Asics Gel Resolution 3 White/Brick Red Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: I'm a long time AGR user. I liked the GR1 and really liked the GR2 (5 pairs). I wore out my last GR2 and just tried the GR3, which is already discounted. I wish I read the reviews before buying the GR3. I've tried playing in them twice and both times they've strained my Achilles heel. After feeling the significant strain, I would switch back to my worn GR2's and the pain would subside. I'm very disappointed that I'm now going to have to look for a new shoe. After my experience with the GR3, I'm afraid to spend money on the GR4. I'm hoping to see some positive reviews for the GR4 from those who had problems with the GR3. For what its worth, I'm a 4.5 player who plays around 4 times a week.
From: Anon, 2/12

Comments: My first time ever leave comments here. Just got my first pair of Asics last night and straight out of the box it was great. No break in period require, stable, and the cushioning was superb. I'm also a fan of Nike Courtballistec 2.3, Barricade 2,5. B6 (not recommended). But all those shoes need serious time to break in. I am very impress with this model.
From: Dan, 1/12

Comments: These shoes really hurt my feet!!! its true all the stuff about sore in the ankle bone, and the larger toe box that makes feel a half size bigger, it's a shame because I used the Resolution 2 and they were great! I had to give away my almost new pair of resolutions 3 to a friend. Epic fail. Now I'm going to try in a store the Resolution 4, I hope they fixed the design issues... lets see...
From: Angel, 1/12

Comments: These are very comfortable shoes right out of the box. Most likely the best feeling heel cup on any shoe I have tried. I am very impressed with them, and, I have tried almost all the major brands. I am wearing them every day and doing my best to beat them up before the 6 month sole guaranty. I always wear out the toe part of the shoe, which is wearing thin after a couple of months.
From: Ted, CA, USA, 12/11

Comments: For comfort, support and feel this is a great shoe. However I was dismayed to see that they barely made it to the 6 month durability guarantee before they became too slippery to play in. If the tread lasted longer these would be perfect. I play only twice a week. This is the best out-of-the-box shoe I've ever worn. They do not require any breaking in.
From: Michael, 12/11

Comments: Pros: Good fit out of box. I had Plantar issues before and these shoes helped ease that problem. They feel light and quick with a durable toe drag. Cons: Tongue slips to side during play which is annoying and the plastic mesh cracks at toe crease (didn't change fit or performance).
From: Wade, 12/11

Comments: This is an awesome shoe. I have tried Nike Vapor 8, Nike Court Ballistec 2.3, a couple of Wilson's, Babolat Propulse 2 (horrible) and probably most adidas out there. Out of them all, Asics Gel Resolutions feels the best. I have a regular width foot, medium arch. There is no pain, soreness or any irritation from these shoes, no blisters either. Excellent traction support and comfort straight out of the box.
From: Marek, 12/11

Comments: I have found for me these shoes sit too high off the ground, but much lighter than the Prince T22 I have been using. It is not as stable as the Prince. Toe box is narrow and is not a great fit for me.
From: Mark, 12/11

Comments: First time Asics tennis shoe buy and not disappointed. Wide enough with good support and traction for the clay. Thanks Tennis Warehouse for dropping the price.
From: bad_call, 12/11

Comments: This is a great shoe. It is exactly what it looks like, which is a cross between a running shoe, and a tennis shoe. Plenty of lateral support, with an abundance of cushioning. I usually wear the Nike Court Ballistec's, but was looking for more cushioning, and I got exactly that. The shoe fits a hair large. So 1/2 size smaller than you usual may be in order. I would say they are 1/4 size large if you can understand that. Enjoy!
From: Danny, 11/11

Comments: Just used these shoes for the first time last night. They are so comfortable right out of the box. I had a 2 hour 3 set match and I felt great the whole time. They are light and the gel takes out so much of the pounding on your feet. I would highly recommend these shoes and at the price you will be very happy.
From: Brad, 11/11

Comments: These are very nice shoes. I played with the older version, the Gel Resolution 2 and it was great, but the new version is a lot better. I have a narrow foot, but with this version I can put a nice cushion sock and it is just perfect. The stability and comfort have been improved. I played on clay courts this last summer with the black version and it was great. I just bought the white version to play hard court and it still perfect. So very good shoes for knees issues and old timer over 45 like me.
From: Gilles, 11/11

Comments: This shoe earns high marks for comfort, cushioning, and durability--the big three qualities in my book. The sole wears down very slowly, and without a decline in the cushioning or comfort. That's very unusual in a tennis shoe.
From: Russ, 11/11

Comments: This was the first pair of Asics I bought after get a recommendation from a friend. I had the Barricades for years, and didn't want to go through another long break-in period with those shoes. I first ordered the Nike Vapors and they were totally uncomfortable. This shoe was comfortable the first time I played in them. They are well cushioned and light. Well worth the price. The only negative is I wish they had some more color options.
From: Barry, 11/11

Comments: I have recently worn adidas Barricade's II, CC Genius, and numerous Head models before that and these are my first Asics. Amazing - I dare say perfect. I'm a 4.5 - 5.0 player with an all court game and I've worn them for a few 2 hour sessions already. They fit and feel like snug pillows. Felt like that right out of the box. I have quite wide feet with low to no arch and need a roomy toe box and these are perfect. My previous shoes (above) either left my arches, toes, knees, or ankles hurting the next day. With these, everything feels better. The cushioning is awesome. Never imagined a pair of shoes could feel and perform this well!
From: David, 11/11

