adidas Barricade 8 Bk/Wh/Green Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: If you have flat feet or wide feet, the arch support for the shoes will pinch you. Not at first but after an hour or so of playing, you will feel it. The shoes did not wrap around my heel well. It seems like the shoes have 7 eyelets instead of 6. Also, the toe jam issue stated by TW testers does occur if you stop short after sprinting. Get them on sale.
From: Joe, 2/16

Comments: I think the problem was that some people were used to the 7s and the 8s are quite different. The 8s worked really well for me. No toe issue jamming, I guess some people say to order a size up. I find them to be a bit more stable than the 5s and a longer lasting upper. Don't get me wrong I like the 5s which have a lighter feel and they have worked out well too. I wouldn't be put off by the negative reviews. The 8s have been well-worth it.
From: Zebazeba, 12/15

Comments: A word of advice -- if you need support and want to keep your feet healthy, stay away from these 8s -- they are not nearly as good as the Barricade 7s. Stick to the 7s -- they are among the best and most stable shoes ever produced.
From: Anonymous, 12/15

Comments: Fantastic shoe, but definitely some growing pains. Took a long time to break in, and kept banging my toes until I started to wear 2 pairs of socks. Now I have zero issues, and will likely stock up on these. I have narrow feet, which may have been part of the problem. The famous Barricade 5s cost me my toe nails several times. the best part, I've had these shoes at least a year, and you'd be hard pressed to guess I'd had them a month. Sure, they're not the lightest shoe out there, but that is really the only downside to them now that theyre broken in.
From: Jd, 12/15

Comments: I'm normally a long suffering guy when it comes to shoes. I agree with the commenters here who say they run small. I'd guess at least a 1/2 size small. They gave me pain in my big toe and discouraged me from pursuing balls all-out.
From: Tim, 11/15

Comments: I didn't like them at first (as I preferred the previous versions) but they grew on me. They have lasted for months and have held up well. I got the 5 Classics a few weeks ago and while I like them too, maybe even a bit more, I'd be shocked if they last as long as the 8s. In fact given a choice, I'd probably go with the 8s again.
From: LukeyLuke, 9/15

Comments: The Barricade 8 is a great shoe. I have had the 7 and now the 8 and I must say they are equally as good. I play about 3-4 times and week and these last me a year or more. You cannot beat the Barricades for their stability, comfort or durability.
From: FedEx Part 2, 8/15

Comments: All the negative comments on this thread about the adidas Barricade 8 are true for me too. I purchased a size 12, which is the size I normally wear in every other shoe, and they are too short! They fit more like a size 11 or 11.5 at best. Even while lacing them up as tight as I possibly can, my toe is smashing against the front of the shoe causing bruising and cramping. Torture. They are absolutely unwearable even to walk my dog. Someone on the adidas design team apparently can't measure properly, and somehow this slipped through quality control. Tennis Warehouse refused a refund but offered a 30% discount on my next pair since I had already worn them. So I called adidas, where they simply credit the amount paid for the shoe towards the full $155 price on their website. So I purchased for $80 through Tennis Warehouse, but must pay $155 for a larger size through adidas. Utter waste of money. Don't buy this shoe.
From: Anon, 5/15

Comments: The Barricade 8s were a new experience for me when I first got them a little while back. They were my first "real" tennis shoes, (not some random brand from Payless). Though they are true to size in length, I feel that the toe box was a little larger than expected. And for the durability, I'm a pretty terrible toe dragger and had gone through several pairs of shoes before. The Barricade 8s lasted for about a month and a half in comparison to two hours which was a definite plus in durability. Stability was excellent, but the weight was certainly new. A good shoe for people who run through shoes quickly but maybe not for someone who is new to tennis shoes.
From: Shintaro, 5/15

Comments: Follow-up from John on 4/15...adidas sent me the Barricade V Classic as a replacement for the Barricade 8 that was not wearable to me. I only had to pay for tax. And the replacement Barricade 5 shoes does come with a 6 months outsole warranty. I am now a satisfied customer. The Barricade 8 has a roomy (wide) forefoot area, which allows the foot to slide forward and toe jam. So I had to tie the shoes tighter to hold the foot in place to prevent toe jam. But tying the shoes tighter also tightens the shoes around the arch and ankles, thus the rubbing of the skin raw. I have narrow feet, and this shoe is not working for me or most likely for people with narrow feet. But it should work for people with wider feet. A tennis friend of mine is also using this shoes, and he said he has broken it in after over a month and it is soft now. But he is using two pairs of socks and he does not tie his shoes as tight as I. He also bought it half a size big to prevent toe jamming. He does not run as hard as I do, not many people do, as I will stop on a dime all the time during playing tennis. The harder one stops, the more the feet will slide forward. I cannot wear two pairs of socks because the socks bunch up and pinch on the skin. And because I run too hard, it is easier to anything to rub the skin off badly. But I do love the Barricade V Classic. One cannot go wrong with the classic Barricades.
From: John D, 5/15

Comments: I've been wearing Barricades for years and continue to love them with these shoes. They have great lateral support which is probably the most important to me due to the constant lateral movements in the game. It looks heavy but doesn't feel heavy at all. It has some mesh and my feet always feel cool and comfortable.
From: Naveed, 4/15

Comments: I bought these because of the 6 months outsole warranty despite user feedbacks of raw skin rubbing and toe jamming thinking maybe it may work for me. Boy did I suffer (tortured). I have put up with many bad shoes because of not wanting to throw away bad shoes (and money) but these adidas Barricade 8s are so bad that I had to get rid of them because I could not endure the torture anymore. I have been playing tennis for over 20 years. I am at least a 4.5, probably more like a 5.0, with blistering fast forehand winners. I am fast on my feet and can skid around the court on tennis shoes. I can beat up a pair of of shoes in 3 months easy. I usually can tough out a bad pair of shoes but I met my match with the adidas Barricade 8. I had to get rid of them after 3.5 weeks. I thought I could break them in, but nope, they only break my feet and my will to endure the pain and torture. What is wrong with the shoes? 1) It rubbed off the skin around my ankle, on all four sides (front, back over the Achilles tendon, and both sides), in turned my feet raw red because it just keep rubbing. The pain occurs with movement so it is very painful to play tennis. 2) The shoes also rub the sides of my arches. It completely took the skin off so only soft tender exposed skin is left. It blister skin is completely rubbed off. 3) The medial (inner) side wall is shorter than the lateral side wall, so when tying the laces tight enough to keep from toe jamming, the arches are pushed to the lateral side of the shoes, thus compressing my arches and toes against the curved toe box. So now the skin over my toes are getting blisters because of the rubbing. After a day's play, and the adrenaline subsides, my arches are so compressed that they hurt so much that I can barely walk. When I take off these the Barricade 8 shoes, I immediately feel relief of arch pain. But it takes hours before I can walk normally again. I actually tried wearing 2 pairs of sock but that did not prevent the painful skin denudation or the arch pain. So I resorted to taping my feet with sports tape to prevent the skin denudation. But the tape would come off with movements and it does not stop the rubbing pain. It was such a hassle to have to tape my feet up before playing tennis. I thought I could break it in but I was wrong. I could not endure the torture anymore after 3.5 weeks of 4 hours a day, 3 days per week use. I called the adidas 800 number. Someone there told me to send in the shoes and he gave me credit for the cost of the shoes. He did not tell me I had to use it on their website and that their website charges full price. When I got the credit, I realized that I could not even buy the cheapest tennis shoes at with the credit I was given. And there are no outsole warranty on the shoes on website even though there are at other websites. So I called up adidas again and told them that the credit is insufficient and that I would be happy if they would send me a different model shoes with a 6 months outsole warranty. They told me that it was too bad for me but that is the best they can do for me. I asked to speak to their supervisor, and was transferred to a voicemail but never got a return phone call from the supervisor. I called them back and spoke to the adidas Consumer Relations Manager (Marshall) and he told me that he is the highest person at adidas who would hear my problem. He said if I want a pair of shoes from them I would have to spend more money on their website. It would cost me another $90, in addition to their credit, to buy my specific model shoes.
From: John, 4/15

