adidas Barricade 8 White/Silver/Blue Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: Bought these shoes because they felt really good initially. Almost sent them back due to a little heel slip and some slight toe jam up front. But after putting in my SuperFeet inserts, they were fine. I have worn them to play in twice and they are breaking in nicely. You may need to bend back the inner upper fold (last inner eyelet) near the ankle as it seems to rub initially. But that is working itself out. I have a wide foot, narrow heel and i run all over the court. Im also 5'11" and 200 lbs and these will support my frame well.
From: Anon, 2/15

Comments: I have always been an adidas kind of guy. Been playing tennis now for about 2 years. I had only used the lower level adidas shoes in the past, but decided to step up and get some Barricades. When I first played in them, they seemed a bit small in the toe box and a bit narrow. After about 3 weeks of using them occasionally, they are finally getting comfortable to wear. A very stable and supportive shoe. I use Superfeet green arch supports in all my shoes, so no arch problems. Break in is very similar to high end hiking shoes. Once you get them broke in, you're in for a long use period. If you want a shoe that is comfortable out of the box, this is not the shoe for you. But if you want a shoe that will last, then this is a great choice. I have used them like 12 times and the sole shows no wear at all!
From: Todd, 11/14

Comments: I have been wearing the Barricade since the "2" came out. Some fitted my feet better than the others but they have always been impeccable designed and made for performance tennis with excellent support and relative comfort. On the other hand, the "8" feels like cheap tennis shoes. It's hot and has little cushioning. The 8th generation is many steps backward for Barricade. It is regrettable that adidas has abandoned their flagship line of tennis shoes to meet the industry norm that a new design must be introduced every two years. This new shoes has nothing to compare to the Barricade 5.
From: Chanh, 10/14

Comments: Loyal Barricade consumer all the way back to the 2s. These shoes have a different look but pressure on the toes from the top and sides. Needed to go a 1/2 size up from my normal 10.5, so be aware of that. I love the look and feel although they are different from the 5s (my favorites). Glad they removed the pastic hard band from the eyelet area that left a nasty cut after 2 hours on the court!
From: Whiskeyrunner, 9/14

Comments: Quite horrible shoes. I have one trick though to avoid the inside upper eyelet that digs into your ankle - - use a pincher, fold the top line of upper inside of the shoe outwards, pinch and hold for let's say 30 minutes. The eyelet/top line will naturally bend outwards instead of inwards. It helps!
From: Magnus, 9/14

Comments: Not a fan. The lace system loosens and caused movement that resulted in blisters. Loved my B7s even though they did take a while to break in. Miss the old construction.
From: John, 8/14

Comments: Bought these a few weeks ago and I felt the need to come and leave feedback. I hate these shoes. I'm 6'2", 200 lbs, a 4.0, and play on hard courts almost every day. Knees are always sore the next day, had to add insoles for cushioning (still aching knees). The tongue of the shoe is thin and gives my foot a numb feeling if laces are too tight, and heel slips if too loose. There is no happy medium. I sweat a lot and these shoes weigh about 5 pounds each after a match. I had the Nike Vapor 9s before these and loved them (except for the durability) -- they were super light and felt like a glove on my foot. Barricade 8s look great, are super durable, and have the outsole warranty, but I will definitely be trying another shoe soon.
From: Payton, 8/14

Comments: These shoes take many hours to break in and it was a painful process for me. Also be sure to check the pictures showing what constitutes enough wear for the warranty to kick in. It is pretty ridiculous. Most people would replace their shoes way before they were that trashed. I would not recommend them.
From: CT, 8/14

Comments: The Barricade 7 was excellent and adidas probably tried to push the limit a bit further but it doesn't even match it. Bought them in a size 9 and I have a normal width foot. I find these to be designed with larger feet in mind: I have never jammed my toes in the 7s or 6s and taking 1/2 a size smaller would make them too small. This, I think is due to the larger sole/base that these were designed on. The "claw" on the front exterior side that is supposed to provide more stability becomes an issue as your foot isn't properly tuck into the shoes, the rounded-off edge of the claw provides an opportunity for rolling over. The 7s had a sharper angle and weren't showing that problem. Still a very good shoe, good looks, and very durable but overall not as good as the 7s for me. Hopefully the 9 fixes those some problems.
From: Guillame, 8/14

Comments: Much more flexible upper equals more comfort but less stability than the 7. There is a reason Novak sticks with the 7s. If you play intense on a hard court and want stabiliity but with a little break in buy the 7s. The 8s have more room in the toe box and don't feel as rock solid as the 7's but are definetly more comfortable. My feet do take a little more of a beating with the 8s when you get intense on the hard court. Both good shoes although one seems like it is for comfort and one more for stability. Good luck!
From: Scott, 8/14

Comments: I ordered these a half size bigger just in case and they fit great. If you have a wide foot it will be tight, but when playing you won't mind it. It's a great shoe, I strongly recommend these shoes.
From: Nathan, 8/14

