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Comments: This is an awesome shoe! I love these shoes but after my spring tennis season of playing 2 hours a day, they don't have too much of the sole left, especially the toe. All in all, it is a great shoe for the price.
From: Gart, 5/12

Comments: My first pair of tennis shoes and undoubtedly the best pair of tennis shoes I've had. I play tennis for my school 2-3 hours per day/ 5 days a week during the season. Even during the summer I played 5+ hours a day. They are very durable. Took absolutely no time to break in and is very comfortable. I love putting them on and I love wearing them. If they weren't so dirty from playing I would probably wear them everywhere. I definitely recommend.
From: Himakar, 4/12

Comments: These are good comfortable shoe for the sale price. The outsole width is too wide for my taste. Your get more stability at the cost of maneuverability. I also wished Adidas cutout the extra heat vent on the forefoot. Insoles are cheap,but removable. Durability is good if play you 5 hrs. a week.
From: Tom P., 4/12

Comments: Great shoes! I played with them only once and immediately fell in love with these shoes. They are very comfortable and light on feet. Plus they look very sharp and sporty. I took advantage of the sales and bought two more pairs. Had to go down half size because the half size I normally wear is sold out, but the half size smaller didn't seem to make a difference. Highly recommended.
From: Rick, 2/12

Comments: Before using the Barricade 6 I used this shoe because of my wide foot. These shoes were great! The cushioning was as good as the Vs and the looks were alright but not to complain about. The only gripe I have about this shoe is that the durability lasted about 2 months playing 2 hrs at 3 times a week. But now in high school playing 2.5 hrs at 4 times a week plus the weekends this shoe would be bad. More of a weekend warrior shoe but good job adidas.
From: Andy, 2/12

Comments: I have been using these shoes for a year now. These shoes feel really good. I would really say that I am satisfied with the performance of it and I would give it a 7.5 out of 10. When I wore them for the 1st time, I noticed a good fit all around my feet. I have wide feet and these don't feel too tight around the toe box. I did notice that the arch was high and too forward. The insole is comfortable. The whole shoe maintain an impressive stability and provide an excellent support to your ankles. The outer sole provides a good durability and cushioning. It's been a year and is worn 1/2 way (more on the inner side) which exceeded my expectations. The reinforced construction on the inward top side of the shoe is perfect to withstand those slide where you have to drag your back foot. So far, mine have a good wear but still stiff. Both have develop a crack at the crease though. And important, I have lost 2 toe nails in each foot through out the year. I will buy a size smaller next time to make it tighter and avoid those hard impact again the front end of the shoe when you stop short. I strongly recommends these shoes to anyone.
From: Nando, 2/12

Comments: Great shoe. Comfy right out of the box. Durable, lightweight, and they look very nice. Worth buying.
From: Edwin, 1/12

Comments: Initially the first day they felt good, but after a week of playing they began to make my feet hurt. The inner sole is not removable, so no hopes of replacing with an upgraded urethane insert. Also, the rubber sole composition can be very tacky on courts with a lot of texture. This can cause your knee to wrench due to court resistance when pivoting. Now I wear them to knock around, and have since replaced them with Prince T9 which is very comfortable and performs well.
From: Robert, 1/12

Comments: Working on buying my second pair. This shoe is great and for a great price!
From: Bob, CA, USA, 12/11

Comments: These shoes are da bomb. They are light and very durable. I've played twenty three serious sets with these babies and they are still holding up. Great support to the ankle and give you a comfort feel. I definitely would recommend these for any player that plays serious. Go adidas!
From: Brady, 12/11

Comments: The shoe runs a little small, mostly narrow - a little too narrow for my comfort.
From: Tom, 12/11

Comments: Great shoe. As others have mentioned, extremely comfy out of the box. Durability is fair. 8- 10 hours per week of singles on hard courts at 4.0 level and these gave out for me in two months. Playing mostly on clay this fall they will last 4-5 months. Hard to imagine paying double for a shoe when this one is so good.
From: Scott, 12/11

Comments: These may be my most favorite tennis shoes ever. I am on my second pair and they are working great. They last well and you can't beat the price. They also look very good. I would recommend these to anyone!
From: Jacob, 11/11

Comments: This is a great shoe. They have great feel, comfort, but most of all very lightweight and no break-in period. Durability is good as usual with all adidas shoes. Overall, you will be saving a ton of money, don't have to worry about breaking them in, and they look very much like to the 6.0's. Definitely recommend these.
From: Rushk, 10/11

Comments: The pros of this shoe: a very light shoe, traction is excellent, wear on the outsole is excellent so far. Both traction and wear are superior to my Nike Zoom Breathe 2k11. I play 3 times a week at 4.5 level. Comfort is good. Support is good. Price is very good. The cons: the tongue moves around a lot. I use safety pins to stop it. Materials are average. The front stitching gave way, I had it repaired.
From: Micah, 10/11

