn't have minded so much if I had bought the other colors at only $79 but for this price, I am not a totally satisfied customer. I like them, will wear them out because of the g/tee (they don't look like they will outlast my notorious toe dragging!) but I would think twice on spending that much again on myself! Even though it was a bday present from my kids/wife, I would have gone cheaper. I would rate this a 4 our of 5.
From: Sushiray, 3/13

Comments: I've always worn Nike for tennis, but decided to give the Asic Gel Resolution 4 a try because I had a pair of running shoes from Asics that were very comfortable. They felt good, at least for a couple of weeks, but then I quickly started to developed a sore achilles tendon on my left foot. I didn't immediately relate it to the change of shoes, but was upset and unable to play for over a month. Some suggested that the new shoes might have been part of the problem (which made sense to me), so once recovered I went back to my Nike Ballistecs and no more pain with good stability on the court! Bottom line, I don't think the flashy look is worth the pain and suffering.
From: Paolo, 3/13

Comments: I have to offer a mea culpa to those who said that the right fit in the Asics Gel Resolution 4s is to get half a size smaller. They were right. What threw me off was the initial snugness of the shoes around the sides of my foot at half a size smaller. After about 1 hour, the shoe molded itself around my foot and provided a very secure feel. So to repeat and confirm the advice of others, get these shoes at half a size smaller (e.g. get 8 1/2 if you're a size 9). I apologize for any confusion my earlier comments may have caused.
From: Roger, 2/13

Comments: I'm not sure why some are saying to get a size smaller than their regular shoe sizes with the Asics Gel Resolution 4s. Coming from a size 9 in the Nike SparQ cross trainers and a size 9 Nike Vomero running shoes, I found size 9 in the Asics GR4s to be a perfect fit. The rest of the other comments regarding this shoe's stability, traction, and look I completely agree with.
From: Roger, 2/13

Comments: Excellent fit, stability, grip and look. Best tennis shoe I have worn. My experience is exactly in line with Tennis Warehouse's recommendation -- The Resolution 4s run 1/2 half size large. The fit is long and narrow with solid heel support. Right out of the box, as with any higher end shoe, the soles are best after at least a couple hours of wear. The tongue remains in place even when laced tightly. At just over 15oz this is not a light shoe, however, I have not found a sub 15oz shoe that offers stability, durability and comfort. The 6 month guarantee is a nice backup, however, even playing 3x per week on hard court these shoes hold up like a tank (very little rubber loss) while still providing a solid foothold. I highly recommend this shoe for those with slightly narrow feet -- the standard width of this shoe feels more like a B than a D providing a nice option for those who are usually relegated to the less stylish New Balance offerings.
From: Adam, 1/13

Comments: This shoe is fantastic. The best comment I can give is that when playing in them I don't notice anything about my shoes. They become invisible on me. Asics is serious about making performance shoes, and this is no exception. I'm 200lbs, and any guy over 180 really needs to try these because the Gel cushioning is way way better than Nike Air for the big boys. I don't have any foot or leg pain after matches with these shoes. They supply amazing grip and support as well. For me there are no cons accept they are sort of expensive.
From: Alex, 1/13

Comments: I normally wear mid-cut shoes but I decided to try these when I was unable to acquire the Prince Viper VI and other options in my size. I've worn these shoes a few times and I am happy with them, even though they don't provide the support of the mids I have worn. I need to wear elastic/velcro supports with these, but overall I think the support, stability and comfort are good. By the way, I originally ordered a half-size smaller because of the recommendations, but those were too small and I ended up with my normal size.
From: Terry, 1/13

Comments: I purchased the Asics Gel Resolution using the recommendation of TW of buying a half size smaller than what you normally wear. There was enough length but this recommendation doesn't factor in the narrow fit across the forefoot for the half size smaller. They seemed okay at first but during my first game with them they really hurt my feet. I normally wear a size 12 1/2,"D" width, and I don't have wide feet so I ordered a size 12. They hurt so much I can't wear them and I think I've wasted my money. This recommendation was completely wrong for me.
From: John, 1/13