Comments: I bought these about 3 months ago and simply love them. Switched from what I call battle tank-type shoes (i.e., Barricades, etc) and have no regrets whatsoever. Very comfortable, stable, and feel quicker/more nimble around the court. They fit like a comfortable glove and make you forget about your shoes and let you concentrate on your game. I used to think I needed a tank-like shoe to feel stable on court but no longer. They look awesome to boot. I'm a 4.5/4.0 singles player with a grind-it-out backcourt style game. Will update this post if they fall apart or wear out to soon.
From: Kevin, 11//11

Comments: I have been wearing Nike for the last 10 years. Noticed a drop off in quality and comfort, so I decided to try the Gel 3's. I can sum up in one word: "Awesome".
From: Dave, 11/11

Comments: If you are looking for light tennis shoes with good traction, stability, cushion and comfort, these are the ones.
From: Cristian, 10/11

Comments: I've had these shoes for almost 5 months now, and they're great. I loved my last pair of Gel Resolution 2's and I believe the updated version is as good and delivers more comfort. In fact they feel so much like a "non-tennis" shoe, I've even gone jogging in them a couple of times which is something I was never able to do with past tennis sneakers. The one thing I miss is the style/colors of the Resolution 2's. Can't tell you how many compliments I got on the electric blues. Hoping Asics comes out with more color patterns. White is way too boring. Yellow is too "out there" the only semi cool color is the black and yellow pair (just can't fight the feeling that I'm wearing bumblebee from transformers on my feet). All in all, the most non tennis feeling sneaker with tennis sneaker capabilities out there!
From: Heshy, 10/11

Comments: This is the most stable, comfortable tennis shoe ever! They are light, fast and higher performance than every shoe I have ever played tennis in. Super comfortable and almost invisible. Kind of like a magic carpet for your feet.
From: Guy who loves tennis, 9/11

Comments: The shoes is perfect, very good cushion, super stable, very good traction, very comfort, light weight, good looking, low to ground, and it kept my foot cool. I finally had found my perfect tennis shoes. (I have a slightly wider foot, it fits perfect). It's a little expensive, but it's definitely worth every dollar.
From: Jack, 9/11

Comments: These are excellent shoes. I've tried the adidas Barricade 6.0's and they really hurt my toes, also tried the Nike Vapor Tour 8's and these are better then both in my opinion. They do seem to be just a little longer than normal but not enough for me to go up a size, and I actually like the extra room to keep my toe from hitting the front of the shoe. They are very comfortable and light.
From: Hayden, 9/11

Comments: I have been using the Gel Resolutions (I-III) for the past 4 years or so and the latest version is the most stable to date. I believe there is no better tennis shoe on the market today. That being said and despite the beefed up toe, durability continues to be a problem. Asics needs to improve tread quality. If these shoes had an outsole similar to the Barricade, it would constitute the perfect shoe.
From: Anon, 9/11

Comments: These are the best tennis shoes I have ever worn. I have wide feet and a high arch and with extra padded socks and these are great. I feel great support, great traction, and good comfort. I bought a second pair already. These are so perfect, I may just buy 10 pairs for future use as I have a hard time finding shoes these good.
From: Philip, 9/11

Comments: I have had a very nice experience with Gel Resolution 3. My previous shoes were Gel Resolution 2 which I liked very much. The 3's definitely have many differences from its predecessor. After wearing the 3's for 3 weeks, I must admit these are the best pair of tennis shoes I have ever tried. They stick to the ground like no other shoes and let me change direction faster than before. I actually like the loud squeaks the shoes make on the court. It lets me know I am moving my feet. Overall, I could not be happier with them.
From: Matt, 9/11

Comments: I have been an adidas Barricade fan for 6 years. I ordered the Asics Gel Resolution 3 a 1/2 size smaller based on others comments, or size 12-1/2. After reading the Tennis Warehouse review on comfort level, I was sold. You see, I am not a tennis player, but like a comfortable pro tennis shoes for every day wear. These Asics GEL's fit me like a glove and are so comfy! They were perfect to wear right out of the box with one pair of socks. I am extremely happy with my Gel Revolution 3. Thank you Tennis Warehouse for free 2 day shipment.
From: Jon, 8/11

Comments: I upgraded to these from the Gel Challenger 8 and couldn't be happier. The slight extra bit of length in the toe box is a dream come true as my second and third toes are longer than my big one on both feet. The extra space means I don't have blood-blister toes anymore. There is good lateral stability, good grip, squeak a lot, breathable, comfortable with only a slight break-in period, true to size, and nice ride. I smile every time I look at them and that can't be bad for one's tennis game!
From: Max, 8/11

Comments: Like many of the other reviewers, I am a longtime Gel Resolution 1 and 2 fan. However, unless I skip the top lace holes (the top two holes if you count the extra hole), they quickly rub through the skin below my ankle bone creating painful bleeding sores. I never had any problem like this with the earlier iterations. Not using the top lace hole makes the shoes wearable, but they aren't as stable or secure on my feet. Bring back the old design. I don't care how long the soles last if I can't wear them.
From: Paul, 8/11

Comments: These are my second pair of Asics tennis shoes with the first pair being the Gel Resolution 2. Compared to those, these are only a slight step down in comfort with the same amount of stability and durability (about 3-4 months). In the TW review format 1-5 scale: Comfort 3.8, Ventilation 4, Arch Support 4.1, Foot Support/Stability 3.9, Overall Sole Durability 4, Toe Durability 3.5, Traction 4.3, Weight, and 4 Overall 3.95. Overall, I think for the price the Adidas Barricade Team is better but lacks the 6-Month Durability Guarantee. I was one of those that fitting is true to size but I ordered up a size and was greeted by a bloody toe. That is my fault for not checking the fitting before wearing them on the court though.
From: Aggietex08, 8/11