Comments: Go a half size up, or you end up with the toe jamming problem. Low comfort is the tradeoff for supreme stability and confidence. I've played in them for about 10 hours and the toe looks brand new. Need to add an insole for cushioning, though. Knees are sore the next day. Other than that, it's the best shoe I've worn. Hands down. Also, I have E-width feet and have had no problems. This is something I feel is not highlighted in the reviews that I've read/watched. Seems like most of these reviewers have medium or narrow width feet. Anyway, if you have E or EE width feet, give the Barricade a try.
From: Porter, 7/14

Comments: I just played with these and I had to comment. I had read many conflicting reviews and so I thought I should put in another one. I loved them. I have only played with them today. They seemed already broken in. They were lighter then the 7s. My feet felt closer to the ground and more stable. Ankle felt great. I didn't have any complaints about the 7s, but this is nicer. I did slip a bit, so maybe the tread grip might turn out to be different, but that is being especially critical. I am glad adidas continues to remove any stitching at the top of the toe box since I rub the top of the shoe when I hit my backhand. This allows the upper to stay nice till I have destroyed the tread. Thanks.
From: Gordon, 7/14

Comments: I'm 29 and have wide feet UK size 10.5/11. I'm hard on my shoes. Between 2013-2014 I wore through the following shoes: Nike Court Ballistics 4.3 (eyelets began breaking within a month and bubble burst), Nike Air Cage (bubble burst followed by intense pain in knees), Asics Gel Res 5 (nice fit but really stretches out and tread disappears gradually), the sole compacts very early. Overall a good shoe. adidas Barricade 5 reissue (eyelets popped. Manufacture error. Returned) and now the Barricade 8. The Barricade 8s are really nice if they fit you. Because of the plastic mesh upper, they don't lose shape over time. Low to the ground feel with high heel to keep you on your toes. Quality design. No fabric eyelets or bursting bubble made-to- break nonsense. These Barricades are made to last. One of the best tennis shoe experiences yet for me. Suitable for wide feet. I've had these for a few months now and no problems. The tread at the bottom seems to be ever lasting.
From: Eric, 7/14

Comments: Great shoes! More comfortable than previous versions, more cushion and padding around the ankle.
From: Pat, 7/14

Comments: Just bought these shoes and returned them because my toes were hitting the front. Ordered a half size larger and my toes are still hitting. I believe the sharper angle of the back of the shoe pushes my foot forward. I plan on returning the second pair. It's a nice looking shoe and a great sale price, but the fit is terrible.
From: MA, 7/14

Comments: These shoes rock! Amazing stability and I have received a few compliments already. They are a tank on the court, great stability and the herringbone tread pattern is perfect for clay/har-tru courts. I am very happy!
From: Jay, 7/14

Comments: Great looking shoe. For me they run a little short in length and I had to send a pair of 13 1/2 back. Will try a pair of 14s and hopefully they will fit.
From: Douglas, 7/14

Comments: Worst durability and heel comfort among the Barricades in the toe area. I have used the 6 and 7 models in the past and both were used with moderate to heavy play time and the 6s and 7s lasted me about 3-5 months, and I run almost entirely on the upper toe. I recently purchased the 8s back in early May and the fit on the ankle was straight murder, horrible rubbing and raw ankles for days, and by mid June, the toe portion has completely run through. I purchased the Team 3s before switching to the 8s hoping for a lighter shoe and the Teams honestly lasted for the same amount of time. Even with the 6 month durability guarantee, I don't feel this shoe is worth getting a free replacement if it requires the same amount of pain and poor durability. Do yourself a favor and save yourself about 70-80 bucks and just get the Teams -- they are lighter, more comfortable out of the box and no raw ankles.
From: Kaipoi, 7/14

Comments: Great shoe right out of the box. I just played for two hours and am very surprised how comfortable they were. Great wrap around the ankle, support and traction. A bit on the warm side, but all good. They seem to have more cushion than the Barricade 7s.
From: Pat, 6/14

Comments: These are the most uncomfortable Barricades to date. I loved the 7s, but the 8's are awful. These shoes made my big toe nail fall completely off. I will never wear the 8s again.
From: Alex, 6/14

Comments: I have always worn Nike shoes for running, basketball, or cross-training due to my narrow (Men's B) foot. I started wearing adidas tennis shoes about 10 years back for durability; not fit. With a thicker sock like Thorlos, the wider heel fit wasn't too bad. The Barricade IV, V, and VI were designed with a more narrow heel counter, but these Barricade 8s have a wider fit like the B IIIs. The best feature of this model is the unbelievable light weight and breathability from the mesh uppers. The weight difference is noticeable after 90 minutes of singles play. As usual, the sole will probably never wear out.
From: John, 6/14

Comments: The tongue is really thin and hurt my feet when I tied them too tight. Got a 'numb' feeling on the court. I need 360 degree support on the outsole and not a full herringbone design. I'm sticking with my Barricade 7s.
From: Jack, 6/14

