adidas adizero CC Feather II Wh/Blue/Rd Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: I wore the toe area into holes out within exactly 3 months but probably to be expected considering these are speed shoes. Extremely comfortable shoes though and the low to the ground feel is nice. However, grass on the one time I played on it and the dry sandy astro turf at my club proved difficult and I slipped a few times. The tread on the sole is quite shallow. I would recommend these for Hard Court use.
From: Tom, 1/14

Comments: Very light shoe, no break in required. The only problems were that -- the outsole of the shoes began to wear rather quickly and the line designs on the outside of this shoe fell off after about a week.
From: Lucas, 1/14

Comments: As others have stated before, I also found this shoe to be very uncomfortable. But after using the Super Feet (orange) insoles, they are now the best tennis shoes that I have ever tried. I must say that I do not need any after market insoles on my Feather IIs.
From: Curt, 11/13

Comments: Great shoes. It doesn't have quite the amazing support of the Barricades or other heavy duty shoes, but it has enough to keep you stable when stopping or starting suddenly. I love the low to the ground feel and the traction is at a good balance. My only complaint is that the collar of the shoe digs into my ankle a bit even after breaking it in. However, this is almost impossible to notice when you're in the middle of a point.
From: Anon, 11/13

Comments: These shoes are very much like Vapors in terms of performance and durability. One thing about this shoe is the tread is very shallow. I've had situations where just a bit of dirt or leaves on the court result in a more sliding than with other shoes. If the durability were better, I'd think about staying with this shoe. It fits my feet very well and they do last a bit longer than Vapors, but for the cost I have to move along.
From: Gary, 10/13

Comments: This is a very good shoe. It lasted me much longer than the Vapors, or for that matter, any other speed shoe. The durability is not as great as a Barricade, but it is on par with the Asics Gel Resolutions. My outsoles are showing wear after 2 months, but that is normal, and much better than I expected. However, the cushioning is no where near as good as anything else on the market -- cheap $50 shoes are probably more cushioned. On top of that, the cushioning wears down after about a month or so. The uppers are great -- very well ventilated, and lightweight. Overall, I'd give this shoe a 7/10. With the next Feathers, I would like to see improved cushioning, as well as a better fit.
From: Jaquan, 9/13

Comments: I have been a Barricade user since the Barricade 2. This time I bought two pairs of this model because I liked the colors. I like the way they feel -- very light and they fit my feet well. The only thing I was disappointed about was that after barely two weeks of use they both tore on one of the shoe sides. I think the mesh is not quite suited for tennis, needs to withstand rough movement! Overall I liked the shoes, but with the new Barricades 8 out, I definitely will be switching back.
From: Jesus, 8/13

Comments: Barricade user since the V. This is a great shoe. As the name suggests, very lightweight and no break-in required. I like my shoes to fit snug so it does seem a bit too wide in the forefoot (I have medium-wide feet). The sole won't last as long as the Barricades but I can't be bothered to break in shoes.
From: Pierre, 7/13

Comments: These are great shoes, very lightweight comfortable, supportive and stable -- nice colors too. Requires a little break in for me as I found them a little stiff out of the box. I have wide feet so these fit me well, unlike the Courtballistec 4.3 which I felt didn't fit me well (plus it felt heavier). Comparing this adidas shoe to my other shoe which is the Nike Breathe Cage, the Nike has better outsole durability and traction and a bit more responsive zoom air cushioning and slightly better stability but the Adidas CC Feather II is just so light yet comfortable and stable as well.
From: John, 6/13

Comments: I like the weight and look of these shoes, but found them to be very narrow. I wear an 11 1/2 D/E and bought a 12, and still found them narrow. Comfortable to walk in, but not to play in. Hurt my left ankle going for a volley to my left, and still feeling it three weeks later. Going to go back to playing my roomier old KSwiss shoes, and use these for walking.
From: Doug, 6/13

Comments: I got these shoes and after 10 minutes of playing I was getting really bad foot aches. I have a pretty wide feet so that might be the problem. I don't recommend these for wide feet, but for narrow feet, I think they would work fine.
From: Rafa, 6/13