Comments: I had a pair of Barricade 7s which were a little too big for me at size 11.5. These fit true to size for me at 11.5. A they're comfortable for me despite the negative reviews here.
From: Nick, 4/15

Comments: I have a pair of these and it is true, my toes jam into the ends and are bruised from these shoes.
From: Roger, 3/15

Comments: I have been a Barricade guy for several years, but this version is not great in the toe box. Minimal cushioning, and my toes moved around too much. But, the midsole is good. I am going to try another brand. I liked the older versions better.
From: Charles, 3/15

Comments: Bought these shoes because they felt really good initially. Almost sent them back due to a little heel slip and some slight toe jam up front. But after putting in my SuperFeet inserts, they were fine. I have worn them to play in twice and they are breaking in nicely. You may need to bend back the inner upper fold (last inner eyelet) near the ankle as it seems to rub initially. But that is working itself out. I have a wide foot, narrow heel and i run all over the court. Im also 5'11" and 200 lbs and these will support my frame well.
From: Anon, 2/15

Comments: I don't think these run true to size. I had to wear a lightweight sock. They are still not comfortable and I don't find them to be well cushioned. I wish adidas would bring back the old design.
From: Robert, 2/15

Comments: These are one of the most durable tennis shoes I've ever owned. I have put 45 hours on my pair and there is minimal signs of wear on the outsole. These will go the distance in terms of 6 month durability guarantees. Fantastic traction and lateral support. The outsole also make a ton of chirping noises on short steps and split steps. Toe jamming is real on the Barricade 8's if you tighten the laces too tight. Through experimenting, I've found the shoe performs best when the laces are a little loose and not wearing double socks. Toe jamming is now minimal and my foot moves around a tiny bit when I lace them this way but the issue very minor and hasn't affected the way I play. If you double sock regularly, you may have to go 1/2 size up. I'm a 4.0 all court player.
From: Gordon, 1/15

Comments: Worst tennis shoe ever for one reason: painful toe jams. Got these for the support (which is great), but it's costing me a few toenails. I read the reviews about the toe jam issue and didn't pay attention since I've never really had that problem before. The hype is real. These are going in the trash along with the socks they've bloodied.
From: Justin, 1/15

Comments: I got a pair of these at the adidas company store. I realy liked the snug feel all around my foot. They also felt much lighter than Babolat shoes which I was using at that time. They felt great during the game at first, until I realized I have developed huge blisters in the arch area after 40 minutes of play. Later, I had to trim the insoles a bit and the rubbing in the arch area reduced so I can use them. Still, I think the problem that the shoe is too narrow in the midle and is designed for a high arch foot. My arch rests partialy on the side wall of the shoe and when I agressively bend my ankle the side wall develops a wrinkle wich in a turn causes this rubbing issue in the arch of the foot.
From: Sergei, 1/15

Comments: I love these shoes. They hurt your feet at first but once they're broken in, you won't want to take them off. They last forever. Thanks adidas.
From: Michael, 1/15

Comments: I don't know why all the bad feedback for this shoe. I got them because they are Barricades and they were on sale. I'm a 4.0 player and they fit my medium width and arch feet fine. I haven't experienced most of the negative side effects that other reviewers complain about. I've worn Barricade 2, 4, 5 and 7s. The 8s feel closest in fit to the original 5s because they are slightly roomier than other Barricade models. They have slightly less upper stability than the 7s but still outperform most shoes in the market in that area. Traction is at least as good as the 7 if not slightly better. Durability seems to be very good. The soles show only minimal wear after a month of use, 3-4 hours a week. The 8s have slightly less aggressive treads and probably won't outlast the 7s which have treads like the Grand Canyon though. The only negative aspect of the shoe I've found for my feet is that the heels slipped a little while breaking in because I have low heels. They fit much better now with minimal slippage after break in. I haven't experienced painful toe jamming yet with sudden stops like others have complained about although I have felt slight slippage and my toes touching the front on hard stops because of the roominess. I wear 2 layers of socks for better cushioning: Drymax socks on the inside to keep feet dry and Nike cotton over them because cotton slips less than other materials. An area adidas could have done better in with this model is the thin padding. They don't feel as plush as the other Barricades I've used yet these aren't uncomfortable with no pressure points because they do fit quite well.
From: Clarence, 1/15

Comments: Used them for less than an hour and could not continue playing because I got huge blisters on both feet in the arch area. Seems the arch support is way too high for me.
From: Sergei, 1/15

Comments: I have never posted feedback on anything, but I feel it is necessary on this shoe. I am a 4.5 that has been playing for over 30 years and this is the worst shoe I have ever worn. adidas, if you are listening, this is not a typical Barricade tennis shoe. It is bulkier than past models and the toe box is the worst thing of all. I thought it was just me, but after bruising my big toes to no end, I had enough. It is like a solid piece of concrete in the toe box. I wore this shoe for probably 3-4 months and threw them in the trash. They still had plenty of life, but they needed to see a landfill. I liked the materials, but the feel and abuse your feet take is not worth it. adidas really needs to develop a new Barricade. I have worn all the past models and this is an awful model. I went with the adidas adizero CC Feather III and it is a major improvement. Do not buy this shoe for the 6 month sole warranty because you won't make it.
From: Erik, 12/14

Comments: Not a fan! I guess I have a bunion on the right foot and where other material can stretch over time, the plastic/rubber material doesn't seem to and causes pain. Also, the padding in the heel on one of the shoes seems to slip a bit. I like a lot of padding but not at the expense of it feeling loose at all.
From: Todd, 12/14

Comments: The eyelet-ankle-rub issue is real. It is really bad. I have been wearing Barricades over 10 years, since model 2. So little cushion compared to other past models. It is a big disappointed.
From: KNguyen, 11/14