Comments: The metallic 'eyes' that hold the shoe lace disintegrated on my pair and they are now useless even though everything else are in excellent conditions.
From: Ray. 10/11

Comments: These were my very first pair of tennis shoes when I was 13 and they are very durable. I wore mine for 1.5 years and they just now got a hole. I just bought another pair of Barricade Team's because these are very comfortable and last long.
From: Matt, 10/11

Comments: Great shoe overall for the money but you'll need to replace the insoles to improve the comfort. The insoles are glued down but can be removed without much trouble. Once I replaced the insoles I was happy with the shoe.
From: Kevin, 9/11

Comments: Funny story, actually. I bought this shoe by accident, I had the Barricade 6.0 in mind, but got this instead. But, hey, it turned out real well. They are very comfortable, excellent traction and while I'm not much of a fan of the bulky Barricade look, this one pulls it off just fine. Looks sleek and sexy. I went and tried breaking it in but, true to it's word - it didn't need it. Worth every hard earned cent!
From: Jan, 9/11

Comments: These shoes are awesome. They have a great design and are very comfortable to play in. They are lightweight and great for any level payer.
From: Jose, 8/11

Comments: Contrary to "no break-in required" other experienced, it really took me a month to break-in this shoe (I played twice a week, mostly 2 sets). It was killing my feet but after a month it was all good.
From: Tuts, 7/11

Comments: Nice shoe out of the box. Also comfortable as soon as I put them on. Only complaint is that the insole is not removable, so if you don't like the feel of it, and would rather put a different insole in, you have to lay it on top minimizing room for your feet! The insole around the heel area is a little narrow for me. otherwise I plan on giving them a workout tonight.
From: Aaron. 7/11

Comments: The Team feels much lighter and more comfortable than the Barricade V, but the uppers are not as stable, and they seem to wear out much faster. In my opinion, they are not worth the savings over the Barricade V. I just got a pair Barricade VI, but wish I had read the reviews before as they are narrower and do run a half size smaller than the V's. Hope my toe nails stay on.
From: Len, 7/11

Comments: I've had these for about six months playing in them once or twice a week and have to say I was very impressed when I first got them. They are a great looking shoe and at a great price with all the stability you need when moving in all different directions on the court. My only complaints would be that they are a little bit stiff compared to some other shoes available and I think the cushioning could be a bit better, and also the laces on mine broke on both shoes partly because I was treading on them while playing but still I haven't had that problem on any other shoe so I don't think the laces are that high quality. The fit is true to size and there is plenty of room in the toe box. I would recommend them for anyone looking for a durable, stable shoe with lots of grip.
From: Jack. 7/11

Comments: I play club tennis 2 times a week for at least 2-3 hrs. This pair is one of the best I have ever used; they are super extremely comfortable and have a great cushion and grip. Doesn't take time to break in. They add a good few inches to your height to help the serve as well.
From: AAS. 5/11

Comments: These are very comfortable, light and affordable. The only negative is it tore at the front inside vertical seam in less than two months.
From: Asanthi, FL, USA. 5/11

Comments: The toe has already worn out, and I haven't had them for even two months.
From: Anon. 5/11

Comments: I am a fan of this shoe for being light weight, comfortable, stable, and for looks. However, they don't last long. After 2 months the arches cave in and that in turn hurts my feet. The price is right so I might just keep buying, but it is disappointing.
From: Blair, 4.5, San Diego. 4/11

Comments: These shoes are quite possibly one of the most comfortable pair of tennis shoes I've worn in a very long time. For the price, they are very very good shoes. If they were double the price I would still buy them. I wore them a bit before playing in them just to make sure that they would be broken in, but they were a perfect fit from the start. The cushioning is great and the stability and ankle support is terrific. I'm a fan of Nike for their looks, but the Nike shoes just aren't as good as Adidas when it comes to comfort, stability, and durability. These shoes are bound to last me a very long time and when they are worn out, I will re-buy them. Highly recommended.
From: Luis, Chicago, IL, USA, 03/11

Comments: These are the most comfortable Adidas shoes I have ever owned. They were ready to play in right out of the box with no break-in time needed. And with the color of the shoe being white, it works with any color outfit. I will buy these again!
From: Greg, Las Vegas, NV, USA, 1/11

