Asics Gel Game 4 Wh/Silver/Navy Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: Like others have said, these are very comfortable and lightweight but do not last at all. I would only recommend these if you can afford to replace your shoes after every couple of matches. Otherwise, don't waste your money.
From: Lance, 3/15

Comments: Great price. Very comfortable. I'm not hard on my shoes so they've held up well. I do continue to experience some heel slippage though.
From: Tim, 11/14

Comments: I like them after playing twice. Comfortable and I have difficult feet to please. I play only on clay in Florida.
From: Ed, 9/14

Comments: This is a very basic, no frills tennis shoe that appears to have been designed around a running shoe last, which makes sense given Asics is best known for their running shoes. It fits shorter and narrower than the Gel Resolution 5 and the Solution Speed. Because there are no structures that stiffen the upper of the shoe (no TPU shank, no forefoot cage, no plastic heel supports, nothing), there is little to no break-in required. The shoe is very comfortable. According to Asic's site, this shoe has Gel in the heel. Because of this, heel cushioning is very supple. There is a noticeable drop from heel to forefoot, and the forefoot is not as cushioned as the heel. The heel cup is markedly lower than the heel cups in the GR5 and the Solution speed, so much so that I had concerns about whether this shoe had adequate heel and ankle support. On court, these shoes have great traction and were very squeaky. The outsole is not AHAR, but probably normal rubber, which I suspect is softer than AHAR. The advantage to this softness is greater initial traction compared to the GR5. Because of the lack of support features in the upper, lateral stability was very lacking on court. This is mitigated by the very low ride height in the forefoot. The low heel cup ended up not being an issue in lateral movements. Overall, I am impressed that Asics managed to offer its flagship cushioning technology in its entry level shoe. In contrast, Nike's City Court and Vapor COurt shoes do not offer Air cushioning. The adidas Bercuda have adiprene, but are priced higher than the Gel Game Point. True to Asics fashion, the shoes are very cushioned in the heel and very comfortable.
From: Gene, 8/14

Comments: Very comfortable, but I play five times a week and they didn't last me 3 weeks.
From: Kyle, 6/1

Comments: Not durable, I used them for only four matches -- this means 8 sets, and they are finished.
From: Alex, 3/14

Comments: Great, comfortable shoes right out of the box. Very light and good value at any price.
From: Zoran, 12/13

Comments: I wore through the outsole after 8 matches.
From: Bob, 11/13

Comments: The bottoms are very soft. If you are a toe dragger, these will probably only last you 30 days at most.
From: Wade, 11/13

Comments: I bought the Tommy Haas Asics and like them. I bought these because they seemed like a good deal and I was liking Asics. Home run. These are great shoes at any price, let alone $70. They are light, comfortable, durable, stable. Most comfy tennis shoe I've owned. Love them.
From: Don, 10/13

Comments: If you play at least 4 times a week, the outsoles will only last about 1-2 months. Not made to be durable shoes.
From: Sam, 8/13

Comments: If you are a competitive player and play a lot during the week, these shoes won't last you very long.
From: Anon, 6/13

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