Comments: After less than 3 weeks I already noticed that the sole was wearing out. I can see the yellow through the black sole near the toe. And there is no warranty. The shoe feels great on the court, but I can't afford to buy new shoes every month.
From: Thomas, 5/13

Comments: I have really wide feet. Half-size up and these fit perfect. Faster and better support than my previous New Balance. They really strike a balance between speed, light-weight and support. My other favorite shoe is the Nike Kobe 8, which is even lighter but my quads feel much better after a long session with these adidas due to their padding and support. Fast starts and I've never rolled an ankle in them. A+
From: Josh, 4/13

Comments: I have border line narrow medium width feet. The version I wear are narrower, more snug around the toes and also felt more mobile because of their slimmer profile. Having said that, the newer version II whilst being wider in the toe box still holds my feet securely. It is a better shoe overall. Softer without requiring a break in, lighter, better lacing system that secures the foot tightly and is very stable. No ankle rolling. The lacing can dig into the foot if tightened hard. My other gripe is that even if it is a light weight shoe I'd expect the soles to last longer. After 4 months of playing 5 hours a week on hard courts the front of the shoes where I pivot are wearing through. All in all this a very good shoe. Other shoes that I have used are Asics Gel Resolution 4 on clay which has a better fit, but is heavier and Babolat Propulse which had a snug fit but very heavy and sluggish.
From: Samir, 4/13

Comments: These shoes require some break in time. I noticed the uppers around the ankle are hard and were causing blisters. To prevent that, I tried to tighten the laces. Hopefully when the shoes break in, they will be more comfortable.
From: Derek, 3/13

Comments: This was a great shoe, but it only lasted for a few months (I play 40-50 hours a week). If it lasted longer I would buy another pair. I definitely will be playing with lotto's next season.
From: Sam, 3/13

Comments: FYI - this shoe has a lower arch, so I added an insole from an old pair with a higher arch. I really like these shoes!
From: David, 3/13

Comments: These are the worst tennis shoes I've worn. Just sent them back to Tennis Warehouse because they are actually painful to wear. I never write reviews and am generally a fan of adidas, but they missed the mark on this one.
From: Matt, 2/13

Comments: I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to marketing ploys about sports technology and how much of a difference it will make. I used a pair of cheap New Balance shoes for about a year that held up strong, and then switched to the more expensive Babolat Propulse 3's with the hope that they would make some kind of change in my performance. The only difference was that the soles wore out in about 3 months and they were even heavier and slower than the cheaper shoes. I decided to take a risk and buy these Adidas CCs, and I really did notice a substantial increase in speed. I can't speak to durability just yet, but they feel solid and explosive on sprints. My toes are a bit crooked and my arches are flat, so I was eager for a low shoe with a wide front. These are the most comfortable athletic shoes I have worn and by far the lightest. I'll probably save them for real matches instead of practice. Highly recommended.
From: Daniel, 2/13

Comments: They are really light but not durable at all. I got mine a week ago and they're already wearing.
From: Jim, 2/13

Comments: Among the lightest tennis shoe available in the market currently. No break in required. It feels just like a running shoe instead. Sprinting for down the line or drop shots are definitely easier with these. The Clima cool technology makes it more breathable. Especially if your living in a hot climate. For the amount of weight they'd put in, traction, stability and durability are still more than just satisfactory to me. These are definitely a huge upgrade from the first adizero feather. These will be definitely a future classic. I hope adidas will continue with some other colorways for this specific model.
From: Haq, 2/13

Comments: This shoe was by far the most comfortable shoe I have worn while playing tennis. I have used the adizero Ace, the Asics Gel Resolution 3 and 4, and still believe these shoes to be far superior in weight, comfort and they don't seem that they would wear down based on the rigor of play thus far and the lack of any signs of being worn down. I play about 2-4 hours a day and these have been great. Another shoe to add to the list of legendary shoes by Adidas!
From: Yat, 1/13

Comments: My favorite shoe! I have never had a speed shoe before and I sure hope that this one lasts a while.
From: Ryan, 1/13

Comments: Very nice shoes! Love the light weight and support!
From: Anon, 12/12

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