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Comments: I've been wearing Barricades since the II. I'm a 4.5 grinder and serve and volley player. The 2015s are my favorite shoes in the line. The sole seems a little softer than previous models and they fit my narrow feet very well. Just finished hitting with a new pair of the Boosts. They seemed a little narrower than the 2015 Barricades. We shall see if breaking in time makes them more comfortable.
From: Quinn, 1/17

Comments: I've been a loyal Barricade user since the Barricade 6, and unfortunately the 2015 almost made me consider looking for another brand. I don't play many tournaments anymore as I mostly coach so until the outdoor season started I didn't notice how tough these were to play in. The indoor courts that I play on are a very fast and slippery court so they don't demand a lot from a shoe. When I went outside to a normal hardcourt I immediately had problems with the cushioning in this shoe, and always had sore feet and knees after playing. I am a toe dragger so I always use my Barricades until the toe wears out but I am going back to the B7 purely for the comfort of the shoe despite them not being very durable. I haven't tried the 2016 version as I always buy older models at reduced prices so hopefully adidas has gotten the Barricade line back on track because durability and support wise these are the best shoes shoes on the market.
From: Joe, 6/16

Comments: I just tried these today for walking, and what comfort I felt. An awesome pair of shoes! Highly recommended. Thanks Tennis Warehouse for a speedy shipment!
From: Gerardo, 5/16

Comments: This shoe is fantastic. I'm a 4.0 player on a high school varsity team. Have been varsity for 4 years so I have some experience. I loved the Babolat Propulse 3s but didn't try the 4s, but tried Nike Vapors and found them to be severely lacking in arch support. I decided to attempt some Barricades and am happy I did. These shoes offer great support and their stability is ridiculous even better than my old Babolats. The heel is a tad bit looser than that of a Babolat Propulse but it's nothing serious. They also agitated my ankles at first but after moving around the tongue and with some playtime that no longer was a problem. I highly recommend them -- five stars.
From: Robert, 5/16

Comments: My review is after having worn the 5s, 8s, then 7s, and now the 2015. I have narrow feet, so keep that in mind. Yes, the shoe is lighter and no break in is needed, but even with 2 pairs of socks, the 2015s can't hold my feet in place. I feel like I'm constantly rolling over the lateral edge, and heel slips all around. The 7s, on the other hand, are the most secure shoes I've ever worn. I haven't tried the Novak version, which is only 0.4 ounces heavier than the 2015s. But for those with narrow feet, I think the 7s are the way to go. I would rate the 8s better than 2015s in terms of foot stability/security as well, but they require an extremely long break in. As for the 7s, I love them. Can't wait to try the lighter Novak version.
From: JD, 4/16

Comments: Too early to call this the perfect shoe, but I really like it. I have a wide foot and this shoe makes my feet feel locked in. Very light and comfortable with great heel support. 2 hour break in period at most. I very happy as I agonize over my sneakers.
From: Bill, 4/16

Comments: These are the best shoes I have ever worn! Before I got Barricades I played with the adidas Feather 3, but they were no where near as comfortable as these have been. Also, for a more stable pair of shoes they don't feel as heavy as many other sole durability shoes. My only problem was that when I ordered them it was said that there is no break in time, but I found that it took me about a week walking around the house and then a trip or two to the courts to get the optimal fit. Overall, a good shoe and I will continue to purchase Barricades in the future.
From: Liam, 4/16

Comments: So I enjoyed the 1st pair of these that I had. Comfortable, supportive and good results on the court. Bought a 2nd pair about 6 months later, and again a good footwork night for me. But strangely (since I did not have this problem with the 1st pair) I developed a blister under the left eyelet which dug into my foot. I read the return policy: no dice if the shoes have been worn. So I guess I have to hope the problem goes away as the shoes loosen up, otherwise I'm out of luck?
From: Chaz, 4/16

Comments: These are the first adidas shoes that have been comfortable enough for me since the pre Barricade days; yes, that long ago. I still have some issues with mild heel discomfort in these, however. I might just have to give the boost models a look.
From: Steve, 3/16

Comments: Be careful when buying these if you have a wide foot. The instep is very narrow. Great looking shoe though.
From: Dennis, 3/16