Comments: Very comfortable shoe that play low to the ground, but the tongue on the left shoe kept falling to the side, no matter how tightly I tied it. It was very annoying. The toe also started to separate from the shoe and I only play on them maybe once a week. They are not constructed with durability in mind. I'm on the fence about these shoes. Maybe I'll give them another chance.
From: Jonathan, 1/13

Comments: These are not only the best tennis shoes I have ever owned, they might be the best sneakers for any sport I have ever owned. Great support, comfort, fit, fairly light weight, and a well-designed toe box. One of my strengths is my footwork and speed, and with these shoes I don't lose any of that. On the toe box, this is really the first time with any tennis shoe I have had that my big or pinky toes are never sore after I play. Miraculous! They felt completely broken in after about 2 hours of play, no problem. I cannot possibly imagine how some folks claimed to have worn them out in one day. How was this possible under any conditions? I play 4 hours a week of singles and do straight drills on a handball court 1-2 hours a week and they have held up great. Now that they are on sale, I grabbed another pair for next season! Great job Asics!
From: Chris, 1/13

Comments: They are very comfortable and the outsole lasted about 3 months, playing 3-4 times a week. However, in about 2 1/2 months time, the cushion inside broke before I wore out the shoes. I started to feel soreness on the balls of my feet. Nonetheless, I will look forward to some improvement in the new version.
From: Brian, 1/13

Comments: Probably the best shoes I've had since the Asics GR2. I've gone through 4 pairs of KSwiss BigShots, but would still have sore calves due mostly to my extremely flat feet. I tried the GR4s in hopes of a miracle cure, and it worked. For me, they provide max cushioning and great stability/performance on par with the BigShots. I've got about 15 hours on them, with little noticable wear. I'm 6 ft and 205 lbs, and not a ballerina footwork-wise. Even if I blow the cushioning out before the warranty, I'd buy another pair no doubt. I have slight Morton's Toe, I bought the regular size, and wore them around the house 1/2 a day for break-in. I don't use any orthotics in my tennis shoes.
From: Steve, 12/12

Comments: I play tennis 5 to 6 days a week, usually 2 hours at a time, half singles and half doubles. I am a 4.0 player. I was a huge fan of the R2's, wearing them daily for 10 months, but I couldn't buy any more when I decided to get a couple of more. Went to the R3's, but they were not the same shoe, so I was a bit disappointed I hadn't snapped up some R2's. The R4 caused some consternation because of the half size smaller suggestion. After reading reviews, I went with their recommendation. For me, that was a mistake. I have Morgan's Toe, which a number of you do as well. That is when your second toe is longer than your big toe. I wore the smaller size twice in matches and my 2nd toe let me know it did not like being jammed at the front. It is still sensitive. However, I have now played comfortably in the size I regularly wear and find the R4's are a fine shoe, much like the 2's. TW worked with me and softened the blow of 2 pairs, one which I couldn't wear, but which I have since sold to another Asics fan. In summation, if you've got Morgan's Toe, then buy your regular size! You'll be glad you did.
From: Dennis, 12/12

Comments: I did not like these Asics shoes, and found them very uncomfortable.
From: Marcos, 12/12

Comments: These shoes feel really good but the insides wore out on me very quickly, in like 3 months. I'm 6'2" and 220 lbs (on a good day) and I'm hard on my shoes. I use inserts but the cushion built into the sole was obliterated in 3 months. Typical for me is about six months, so this was a disappointment. The old Gel Resolution 2s lasted a year. These shoes are freakishly long. When I tried my size I looked like the Keebler elf. If you have wide feet order down.
From: Ron, 11/12

Comments: Very nice and comfortable shoes from Asics. I play 2-3 days a week on hard courts, singles and doubles, for 2-3 hours each time. I noticed after 2 months of play that there is a durability issue with the outsole at the front. You can see the white rubber under the black. There is not a hole yet, but it seems that will be really soon. If the durability lasts for 4-5 months its not worth it for the money these shoes costs. I shall ask for guarantee. The 1/2 size down its true.
From: Kostas, 11/12

Comments: Well constructed, supportive and attractive shoe. Fits true to size. I played with them for a year without a problem other than the weight. I would prefer a lighter shoe.
From: R.L., 11/12

Comments: I got these shoes and felt amazing right out of the box. My shoe size is in between 9 and 9-1/2. There's a tiny bit of extra room up in the front but its barely noticeable. They are super comfortable and have great support. I love them so much I only wear them for important tennis events. Highly recommend them.
From: Javier, 11/12