Comments: I have always been an adidas kind of guy. Been playing tennis now for about 2 years. I had only used the lower level adidas shoes in the past, but decided to step up and get some Barricades. When I first played in them, they seemed a bit small in the toe box and a bit narrow. After about 3 weeks of using them occasionally, they are finally getting comfortable to wear. A very stable and supportive shoe. I use Superfeet green arch supports in all my shoes, so no arch problems. Break in is very similar to high end hiking shoes. Once you get them broke in, you're in for a long use period. If you want a shoe that is comfortable out of the box, this is not the shoe for you. But if you want a shoe that will last, then this is a great choice. I have used them like 12 times and the sole shows no wear at all!
From: Todd, 11/14

Comments: Absolutely stay away from these shoes! My experience was similar to many of the reviews, for some reason your toes keep hitting the front and I have badly bruised my toes. The break-in period is also just too long. The shoes look great, but it is a failure otherwise.
From: Mithun, 11/14

Comments: I would stay away from these. I had these shoes 2-3 weeks before I began to see problems. I don't know if the insoles began to allow my feet to slide more or what, but I began to feel the stubbing of toes in the front. It got pretty bad. I wanted to tough it out, try an extra pair of socks, etc, but when my toenails were black and blue, I had to give up on making them work. Disappointing for a high price shoe.
From: Brett, 11/14

Comments: If I could punch a tennis shoe in the face, then I would go up to my closet and tell my Barricade 8s (both pairs, mind you) to put up their dukes. I'm one of those people that has to brand match their gear head-to-toe, and I've been a loyal adidas supporter since Run-DMC's Raising Hell came out, so naturally I was bound to get into the Barricade 8 when the time came. Of course I loved the Barricade 5, had a strange affinity for the Barricade 6 (despite endless break-in period), and I absolutely worshiped the Barricade 7 (still do). The Barricade 8 is a travesty, basically a prescription for Plantar Fasciitis, and just a failed concept altogether. A damn shame too, as they are very sharp aesthetically. I won't waste my time with the Barricade 8.5, and am just glad to have two pairs of 7's that are still holding up.
From: JB, 11/14

Comments: Worst tennis shoe I've ever had the displeasure of purchasing. My original thoughts when I first put them on were that these were going to take some time to break in and get used to. After several weeks of trying to break them in and total discomfort, I threw them in the closet and went back to my worn out Prince T-14s. I would buy another pair of T- 14s but they have gone out of production. I will never purchase another pair of adidas tennis shoes.
From: Dwight, 10/14

Comments: I have been wearing the Barricade since the "2" came out. Some fitted my feet better than the others but they have always been impeccable designed and made for performance tennis with excellent support and relative comfort. On the other hand, the "8" feels like cheap tennis shoes. It's hot and has little cushioning. The 8th generation is many steps backward for Barricade. It is regrettable that adidas has abandoned their flagship line of tennis shoes to meet the industry norm that a new design must be introduced every two years. This new shoes has nothing to compare to the Barricade 5.
From: Chanh, 10/14

Comments: Great shoes! The only bad thing about this shoe is that it yellows quickly. But overall, a great shoe. I've gotten complements on half of the matches I've played.
From: Nathan, 10/14

Comments: Super durable shoe. I can't wear them other than on clay though. I started having tightness in my hips and lower back and tried wearing another pair to see if it was the shoes. It was. It's unfortunate for me, these shoes are super durable and I feel really locked in but the way they are built just doesn't work with my body.
From: David, 9/14

Comments: Loyal Barricade consumer all the way back to the 2s. These shoes have a different look but pressure on the toes from the top and sides. Needed to go a 1/2 size up from my normal 10.5, so be aware of that. I love the look and feel although they are different from the 5s (my favorites). Glad they removed the pastic hard band from the eyelet area that left a nasty cut after 2 hours on the court!
From: Whiskeyrunner, 9/14

Comments: Quite horrible shoes. I have one trick though to avoid the inside upper eyelet that digs into your ankle - - use a pincher, fold the top line of upper inside of the shoe outwards, pinch and hold for let's say 30 minutes. The eyelet/top line will naturally bend outwards instead of inwards. It helps!
From: Magnus, 9/14

Comments: Nice shoe but runs a little narrow. Not good for people with slightly wider feet.
From: Shawn, 8/14

Comments: Break-in time was rough. I liked the shoes other than that. I hated the B7 because the arch was too high. The B8 broke-in faster. It's heavy but not overly heavy. I don't know why they get a lot of hate. Other than that, I loved these shoes. Even though some parts sucked, I would still wear them again and recommend them to other people.
From: Nikhil, 8/14

Comments: After a fairly long and uncomfortable break-in period (2-3 weeks, playing 3 times a week), I can say I'm finally comfortable in these shoes. The stability and traction are top-notch and the shoe feel pretty good. As always with Barricades, I can't even see the beginning of wear after 20 sessions of 1-2 hours. The size was true to size for me.
From: EM, 8/14

Comments: Not a fan. The lace system loosens and caused movement that resulted in blisters. Loved my B7s even though they did take a while to break in. Miss the old construction.
From: John, 8/14

Comments: Bought these a few weeks ago and I felt the need to come and leave feedback. I hate these shoes. I'm 6'2", 200 lbs, a 4.0, and play on hard courts almost every day. Knees are always sore the next day, had to add insoles for cushioning (still aching knees). The tongue of the shoe is thin and gives my foot a numb feeling if laces are too tight, and heel slips if too loose. There is no happy medium. I sweat a lot and these shoes weigh about 5 pounds each after a match. I had the Nike Vapor 9s before these and loved them (except for the durability) -- they were super light and felt like a glove on my foot. Barricade 8s look great, are super durable, and have the outsole warranty, but I will definitely be trying another shoe soon.
From: Payton, 8/14

Comments: These shoes take many hours to break in and it was a painful process for me. Also be sure to check the pictures showing what constitutes enough wear for the warranty to kick in. It is pretty ridiculous. Most people would replace their shoes way before they were that trashed. I would not recommend them.
From: CT, 8/14

Comments: The Barricade 7 was excellent and adidas probably tried to push the limit a bit further but it doesn't even match it. Bought them in a size 9 and I have a normal width foot. I find these to be designed with larger feet in mind: I have never jammed my toes in the 7s or 6s and taking 1/2 a size smaller would make them too small. This, I think is due to the larger sole/base that these were designed on. The "claw" on the front exterior side that is supposed to provide more stability becomes an issue as your foot isn't properly tuck into the shoes, the rounded-off edge of the claw provides an opportunity for rolling over. The 7s had a sharper angle and weren't showing that problem. Still a very good shoe, good looks, and very durable but overall not as good as the 7s for me. Hopefully the 9 fixes those some problems.
From: Guillame, 8/14