Comments: The Barricade 2015 is the most comfy Barricade I've ever worn, although I had to size up a half size (11.5 -> 12.0) for this model.
From: Dan, 3/16

Comments: Good shoes overall with one or two hiccups. Fits a 1/2 size smaller and the tongue is not broad enough to cover the whole instep of the foot. The depth of the inner heel is too shallow but good cushioning on the inside, good outersole durability and nice cosmetics.
From: Owen, 3/16

Comments: I had the purple and silver Barricades and I loved them. They were durable, traction was great and they did not feel too heavy. I'm ordering the Wall Street ones right now. These shoes have lasted me for a little bit over 6 months but I ordered them around October so if I played during the right weather, maybe this would have lasted me for three or four months. One major problem for me was the heel slippage on the right foot, for some reason the left one was alright for me. Sometimes the shoe would feel clunky and other days it would be perfect. I'd recommend these shoes for anyone who likes a durable and heavier shoe. Can't wait for the Wall Street ones!
From: Anthony, 3/16

Comments: I've worn Barricades for years now and dare I say, the B9s are the best so far. Love the plastic frame that provides much better mid foot stability. I've had issues with the B7, B8 where the forefoot stability was better than the rear and rear foot would slide out a bit, this made worse as I've sprained my left ankle before. No more such issues with the B9. Cushioning could still be better in the forefoot but that may come when I try the Boost version.
From: Norm, 2/16

Comments: More narrow in the forefoot than the Barricade 7s -- I sized up half a size to fit width-wise. But after sizing up, there's the tiniest bit of too much room ahead of my toes. Different shoes for different feet, I think I'll stay with the Barricade 7. Definitely a looker though, and very soft out of the box.
From: Dan, 2/16

Comments: I am really impressed by the out-of-the-box comfort of this shoe. Still need a little breaking in though but not nearly as hard as some other shoes, I will probably have them broken in within 6-8 hours of play. One thing I had to do was re-lace the shoes with my foot in it because it felt really tight around the upper tongue area. Other than that though, the sole of the shoe had great support for my foot, which I have a medium arch. Might have just been me, but watch out for traction right out the box. The outsole has to be broken in before becoming tacky enough for me. Overall a great shoe and an improvement over my old Barricade 8s which I loved as well.
From: Joshua, 1/16

Comments: These shoes run small and I ordered half a size bigger. They needed a little break-in but once broken in, these shoes are comfortable. The more I wear them, the more comfortable they get.
From: Richard, 1/16

Comments: I have had these on for about 15 hours of play. So far they have been working great. Lotto and Ascis don't make my size, 13.5, so I get the Barricades -- in general, I have liked them all. I have the 2015 black/red and while it is too early to make a full review they might be my favorite out of the 5 previous versions I've had. I'll see how the durability and comfort holds up. And I'm using my own insoles -- shock doctor.
From: ZetaZebas, 1/16

Comments: No doubt this is the best of the original and reissued B5, B7 and B8 shoes I have worn in the last several years! Comfortable right out of box (no painful break-in period like previous models), light/fast, yet super stable as Barridades should. I use Superfeet blue insoles and wear half-size up with 2x socks, and no toe jamming or loose heel issues mentioned bellow. I noticed that outsole is more durable where past models usually wear, but upper side protection is lacking -- holed the upper mesh in 2 months, then worn down to midsole in 4 months. It would have been perfect for me, if it had better upper side protector, but still I love these!
From: Kurt, 12/15

Comments: I found them to be way too stiff out of the box. The upper was a hard rubber-like material. I'm going to give adidas one more chance and over pay for a pair of Novak 7s. If those feel like this, I'm gone for good. I'm starting too see why I'm one of the only adidas wearers in my league. Asics and quite a few Lottos and Yonex seem to be the choice of all the picky middle agers and retirees.
From: Jiffy, 12/15

Comments: I tried on a pair of size 9s in an adidas store in Orlando. My feet are size 8.5 and narrow and the 9s were too small! I probably would need a 9.5. Might want to try them on before you buy these.
From: Charles, 12/15

Comments: While the comfort had improved leaps and bounds over the Barricade 8, I still experienced occasional toe jamming, just not as bad as the older models. Much prefer the comfort of my Vapors, Lotto Raptor IV and Wilson Rush Pro due to the toe jamming issue.
From: Anonymous, 11/15

