adidas barricade 7.0 Orange/Bk Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: I have used every Barricade and this one started out great but I started getting knee and leg pain. I went to the podiatrist who informed me that the plastic insert caused my orthotics to not fit correctly. So, if you have orthotics make sure they sit well in the shoe before you purchase.
From: Tony, 1/13

Comments: These shoes are great. They have a good mix of comfort, durability, and stability. If you can afford to replace the Nike Vapor 9's every month or so, do it, but if you are like most people and can't, buy barricades. The outsoles will last me 2+ months which is very good considering the amount of tennis I play (around 15 hrs a week, about half on hard court, half on clay) The 6 month guarantee is great too, as I definitely take advantage of it.
From: Alex, 12/12

Comments: After 45 minutes the right top inner part was digging/rubbing into my foot/flesh and I had to take them off. It left a scar that's still visible after 3 weeks. I took the shoes back to the retailer 3 days later who returned them to adidas. After four weeks I got a new 2013 pair that does not have that problem. Adidas claimed they have never heard complaints about this before. I did some research and found two more people had the same problem. This kid found a way around it by bending the shoe against the floor for 30 minutes a number of times till the shoe stayed wide and wouldn't rub against his foot!
From: George, 12/12

Comments: I've coached boys and girls high school tennis for 4 years now and saw a great deal on these 7.0's and took advantage of it with absolutely no regret! I had the Nike's DelPo, RF, and Nadal's and they feel like stone blocks compared to these! No joke! I've been sold on how these shoes grip and explode. They give me the support at net, spring on serve and the heel cushion I desperately needed. Now I'm able to finish on court Insanity drills during conditioning without my feet killing me.
From: Memo, 12/12

Comments: Everytime I wear them, they gives me a blister on my foot. Although they have a great grip on the court, they are not durable at all. Within 2 months of play, they have developed a hole in the sole.
From: R.P., 11/12

Comments: I don't see how there could be any bad reviews about this shoe. The only problem is that they are a little heavy, but that won't take away your speed with this shoe. Actually, I feel like I move faster with this shoe and I get set to the ball better thanks to the freakishly good support and stability this shoe provides. Also this shoe is superbly comfortable, even right out of the box, due to its great adiprene cushion midsole. Also, these are the most durable shoes I have ever worn. Excellent job adidas on the latest model of the barricade series.
From: Zac, 11/12

Comments: These shoes are the real deal! I play everyday for 3 hrs and I always drag my feet. After your break them in they get lighter. I always would roll my ankle, but never again thanks to the barricade.
From: Evan, 11/12

Comments: All my tennis buddies agree that this is a slick, great looking shoe. It looks great on "players." The problem is many of us older club/league players cannot wear them when we play. They are stiff and painful in the heel area much like the 6, but unlike the 2 and 4, go figure. Sticking with the Big Shots, and Resolution 4's despite the God-awful colors!
From: Jeff, 11/12

Comments: These shoes are the best. I would recommend anyone to buy these kicks.
From: Akhil, 11/12

Comments: I'm glad I tried these. My first time with them and they're snug for my slightly medium width, normal/low arch. I've only worn them a couple decent hours of all-court movement and I can tell these are going to be great. I don't get the negative feedback. I could suggest a more comfort-oriented brand, such as New Balance, but I'd still be pushing these. Definitely don't try the current Rebel 2s, for that reason (they have a very stubborn unnatural kevlar-like rubber outsole). These shoes offer the right blend all the way. That's my two cents. The only thing I'm unsure of is whether I want to use my warranty credit for another pair of these or try the GR4s. Of course it would be a gamble, and probably an unwise one, seeing as how these are already so good and all I have to do is wait for some kind of discomfort or premature wear, but I don't think I'll find it. I think I'd sooner find a snowball in hell with a fit this good. These actually remind me of a value NB fit, of a slightly older, wider, box-fit version of the now 656, though slightly more balanced and a tad more comfortable on another level of quality. I have a new take on $100 shoes right here.
From: Jeremy, 11/12

Comments: I got plantar fasciitis when I switched to these shoes.
From: Anon, 11/12

Comments: I agree with some comments about the arch being a problem. Some say it must be too tall of an arch, too far forward or curved wrong. The problem is actually the stiffness of the shoe. The foot is bending before the sole of the shoe bends causing it to rub against the arch of the insole. It remedies itself only after the shoe softens up a little.
From: Michael, 10/12