Comments: Much more flexible upper equals more comfort but less stability than the 7. There is a reason Novak sticks with the 7s. If you play intense on a hard court and want stabiliity but with a little break in buy the 7s. The 8s have more room in the toe box and don't feel as rock solid as the 7's but are definetly more comfortable. My feet do take a little more of a beating with the 8s when you get intense on the hard court. Both good shoes although one seems like it is for comfort and one more for stability. Good luck!
From: Scott, 8/14

Comments: I ordered these a half size bigger just in case and they fit great. If you have a wide foot it will be tight, but when playing you won't mind it. It's a great shoe, I strongly recommend these shoes.
From: Nathan, 8/14

Comments: Go a half size up, or you end up with the toe jamming problem. Low comfort is the tradeoff for supreme stability and confidence. I've played in them for about 10 hours and the toe looks brand new. Need to add an insole for cushioning, though. Knees are sore the next day. Other than that, it's the best shoe I've worn. Hands down. Also, I have E- width feet and have had no problems. This is something I feel is not highlighted in the reviews that I've read/watched. Seems like most of these reviewers have medium or narrow width feet. Anyway, if you have E or EE width feet, give the Barricade a try.
From: Porter, 7/14

Comments: I just played with these and I had to comment. I had read many conflicting reviews and so I thought I should put in another one. I loved them. I have only played with them today. They seemed already broken in. They were lighter then the 7s. My feet felt closer to the ground and more stable. Ankle felt great. I didn't have any complaints about the 7s, but this is nicer. I did slip a bit, so maybe the tread grip might turn out to be different, but that is being especially critical. I am glad adidas continues to remove any stitching at the top of the toe box since I rub the top of the shoe when I hit my backhand. This allows the upper to stay nice till I have destroyed the tread. Thanks.
From: Gordon, 7/14

Comments: I'm 29 and have wide feet UK size 10.5/11. I'm hard on my shoes. Between 2013-2014 I wore through the following shoes: Nike Court Ballistics 4.3 (eyelets began breaking within a month and bubble burst), Nike Air Cage (bubble burst followed by intense pain in knees), Asics Gel Res 5 (nice fit but really stretches out and tread disappears gradually), the sole compacts very early. Overall a good shoe. adidas Barricade 5 reissue (eyelets popped. Manufacture error. Returned) and now the Barricade 8. The Barricade 8s are really nice if they fit you. Because of the plastic mesh upper, they don't lose shape over time. Low to the ground feel with high heel to keep you on your toes. Quality design. No fabric eyelets or bursting bubble made- to- break nonsense. These Barricades are made to last. One of the best tennis shoe experiences yet for me. Suitable for wide feet. I've had these for a few months now and no problems. The tread at the bottom seems to be ever lasting.
From: Eric, 7/14

Comments: Great shoes! More comfortable than previous versions, more cushion and padding around the ankle.
From: Pat, 7/14

Comments: Just bought these shoes and returned them because my toes were hitting the front. Ordered a half size larger and my toes are still hitting. I believe the sharper angle of the back of the shoe pushes my foot forward. I plan on returning the second pair. It's a nice looking shoe and a great sale price, but the fit is terrible.
From: MA, 7/14

Comments: These shoes rock! Amazing stability and I have received a few compliments already. They are a tank on the court, great stability and the herringbone tread pattern is perfect for clay/har-tru courts. I am very happy!
From: Jay, 7/14

Comments: Great looking shoe. For me they run a little short in length and I had to send a pair of 13 1/2 back. Will try a pair of 14s and hopefully they will fit.
From: Douglas, 7/14

Comments: Worst durability and heel comfort among the Barricades in the toe area. I have used the 6 and 7 models in the past and both were used with moderate to heavy play time and the 6s and 7s lasted me about 3-5 months, and I run almost entirely on the upper toe. I recently purchased the 8s back in early May and the fit on the ankle was straight murder, horrible rubbing and raw ankles for days, and by mid June, the toe portion has completely run through. I purchased the Team 3s before switching to the 8s hoping for a lighter shoe and the Teams honestly lasted for the same amount of time. Even with the 6 month durability guarantee, I don't feel this shoe is worth getting a free replacement if it requires the same amount of pain and poor durability. Do yourself a favor and save yourself about 70-80 bucks and just get the Teams -- they are lighter, more comfortable out of the box and no raw ankles.
From: Kaipoi, 7/14

Comments: Great shoe right out of the box. I just played for two hours and am very surprised how comfortable they were. Great wrap around the ankle, support and traction. A bit on the warm side, but all good. They seem to have more cushion than the Barricade 7s.
From: Pat, 6/14

Comments: These are the most uncomfortable Barricades to date. I loved the 7s, but the 8's are awful. These shoes made my big toe nail fall completely off. I will never wear the 8s again.
From: Alex, 6/14

Comments: I have always worn Nike shoes for running, basketball, or cross-training due to my narrow (Men's B) foot. I started wearing adidas tennis shoes about 10 years back for durability; not fit. With a thicker sock like Thorlos, the wider heel fit wasn't too bad. The Barricade IV, V, and VI were designed with a more narrow heel counter, but these Barricade 8s have a wider fit like the B IIIs. The best feature of this model is the unbelievable light weight and breathability from the mesh uppers. The weight difference is noticeable after 90 minutes of singles play. As usual, the sole will probably never wear out.
From: John, 6/14

Comments: The tongue is really thin and hurt my feet when I tied them too tight. Got a 'numb' feeling on the court. I need 360 degree support on the outsole and not a full herringbone design. I'm sticking with my Barricade 7s.
From: Jack, 6/14

Comments: Walked in these shoes around my house for 3 hours for two days in a row before using them on the court. Used them on the court today for first time. I have had none of the problems described in other feedback. They breathe well, I had no toe jamming, no eyelets digging into my ankles. But I am surprised how stiff the shoe is with little cushioning on the sole. I am a first time Barricade user and play 2-3 times a week as an aggressive senior. My foot is 4.1" wide vs 3.9" -- I recommended these for a 'D' width foot in size 8.5 -- I had no problems and found this to be very stable.
From: J Mark, 6/14

Comments: I have tried out these sneakers for the last three months after wearing the KSwiss Ultrascendor for the last 7-8 years. I'm a 4.0 guy playing 3-4 times a week. I have to agree with all the negative reviews. My feet and legs really felt beat up wearing these shoes. My toes got jammed, arches felt cramped, and I started getting some Achilles tendonitis. I usually switch out my sneakers around every 5-6 months but I just threw these away yesterday and will try the Asics Gel Resolution 5.
From: Nob, 6/14

Comments: One word -- avoid. The ankle rub issue is very real and I got blisters on both sides. Not well designed. The negative reviews in this regard are real!
From: Justin, 6/14