Comments: It's interesting to read reviews from people who have worn out these shoes in as little as one day. I honestly have no idea how they do that, and I seriously wonder if they have stride/gait issues. I'm heavy (200 lbs) and play an aggressive, physical game nearly five days a week. These shoes still last me a few months (and yes, I too have used the wear guarantee for a replacement pair). With regard to people who have fit/sizing issues, I can really relate. I've been through a heap of tennis shoes in my search for the right fit. Adidas Barricades came closest -- though still too narrow for my feet -- but when I finally tried on the Asics Gel Resolution 3 (last year) my feet found a home. The Gel Resolution 4 is even better! And while I might be the only person saying this, I disagree about the sizing issue. I've compared several pairs of GR3's with GR4's and there is not a half-size difference between them. Instead, the GR4's are simply a little longer or roomier in the toe. The heel cup, arch, and seat for the ball of your foot are all in the exact same place! Anyway, it's not a light shoe, but that's the price you pay for durability and stability. If your foot doesn't need the support, there are lighter shoes out there (including some by Asics). Also, while I own pairs of GR4's in black/lime and white/blue, the charcoal/orange are real knock-outs! And, if you can play well enough to justify the attention you'd get wearing the Tennis Warehouse exclusive rainbow explosion GR4, you'll definitely get a lot of attention. I saw a pair "in person" when I visited TW's little showroom in San Luis Obispo but didn't think I could pull off actually wearing them on a court. Score one for modesty!
From: Dan, 10/12

Comments: These are the best shoes I have ever worn, including my Asics GT running shoe. The shoe's interior gel cushion is excellent and molds to your feet leaving no gap between your feet and shoes interior, so it feels part of your body when you move or lift your feet. Also this feels a lot more cooler and lighter than the other tennis shoes I used to wear. Well worth the price.
From: Prashant, 10/12

Comments: My son has always loved all of the Asics Gel Resolutions. However, I recently ordered 2 pairs for him. He went through the Orange/Grey pair in three days of practice, and just ruined the black pair today after 5 days of practice. I've already mailed them back to Asics which I always do. They are quick to replace them, but 2 pairs in less than 10 days, and now he has no shoes!
From: Rose, 10/12

Comments: Asics makes thoughtfully made shoes. I've worn every iteration of this shoe and they've all been great. The uppers have vacillated between firm and soft but that's about the only change between generations. I really enjoy the fact that the cushioning and traction last until I wear a hole in the outsole. The components of the other shoe manufacturers' wear at different rates so you'll have a bald shoe and/or a shoe that's lost it's cushioning before you can submit the shoe for a warranty which makes the last few weeks a miserable experience. The Asics are the lone exception.
From: Andy, 10/12

Comments: After my old Nike shoe developed a hole in the sole after 1 year of use (which I consider great in terms of durability), I decided on something different as I over-pronate and have ankle issues. So, I decided to get this after comparing them to the adidas barricade, which I liked due to the micoach which I later found out to be worthless and highly inaccurate. My first impression with these are that they are really nice shoes. I thought they would look ridiculous, but they are awesome, super comfortable for my long narrow feet, and the best part, they only required a 1 week break-in playing 3-4 hours each day! The only cons would be that they are a bit too heavy, and Asics uses cheap materials on the edge (it has started to peel a bit, it has been 2 months). But other than that, it's a great shoe! Amazing! Well worth the money. The sole seems durable and doesn't show any wear yet!
From: Ritap, 8/12

Comments: Just for a little background on myself, I loved the GR2 but didn't like the GR3. I play about 4 to 5 hours a week (matches, class, cardio tennis) and am a big guy at 6'2" and 230lbs. The insides held up for about three months, then the cushioning just gave out even with Superfeet insoles. I hoped for longer but its average for me. So I'd say they're fine but didn't inspire me to stock up. I would agree with others that this shoe is long and after time on the court will loosen up to a wide fit. I fit near a EE width and were swimming in these near the end.
From: Ron, 8/12