Comments: Walked in these shoes around my house for 3 hours for two days in a row before using them on the court. Used them on the court today for first time. I have had none of the problems described in other feedback. They breathe well, I had no toe jamming, no eyelets digging into my ankles. But I am surprised how stiff the shoe is with little cushioning on the sole. I am a first time Barricade user and play 2-3 times a week as an aggressive senior. My foot is 4.1" wide vs 3.9" -- I recommended these for a 'D' width foot in size 8.5 -- I had no problems and found this to be very stable.
From: J Mark, 6/14

Comments: I have tried out these sneakers for the last three months after wearing the KSwiss Ultrascendor for the last 7-8 years. I'm a 4.0 guy playing 3-4 times a week. I have to agree with all the negative reviews. My feet and legs really felt beat up wearing these shoes. My toes got jammed, arches felt cramped, and I started getting some Achilles tendonitis. I usually switch out my sneakers around every 5-6 months but I just threw these away yesterday and will try the Asics Gel Resolution 5.
From: Nob, 6/14

Comments: One word -- avoid. The ankle rub issue is very real and I got blisters on both sides. Not well designed. The negative reviews in this regard are real!
From: Justin, 6/14

Comments: Okay, I see many very outright bad reviews here which I am not sure I can completely relate to. I don't want to judge, but personally, I don't lace up my shoes tight at all because most of my stability comes from the sole of the shoe and if the shoe is built well, it will support the foot without the need of "attaching" the shoe to my foot. But that's me, perhaps it's thanks to my athleticism. Anyhow, in my opinion, this shoe boasts very impressive traction, I think the outsole is a huge improvement over the 7s. The shoe grips very well when you take off and at the same time slides beautifully (on hard courts) when you need it. Certainly one of my favorite sole designs, stable, low to the ground and seemingly very durable as well. This shoe's sole closely reminds me of the Nike 2k11/2k12 line (except more durable) which I adored. Now to the negatives, which seems to be the trend. The fit of the forefoot is strange, I think it is due to the way the shoe is curved but it doesn't quite align properly with my foot and causes the toe jamming. I also think that because the front of the shoe sits so low, the foot is more likely to slide down toward a jam. This, on occasion, is unbearable I will admit, especially if ones toe nails aren't trimmed very short, but it did become less painful as the shoe loosened up. I tried to fix the toe jamming by doubling up the socks but this shoe runs small and the fit was too tight. I have ordered a pair half size larger and will try those with double socks -- I believe the issue wont be so bad then. Perhaps the 8+ will address this issue as well? Let's hope for the sake of this beautifully stable outsole.
From: Jan, 6/14

Comments: I don't what most people here are talking about, but to me these shoes are better than B7s and B6s for sure. I played college, so I can kind of play tennis. I slide on hard courts frequently, didn't experience any toe jamming or any other problems. Really liked these shoes! They have great support!
From: Max, 6/14

Comments: As a long time Barricade wearer, I was interested to try the 8s. I had read all these reviews and noted the toe jamming and the issue with the last lace eyelet. Despite this, I was willing to try on a pair at the store. From the moment I laced them up I felt the eyelet rubbing against the ankle and my toes were jammed into a small toe space. The shop assistant advised that I loosen the laces or take the laces out of the last eyelet. For obvious reasons this was silly advice.
From: Brian, 6/14

Comments: Most ill-fitting Barricades I have ever owned, and I've worn them all. Even after 6 months my feet hurt after wearing them, and they continue to pinch and chafe the ankles. Yes, they are durable. I finally gave them to the Goodwill.
From: Mark, 6/14

Comments: adidas, what did you do here? They fit fairly true to size, I went half a size larger. They have a descent sole and are pretty stable. On your feet, especially if you cut and brake hard, they are evil. This is not a break-in thing, a sock thing, a lace thing, or size thing -- they just hurt. I didn't have much of the ankle problem, but the toe box jamming is terrible. As said before, there is a reason some of the top guys are not wearing these.
From: JT, 5/14

Comments: I've been wearing the Barricade line for about 10 years now. The 8 series has been the most durable of anything since the 5 series. I find the traction to be outstanding and the stance is stable on hard cuts. It is true these shoes are on the stiffer side. But as a 4.5+ level player weighing over 200 lbs, they broke in for me after maybe 2 sets. Which is interesting because it was after only 2 sets that I noticed my Nike Air Max Cage and Asics Gels beginning to wear out. This is the only shoe I've tried that I could see lasting longer than six months. I'm in month 5 as I write this.
From: Pete, 5/14

Comments: I have been a fan of the Barricades since the 2s came out. Barricades have been known to be durable and the traction remains great as the shoes wear out with more play time. That's what I love about the 8s. However, please be aware that these shoes will blister your ankles. It is a major flaw and problem for the majority of customers. The corner of the last lace hole will d

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