Comments: Okay, I see many very outright bad reviews here which I am not sure I can completely relate to. I don't want to judge, but personally, I don't lace up my shoes tight at all because most of my stability comes from the sole of the shoe and if the shoe is built well, it will support the foot without the need of "attaching" the shoe to my foot. But that's me, perhaps it's thanks to my athleticism. Anyhow, in my opinion, this shoe boasts very impressive traction, I think the outsole is a huge improvement over the 7s. The shoe grips very well when you take off and at the same time slides beautifully (on hard courts) when you need it. Certainly one of my favorite sole designs, stable, low to the ground and seemingly very durable as well. This shoe's sole closely reminds me of the Nike 2k11/2k12 line (except more durable) which I adored. Now to the negatives, which seems to be the trend. The fit of the forefoot is strange, I think it is due to the way the shoe is curved but it doesn't quite align properly with my foot and causes the toe jamming. I also think that because the front of the shoe sits so low, the foot is more likely to slide down toward a jam. This, on occasion, is unbearable I will admit, especially if ones toe nails aren't trimmed very short, but it did become less painful as the shoe loosened up. I tried to fix the toe jamming by doubling up the socks but this shoe runs small and the fit was too tight. I have ordered a pair half size larger and will try those with double socks -- I believe the issue wont be so bad then. Perhaps the 8+ will address this issue as well? Let's hope for the sake of this beautifully stable outsole.
From: Jan, 6/14

Comments: I don't what most people here are talking about, but to me these shoes are better than B7s and B6s for sure. I played college, so I can kind of play tennis. I slide on hard courts frequently, didn't experience any toe jamming or any other problems. Really liked these shoes! They have great support!
From: Max, 6/14

Comments: As a long time Barricade wearer, I was interested to try the 8s. I had read all these reviews and noted the toe jamming and the issue with the last lace eyelet. Despite this, I was willing to try on a pair at the store. From the moment I laced them up I felt the eyelet rubbing against the ankle and my toes were jammed into a small toe space. The shop assistant advised that I loosen the laces or take the laces out of the last eyelet. For obvious reasons this was silly advice.
From: Brian, 6/14

Comments: Most ill-fitting Barricades I have ever owned, and I've worn them all. Even after 6 months my feet hurt after wearing them, and they continue to pinch and chafe the ankles. Yes, they are durable. I finally gave them to the Goodwill.
From: Mark, 6/14

Comments: adidas, what did you do here? They fit fairly true to size, I went half a size larger. They have a descent sole and are pretty stable. On your feet, especially if you cut and brake hard, they are evil. This is not a break-in thing, a sock thing, a lace thing, or size thing -- they just hurt. I didn't have much of the ankle problem, but the toe box jamming is terrible. As said before, there is a reason some of the top guys are not wearing these.
From: JT, 5/14

Comments: I've been wearing the Barricade line for about 10 years now. The 8 series has been the most durable of anything since the 5 series. I find the traction to be outstanding and the stance is stable on hard cuts. It is true these shoes are on the stiffer side. But as a 4.5+ level player weighing over 200 lbs, they broke in for me after maybe 2 sets. Which is interesting because it was after only 2 sets that I noticed my Nike Air Max Cage and Asics Gels beginning to wear out. This is the only shoe I've tried that I could see lasting longer than six months. I'm in month 5 as I write this.
From: Pete, 5/14

Comments: I have been a fan of the Barricades since the 2s came out. Barricades have been known to be durable and the traction remains great as the shoes wear out with more play time. That's what I love about the 8s. However, please be aware that these shoes will blister your ankles. It is a major flaw and problem for the majority of customers. The corner of the last lace hole will dig into the inner side of each ankle. My skin started peeling and then blistered bright red. Now, wearing them is just unbearable with pain. I've only worn them for 3 hours of play. So warning -- take my word for it. The only way is send them back to adidas in exchange for an adidas gift card (non-cash), so you're stuck with adidas. Stick with the 7s. Or wait for the 9s.
From: David, 5/14

Comments: I have to say I agree with the negative reviews on here. I absolutely hate the Barricade 8s. I have not had the comfort problems that others have brought up, but when it comes to traction these are by far one of the worst shoes I have ever worn! I have slipped numerous times wearing these and I have to say that it made me actually stop cutting hard to the ball because of the frequency of the slips. I have wiped out at least once per hitting session when wearing these shoes. Then thankfully adidas rereleased the Barricade 5s and not a single slip! I'm a very fast and quick player, so excellent traction is extremely important, and I have to say that the Barricade 8s have failed. I will not wear these shoes again.
From: Nick, 4/14

Comments: I have worn Barricades since the 2s first came out. Unfortunately, the 2s remain the best Barricades ever. I have bought the 4s, 5s and 7s. When I sent the 7s back under the 6 month wear warranty adidas sent me a pair of Barricade 8s. This is, by far, the worst shoe I have every worn. They were uncomfortable out of the box and seem to get more uncomfortable the more I wear them. After 15 years, I'm done wearing Barricades.
From: Rick, 4/14

Comments: The toe jamming is very unbearable! I am going back to the Barricade 7s. Now I know why novak is not wearing this shoe!
From: Grant, 4/14

Comments: Worst shoe ever! As an Asics wearer for the last 7 years I was forced to switch to the Barricade 8s because the Asics are unavailable in Singapore. On to the Barricades -- static fit and support seemed good but after the 1st 2 hours, I had the eyelet issue and noticed for the first time my knee was bothering me. Wrote that off to some break-in time. Unfortunately, after 2 solid weeks on this shoe adjusting lacing etc., still having eyelet issue and now that they've worn in and I am having the toe jambing issue others have talked about. I'm fed up with these and am going to my beatup Asics till I find another solution.
From: Bob, 3/14

Comments: I should have read these comments before I ordered the Barricade 8. I love the Barricade line and have been using them for a few years (5, 6, 7) so I didnt think much about reading the reviews. Boy, was I disappointed! I had the exact same issue noted by others -- the laces/eyelets dug into my ankles to the point where I put on bandages at the start of the match. I will return these and see if I can get a Barricade 7 pair.
From: Amar, 3/14

Comments: These shoes suck! Whoever designed and cut the mold for the Barricade 8 should be fired. I wear a size 16 and have never had a problem with previous versions of the Barricade. This shoe is cut a 1/4-1/2 size too small. adidas is the only company out there that makes a decent tennis shoe in size 16 and it is a shame that the Barricade 8 is a total disappointment. You've been in the shoe business way too long to be making these kinds of mistakes. Go back to the Barricade 6 or 7 mold and get some quality control on your sizes please.
From: Ray, 3/14

Comments: As a longtime Barricade wearer, I was a bit concerned reading all the negative reviews about toe- jamming and general discomfort. After playing in my new 8s, I'm suffering from severe discomfort -- the shoe just seems more narrow, less stable, extremely stiff and uncomfortable. I've tried my orthotics and adidas' insoles, but there seems to be a bump in the footbed, which causes extreme discomfort. The toe-jamming phenomenon that other readers have cited is also quite real. The difference between the 7s and 8s seems like night and day. Although I'm laced up tight (and the sizing seems correct), my foot just seems to wobble in the 8s. I actually stopped mid-set last night and changed back to my worn-out 7s. I'm going to try and break the 8s in and see if there's any improvement, but I'm not hopeful at all since all the 7s that I've had have been comfortable right out of the box.
From: Bill, 3/14