Comments: I've played 4 matches at a 3.5 level wearing these shoes for the first time. My style is all-court centered on attacking and approaching the net. Prior to these shoes I've used adidas ZX750 marathon running shoes for a decade. Here's what I like so far: durable soles. Here's what I don't like so far: too heavy, slow to run towards the net compared to running shoes, and the fit. If you have unusually long big toes these shoes may be for you, as the shape is so pointed long in the big toe area. Also, my foot measures halfway between 10 1/2 and 11, but the size 10 in this shoe is too, too long! It's an awesome shoe, but just sized so strange, and so strange in shape in the big-toe region. I'll give them another dozen matches, but most likely will be returning to running shoes to be faster on foot again.
From: Krang, 8/12

Comments: Simply the best shoe I have worn. I coach high school tennis and play at a high level so when I'm standing on my feet a lot this shoe brings a lot of comfort to the court. My feet feel like they are sitting on a bed of pillows and playing with them is even better. My legs don't feel tired and my feet are not sore. The greatest thing is I don't feel the court every step I take but I still have the support and stability. This shoe is even more comfortable than my Asics running shoe of comparable price. I would highly recommend this shoe.
From: Wes, 7/12

Comments: I've been wanting to try these for a long time but I have quite narrow feet so I have stuck with Nikes. I just got tired of the tread on the Nikes wearing out in a month and getting slick around the front of the sole. I have worn the GR4's a couple of times and am very impressed so far. Super comfy and supportive. I went down a 1/2 size and it fits like a glove. Amazing traction, I can turn on a dime, and the flex point is perfect. It reminds me a bit of the Propulse but even better. I'm converted!
From: Christo, 7/12

Comments: I've worn Resolutions since Asics first made them and they are great for wide, flat feet like mine. I have really liked the last two models made especially for Tennis Warehouse, all yellow and then all neon. These are the most comfortable shoes made for any surface. Love them! Tennis Warehouse, tell them to bring back the red, white and blue ones; I still have mine but they're in shambles.
From: Jim, 7/12

Comments: I received this shoe almost two weeks ago. These are by far the best tennis shoes I've ever had. They are so comfortable and supportive. And yes, they run a 1/2 size bigger (buy them half size smaller - especially if you have narrow feet). Thanks to Tennis Warehouse for knowing your products well.
From: John, 7/12

Comments: Just thought I would vouch for what Tim said. I bought a pair based on customer reviews saying that you should buy your normal size. I have a narrow foot and they felt just okay. I didn't wear them out on the court because I wanted to try the 1/2 size smaller. After making a 2nd purchase from TW, I found the smaller size to be the best fit for me due to the shoe being more snug. Unsure why, but length was not the problem. Not a big deal, but I ended up having to send back the other pair. Great shoe overall in terms of support and cushioning. Not sure about durability, but I am not that hard on my shoes and that should be covered by the warranty. Bottom line, wider foot should be the normal sizing, narrower foot should try 1/2 size smaller.
From: Anon, 7/12

Comments: I went through a lot of pain in the achilles in both feet and kept using Nike shoes until I did some research and found many positive comments about Asics. I switched to the Gel Resolution and all my foot pains were gone immediately. These shoes are the best I've worn in my life. Some guys in my tennis class folowed me and now the entire class is playing on Asics shoes!. The comfort, traction, and overall performance is top notch. Durability is good enough to last until the moment you need to replace them to ensure you get the best cushioning. Comparing the Gel Res 4 to the 3 there's a nice upgrade with a lower profile for an enhanced feel. Although they provide confort out of the box they take 5 to 6 sessions to perform at their peak. Keep up the good work Asics.
From: Carlos, 7/12

Comments: The Barricades gave me plantar fascitis and so, since I love my Asics running shoes I've bought these. So far my feet feel much better. I'm concerned about the durability because of what Will said below. I guess I'll just have to see. Glad to know there is a warranty. Gotta look into that. Didn't know. My running shoes do have a hole along the toe where the mesh is. But I gotta say that it doesn't bother me that much. My toe's not poppin out or anything and I'm not wearin' em' out on the town.
From: John, 7/12