Comments: For me, the Barricade 2015 is my savior. I owned the 7 and 8. The 7 was somewhat OK in terms of fit and comfort. But the 8 was to stiff, I couldn't bare it. Now the 2015s are very good in many ways -- fit, comfort, softness, light weight. The bottomline -- I love them. I just bought a second pair -- time to stock up.
From: Dat, 10/15

Comments: Definitely agree on the heel slippage. The heel cup just isn't deep enough. Didn't even go on court with them. Very comfy, though. The Ubersonics fit my foot wonderfully, but they just don't have the cushion or stability of the Barricades.
From: Dalton, 9/15

Comments: If you like the Barricade line because of the excellent lateral support in the mid-foot, the 2015s are not for you. They are lighter and softer but come with side of foot issues which occurred after 2 weeks of wear for me. I went back to my Barricade 8+ and the problem was solved.
From: Scott, 9/15

Comments: I started with Babolots and felt like I was wearing clown shoes. I then moved to Asic Gel Resolutions and loved them. My wife bought me a pair of Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5s and I loved them even more. Very comfortable shoe that didn't slide around through like the Asic. I bought another pair of Zoom Vapor 9.5s because they fit so right. The wifey bought me these new Barricades and they are just as smooth as the Vapors. I wear a size 11. So glad I have these new adidas shoes. Great looking shoe with a cool money sign on it!
From: John, 9/15

Comments: Here's an update on a prior review I submitted -- this shoe does need a break-in. After about 2 weeks, it felt better. These are lighter and more flexible than the 8+, but do not have the same level of support -- especially in the toebox area. After wearing the 2015s for 2 weeks my plantar fasciitis was acting up. Switched back to the 8+ and problem solved.
From: Scott, 8/15

Comments: Tried these on yesterday for the first time. About 1 hour of rigorous play. My first time wearing any kind of Barricade. I usually stick to Asics Gel Resolutions. My first impression was that there was some heel slipping. My front and mid foot were locked in but the heel moves a bit. Probably not a deal breaker but I wasn't used to it. The shoes felt good while playing. A tad heavier (to be expected of Barricades) but they didn't feel clunky. Comfortable. They will get more comfortable with each subsequent wear. Today, both of my heels are sore. I'm not used to this either. The cushioning in the shoe seems plush so it's probably the slight lack of stability in the heel that led to today's soreness. Maybe that will go away as well. Overall, I'm satisfied. I think the Asics Gel Resolutions are a better shoe for my feet but I would not dissuade anyone from trying these Barricades. Plus, they look ridiculously cool. I mean, who doesn't want a shoe with dollar signs on them?
From: Brian, 8/15

Comments: Great design and color, better looking in person. I received a $25 TW Gift Card and a crisp dollar bill -- that was very clutch and appreciated. In my honest opinion, if it wasn't for these limited edition shoes I may have switched to Nike because the colors and designs. I have a wide foot so that's another reason I side with adidas.
From: Nathan, 8/15

Comments: My heels slipped out on every step. Heel depth is shallow by half inch compared to my other correctly fitted shoes. I sent mine back after wearing them for just 10 steps around the house.
From: Wes, 8/15

Comments: This shoe is pretty disappointing, the traction is ok and the shoe is made of cheap material. First and last pair of Barricades for me.
From: James, 7/15

Comments: Really wanted to love these shoes. I wear a 9.5 in the Voom Zapors and all of my running shoes. Naturally, I ordered a 9.5 and found that there was less than a pinky finger worth of room between my toes and the end of the shoe. No problems, sent them back for a 10. When those came, the padding in the heel cup was already unglued and falling apart. Whatever, I needed a pair of shoes so I stuck with it. The size 10 had over two fingers worth of room between the toes and shoe. Sizing seems really inconsistent. Double socked it to cut down the toe issue and the excess volume issue, but still was getting a lot of heal slippage. Super frustrating. I will say though the forefoot cushioning and stability are amazing in this shoe. There is just so much other baggage that comes with that I would recommend looking else where for a new court shoe.
From: Cory, 7/15