Comments: After wearing out a pair of 7s, I bought a pair of 8s (in the same size) here from TW. The ankle issue is intense. At first it was on the inside of both ankles just under the protruding bone. I thought it would wear in over time. I doubled up on socks, left the last lacing out, even pulled the padding out to get lower in the shoe. I have gone as far as to weave padding around the inside area of that right shoe. For me, that right foot, inside spot, just rear of the last eyelet continues to rub the ankle red raw. Very disappointing. This is my first online comment.
From: Anthony, 3/14

Comments: To respond to Glenn and Brian both, I have the B8s and over the past two weeks the exact same problem has cropped up really badly. I have seen people suggest the sole gets compacted through wear, and your foot sits just low enough to where the upper medial eyelet starts digging into your foot. One guy online said to tighten all your laces super tight except the topmost medial eyelet (which you do up loosely) to retain stability without the pain. Haven't tried it yet. In any case, thinking of getting an insert for my right foot so I can lift my foot a little higher, which will hopefully alleviate the ankle pain. Mid-match today, I had to actually change to an old Wilson shoe because the pain got so bad with the B8s. I have a big bruise on my right foot just next to the inner (medial) ankle.
From: Kyle, 3/14

Comments: Horrible shoe! For decades, I was wearing only Nike tennis shoes, from Agassi's Air Tech Challenge up to Nadal's Courtballistic 4.3. For some reason (being a Nole fan), I switched to adidas and thought that the latest model should be the best. What a great mistake! To be serious, the shoes are beautiful, I have the black/red/white edition, but, my ankles hurt all the time, even with 2 pairs of socks. These shoes are stiff and heavy, simply unconfortable. No comparison to Nike especially the bad cushioning. So I tried another adidas, the B7 silver edition from 2013 and those shoes are great! No stiffnes, minimum break in time and top cushioning. And they look great, I like them very much! I think that's the reason why Novak doesn't switch to the B8, they are horrible.
From: Guenter, 3/14

Comments: I love these! Best performing tennis shoes I've ever had. Change of direction and stability is simply the best I have ever experiened and I've had mine for 4 months now with no sign of wear. I had a slight problem with my left big toe jamming but I took more care in lacing them tighter in the forefoot and that went away. Great shoes.
From: John, 3/14

Comments: I bought the Barricade 8 three weeks ago, and after a 2 hour match I was certain that i would be returning them. The shoe lace eye lits were tearing into my ankle and causing intense pain. It was a shame because the low profile and wide sole were exactly what I was looking for. I decided to play in a heavier sock and to try an break in the shoe by wearing them around the house. Fortunately, the shoe loosend up and the ankle pain is now gone. the shoes are keepers, but I wish adidas had done a better job in building the shoe with softer materials where the ankle and shoe lace eyelits meet.
From: Brian, 3/14

Comments: I had a pair of Barricade 2s that I absolutely love, but they were wearing out and I needed a new pair of shoes. I figured by upgrading to the Barricade 8 that I would get the same comfort and pleasure from these shoes. My old Barricades were extremely comfortable from day 1, but these new Barricade 8 were very stiff out of the box. I figured that it would probably need a break-in period, but after using them about 8 times, I found these shoes were not getting any more comfortable. The Barricade 8 would cut into my feet around the arch, they are extremely stiff around the top eye holes and they pinched my big toe on both feet so much, my toe nails turned black. I thought maybe I had the wrong size, but I have double checked that they are the same size as my old shoes. These shoe may work for some, but I cannot continue to use them due to the uncomfortable feel. I am in search of a better pair of shoes.
From: Jason, 2/14

Comments: A lot of cushioning and support! l play high school varsity tennis and rely on my footwork a lot. The Barricade 8 doesn't show any sign of wear on the outsole after 3 months (on average of 6 hours per week). The only problem l had with these shoes was that my toes were jamming into the shoes if l take a rapid stop even with 2 pairs of Nike cushioned socks. l would rate this shoe 4.5 out of 5 overall and strongly recommend it!
From: Yifan, 2/14

Comments: Wow -- I can't understand how anyone considers these are softer than the 7s. They feel more narrow and stiffer to me. The design flaw of that sharp corner digging into your ankle bone hasn't been fixed, either.
From: Bob, 2/14

Comments: I wanted to respond to Brian (who posted feedback a bit below me). I've just played tennis this evening and my B8s are causing the exact same pain in my left foot just above the ankle. Have you found a solution for this issue? It must be a problem with the shoe if it is affecting us both?
From: Glenn, 2/14

Comments: I have been a user of the Barricade shoes for years now. This time I am extremely disappointed with the new material they use in the upper shoe. The plastic material they use instead of the fabric is very stiff. This has created a blister in my right foot, and the support I get in my feet is terrible causing my toes to be hurt and discomfort when playing. adidas did not do good with this change. I will never buy a Barricade again unless they use the fabric they used before.
From: Gabriel, 2/14

Comments: I honestly do not see what all the fuss is about these shoes. Don't let all of these negative reviews get to you about these shoes. These shoes are pretty bad with the insoles that they give you. I did have that foot swimming problem at first but what I did was I took one of insoles from my other shoes and actually put them under that cheap stock insole. This made my foot rise a little bit so that my foot would sit perfect inside of the shoe without sliding anywhere. This shoe definitely provides great support laterally and is very quick to retrieve dropshots. The shoe is relatively light compared to some of the other shoes I have played with (Prince T22 and T24) both of these shoes weighed over a pound a piece. The Barricade 8 has a nice light feel but all of the support a player needs. It also provides a lot of traction and is very comfy. It ventilates very well! The mesh definitely does a great job. I usually wear through outsoles like crazy, I seriously got through the outsole of my Prince shoes in a month. I've had these Barricades for two weeks and they are not showing a single sign of wear. The sides also have a tough exterior, I slide a lot while playing on hard courts and these shoes definitely can handle it. I am actually kind of worried that I might not get to use the six month warranty with these shoes because they are so tough. As for breaking in, These shoes broke in fairly quickly, they are kind of stiff though. I like my shoes to be slightly on the stiff side though, It provides more support for forward and backward movement. I am missing the warranty card or paper that was supposed to come with so I should probably handle that before hand. I rank myself to be a 4.0-4.5 player. Defintely a great shoe, don't let all of these mixed feedbacks turn you away. You just have to try the shoe, besides Tennis Warehouse provides a great return policy so there is nothing to lose.
From: Tom, 2/14

Comments: I loved my previous Barricade 6s they lasted me about 2 years and then I decided to try Nike. After not being pleased with the Nike, I decided to switch back and bought these shoes. They look very nice and the mesh is a nice addition. My main problem is that the left shoe has part of it digging into the side of my foot which has caused a lot of pain while playing. I'm not sure if it is an issue with the pair I received or just a common issue, but other than that I like the shoes.
From: Brian, 2/14

