adidas Barricade Team 2.0 Si/Urban Sky Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: Best shoe I've ever played in. Light, comfortable, airy/cool and very good traction. Can't fault them.
From: Ronald, 2/13

Comments: Just received my shoes today. Actually on a gut feeling I'd ordered two pairs after reading the reviews and considering the deep discounts. And I was delighted by the looks, feel and weight of these shoes. I played two hours of doubles and I found them extremely comfortable from the get go. NO break-in required. They're airy and have a plush fit. Try them. They're fantastic. My feet are notorious for digging a hole under the right toe, so hopefully these shoes can last a bit longer than most of the shoes. I'm seriously thinking of ordering two more pairs and stack up on the inventory, especially since they're on sale. By the way, order your normal size.
From: Mohamed, 1/13

Comments: Do any of you remember the comedian Steve Martin's bit about the "Cruel Shoes"? Shoes so uncomfortable they were deemed the cruel shoes. Well, the cruel shoes have been found and these are them. They're fine for walking around but for playing tennis and the stresses the game puts on you feet these are a definite 0 out of 10 for on court comfort. Go with Babolat, as they are the most comfortable shoe I've ever owned.
From: Ray, 1/13

Comments: Excellent stability and performance. Great styling. I love the low fit. It has good comfort for my low instep, but they are maybe not quite as comfortable as the Head Speed Pro. I will add inserts and they should be on par.
From: David, 1/13

Comments: Extremely comfortable from the very first outing. I added inserts for even more stability. It blows the doors off the 6.0s in total comfort, softness and weight. Sizing is true to size, although I went up by a half size knowing that I would be using inserts. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a solid high performance shoe with great looks at a remarkable price.
From: Geo, 11/12

Comments: Extremely comfortable from the very first outing. I added inserts for even more stability, and it blows the doors off the 6.0s in total comfort, softness and weight. Sizing is true to size, although I went up by a half knowing that I would be using inserts. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a solid high performance shoe with great looks at a remarkable price.
From: Geo, 11/12

Comments: The shoe feels comfortable on the first try compared to the barricade 7.0. I love the shoe.
From: Marc, 10/12

Comments: This is the best tennis shoe I have ever owned in 18 years of playing, if memory serves. I also owned the first iteration but adidas addressed all the minor issues it had for me, like the tongue sliding. They added a second tongue strap to keep it in place and it works very well. Traction is among the best ever. I am a baseline player who uses a lot of footwork and movement, but I have no issues with stability. I used to be heavily prone to blisters but haven't had any issues since using this shoe. Durability is better than expected for a shoe in this price range with no guarantee, but the upper is not as tough as the 7.0 (which I also own and wear for practice). Another part of the shoe which wears out faster than the higher-priced shoes is the insole. The insole loses cushioning before the shoe wears out. The weight is a major selling point. The difference in weight between the Team 2.0 and the 7.0 is literally (I've done it) a handful of large nuts, bolts and washers in each shoe. TW will be happy to know, I'm ordering 2 more pairs before they phase out.
From: Micah, 10/12

Comments: Nice, lightweight, and stable. They wear out a little too fast (4 months for the toe), but for the price you might as well buy two pairs. They are also lighter than the heavier regular barricades.
From: Brian, 9/12

Comments: So now I can update my feedback which I first posted in early March. These shoes have zero durability issues for me. Still going very strong and I play 8-10 hours a week on hard court and I do a lot of running when I play. This shoe has been nothing but exceptional up to this point, with no sign of wear except what you should expect, maybe even less. No regrets whatsoever and will be getting another pair in different colors soon enough. Great buy!!!
From: Keith, 7/12

Comments: The Team is lighter in weight and it costs a lot less than the Barricade 7. Unfortunately, those are the only advantages over the B7. The Team is not as comfortable and the heel cup is not as deep as its big brother. I replaced the insole with my custom orthotics and wore a pair of Nike ankle straps and my ankles would slip out even just walking around my house. If you have normal feet and do not use orthotics, it is a good value and worth a try. However, if you have feet problems, I would recommend the Barricade 7 over the Team and the extra $$$ is justified.
From: Jonathan, 7/12

Comments: After just the one month of playing tennis, the stitching on both shoes started to unravel, causing the shoes to literally fall apart.
From: Choder, 7/12

Comments: Very comfortable shoes that look very cool with black socks. Andy Murray influenced me to buy them and I haven't been let down. Great stability and many compliments on them. Certainly recommend them.
From: Xavier, 6/12

Comments: Excellent shoe at price point. True sizing. Comfortable right out of box. Durability has been good thus far. Width is good for my feet. Found they offer good traction on clay as the treads do not get filled up or plugged up with clay.
From: Mike, 6/12

Comments: I got these shoes about a week ago and I have got to say these are the best shoes ever. No durability issue.
From: Ernie, 6/12

Comments: Two weeks into these and they are perhaps the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. So far no wear issues on the uppers or tread. Look great and very light weight too, perhaps my previous issues with the stitching was just an early shipment.
From: John, 5/12

Comments: Good shoe, great grip and have not had any durability issues. I'm 6'3" and 205 so I'm pretty rough on shoes, these have held up for the last couple of months and the soles are still sticky and intact. Thinking of grabbing the orange or blue as a second set of shoes since I play 5x/week and need a pair to rotate through.
From: Dex, 5/12

Comments: Great shoes so far! Been using these shoes for a few weeks and no signs of any durability issues. I play about 7 hours a week. They are very comfortable and have good support. I also like the design of the shoe. I have no negatives.
From: David, 5/12

Comments: These are great shoes. They look great, but after about 2 weeks, the outside completely tore. The soles are still great, but I feel they have very low durability.
From: Andry, 5/12

Comments: The feel on this shoe is great! Not only that, they look awesome! However, the stitches on the shoes were the first to go before there was even a hole caused by friction (not counting the hole at the tip caused on the first day. I brake with the top of my shoe). Because of that, this pair only lasted about 2 months with action at 4 times a week.
From: Denis, 5/12

Comments: After 3 months of wear, these shoes literally fell apart. I'm a huge fan of adidas but the soles are fine, but the tops of both shoes are torn and ripped. They literally came apart at the seams. I'm very disappointed.
From: Andrew, 5/12

Comments: Sorry to say these shoes are a big down grade from the last Team model. I bought these a couple of weeks ago and can no longer wear them. The last pair of Team Barricade I used for general use as well as on court when I forgot my other shoes and I loved them. These new models though do not live up to the others. They no longer have the stiff plastic torsion control in the center of the shoe. Also the fit is different, more narrow through the mid part of the shoe, my feet hurt continuously while wearing these shoes. It is too bad because the style is nice.
From: Jim, 4/12

Comments: These are good comfortable shoe for the sale price. The outsole width is too wide for my taste. Your get more stability at the cost of maneuverability. I also wished Adidas cutout the extra heat vent on the forefoot. Insoles are cheap,but removable. Durability is good if play you 5 hrs. a week.
From: Tom P., 4/12

Comments: WOW...what a great pair of shoes. Havent had them long enough to vouch for durability but I would be surprised if this was an issue. Comfortable like you wouldn't believe and the color combo is awesome. Buy!!!
From: Keith, 3/12

Comments: I used these shoes for 3 weeks. Great shoes. Enough Said.
From: Crispy, 2/12

Comments: Used for about a week now. Been Amazing. No complaints. Break- in time was almost zero.
From: Saud, 1/12

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