Comments: Finally started wearing my 2015s after my second pair Barricade of 8s got retired. The 2015 is more slipper-like, narrower, seems lighter and feels better right out of the box. No toe jamming problems with them like the 8s had. The 2015 isn't as stable as the 8s but still very good and I still feel I need to break them in a bit more after using them for the first time on court (I'll wear them around the house). I feel the need to settle in around the arches a bit so lacing and unlacing them at home should break them in. They look sharp too.
From: John, 7/15

Comments: I'm a 3.5/4.0 player. I just got these shoes yesterday and I just finished playing two sets of doubles. Overall, these are the best Barricades of 2015!
From: Justin, 7/15

Comments: I have several pairs of Barricade 8, 8+ and now 2015s. The new 2015 design is quite a bit different than the 8 line. The 2015s are a much tighter fit; not as comfortable as the 8 and not quite as supportive in the foot box area. Of the three, I still prefer the 8.
From: Scott, 7/15

Comments: Amazing comfort. I normally wear Asics Gel shoes but couldn't help buying these based on looks. I'll never wear anything but adidas again now! The warranty is great as well.
From: Phil, 7/15

Comments: These are the best Barricades ever by far! I have tried all the previous Barricades and did not like them at all, So I always ended up going with the Nikes (Nike Air Max Cage and Vapor Tour 9.5). I tried these for the first time and they are extremely comfortable with plenty of cushioning. They are also much lighter than the previous barricades. All in all, I am very happy with this purchase.
From: Santhosh, 7/15

Comments: These feel pretty good although the heel is slightly high for me. The upper is failing after about 8 uses and it's beyong the 30-day TW policy, so no help there. The soles still look new but a small hole is opening on a seam on the instep support band -- definitely a defective item. Won't be buying these again, and going back to the Nadal Lunar Ballistics.
From: Joe, 7/15

Comments: I've been using these shoes for about 2 months now and in general I think they are good shoes. However, I had to take the laces off the last holes since they hurt the inside part of my ankle. I don't know if this is because I use an arch support insole, but I'm still missing my Court Ballistec 4.3's.
From: Nicolas, 5/15

Comments: These shoes are great! I have had them for about a month and a half now and they are super nice. People say they are going right through the shoe but I can say I don't think they are only playing tennis in them. They are lasting a lot longer than any Nike shoe though.
From: Nick, 5/15

Comments: Poor durability for being a Barricade. My sock was showing through the shoe in less than three months.
From: Keith, 5/15

Comments: I have been searching for the right shoe -- and found it right out of the box with these. Purchased them today and took them out of the box and played 3 hours of men's night. Comfortable shoe that provided the support that I was looking for. Great support laterally and the story is that they are more durable, time will tell. I normally don't review products but felt this one deserved it. I have played the Wilson Rush Pro, but it developed an odor that Wilson never dealt with. I was playing with the Asics Gel Resolution 5, and I like that shoe but after 4 months it broke down laterally and the support in the sole is not quite there, but it was very comfortable.
From: Chris, 4/15

Comments: This is a great shoe in every way. I find the fit to be about a 1/2 size smaller than the previous version.
From: Pat, 4/15

Comments: I think these run a bit small. I came from the Feather III, and the Barricades feel half a size smaller than those. Otherwise, these are more comfortable but substantially clunkier than the adizero Feathers.
From: Adrian, 4/15

Comments: Love these shoes! I love them as I did with my Barricade 2s!
From: Bruce, 3/15

Comments: I purchased these shoes in January 2015. There was a break in period for me as adidas shoes are normally a little tight fitting and were not that comfortable out of the box. Note -- I do not wear a wide in any brands. The shoes are breaking in now and after I switched out the insole for Dr. S insert, the comfort level increased. The looks are great, very stylish, the toe is holding up well and match everything.
From: Pat, 3/15

Comments: I have been wearing these for a few weeks now and I am disappointed to say that adidas has given up both stability and toe durability in this iteration. I had a love/hate relationship with the Barricade 8 because they were so stable and had the best outsole in the business, but they were also not that comfy and took forever to break in. The 2015 is comfy out of the box and feels stable at first, but that stability doesn't last and I am completely through the outsole at the toe in under a month!
From: Eric, 2/15

Comments: I had 20+ pairs of the B5 and B7 over the years (now I have 6 pairs of B7 in various colors). Skipped the B6 and B8/B8+ because of the narrow toe box (thus stocked up on B7s). The 2015 Barricade is not much better for me -- the toe box is too tight in my usual size (US 11). This one gave me an additional problem, heel slippage. Despite being a Barricade fan, sadly I have to (happily) keep using the B7.
From: Mark, 2/15