Comments: As a faithful Barricade fan, I really liked the look of the 8s. Love the mesh and the color selection but really disappointed in the wear and playability. Eyelets on both sides of my ankles caused rubbing that would have been a blister had I not stopped playing. The issue of toe jamming is evident in all of the Barricades is evident here as well. The "bump" in the shoe as described earlier accompanies the unusual stiffness in the foot bed and accentuates the feeling of wearing 2 "clunkers" on my feet! I have tried the CourtBallistcs by Nike and will return to their use and chalk this model as a bad experience. I will try and return them as defective.
From: KPH, 1/14

Comments: Don't let all the negative comments make you hesitate -- give them a try! I'm a Barricade owner of the 5, 6, 7, and now 8. I almost passed on the 8 due to the negative feedback. Because of TW's great return policy, I decided to at least try them. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but I personally don't see what all the negative fuss is over: ["worst Barricade ever..." "worst shoe ever..."] Really? I am a hefty 40 year-old, low-on-totem-pole 4.0. Not an excessive toe-dragger. To me, the base of the shoe feels like previous generations -- it takes a few hours of break-in. That's a Barricade. The upper, I like the mesh, and can feel the air. More compliant than previous models in the forefoot; a welcome change to me. Sizing note: my foot measures 12.5. Wore 13s in Barricades for years, and my one knock was the narrow, stiff forefoot (especially the Barricade 6). Took a 13.5 in the Barricade 8 to yield the correct length/width, best forefoot flex yet. Makes me wonder if I've ever had the right size. In summary, I returned to Barricades because I trust them to protect my joints against tennis wear-tear and my heavy self. I don't boast of extreme shoe-shredding footwork, but I usually wear down "no-warranty" shoes within a year. In my opinion, while I've only played in them twice, the improvements in ventilation and forefoot flex (Maybe related to right size?) lead me to say that it's potentially the best Barricade ever!
From: David, 1/14

Comments: Initially and in 'stock' form these shoes are absolutely terrible -- hard, harsh and a different fit than the Barricade 7s. Once I swapped out the adidas insoles for some super cushy ones and began using much thinner socks the shoes are much more pleasant to wear. Excellent traction, foot stability and seemingly good durabilty. But again, I emphasize they required a fair amount of break-in. After the break-in and personal modifications (much thinner socks) they now feel great.
From: Scott, 1/14

Comments: I see Novak is wearing the B7 and not B8, and the fact that adidas just brought back the B5 is enough said about the B8. The B8 has a tight fit (and does not enjoy a huge weight advantage for the classic support feel that it gives you). I have 6 paris of B5 in various colors. I skipped the B6 (the toe box is too narrow for my wide feet). Then 6 pairs of B7 in various colors. The B5 is the best, until the B7 came along (lighter, much shorter break in and equally supportive despite being slightly less durable). But I figure 6 pairs will last me a long time.
From: Marv,1/14

Comments: I completely agree with Siegfried's comment on 1/14. I tried the Barricade 8 and immediately sprained my ankle! The shoe feels very high off the ground and I did not feel secure at all. Yes the traction is great, but the ease of spraining an ankle is deal breaker for me. Perhaps if you wear an ankle brace while playing in it they might work. However, there are other shoes that have great traction without the ankle spraining problem; e.g., the Nike Courtballistec 4.3, Nike Lunar Ballistec, and the Asics Gel Resolution 5 (all of which have outsole guarantees).
From: Prem, 1/14

Comments: The first thing I noticed when I first played with the Barricade 8 was the fact that they needed almost no break in period. A few minutes on the court and they felt great. The uppers are much more supple than that of the Barricade 7. Even though this makes the shoe much lighter and more comfortable, it also comes with a downfall. I've been wearing the shoe on hard courts only for about 2 months, and the side of my left shoe (around where my little toe is) has completely torn apart, down to the base mesh. This doesn't really affect the performance that much, but there are threads from the top layer of mesh going everywhere and it is just a complete mess. I do a lot of sliding on hard court and drag my left toe and am pretty heavy on my shoes in general. Another thing i noticed is that the inside part of my left shoe almost has a hole in it. This is probably from dragging it on the ground when I slide. I found that the outsole has held up extremely well. I play on clay a lot and do not use the Barricades for clay. I play on hard court probably about 10 hours a week, and my left toe has just started to get a little slick. Also, if I push it down, it feels a little bit squishy, like I can feel that the midsole is going to start coming through soon. But for 2 months this is very good for me as usually my shoes don't last more than a month. Overall, the Barricade 8 is more comfortable, more flexible, and lighter than the Barricade 7, but the Barricade 7 definitely has better durability in the upper and better for toe draggers like me.
From: Sasha, 1/14

Comments: These are the worst Barricades ever and I have worn them all! There is no stability and your foot slides all over the place. The cushioning isn't any better than the stability. I have ordered the re-released V and hopefully adidas hasn't changed it too much otherwise I will stock up on 7s.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: I've been wearing Barricade 6s for the past couple years. For some reason I thought I should try something new. The 8s feel lumpy, heavy and unstable comparatively. In fact, I just rolled my ankle playing in them. Now I'm looking for new shoes and a good ankle brace. Argh.
From: Siegfried. 1/14

Comments: This is no exaggeration when I say that these might be the worst shoes of all time. I have many shoes - - older Barricades, Babolats, Nikes, KSwiss, Asics, etc., I have tried them all. This shoe is horrible. It's heavy and slow. My toes slide and jam causing pain. The stiffness didnt break in even after 6 or 7 uses. The arch design gave me plantar fasciitis. adidas lost me as a customer forever with this one. Asics Gel Resolutions still gets my top vote.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: These do not last. The mesh fabric breaks on the outside (lateral side) of both shoes due to making quick stops/cuts. The toe box is way too loose, my foot swims in it. Very inferior shoe in comparision to its predecessors.
From: John, 1/14

Comments: Tried these on in the store and was turned off right away. Bad fit -- too much movement and toe jam. I'll stick with other brands for now.
From: David, 1/14

Comments: First time full Barricade buyer, I have used and loved the Team Barricades, but these are another animal and better. Sure, they are heavier than the Teams but man, the lateral support is amazing. They took a little time to break in, about 2-3 hitting sessions, but they weren't that bad. At first, I had some toe jamming problems but I fine-tuned the lacing and it went away. Extremely impressed with the comfort and performance and since the Teams were great for durability (not so great cushioning) the full Barricades (which have excellent cushioning) should be fine. I like dark shoes so I like this color scheme.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: I decided to buy some Barricade 8s even after reading some of the negative reviews. I'm a big fan of the 7s and as soon as I tried on the 8s I realized they were not for me. They have a much different feel and seem as though they do not come up as high around the ankle as the 7s. My heel felt like it was coming out of the shoe even though my toes were almost to the end of the shoe. Good thing Tennis Warehouse has free returns! I plan on getting a few pair of 7s before they are gone forever
From: Brandon, 1/14