Comments: After wearing only Barricades and Court Ballistics the past 5-10 years, I can honestly say these are the best tennis shoes I have ever worn. The comfort the cushioning provides caused them to mold around my feet on the first wear. There was no break in period and I wore them after 1 day of use to my tournament. After hours on the court each day, the traction and tread these shoes provided was terrific. I did not order a size up and found the fit to be the same as Barricades. These shoes are lighter than Barricades or Court Ballistics and so far have outperformed them in every area for me. I think I may have switched for good.
From: Ryan, 7/12

Comments: Well, where do I start. I was a huge New Balance kid because I have wide feet. However, I had an injury in my foot last year and my doctor said it was probably due to the shoes I was wearing, so I switched to the GR4's for tennis season. I'm a 10.5 and I got a 10.5, tried on a 10, not enough room for the top of my feet because I have wide feet. Tiny bit of extra room with the 10.5, a cm worth or so, so I had a Kleenex jammed into each one just in case my toe would jam, it never did. I wear double socks as well, or some Nike Elite socks. Extremely comfortable, very breathable with the mesh uppers, no problems with rolling my ankle or anything. They are pretty low cut, but you get used to it. After about three months of high school tennis, 18 hours/6 days a week, the outsole is finally starting to wear thru, thank god for the durability warranty right? I was so impressed with these Asics I actually now run/cross train in Asics as well, keep it up! P.S. I mean I love the look of my shoes, I got the Navy/White because I love looking classy on the court in a polo, I'm definitely getting the Green/Black ones next, they look tight.
From: Will, 6/12

Comments: Just got them last night. No tennis playing yet, but first impression. They fit great! My advice, buy these in normal size. Fit relatively the same as previous models (also have the 2 and 3). I really think these fit the arch and ball of the foot where they should, don't order 1/2 size down unless you have to. I'm a former Nike guy (Breathe Frees & Courtballistecs), but now a happier Asics guy! I have a fairly normal foot, low to normal arch, but wider in the toe box. Nike's always pinch me and rub there, Asics don't. Great shoe!
From: Mitch, 6/12

Comments: Perfect shoes in every way, they mold to my feet, no break-in period, major comfort on forefoot area, feels like walking on pillows, very fast shoes, no complaints here. I don't know why TW says one should order 1/2 size smaller?. My normal size is the correct size for me. If you use Babolat high end shoes, try Gel Resolution 4 instead.
From: Moe, 6/12

Comments: Far and away, the best tennis shoes I've ever worn. Comfortable, quick, supportive. Uppers have held up great. No, the soles dont last like barricades, but the Resolutions are a much better fitting, better feeling shoe.
From: Troy, 6/12

Comments: The Gel Resolution series shoes were great. Both the 2 and 3. Just when Asics had a good thing, they messed it up.
From: Rich, 6/12

Comments: I've been asking for a warranty on these shoes for sometime and they finally got one. I had quit wearing them because I couldn't afford a $120 pair of shoes every month. With the warranty, you would have thought they'd have beefed up the outsole a bit but they didn't. Wore a hole through the mesh upper within two days. Had to play with that hole for 2 more weeks until the outsole wore through. As much as I love Asics, these are not serious tennis shoes. Too much mesh for heavy side-to-side movement and pounding on hard courts. Sending these back for my free pair and based on how these performed, I will not be purchasing another pair. High performance tennis players should steer clear!
From: Will, 6/12

Comments: For me the Asics Gel Resolution 3 was the best fitting Resolution. The Gel Resolution 4 is not just a cosmetic update. The toe box is narrowed and pointy. I ordered an 11 and 11.5 and neither ones fit, so I had to send both back. Bummed.
From: HCB, 5/12

Comments: I have wide feet and a high arch-instep and these shoes are by far the most comfortable I've ever worn. My shoe of choice has been Nike Vapors -- a great shoe -- but these Asics Gel Resolutions will now be my tennis shoe of choice. I played nine hours of hard court tennis at Dartmouth over the weekend and had none of the tenderness in my feet that I'd expect from my previous shoes. I followed TW's advice and bought a half size smaller and the fit is the best I've ever had. By the way, they fit right out of the box but after 10-12 hours on the court they seem to have molded to my foot.
From: Warren, 5/12