Comments: I've had two pairs of Gel Resolution 2's and liked them very much. I received a Gel Resolution 3 due to a durability replacement. I'm disappointed with the Gel Resolution 3 shoes as the toe/front seems too long and is uncomfortable. I continually feel like I'm tripping over the front of my feet, which never has happened before. Actually they seem to run a 1/2 size too big like one of the other reviews stated. I can see why there are mixed reviews for this shoe and could not recommend them.
From: Doug, 8/11

Comments: Sorry, but I was disappointed with these after wearing numerous Gel Resolution 2's over the last couple of years. The thing I hate the most is the changes to the toe. For the same size it appears slightly longer and more pointed, which I found myself tripping over my own feet on hard court for the first while, but didn't notice it on the HarTru surface. I play 6-8 hrs a week, primarily on red clay or HarTru and find the stability and traction good with these shoes. I found with the 2's that the in-soles and cushioning would deteriorate long before any of the sole or rest of the shoe and I would end up putting inserts in. I'm hoping these will be a little better in that regard, but with only 2 months in, I'm not optimistic.
From: Bob, 8/11

Comments: First pair of Asics tennis shoes - they are my running shoe of choice (Nimbus XX)- after playing in Barricade 3/4/5/6 and Courtballistec 2.3/3.3. I have now played 8 sets of doubles and 2 sets of singles in the GR3, and it's a comfy shoe and has enough room and volume in the forefoot to not feel very narrow - like the Barricade 6 and CB3.3 do. Not quite glove-like, but also no extra room to slop around in. The New Balance IPR3030 cushion insoles fit nicely and do not require loose lacing like in the aforementioned Adidas and Nike. The GR3 has a good amount of cushion and feels somewhat "soft" under the foot. The outsole seems to be holding up well - showing no signs of wear after 9-10 hours on court (new, outside, hard, ~ 85deg). The weight is very nice, especially coming from shoes that weigh nearly 25% more than the GR3. The kicker is the lateral stability. No matter how uncomfortable the narrow fit of the Barricade 6 or Courtballistec 3.3 - you KNOW that those shoes are one with your feet and are firmly planted on the court - likely to never feel unstable and will nearly always perform like they are on rails (albeit a bit heavy and cramped in the forefoot). The GR3 has yet to "break loose", but to use an automotive term, they are not as torsionally rigid as the Barricade or Courtballistec. You DO feel the shoe flexing when lateral pressure is applied and, as a result, I spend unnecessary conscious moments wondering if this step/stop/turn/start will be the one that causes the shoe to break loose. The GR3 is probably the perfect shoe for the casual, 3.0 and under non-tournament player, but considering it's marketed as a performance shoe I'd say it's a fail. Good shoe now, great shoe if Asics can stabilize the upper with something more sturdy than the current Flexion Fit technology.
From: Anon. 08/11

Comments: I have an unnatural affection for these shoes. They offer the perfect blend of speed and stability (I haven't had them long enough to judge durability). The mesh on the top makes it feel light and airy but the base of the shoe is sturdy. Now, to be completely transparent the tongue does move to the side once you start playing--at least it does for me. So that I suppose is a negative, but not enough to deter you from getting these. Great pair of shoes.
From: Chad, 8/11

Comments: Having been a dedicated and loyal Gel Resolution fan for several years, and after going through countless pairs of the Gel Resolution 1 and the 2, I was worried to read the mixed reviews of the GR3 on this site. However, I've worn my first pair of Gel Resolution 3's for a few months now, and it is definitely the best iteration of the series!

Although I love the 2 and think it was one of the best shoes ever made, the 3 improves on it in several key ways. My foot feels more stable and secure, yet doesn't feel constricted or constrained like it sometimes did in the 2. The slightly wider toebox allows my toes to spread and enhances court feel; the softer mesh on the top of the toebox also provides for much more comfort and flexibility than the previous plasticky material on the 2's. I don't find these to be clunky at all, nor would I ever compare them to the later-model Barricades (which I wore prior to switching to Asics). The feel is fast, nimble, and agile, yet is also solid and stable.

The comfort is great, as would be expected for a Gel Resolution. The heel cushioning is slightly improved in the 3 over previous models. As for weight, the 3 still feel quite fast, and I don't notice the supposedly increased weight. I appreciate the more substantial feel and don't feel any difference in my speed or agility. All in all, the best shoe I have ever worn!
From: Francesco, 8/11

Comments: I bought a half dozen pairs of the Nike Air Zoom Vapor 5 back in 2008 and loved that shoe. However, unfortunately, all of those are completely worn out now and I needed to find a replacement. I tried the newest Vapors and didn't like the fit and feel that I had with the old version, and wasn't satisfied with some of the other Nike and Adidas options. Therefore, I thought that I'd take a chance on the Asics Gel Revolution 3. I've only had them for a week, but I think I found a good replacement for the Vapor 5. I'm a slight pronator, with a medium width foot. The Gel Resolution 3's fits perfectly and feels stable. I've played 6 sets of tennis in them so far, and the cushioning and weight are great. No foot soreness or blisters, and the shoes did not require break-in time. The traction is excellent on hard courts, but they do squeak a lot (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). I also like the looks - it has a flashy, modern, and technical looking style. No shoe is good for every person, but I think this is one to consider if you have a similar foot type and want a top-of-the-line performance tennis shoe. The 6 month wear guarantee is a bonus!
From: Jack, 7/11

Comments: The Resolution 2's were the most comfortable, fastest shoes I have ever worn. Granted, they weren't the most durable shoe on the market, and I'm sure a lot of folks cashed in the 6 month guarantee for a second pair. Unfortunately, Asics went too far too ensure that the soles won't wear out on these. I agree with the previous comment(s) that these feel like blocky, heavy Barricades and really aren't that comfortable. Looks like I'm going to need to find a new fast,light shoe, because these sure don't cut it.
From: Jeff, 7/11