Comments: The only thing I like about the 8s is the mesh. Otherwise, I think it's a step backwards. The shoe is extremely stiff. The material on the side of the arch is extremely rough. I have a hotspot on my right big toe where that never happened with the Barricade 7s. It will be my last pair I buy. Time to switch to something else.
From: John, 1/14

Comments: I'm also having a problem with the eyelets digging into my ankles. I like these shoes, but like the 7s better.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: This is the best shoe for lateral support on the market. If you play, and do so athletically, you have to be in Barricades. If you know tennis, you know that it's all about lateral movement. Asics has no lateral support, Nike has Vapors which have no lateral support. Get the Barricades -- you'll be hooked.
From: Feli, 1/14

Comments: These felt perfect when I tried them on, but within one hour of play, a significant blister came up on both sides of my upper ankle. There is a very hard roll of plastic that creates a friction spot that no bandaid will ever stop. Very good looking shoe, but I am returning them as defective.
From: Steve, 12/13

Comments: Stiff shoes, with great traction. I have a little rubbing in the arch, but I think that will go away. My toes jam with quick stops. This will be my last Barricade purchase ever. I keep coming back to these shoes, with every new iteration, I keep hoping they fix this problem.
From: Roy, 12/13

Comments: I have a solution for adidas. Instead of trying to make a new Barricade shoe every year or so, why don't you come out with the Barricade wide toe box (like Barricade 5 and 8) and also produce the Barricade narrow toe box (like the Barricade 2 and 7)? I have the Barricade 8s and love them as well as the old 5s since I have a wider foot. I hated the 7s since they were too narrow for me, but others thought they were the best ever.
From: Mark, 12/13

Comments: Stiff out of the box. Solid feel though a bit heavy. Large toebox. I seem to be sliding into the front and jamming my toe on both sides, even when rallying. Sloppy feel compared to previous Barricades.
From: Al, 12/13

Comments: Overall, a pretty good shoe. However, I think you should try them on before purchasing. It has a certain type of fit that is excellent but if it doesn't fit you, you will have a bad experience.
From: Anon, 12/13

Comments: Bring back the Barricade 2s! Enough said!
From: Mel, 12/13

Comments: Good, stable shoe. Feet are supported well side-to-side and front-to-back. Toe box seems narrower than average. Hard outsole that appears will last as advertised. I am also experiencing the blistering mentioned in some customer reviews -- due to the stiff top eyelet area of the shoe rubbing on the inside of my ankle.
From: GS, 12/13

Comments: Generally speaking, I had the older model Barricades (really neat looking all white with black highlights, maybe they were the Barricade 6) from adidas and I liked that fit the best. Now, these newer model Barricade 8s have one problem I can't deal with -- the right shoe is rubbing the inside of my upper foot. I have played 5-6 times on a hard indoor court, and they're less than 30 days old. Further, it feels as if something's also jabbing into it. The left shoe has absolutely no problems though. Usually, adidas is a very comfortable, supportive and a very durable shoe. However, they're going back to TW. It's a shame, because I love adidas quality. I have to try something else unfortunately.
From: Harlan, 12/13

Comments: Sorry, I don't like the feel of this shoe at all. I think adidas was trying to create a lighter and a running shoe like feel to compete with Nike's Federer shoe. I think we will see a Barricade 9 very fast. This reminds me when they made the 6s and very quickly the 7s came out.
From: Mark, 11/13

Comments: Novak Djokovic remains using the B7s. Enough said. The B8 is by far the worst of the Barricade series. I am returning my new B8s and will try to find a couple of pairs of the B7s. Please adidas, go back to the B7!
From: Mario, 11/13

Comments: Amazing Barricade; feels faster and lighter than previous versions. Just order a half-size up and your toes will be fine! Grip is outstanding, no break-in. Perfect shoe.
From: JT, 11/13

Comments: Worst Barricade that adidas has made. I have 4 pairs of the Barricade 7s and this is unexpected for the Barricade series. I'm returning the shoes today. The toe is too wide. I still prefer the Barricade 7.
From: Anon, 11/13

Comments: The worst Barricade I have ever played with. The top eyelet is cut too deep causing constant pain to your ankle area and giving you blisters. The shoe is stiff and wide in the forefeet area and is lacking lateral movement support. The only bright side to this model is a good heel support. Overall, poor quality shoe which is totally unexpected from the company with such a good reputation, bummer.
From: Mike, 11/13

Comments: I love this shoe. It's the best show I've worn and is worth the money.
From: Anon, 10/13

Comments: The top eyelet is an annoyance beyond belief. They dig into my ankles and I now have blisters on both sides. I can't recommend these shoes to anyone. The earlier Barricades are better.
From: JR, 10/13

Comments: I cannot believe that these are Barricade shoes. I have owned the 5, 6 and 7 models and they are all are way better than the 8s. The new 8 model feels like a running shoe, your foot moves all over the place, terrible stability. On top of this, there is something wrong with the sizing since the new 8 feels a lot tighter that the previous models. The next day after I received the new 8, I purchased two pairs of the Barricade 7s (the best tennis shoe I have ever tried and now on sale).
From: Orlando, 10/13

Comments: I'm coming from the Asics Gel Resolution 4. I don't really understand the negative remarks about slipping/sliding and the "narrow" comments about the Barricade 8. I have a fairly normal foot but slightly leaning more towards flat than narrow, so normally I get 11.5 for athletic shoes and 11 for casual/dress shoes. The Barricade 8 is the first tennis shoe since the Nike Breathe that I can actually order my true size without toe jamming, blisters or soreness on my arch. I feel like it's fairly hefty, but when you need to run the comfort is there. More impressively, the shoe required no break-in right out of the box. As for slipping/sliding, I have aggressive footwork and I played on a damp/misty morning the other day and didn't slip once. I think I'll be sticking to these shoes for the next couple of years because they're comfortable, true to size, good grip on hardcourts, and has that patent Barricade durability. It's probably the most balanced shoe out there and honestly what more could you ask for?
From: Rai, 9/13

Comments: The B8 feels narrower than the B7 in the toe area. And despite a mesh upper, it feels very hard right out of the box (the B7 doesn't need much break in). The price is pretty expensive when the B7 is so good (and cheaper now). I had about 7 pairs of the B5 in various colors. Skipped the B6 (too narrow of a toe box) and now have six paris of B7s in various colors. I hink the B7 is the best so far in terms of weight/comfort/durability.
From: Marv, 9/13

Comments: I like the looks of these shoes and since I am a fan of stability-oriented tennis shoes, I hoped that these Barricade 8s would be better than the 7s that I used to wear but never quite fell in love with. My first impression was that they were quite terrible but I kept them on for an hour to decide if I should send them back or not. I decided not to and have now used them on court. Great heel grip, but the front of the shoe is terrible. The toe jamming mentioned in the TW review is a

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