Comments: I've been wearing Asics exclusively since the Gel Resolution 2's, and these incorporate the best features of the 2's and 3's. I did order the 1/2 size smaller, and the fit was more snug than with the 3's. At first I worried I'd need to go up to my regular size, but I tried on a brand new pair of 2's to compare, and the fit was identical. After a few times wearing them, they feel incredible. They have the fantastic fit of the 2's with the added stability and improved durability of the 3's. Plus, it's great to see they made another colorway. Great job Asics and keep up the good work!
From: John, 5/12

Comments: I was wearing Asics Gel Challenger 8's, and loved the fit and stability. Unfortunately, I wore through the soles in both shoes in 3 months. They were guaranteed, and I moved into the Asics Gel Resolution 4's. Nice fit right out of the box, and true to size. I noticed better toe room, and a very light feel. Hopefully they will last a little longer.
From: Alan, 5/12

Comments: After wearing for a few weeks I probably won't buy again. I am a 10.5 and ordered a 10.5, the fit seemed great at first but now my feet ache on the sides, right where the Asics logo meets the sole. It's too tight/small there and after a few hours of play my feet will hurt there all night.
From: Mike, 4/12

Comments: The Asics Gel Resolution 4 is a great shoe. It is very comfortable. I ordered 1/2 size smaller than usual and got excellent fit. Cushioning is excellent. More stable and lasts longer than Nike Vapor 7. Better cushioning than Nike Zoom Breathe 2K11.
From: Joe, 4/12

Comments: I have the R3s. They are awesome shoe for serious hardcore hard court players. I have been playing with the Gel Advantages for two years, was impressed with the fit and cushioning, and decided to give the R3s a try. At first, when I walked around in them, I wasn't impressed; however in their natural habitat, the hard court, I discovered the R3s had the technology that wouldn't weigh me down. It's sleek design gave me an edge moving around on the court. The rubber compound griped like no other shoe. Played with them for the first time yesterday. The mid sole is like having McPherson suspension for your feet! My only regret is I wish I could have purchased them in white. If you prefer the hard courts like myself, I'd highly recommend you try on pair of Asics Gel Resolutions. Asics Gel Resolution: the Resolution to a thousand fruitless searches.
From: Darrell, 4/12

Comments: Been using Nike Vapors for 6 or 7 years, tried the Gel Resolution 4s on and was sold on the fit. I'm tired of wearing out soles in 3 weeks, so I hope the Gel Resolution 4s have good last, a 6 month guarantee is nice. So far I love them, my only minor quip is that I wish the sides came up around the ankles just another 1/4" or so.
From: Mike, 4/12

Comments: I am a long time K-Swiss fan. I have an arthritic knee and asked a TW Rep to recommend a shoe that would be good for my knee. They recommended the Gel Resolution 4's. My normal size is size 12 and the rep recommended size 11 1/2 (1/2 size smaller). I tried the 11 1/2 and they felt really tight in the toe box. So I sent them back and got a size 12. The size 12 felt better but still felt tight in the toe box. I tried to wear the size 12 in the house to break them over 2 days but it did not seem to help. So I called TW and asked them if the Gel Resolution 4's would stretch out after playing tennis in them. They advised they had the same issue with toe box feeling tight and after playing 3 weeks they stretched out and they felt great. So I thought I would try them. So I played in them 1 time and the shoes stretched out and they now feel great. No more issue with the toe box. They seem to be lighter and have more cushion than the K-Swiss Defier.
From: Greg, 4/12

Comments: These fit great right out of the box in my usual size. GR3s needed some break-in time. Support is better than Gel Resolution 3s, too. May be marginally wider but still good for narrow feet.
From: Jim, 4/12

Comments: I ordered the Asics GR4's a 1/2 size smaller as TW suggests. While the shoes were in transit, I then read some of the comments here advising not to follow TW's suggestion to order a 1/2 size smaller. I then began to regret not reading the comments first before ordering and worried about the possibility of having to take the time to return shoes that might be too small. Well, the shoes arrived; I tried them on; and the shoes fit perfectly. Thanks TW for knowing your products well! The shoes look great (Black & Green) and feel great. Before I first tried the Asics GR line, I tried other top models of other name brands but was only satisfied with Nike Air Courtballistics (2.3 only) or Nike Air Zoom Breathes. The Asics GR4 has now become my top pick.
From: P. Simon, 4/12