Comments: I just cannot understand how designers from Asics can make such a mistake. This shoe is just the worst since the first GR1. What I like on the previous GRs was the low to the ground feel, the comfort, the velocity and the cushion. On this model, it lost most of them. OK, they are more robust, stiffer but this is not what I was looking for. It is now close to the Barricades. And just like others have already mentioned, they can hurt just below the ankle bone. Even with 2 pairs of socks, I wasn't able to solve this problem. In a word, very disappointed.
From: Nicolas. 7/11

Comments: I had the Resolution 2's and thought they were the fastest shoes ever. True, a little tight in the toe box, but were acceptable after break in and loose lacing. The Resolution 3's got it right. No break-in required. Most comfortable shoes ever after playing with many comfortable Prince varieties through the years. Unbelievably cushioned, you barely realize you have them on. After taking them off, with many shoes you are relieved due to pressure, moisture or heat. The Resolution 3's give none of that negative feedback. Don't understand comments that they ride high. Compared to board-like Barricades these shoes will be tough to improve upon. Uppers are quality constructed and show little wear and soles are lasting much longer than the Resolution 2's.
From: Todd, 7/11

Comments: This is simply the best fitting and most comfortable tennis shoe I have ever worn. The cushioning is outstanding and the shoe gives me a stable footing with great traction. I love this shoe!
From: Harold. 07/11

Comments: I've had Barricades, New Balance, and K-Swiss before trying Gel Resolution 2-loved them, but the toe wore out quickly, returned under warranty and got Gel Resolution 3-best shoe I have ever worn! Saves the knees from hurting and move really really well. This pair shows no sign of toe wear after 6 months of 2-3 times a week. I don't understand the mixed reviews -- this shoe is a winner.
From: Scott. 6/11

Comments: They made me bleed through my socks onto the fabric just below my ankle bone. Too stiff and high on the side. Going back to K Swiss.
From: Jim. 6/11

Comments: Not sure why there are mixed reviews on this shoe. I really like it and found it to be comfortable right out of the box. No break in time for me. Played Prince T22's and Federer's current shoe and they were a seamless transition to this. Good grab on the court. Some surfaces may be a bit squeaky with this shoe but that occurs very rarely. I also found this to be a good clay court shoe for someone that doesn't play a lot of clay. I play a ton so I demand a lot from a shoe and this delivers.
From: Steve. 6/11

Comments: Most comfortable shoe compared to the others. I love the feel of the forefoot. This shoe is made very well and plays great on the court.
From: Anon. 5/11

Comments: I find the Resolution 3's to be comfortable but do NOT like playing in them. I feel they are too high off the court and I do not feel quite as quick in them. I like the fit, cushioning and traction but overall I don't want to play in them. I will continue to wear them for non-playing, but will wear my adidas Barricades while I search for another shoe to play in.
From: Bryan. 5/11
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Wow! It's tough to see all the negative comments on the Gel Res 3. It makes me think I may have strange feet because I love these shoes. I have swapped back and forth between the Gel Res 2 and Prince T22. I like the Asics shoe much more for its cushioned ride and a bit wider toe. I wear a size 13 and wear two pairs of socks. The doc tells me my feet are pretty flat. After a day with 2-3 matches, I still feel great. As for wear - yes, the GR2 and the GR3 wear out for me in 2-3 months but with the 6-month warranty, I can tolerate it as its like getting shoes at 1/2 price. I would go through T22s in about 4 months. I am a 4.0 doubles specialist that is on court 6-8 hours per week.
From: Andy. 5/11

Comments: Tried my resolutions this week. Very light and smooth out of the box. No complaints. Excellent shoe for the price and very comfortable. I did not have the early versions so I can't give a comparison in that department. I hope they continue to provide the comfort for the rest of the season.
From: Bob. 5/11

Comments: Amazing shoe! I have more of a flatter, wider foot, and these shoes are perfect. You put them on and you can tell that it's a really solid, durable shoe. It's Asics so the comfort is definitely there. I'm a fan.
From: Kyle. 5/11

Comments: I just bought my first pair of Gel Resolution 3s, my first experience with Asics tennis shoes. Having wide feet and having high arch these were extremely comfortable. I've grown up wearing Nike but they've gotten too soft and lack support. I've worn Prince for a few years and they've gotten uglier and uglier each year. I switched to the Barricades and forced myself to like them for the past 18 months but they are stiffer than 2X4s and my feet took a massive beating. These Resolution 3's have the perfect out of the box comfort and really great support. Durability should be the last thing to worry about especially when there's a six month guarantee. The pivoting ability of the shoes makes me feel like I am moving faster than ever before. TAKE A CHANCE AND INVEST IN A PAIR. They're ridiculously AMAZING.
From: Seth. 5/11

Comments: A BIG improvement over my T22s. I owned a pair of Asics about three or four years ago, but found the forefoot too narrow for my feet. I've been pleased with my Prince T22s in recent years, but my wife has raved about her Asics so I decided to give them another try after reading various reviews indicating that the new model was designed to compete with the Prince. They were successful if this is the case! The forefoot is comfortable and the heel cup is snug (I have a wide forefoot with 53-year-old bunions, and getting these two areas to fit me correctly is a problem). It has nice arch support as well, but I do wear orthotics. I'm an old jock who came late to tennis; currently a 4.0 serve-and-volley player and improving even at my age. Hope this review helps.
From: Mark, Atlanta, GA, USA. 5/11