Comments: These shoes )are too narrow for me. The previous model (8+) fit me better. Don't assume that the 2015 Barricade will fit you just because the Barricade 8+ did. There is a significant difference in fit. The 2015s are tighter.
From: Charles, 2/15

Comments: I haven't worn adidas in some time, just coming out of KSwiss which I found very comfortable right out of the box. I have a relatively narrow foot (C/D) with a high arch and mean to tell you, these shoes are a narrow cut! I wear a fairly thick sock and while they were never 'uncomfortably tight' since new they've stretched out a bit and now have a more 'relaxed' feel. They aren't a plush feeling shoe to begin -- I'd call them more 'minimalist' as far as cushioning. The lateral support is great, a definite plus, but I find that the rubber compound of the sole is kind of hard -- I've slipped more than once on court as the shoe just didn't make traction. Granted, it's cold on the courts this time of year (rarely above 65 degrees) so the shoe may play differently in warm climates and outdoors in the summer.
From: Mike, 2/15

Comments: I have been wearing this shoe for a few days now and my first impression is that adidas really did improve the comfort of this shoe tremendously over the previous model. The upper is now a softer material that seems to have an elastic quality to it that makes the shoe fit like a sock. The Barricade 8/8+ had virtually no cushioning whatsoever, but this shoe is definitely better in that regard. I expect outsole durability to be just as superior as the previous model. The only question I have is whether or not this softer upper will be able to retain its support structure over the life of the shoe. I will report back in a few weeks.
From: Eric, 2/15

Comments: For the record, I have only played in these twice, but in those two times I thought the comfort and stability was great! They did take about a day or so to break in, but now that they are broken in they feel great! They felt much faster than the 8s from last year. I can't really report on durability right now, but they feel like they are built to last! All in all, I would definitely recommend these!
From: Kaden, 2/15

Comments: I don't like to usually write reviews, but these are incredible shoes. More stable then my Gel Resolution 5s, Nike Vapors, and Barricade 5s. Zero break in required. I love the stability and lightness for my wide feet.
From: Albee, 1/15

Comments: I've played a lot of Barricades, but gave up on them because of the discomfort in the toe box. Been using the KSwiss Ultrascendor instead, which are more comfortable but not as supportive as the adidas. Tried the new Barricade 2015, with high hopes. I found they require more break-in than the K-Swiss. For me, the heel-slipping issue is a negative. Even though I laced them up snug, I have blisters on the inside of my heels. Hoping that doesn't continue. Seems like the toe box is better though.
From: Phil, 1/15

Comments: I just got these shoes 3 weeks ago. I broke them in within two days of playing in them. These are the first Barricades I've loved playing in. I love everything from their comfort to their stability. I might even like these Barricades more than the 5s!
From: Romir, 1/15

Comments: I have finally found a shoe that was as amazing as the Barricade 7. I have been panicking because the Barricade 8 did not fit well in the toes and my heel kept lifting out of shoe when I was running. With the 2015 being lighter but fitting as perfect as the Barricade 7, it is now my all time favorite tennis shoe since I started playing tennis in 1973.
From: Peter, 12/14

Comments: I just got my shoes. They run about a 1/4 size small. That being said these are very comfortable! The support is great as well. I had a small bit of heel slippage at first but that has gone away. No rubbing, no discomfort. No break-in. So far, so good. I went through 5-6 pairs of shoes and hopefully have found ones that will work.
From: Billy, 12/14

Comments: After playing 3 days with the adidas Barricade 2015, I must say that these are the best Barricades so far in everything but looks. Not a fan of dots with stripes, but in the black/red, you barely notice them. Not sure if other colors will be as good. Things to note: these Barricades are comfortable right out of the box and were playable day 1! The arch isn't as high as it used to be in the older Barricades. The width is more similar to the 7s. They are a tad shorter in length than the 8s, but in essence, true to size. The heal is a tad wide for me, but I have narrow heals and a wide toe area. It just has so much traction and comfort, and should be as durable as usual. Overall, best Barricade ever, now please get rid of the dots.
From: Jon, 12/14

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