Comments: came from Head Speed Pro, which I really liked. They don't make them any more, so I tried these. The shoes fit very well around the foot (yes, they are 1/2 smaller size - normal size 12, ordered both 12 and 11.5, and kept the smaller). But I am having really hard time with the way the the sole is designed - my feet seem to be pushing into the heel too much (heel is in lower point relative to the front of the foot). Additionally, the sole is very spongy/soft in the heel (which would be good/comfortable if the foot was positioned forward). The sole design is causing my heel and achilles tendon to be in a great pain. Would love to wear them for comfort, but it's too painful to play in them.
From: Jan, 3/12

Comments: I give the GR4's a 7 out of 10. This shoe feels better than the GR3 but not as good as the GR2. I have a wide foot and the toe box in this shoe is a little too tight. Also, if you like to use different insoles such as Superfeet, I'd order your regular size, not the 1/2 smaller.
From: Greg, 3/12

Comments: I've used Adidas so far, but decided to try something new. Got the GR4 and the Propulse 3. GR4 is a better fit for regular and narrow feet. Propulse 3 should be better for wide feet. Do not get 1/2 size smaller.
From: Dimm, 3/12

Comments: For all who have used the Gel Resolution 3's and thought the toe box to be too big, well go for the Gel Resolution 4's, because they shrank up the toe box enough that I prefer the Gel Resolution 3's and am having a difficult time breaking the new 4's in even after 6 sets. Shoes are different for everyone according to sizing, but the shoe outside of sizing is AWESOME! For those who thought the GR3's were comfortable will find the GR4's a bit tighter in the toebox. Otherwise, they are the same great shoe.  
From: Chris. 3/12

Comments: This shoe was just as comfortable and perfect as all the other Asics I've had. I highly recommend them as the best shoes out there. They definitely run a half-size too big, though. The only thing that concerns me is lateral movement on the court. I've rolled my ankles in these numerous times and the second time I played in them this time I almost did the same thing. I wear ankle braces with them so they're perfect now, but just saying. I keep trying to find something better than Barricades, but don't know if I ever will. I play 2-4 times a week for hours. 4.0 level
From: Scott. 3/12

Comments: For me, these shoes don't run a half size large. Based on what TW said, I ordered my normal size (9.5) and a pair of 9.0 in case TW was right about the sizing. Recently, I had a foot injury and started wearing custom orthotics so I actually need a 10 to give me a little extra room in the toe box. My foot is normal width with a narrow heel and high arch. My previous Asics Resolution 3's (size 9.5) if anything were slightly large. From what I could tell, they fit very true to size (length) and I would say they are a medium width with a heel that is slightly narrow. In closing order your usual size, unless you like a little extra room.
From: Jerry, 3/12

Comments: This a first time purchase for me with the resolution 4 and after quite a few hours of drills and workouts, I think the shoes are very good. Have been using the kswiss bigshot which I really like and have been using for a long time, but wanted to try something new. The Res 4 fits very well throughout and very secure. The only slight difference I find between the 2 shoes is the heel feels slightly deeper and more secure in the bigshot but it probably will settle in after a few more times on court. I have a medium foot with medium to low arch and find the shoes fits well. Don't use any nike or adidas because I find it hard to get the fit and comfort. Typically play 4x a week on hardcourts and go thru shoes in 3+/- mo's. Hope to get a little more out these. Did not find any difference in sizing as stated in description. Went with my usual size.
From: CD, 3/12

Comments: BUYER BEWARE - Don't buy 1/2 size smaller. I have now been through more than 10 pairs of GRs going back to the 2s. Always bought a 13, always loved a 13. I did what TW said and ordered a 12.5 and man do I regret it. I thought maybe it was a bad foot day for me when I first put them on at the club, but after 3 sets, I was almost limping. Guess I am stuck with them now given there is some wear. Love the shoe! Just want my 13 back.
From: Andy, 3/12

Comments: I have two pairs, both returned by Asics under durability guarantee as replacements for the previous GR3s. The GR4's are the tiniest bit longer, but certainly not enough to warrant going down a size. I went thru 2 pairs of the GR3's and the tongue was always shifting over to the side, not so in the new ones. Great shoe.
From: JV, 3/12