Comments: I've never owned a pair of Asics, or the Gel Resolution before and read these reviews before ordering. I was a little apprehensive due to the varying degrees of satisfaction, but thought I'd give them a try anyway. I am pleased to report- They are very comfortable- not heavy and are doubly cool (look great and not hot on my feet- at anytime). I unboxed them (they fit perfectly-the size is true) and immediately headed out the door to our 3.5 men's clinic last night. The pro ran us to death and the shoe performed as I had hoped. Contrary to some reviews here, they aren't too long, nor did I stub my toe as I ran around the court or come close to getting any rubs or blisters. They also grip great.
Enough said, I think. I'm 100% satisfied.
From: Scott, Gadsden, AL, USA. 5/11

Comments: I'm done with Asics. I liked the first Resolutions, great colors, classy look anmd great comfort, they did wear out fast, but that's no reason to change the WHOLE shoe. If you noticed many tour players that didn't have a shoe sponsor wore them (now not so much). The second gen Gel Resolutions, eh, they were OK but too plasticky, But these are just bad. why does a company make a good product, that doesn't need to be make better, then go and screw it up, the black ones look terrible with that yellow in them, and the yellow ones look horrible, who has ANYTHING that goes with that yellow? I actually like loud wild colors, neon yellow, OK, red ok, they made a hot pink running shoe with wild accents, I could wear.... But this?? I'm sticking with Lottos.
From: Mike in Denver. 5/11

Comments: They cut my left ankle below the ankle bone sufficiently to bleed through two pair of socks and onto the shoe itself. I've loved Asics before, but am so put off by this that I may never try them again.
From: Bill, Plano, TX, USA. 5/11

Comments: The first day I used the shoes the front bumper on the shoe starting showing thread coming from it. The shoes are light which is good but they don't have much bulk.
From: Willie, Beverly, MA, USA. 5/11

Comments: Switched from the Barricade VI to the Gel Resolution 3. Not sure if I made the right choice. Asics makes incredible squash shoes. Both my wife and oldest son swear by them on the squash court; both are nationally ranked players. I took their advice on switching to Asics. First and forememost, the toes box is quite narrow and curves inward. It appears this way especially if you look down on your foot. This is a huge problem when stopping and starting both on clay and hard court. Secondly they do not run true to size, they are about 1/4 to 1/2 larger. I had to go down to an 8.5. The Gel Resolution 3s are lighter than the Barricade and seem to have the same stability. However, I'm not sure I can get past the narrow toe box. I'm not sure about the durability as I just started playing in them. Could be hard to beat the durability of the Barricades. I am typical hard on shoes and go through several a season. On the plus side, the colors are eye catching and don't go without comments from other players. Jury is still out on the GR3s.
From: Dallas NTRP 5.0, Philadelphia, PA. 4/11

Comments: Loud, loud, loud. If you are aggressive on your feet these shoes squeak way too much in fact it got to the point where I could see other courts looking at me wondering why my shoes were making so much noise. Back to my trusty T22s!
From: Anon. 4/11

Comments: I was so excited to get my new Resolution 3's. My friend bought a pair and immediately ordered a second pair. After hearing how much he liked them and checking their incredibly light weight I had to have a pair as well. Now for the real truth. I put them on and they felt great. I could hardly wait to play tennis and see how much faster I could be discarding 3 oz of weight per shoe. I wear a size 9 1/2 medium so this shoe seemed perfect. My heel is sort of narrow and as I walked from the club house to the courts my feet just did not feel right. I immediately went back and got my Head shoes on as the heel is simply too wide for anyone with a narrow heel. My loss, otherwise I think I would have loved these shoes.
From: Jerry, FL, USA. 4/11

Comments: Like many other reviewers, I have had many (like 10 pair) Gel Resolutions in this Asics series. I coach and teach tennis - and play a lot of hard court. I have been a huge advocate of the earlier shoes - despite the wear issues. Personally, I think they have slid since the original. It was flat out the best combination of light weight, support and cushioning. The 2's seemed off a little in the cushioning department. The 3 - well, it's just an ordinary shoe. It's stiffer, longer in the toe (almost pointed) and not as light. They're just not a special shoe anymore. I have alternated with Prince T22s, which I now fully appreciate is a better all around performer. The only downside is it's a little heavier. I'm done with Asics for now.
From: Steve, San Diego, CA, USA. 4/11

Comments: I'm a teaching pro in South Florida on hard and har-tru courts about 5 hrs a day. This is the third pair of Asics I have purchased in a row. Unfortunately, these are the first to show cracking in the mesh around the front of the right pinky toe area on the outside of my right shoe after about 4 weeks of playing. I did not have this problem with last years model. The shoes are great looking and felt great out of the box. This plastic mesh look is great but cracks and in time the shoe will fall apart relying only on the mesh fabric after the plastic pieces fall out. Check your shoes for this kind of damage closely because you won't see it unless you're looking for it. It will be in the area of the toe box that flexes. I feel it's a bad design and I am disappointed. I will probably switch to the lower level Asics shoe without the mesh design and add gel inserts to compensate for the cushion. Sad that such a great shoe has this issue for someone who is such an Asics shoe believer. Please fix this design flaw asap. I hope this flaw is an anomaly and not the norm.
From: BD, Delray Beach, FL, USA. 4/11

Comments: The last shoes I had were Gel resolution 2's which were very comfortable but did not last long. The Gel Resolution 3's cut a hole in my foot right below the ankle bone in about 1.5 hrs. They felt and seemed to fit fine before I played in them. I would like to know if it is a design flaw or just a defect in the pair I had.
From: Jerry, Bloomington, IL, USA. 4/11

Comments: Very disappointed in the Gel Resolution 3s. This is my fifth pair of Asics, went through the GR 1s and GR 2s, absolutely loved those shoes. The GR 3s are heavier, stiffer and required a longer break-in period. After wearing them for a couple of months, developed heal pain, which never happened in the GR 1s or GR 2s. Asics made a big mistake with this model. Should have named them the GR YUGO.
From: Tom, Texas, USA. 4/11