Comments: First thing I did was take the original insoles out and put mine in. Since my feet are sensitive for soreness if it's just the original insoles, so this review is not based on manufactured insoles. By looking at the original insoles I can tell anyone would be very sore after playing with these. First thing right off the box, with my insoles, it felt like it was squeezing the life out of my feet. Nothing hurts, just a tight squeeze, especially in the toe area. After playing for 3 hours it felt like it loosened up (even in the toe area) a bit and felt great. Day 2 felt even better. Stability was amazing. Traction was no problem on hard court. It felt light. You probably won't like this shoe if you have wide feet. If you played with the B5 and if anything narrower then that makes you feel uncomfortable you definitely won't like the barricade team shoe. As for durability, I haven't had it long enough to judge but by looking at the out sole after about 9 hours of play, for what ever days this shoe will last me it is very worth the price. I did not regret the purchase at all. It felt pretty heavy duty and will last long for decently priced shoe. Now I don't have to go looking around for another B5. The original insoles are very thick so if you replace it with a thinner one you'll get a bit more room. For ventilation it was not horrible. Just wear moister wicking socks. I also have the black & gray barricade team and right off the box, again with my insoles; it felt like the blk/gray had more room than the blk/grn pair to began with. Weird. Overall I love the shoe. I was looking into the gel resolution 3 but this will do.
From: Cho, Burnsville, MN, USA, 01/11

Comments: Shoes look good and feel good until the day after playing then your feet are killing you. Bottom of feet were so sore I had to just throw shoes in the closet.
From: Gary, Hermitage, TN, USA, 12/10

Comments: Great fit and feel right out of the box. Definitely felt like I had better "feel" with my feet and footing. Very light weight and extremely comfortable. Didn't experience any overheating. I wore the Barricade 5 before this and would say it would easily give it a run for its money if not surpass it. Best shoe out there when it comes to value in my opinion.
From: Josh, Mankato, MN, USA, 12/10

Comments: By all means, this is NOT a true Barricade. Yes, it does bare the name of Barricade, but it is in fact the replacement of Tirand III. This shoe is very different from the actual Barricade 6.0. The 6.0 is much heavier, well built, & offer more forefoot stability. The Team Barricade does look like Barricade 6.0, but built w/lesser materials. Adidas had finally heard the cries of Tirand III users and improved the forefoot stability on this model. I have this pair for over 2 months now, & not suffering from rolling ankles like I did w/Tirand III. Of course, the materials used are lesser, so the forefoot stability is still not comparable w/Barricade 6.0. The outsole isn't holding up too well either. The arch area is a bit tight, but the toes area isn't too bad. For some reason, my big toes feel very sore after an hour or so. Barricade Team is a true step up from Tirand III, but still needs some work.
From: Jack, MD, USA, 12/10

Comments: Great shoe. Very comfortable, good support, great traction and, best of all, a great value. At 6 weeks the tread is holding up well.
From: J, Tucson, AZ, USA, 11/10

Comments: Very comfortable shoe... but I was a big fan of the Adidas Tirands and this new barricade team shoe is a little more narrow in the front.
From: John, AZ, USA, 10/10

Comments: Like others have mentioned, very comfortable from the first match right out of the box. No blistering and great support, for the price these might be the best shoes available right now.
From: Kevin, Charlotte, NC, 10/10

Comments: I have worn the Team Barricade for 3 weeks and have found that they are more comfortable and roomy in the toe box than the 6 pairs of the original Barricades I have owned. I only have one minor complaint- the tongue moves too much. It has not caused any problems, (just a nuisance). It will be interesting to see how long it will take to wear this version out compared to the original model. I typically replace my Barricades every 2-3 months, (playing 3-5 times a week). Time will tell!
From: David, Dover, NH, USA, 10/10

Comments: I considered the barricade 6.0's but I compared both shoes, they are identical, the 6.0's are heavier and have more writing on it. To be honest the teams are more comfy!! There is definitely no break in required, I bought these and walked straight onto the court. SO COMFY!! Great shoe for a bargain!!
From: Brett, Australia, 10/10

Comments: I was considering the Barricade 6.0 but at a higher price, I figured it would not make a difference for a recreational beginner. It looks great, it feels great and I hope it'll last me for awhile.
From: Dan, Singapore, 09/10

Comments: I have played twice with these now. The second day I was especially happy with them. As people have mentioned when reviewing the Barricade 6, the toe is a little narrower than my previous barricade shoes. But, the second day was totally fine, so I feel it is a non-issue also, I found that with aggressive movements my toe didn't move around as much with is a good thing. Aesthetically, I really like them as well. I got the blue and white and the grey and white. Finally, I love that there isn't any stitching above the great toe. With my barricades, the shoe would pull apart from my dragging and rolling over my toe. Good job, adidas.
From: Gordon, Austin, Tx. 8/10

Comments: These are great shoes! This is my first day of wearing them and there's no blisters and they are extremely comfortable. Although, they're a little too narrow for me (I have wide feet), but otherwise perfect. Lightweight, cool, and durable.
From: Brent. 08/10

Comments: Very comfortable shoe. Much lighter than the Barricade 6, light like the Tirand III and does not require any break-in. Not pricey and looks like the Barricade 6 as well.
From: Ram, Penang, Malaysia, 07/10

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