adidas adizero CC Feather III Wh/Green Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: Great shoe when I wear it around school -- I still get compliments about the shoe design, it's a light shoes that helps me get to the ball quick! Although the downside of the shoe is the "cage" around the toe box starts to peel off on the inner side of the foot. None the less, it's still there and it's a great shoe. I can't speak about the durability except it has held out the longest out of my three other shoes. Highly recommended!
From: Nathan, 2/15

Comments: At first I thought I regreted buying this shoe because I felt it was a little to big. I liked the design so I got the supposedly women's size for this shoe which is a 7.5 for a 9. But then I started playing tennis with them and realized that it wasn't that bad at all. It definitely helps wearing thick socks like Nike hyperelites though to lessen the loose sensation. Overall, the traction is great, durability is solid, but comfort could be a little better. But as a light shoe, this is to be expected. I feel wonderful on the court especially since I am just a beginner who used to play with Nike flyknit running shoes. I feel more stable and secure in actual tennis shoes especially adidas.
From: Nicole, 2/15

Comments: I loved this shoe until the seam connecting to the adidas stripes came apart, on both shoes. Maybe I just got a bad pair, but I was very disappointed because they are light and comfy.
From: Jason, 2/15

Comments: I love these shoes -- they look super sharp and are super comfortable. They weren't as light as I expected them to be either, considering that my old Nike Vapor Courts are lighter. I like how the logo is on the shoes. Everyone else who has reviewed these shoes gave the thin tongue a bad rep, but I don't see a problem with the tongue bunching up as long as I make sure it lays evenly on the top of my feet when I slip them on -- I really like it and find it comfortable. These shoes have great support on the court and hold traction really well. Overall, I like these better than my Vapor Courts and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to buy them. I plan to use them in my upcoming matches.
From: Micah, 2/15

Comments: Normally I am a Babolat Propulse wearer; never worn adidas before. Compared with the Babolats, this required more of a break in period but felt solid once broken in. I feel that this has a lower to the ground feel. Structurally, it felt as solid as a house and hence felt more stable than the Propulse. Durability is outstanding. After 20+ hours of play I am just starting to bald the toe area, which is considerably better than my old Babolats. As the playtesters said, the tongue is thin and took me a while to get used to. Ventilation and traction is similar to my Babolats. Structurally sound. No eyelet breakage as some users have reported. Overall, very good and I would buy them again.
From: Jo, 1/15

Comments: Amazing shoe. I have been using Barricades for the past 10 years for their support and durability (B5 and B7, skipped the 6 and 8 as toe are too narrow). But this CC Feather 3 has a really snug/wrap around feel that fits even better than the Barricades. Support, while not like a Barricade, is very reasonable for a lightweight shoe. The outsole is not as durable as the Barricades and is noticeable after 2 hours (not that I expected it to last like a B7. But no worries, it looks like it will still be way more durable than any Nikes) -- compared to the have the Nike Vapor which I also have, this adidas is more supportive and equally light). Highly recommend if you want a supportive light shoe. I will use my B7 for practice on hard courts on a hot sunny day and CC F3 will be used for matches. I bought the orange -- the color is amazing!
From: Mark, 12/14

Comments: This third version of the Feather is a truly excellent shoe. I've played in Vapor 9/9.5s for the last year or so, and before that I played in Barricades. I decided to give these Feather IIIs a try, and I'm so glad I did. When I tried them on for the first time, I was surprised at how much they felt like my Barricades used to. It's hard to describe exactly how they feel, as they are not "comfortable" in the sense that a pair of slippers (or Vapors) are, and yet they still feel very good on your foot because they are extremely well fitting, and keep you very stable (which I need being 6'6"). Really, they seem to just be a lighter version of the Barricade (in fact they look fairly similar to the B7, 6, 5 etc.), as they are also surprisingly very durable. I have yet to see any signs of wear after a few hours in them. I encourage everyone, especially fans of the Barricade to try this shoe on, as you may be surprised at how good it feels! They do run big though as people have been saying, half a size down for me worked, but it might be worth trying a full size down too.
From: Seneca, 11/14

Comments: Got these shoes a couple of months ago. The tongue in the shoe is thin and at first painful but I got used to it. Then I loved the shoe and found it stable to play on with good traction and durability of the outsole. The problem I had was one of the eyelets broke and you can see where two other eyelets are starting to give also. I had to return them since they were only a couple months old. I would buy another pair but I know the eyelets are going to give again. I am a 3.5 player, 5'10", 200 lbs.
From: Anthony, 11/14

Comments: These shoes are perfect if you're looking for that stiff suspension race car feel. The interior sole has a stiff feel but that is exactly what I am looking for in a lightweight/speed shoe. Ive tried the Asics Gel Speed 2 and that was far too plush and soft for my taste, but if your are searching for a more comfortable lightweight shoe it would be a great option. Movement wise, it feels great in every direction and the way the sole is built up on the inside really allows me to slide nicely on hard courts. The tongue on this shoe as people have mentioned is thin but if you put them on right I have never had a problem with bunching or lack of comfort. Durability -- I found to be better than most for this type of shoe but my style of play is not very friendly on shoes. I have had them for about 2.5 months and my right shoe is completely worn through on both the inside sole and the fabric near my ankle is developing a hole due to sliding. The summer heat down in Miami especially on hard courts I can say is a strong factor to the increased wear on them as before in the northeast I did not wear through shoes nearly as fast. I tend to play around 4 times a week for about 3 hours. Overall, the best lightweight shoe I have put on but again not for people who are looking for a soft more comfortable shoe like you would find in an Asics shoe or Vapor. Lastly I do agree with the below comments that they do tend to run a bit long. I prefer a more snug fit and found the 8.5 perfect for me though I usually wear a size 9.
From: Eric, 10/14

Comments: Honestly, I never had a problem with these shoes until recently I have noticed that the shoes were a little long, but then I said it's no big deal. But as i continued to wear these, I've noticed holes. Now, I do drag my toes a bit, but these holes are ridiculous plus there's a hole between the sole and 'adiprene' which bothers me the most because I've only been using them for about a month now. Otherwise, great shoe, just not reliable.
From: Dillan, 9/14

Comments: These shoes run about a half to a whole size big. So based on that, plan better. It is not the shoes fault if you don't order right size.
From: Smokey, 7/14

Comments: The shoes looked great but sadly I had to return them. I've always bought size 10.5 shoes, so I naturally ordered the same size. It turns out they were too big, so I ordered a size 10. It turns out that even those were too big. I just returned them instead of getting a new pair. I've never bought such a large pair of shoes.
From: Dave, 4/13

Comments: If you purchase this shoe thinking it's an update to the Feather II, you will be disappointed. This is a completely different shoe. The build, the lacing, the sole, the lace...everything is different. For me, the Feather II works on so many levels. Part of getting a shoe to feel right is the lacing system and this one disappoints. The flimsy tongue is just bad design. The laces don't cinch up like the II. They are light but do not feel as light as the II. The heel strike is comfortable (I weigh 190 and can bottom out some heels). I put Cadence Orange footbeds in so my arch and support are good. Frankly they look better than the II but they just seem gimmicky to me. All in all, an OK light shoe but I'll be looking for IIs in my future.
From: Mark, 2/14

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