Comments:When is the review coming out?
From: Anon, 03/11
(Anon, we are shooting the video this week; look for the review sometime in May.--TW Staff)

Comments: I used approx 5 pairs of resolution 2. It is my first pair of resolution 3. It fit 1 size higher than the resolution 2. For the rest, it's almost the same fit. The sole is as cheap as the previous model. The comfort is perfect.
From: Pierre, 03/11

Comments: I also have owned a number of each model of Gel Resolution shoe series and I really like them. I don't, however, agree with the comments that the new GR3 is much heavier and thicker than the previous GR2 series. I currently have a new pair of both the GR2 and the GR3 in size 10.5 and have measured them. The GR2's averaged 434g and the GR3's came in at 445g. This is a difference 0.3 oz. (about 3 animal crackers if you bite the head off one). As for the thickness, I measured them in the center of the heal cup and they were identical as close as I could measure approximately 1.26" thick. I didn't measure the toe-box thickness because it was too hard to reach without cutting up the shoes. I noticed that the weights published by Tennis Warehouse are 14.8oz (420g) for the GR2 and 15.5oz (439g) for the GR3 shoes at a size of 10.5. I can't explain the difference compared to my GR2 weights (my left and right varied by 4g).
From: Wes, Edina, MN, USA, 03/11

Comments: I'm a real big fan of the Nike Courtballistec 2.3, but I thought that I would switch it up a little bit by getting the Gel Resolution 3's. As expected from Asics, the support and comfort were great, but on the flip side the shoe causes your foot to be high off the ground, which gave me the sense that I was moving slowly, and I usually have good speed. The biggest disappointment was all the plastic on the back of the shoe, which gave me a blister on my heel for the first time in the 6 years that I have been playing tennis, and this was after only one day of having them. Overall, the shoe was good for stability, comfort, and durability, but I am definitely going back to the 2.3's to avoid any more blistering.
From: Anon, Kansas City, MO, USA, 3/11

Comments: The Gel Resolution 1 and Gel Resolution 2 were great tennis shoes. They were low to the ground, light and had a good traction from side to side. The new Gel Resolution 3 is a big disappointment to me. It is not low to the ground, it is heavy and it does not have good traction from side to side. Shoe durability is not very important to me but shoe fit/feel/performance is very important to me.
From: Mark, Washington DC, 3/11

Comments: I agree with Daryl and Anon's comments. I was a dedicated GR2 fan (5 pairs) and switched from Barricades and Nike Air Cage which both ran too narrow in the forefoot for me. The GR2's provided a comfortable, responsive, low to the ground feel -the only problem was poor durability in the sole. The same size GR3's are noticeably longer and feel sloppy even when tightened up to the point where I lose circulation. The GR3s are also quite a bit stiffer as a result of adding plastic reinforcement in the ankle area, which tends to cut in.
If Asics had simply increased the durability of GR2 sole they would have made a lot of us GR fans very happy. I am thinking of trying the Gel Challenger as a replacement.
From: Paul, Gulford, CT, USA, 03/11
NTRP 4.0 all court style

Comments: I've worn Prince T-22's for the past couple of years so have just been wanting to try something different, as Prince doesn't seem to do much in the way of updating their models, even cosmetically. I've worn Asics running shoes for years, so I was anxious to try on of their tennis shoe models. Well- I've tried a pair of these now in a size 13, which I normally wear, and also a size 12 1/2 and I just don't think it's going to work. The shoe is very comfortable and I like the cosmetics but the heel is just way to loose. I've never experienced anything like it in a tennis shoe- everywhere else seems to fit but my heel keeps sliding up and down. I'm afraid a size would start to make the fit too short for me so I guess I will just try something different- very disappointing and very strange- it's not like a have a narrow heel.
From: Tim, OK, USA, 03/11

Comments: As a tennis teaching professional, I am extremely concerned with protecting my feet, and for this reason I loved the Gel Resolutions. The GR 2s were only slightly different and so they were great for me as well. I am extremely disappointed, however, with the GR 3s. The comfort of the shoe is as expected, but the feel while moving is a higher ride. The GRs and the GR 2s wore out quickly on hard courts, and so the answer seems to be to have made the outsoles thicker in order to make them last longer. As a result, the sense of being low to the ground is lost. Additional negatives are that the upper digs into my ankle, which the GRs and the GR 2s did not do, and that these are the ugliest of the versions in my opinion also. Unless I can find more GRs or GR 2s, Asics has lost a customer of many years.
From: Daryl, 03/11

Comments: I used to wear Barricade II. I am a bit overweight (195# for 5'10") but sprint like the Road Runner to get to every drop shot and lob. My nickname at the club is Hot Wheels. The barricade II provided the stability at the expense of cushioning. Pretty soon the heel pain and calf stress made me switch to GR3. Have used it for about 8 hours now.
Pros: The cushioning is excellent. No more heel or calf pain. Upper material cushions and conforms well to the shape of your feet.
Disclaimer: I do not exercise, warm up or follow proper stroke strategy.
Minor cons: The brick red has a tinge of pink. The narrow, tapering toe box left about 0.75 inch of empty space in front of big toes, causing me to drag my feet even more than I used to. Feet feel higher from the ground. The arch on the insole does not match the arch on my feet. Unlike barricade II, the upper material in GR3 does not provide stability of muscles. On sudden lateral movements, feet muscles are stressed out individually. I am expecting plantar fasciitis anytime now, but that is related to my disclaimer.
From: Karthik, Cincinnati, OH, USA, 02/11