Comments: Love the GR4's! Have worn Asics exclusively for the last 2 years and these are amazing. For me, I recommend, don't get them 1/2 size smaller - especially if you were orthotics of any kind.
From: Kim, 2/12

Comments: Having been a convert to Asics tennis shoes since the GR 2's, I've been very impressed with these shoes, and have converted many of my friends. I am currently wearing the GR3's, but had the opportunity to try on the GR4's. WOW! I was very impressed. On the spec, it does not look like anything has changed, but whatever they did, I noticed an immediate increase in comfort over the GR3's and GR2's. I did try it a 1/2 size smaller and I did enjoy that fit better than my regular size, so yes, buy them a 1/2 size smaller. Definitely the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn.
From: Dru, 2/12

Comments: Finally back to being a great shoe!!!! This makes about 12 pair of the various Gel Resolution series I've had over the years since GR1. I took over a year away from them after finding the GR3 to be a very average shoe (really stiff) and an unworthy successor to a really terrific lineage. In the interim, I went to T22s and more recently the New Balance 1187 , with the latter also being a top notch shoe and closest to the early GR versions. This new GR4 seems to be back to the high standard set with the earlier versions which were so impressive, despite durability issues. Immediate comfort, stability, cushioning and support. Re sizing - I ordered my regular size and they fit fine. Don't know why TW suggests ordering a size down.
From: Steve, 2/12

Comments: I was concerned about this shoe being 1/2 size bigger as noted but it was not the case for me (I bought my regular size and fits very comfortably). I love this shoe, not only the classic color of navy blue and white but also the comfort right out of the box. I have used and loved the GR 3 and expect the same quality and durability of the GR 4. A great shoe, especially for three to four hours a day of tennis. Serious players would appreciate the GR4.
From: Humberto, 2/12

Comments: My last 2 pairs of shoes were the Asics Gel Resolution 2 and the Nike Lunar Vapor 8's. I prefer a shoe that is comfortable, light weight, and also durable. I have found that this shoe has really provided me with those things that I desire. Out of all of those things, I was really impressed with how comfortable these shoes are. These are the most comfortable pair of tennis shoes I have ever bought and I have went through several years worth of shoes. Cosmetically, I was a bit worried about the green but it looks much better in person. I would definitely recommend this shoe to anyone. Also, everybody at the courts have been complimenting my shoes. It's a great shoe for someone wanting a light-weight shoe that provides both stability and incredible comfort.
From: Ryan, 2/12

Comments: Fit is snug which is a good thing. And Asics continues to improve this shoe for the most part. I wasn't wild about the black/green (a little too loud for me). And these weight more than the GR2's, and sit up a bit too high for me (coming from a Nike Vapor VI).
From: Anon, 2/12

Comments: Just received the shoes this AM and played 2 sets. Unbelievable comfort right out of the box. I have owned the Res 2's and Res 3's and the 4's are probably best yet. Comfort appears to be same as GR3's, but front shoe box is slightly shorter for a snugger, better cupping fit. Sizing is almost 1/2 size smaller according to recommendation. Examined all cosmetic changes and all appear to improve quality. These shoes are addicting and I have turned my two nationally ranked G-16's twins (formerly Prince aficionados)on to Res 2&3's and they are believers. I have never worn black shoes, but love the new black/green combos. Only thing you need to concern yourself with 1st couple times wearing is that you may actually slip out of shoe on the court on hard cuts until break-in works the natural foot cupping. Buy with confidence.
From: Todd, 2/12

Comments: Love the color scheme. I currently own GR3's, adizeros, cb3.3, zoom breathe 2k11, and the GR4's are the most comfortable (gr3 are a close second). A great shoe!!!
From: Jon, 2/12

Comments: Received my new GR4 earlier this week. I wore them to work twice to break them in. I have not taken them to court yet, but I know they will perform well. Just like all previous GR models these are very very comfortable out of the box. This new model is definitely an improvement over GR3. The cosmetics are great and the problem with the extended toe box is resolved as well. Since discovering Asics shoes 3 years ago, I have not worn any other brand of shoes to the court or gym or track.
From: /Josh, 2/12

Comments: These are a fine, but almost completely cosmetic update to the excellent Resolution 3s. I do not understand the sizing guideline, as they fit exactly the same as the R3s.
From: Nelson, 2/12

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