Comments: I have worn the Asics 2 resolution and liked them a lot. They had a low profile and hugged my feet, so of course the 3 resolution must fit as well or better, right? Well first of all, they feel a little longer than the 2's and it is noticeable, they definitely feel stiffer out of the box, and the profile on the heel seems higher than the 2's. The one thing I did like is that the heel area does have more cushion than the 2's did; I am not sure that I can keep these shoes because they just don't fit the same as the previous model. What a shame it is that every time I find a shoe that works, the companies have to muck it up by changing a good thing.
From: Anon, 02/11

Comments: I could not agree more with Dugie from Saint Louis when he says: "From the get go, the shoe played as if it were already broken in," I felt exactly the same. I was already fan of resolution 2 and the only thing I didn't like in that shoe was the cushioning, now with these resolution 3's the cushioning is sufficient. It seems to me that Asics will sell millions of these shoes and I definitely recommend them over any other model I have tested. I didn't have any problem with traction and ventilation at all. These shoes give extra confidence because when you wear them you don't have to worry about anything else than playing your best tennis.
From: Luigi, 02/11

Comments:The GR3's are a true WINNER!! I went from the GR2's, which I loved, but the GR3's are that much better. Like another customer said, I was a Fan of the Prince T22's. The only problem is they wore out too fast. The GR3's are a more stealth and comfortable version. I played 6 hours this weekend, and my feet were in heaven. Wasn't a big fan of the Yellow/Black online, but in person there good looking. Get a pair, your feet will thank you!!:)
From: Ken, Discovery Bay, CA, USA, 02/11

Comments: Played around 10 sets with the GR3 now and I am a 4.0 player. I was wearing the GR2 before due to the cushioning tied to heel soreness. Firstly the GR3 are noticeably stiffer vs. the GR2 and do require a break-in period. However, it was not harsh enough to cause blisters or anything just restricting mobility some. Secondly, I felt that the shoe is 1/4 size bigger than the GR2! I was shocked by this and on occasion actually tripped while going for a shot a few times. I have noticeably more room in front. Thirdly, although the shoe breathes better vs. GR2 for sure; it sacrifices support on the front part of the shoe by not having rubber across the entire front part of shoe like GR2. Thus the combination of a slightly larger shoe and the lack of frontal top support on foot makes the shoe seem a bit unstable vs. GR2. On the positive side the stiffness I assume is tied to addressing wear issue in GR3 and it appears that it does have better durability vs. GR2. Lateral movement is also better supported. Cushioning I can tell you I have noticed a huge difference, but after a few more weeks I will post whether it has had a huge difference on my heel issue. All in all I like the fit and comfort on GR2 better by far, but then again the wear was horrible on GR2.
From: Lenny, Short Hills, NJ, USA, 02/11

Comments: The Asics Gel Resolution 3 has arrived. For years, Asics has built its name in the tennis shoe genre much in the same way it has in its running shoe line--and that name is and shall continue to be synonymous with comfort. The most recent update to the GEL RESOLUTION line is no different in this regard. After several days of testing and a few games of doubles, I can say without hesitation that Asics has succeeded in creating a very different (when compared to previous GEL RESOLUTION models), but comfortable shoe. Having been a longtime fan of comfortable shoe manufacturers like Prince and the old school Reebok, I can say without hesitation that Asics new model is on par with contemporary models in this area. However, it cannot be said without trepidation, since Asics has moved considerably away from the lightweight, fluid, and flexible foundation that made the Gel Resolution 1&2 so popular to a much bulkier, stable, and cushioned shoe platform.

While I found the GR3 to be an exceptional shoe, I realized on day three that this exceptional was a nostalgia towards a familiarity felt only once before with the PRINCE T22. At first, I thought this to be a mistake, an errant sensibility, drawn from the need to explain the added HEFT on the new model of the shoe. After much reflection, I do believe it is in fact an Asics mold of a T22. There are several areas that I believe substantiate this belief. First, there is the added weight. While the Prince T22 has received countless compliments for stability and comfort, one of its weaknesses (for some) has been its weight. Having been a longtime Prince fan, I concur with this assessment, but the T22, much like the Asics GR3 uses this weight differently than the "stale HEAVY shoe." Those starting with the GR3 will probably not notice any significant degradations of the GR genre, but for those tennis players that started with the GR1 and GR2 there will be an adjustment period. Instead of the lightweight platform that gave every fan of the GR2 cause for concern over durability issues, the GR3 is a thicker and bulkier mold. I do believe there are some reasons to prefer the comfort of the GR3 over the T22 however, namely the use of Solyte (in previous models) and Solyte 55 (in the GR3). While I have always found the T22 to be a top notch shoe, I always had problems with the midsole area, when stopping as I moved forward, I did not feel the same plush cushioning as when moving laterally at the baseline. When I moved to the GR2, I found this midsole problem to be remedied by the Solyte cushioning. The GR3 is still better in this regard than its competitors, but not as comfortable as the GR2 when moving forward and stopping vs. the cushioning of the heel.

Second, the stability of the shoe has been greatly enhanced, perhaps more differently enhanced from previous models. With the GR2, stability was not a major concern and the IGS systems certainly gave a nice addition to an already snug fit, but the GR3 puts your foot on "LOCK DOWN." The Heel Clutching System really does clutch your heel, and while this may in fact limit the movement of your foot in the shoes this is accompanied by a much longer break in period. Unlike other GR's, I found the PHR system to be negated by the stiffer exo-skeleton on the GR3. Again, not a deal breaker but an eerie reminder of the feel of the T22.

In terms of playability, the wearer will not be disappointed. There is still plenty of ventilation, your feet don't feel like they are cooked and drenched. I played for three hours and my socks were only slightly damp. The pickup/start stop weight of the GR3 also was not a problem. As mentioned previously, the shoe is heavier in feel, but in terms of heft it does not present a mobility issue--at least in my view.

Overall, I like the GR3, I think the colorways of this line are not a sharp as the GR2 models, but overall I think the company has made some different but justifiable and solid changes to their shoe line. While I can only speculate that these changes were made with the success of the Prince T22 line in mind, I can say without hesitation that Asics has certainly created a shoe that makes the T22 envious. For hardcore Gel Resolution fans, however, this may be an issue since it plays extremely more "grinding" than previous GR models. But not all change is bad. The GR3 will require a longer break in period, but is extremely comfortable, and stable. You will certainly feel the "HEFT" off the shoe on the court, but you don't get overly tired or immobile because of it. This is a solid shoe that I would recommend to fans of the GR line, but I don't think I will get rid of my GR2 anytime soon.
From: Arthuro, Texas, USA, 02/11

Comments: After an exhaustive search for the most comfortable and cushioned ride in a tennis shoe, I determined that the Resolution 3 was the clear winner. The best offerings from K Swiss, Head, and Prince could not measure up. After playing several challenging matches, my feet, for the first time in years, felt great.
Asics deserves kudos for its upgrades to the shoe, which almost appear to be in direct response to Tennis Warehouse's review and customer comments regarding issues with the prior generation of the shoe. Stability and snug fit in the heel has been significantly increased. Durability appears to have been improved by adding a third wear ball to the ball of the foot along with other modifications (which hopefully are not just cosmetic) to the tread pattern (although the verdict is still out until the shoe undergoes a much longer wear test than the one I put it through in the past two weeks). The ventilation (which was not a prior issue) was beefed up. The shoe fits perfectly snug and plays light and fast even though it feels a tiny bit heavier on your feet and in your hands than the Resolution 2. The court grip is excellent. From the get go, the shoe played as if it were already broken in.
Even if durability remains an issue, this shoe is the leader in my book in almost every other category. The Resolution 3 is a very impressive product, which deserves a high level of acclaim. Although no two sets of feet are alike, this shoe should pick up a huge following.
From: Dugie, St. Louis, MO, USA, 01/11

Comments: I have played about 10 sets in my new Resolution 3's. Overall I like the shoe. The new version fells both a little "chunkier" and a little higher off the ground. If you thought the Resolution 2 was an "ankle breaker" you will not like these. Great feel right out of the box and even better after 3-4 sets. Only are for improvement - the heel seems a bit looser than before. It may be due to the high tech hard plastic wrap-around. I wear two pairs of socks so heel blister is not an issue. If you don't or wear ankle high socks, I bet the loose feeling and the slipping may cause a problem.
From: Andy, Falls Church, VA, USA, 01/11

Comments: Just received GR3s today. Haven't played in them yet but as a (very satisfied) GR2 owner I can at least compare the fit/feel of each.
* The GR2s (as mentioned already) have your foot slightly lower to the ground. The GR3s, in turn, have apparently more cushioning than the GR2s. To me this is probably a good tradeoff. My soles sometimes would have liked more cushioning in the GR2s.
* The GR3s are seemingly more stable. They seem to be more resistant to lateral rolling than the GR2s. I've never rolled an ankle in the GR2's but I sort of like the additional stability.
* Out of the box, the GR3s are roomier and more flexible in the toe box and they don't have the issue of needing to break in that stiff plastic/rubber piece that is on the top of the GR2 toe box. Although they have long been broken in, I do remember some tightness across the widest part of my foot with the GR2s (I don't have wide feet). The GR3s don't appear to have this issue.
* The tread on the GR3s appears (will have to play to see) to be made of a more durable rubber. The tread pattern is a bit deeper. I also like that they added a third pivot point to the main part of the ball of the foot (big toe side).
All in all I'm optimistic about the new GR3s. If they perform as well as the GR2's, then I view everything else is an improvement.
From: Jared, Atlanta, GA, USA, 01/11

Comments:Had Gel Resolution 1 and 2 and happy to see they improved on this great show again. Same fit and comfort, now beefier to handle hard courts. I'll still save my Gel Resolution 2 clay editions for Hardtru play but indoors, yeah baby these things rock.
From: Ben, Ridgewood, NJ, USA, 01/11

Comments: Just wondering when a review for this shoe is going to happen.
From: Nick, Bakersfield, CA, USA, 01/11
(Nick, we should start reviewing these shoes in the next couple of weeks. Look for our review in about a month or so.--TW Staff)

Comments: Like the Resolution 2's so much, but they've been discontinued so had to try the 3's. Personally disappointed in this iteration. The forefoot area seems noticeably thicker and stiffer to me, as if to compensate for some previous durability issues. Also, I like a shoe where I sit down into it and the heel feels lower to the ground -- these appeared to be wedged up just bit, when compared to the 2's. Oh well, live (spend some money) and learn! I've scoured the internet and found 5 size 12's of the old 2s. I'll try to make them last.
From: Brent, Walnut Creek, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: Nice looking sneak that performed well for me. Will compare to the Resolution 1, which was a fine sneaker. Only used once for two hours indoors. Stability, traction, weight and comfort were all good. Too soon to tell if it is better then the first Resolution. Outsole durability is not a consideration for me; I tend to wear out the insides first. They appear to be well ventilated, dislike hot sneakers that do not breath. After two hours of hitting singles the sneaks were not a cause of concern for me. This is a good thing. I�m a determined all court player not a string breaker do not serve over 100 mph. BLX Tour 90 Full mono tension low 50's
From: Anon, South New Jersey, USA, 01/11

Comments: I have worn many Asics and loved them. The Resolution 2's were good but the design of the toe box allowed for an annoying popping sound. The 3 is perfect right out of the box and no popping!
From: Timothy, Charlotte, NC, USA, 01/11

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