Comments: I have worn Barricades exclusively since the 2's. I loved my 7's until recently. The right heel has broken down in some way that I can't figure out. The breakdown has caused significant achilles/calf pain. I checked the shoes and the heel on the left is about 1/4" inch lower than the right. The shoes are only about 3 months old. I'm trying inserts and, if that does'nt work, it looks like it's time for the Asics.
From: Bryan, 10/12

Comments: I'm surprised to see lots of reviews saying that the Barricade 7 is an extremely comfortable shoe. To me, they're as stiff as a board, feel very plasticky, and the arches are very unnatural (maybe too tall). I'm sending them back and buying another pair of Nike Vapor 9 or Asics GR4.
From: Tyler, 10/12

Comments: I decided to try out the 7's. I have found that these shoes fit my somewhat wide feet comfortably and required little to no break-in. The shoes are very durable and so far there is negligible wear on the soles playing a few hours each week, unlike the Asics shoes I own which are wearing more quickly. These Barricades are very stable. However, IMO they lack sufficient cushioning. Upon closer inspection I found that the insoles are very thin, cushion-less, and down right cheap. I've replaced them with a nice pair of orthotic insoles. This is a real disappointment considering the premium price for these shoes. There is no good reason for cheap insoles in a premium shoe. I also own Barricade Team 2 shoes. In contrast, I found the Teams to have a slightly wider fit and are slightly lighter in weight. Durable and very stable, too. The insoles are comparable to the 7's. I've also replaced the insoles in the Teams. The Teams are obviously less expensive due to the variation in the materials used and having no durability guarantee. Both are decent shoes compared to other shoes available these days so I'd recommend either. Take your pick.
From: Mike, 10/12

Comments: Maybe the best Barricade ever. However, like several others I got blisters from the last eyelet. Mine happened on the inside, medial malleolus area. The break-in helped some and I tried to use different socks to change the fit with this 7.0. I use this shoe for practice and the Team 2.0 for important matches.
From: Micah, 10/12

Comments: These are really great shoes. They were very comfortable, fit great, and are pretty light for Barricades. They were as durable as other shoes I've had (like the other Barricades), but nothing special.
From: Momo, 10/12

Comments: These shoes are great! There is little break in time required and they are really comfortable. They feel like a running shoe with the glove-like feel. I will always be a barricade customer although the 6's threatened that.
From: Dre, 9/12

Comments: My 16 year old daughter plays high school tennis and loves these 7s. We have not tried any Barricades, men's or women's, for several years because of poor reviews on comfort and durability. She wears a 6.5 men's and says these are the best tennis shoes she has ever worn.
From: Anon, 9/12

Comments: These are the best shoes ever. Extremely comfortable. Great balance and support and on top of that they are durable and not too heavy.
From: Miguel, 9/12

Comments: These are the best shoes. They are super comfortable and supportive.
From: Bill, 9/12

Comments: Loved the 5s. Didn't even try the 6s, and decided to wait for the 7s. The looks didn't disappoint. It's a great looking shoe. However, it's not a comfortable one. I tried breaking it in around the house and my feet got numb. I tried them on the court and the shoe above the last eyelet bit into my ankles on both sides leaving me blistered and sore. I'm very disappointed. When they go on sale I might try a 1/2 size bigger, but for now I'm going to try the Asics Gel Res 4s. The reviews look good. Adidas, please bring us a winner like the 5s.
From: David, 9/12

Comments: Absolutely the best tennis shoes since the Barricade 5's. I actually find these to wear nearly the same, though the 7's are a slightly quicker break-in. For those toe-draggers like me though, there are durability concerns. I've worn mine for a couple of months and they look like new, minus a hole that has worn all the way through in the toe area. With the replacement guarantee, they are still worth it in my mind. Great looking shoes as well. Love the orange on black.
From: Darin, 9/12

Comments: Best shoes so far. Much better then all other Barricades because it has no stitching. All of my shoes start falling apart at the stitch point and these have been really good so far. Very comfy and solid feel. My feet feel very secure. I gotta say after playing in Nikes and other shoes, adidas is the most solid shoe. Best one so far! Trust me, I have done tons of research because it usually takes me 3 months to destroy a pair.
From: Anon, 9/12

Comments: These shoes are the closest shoes to the Adidas barricade 5's. I absolutely loved the 5's, and when they stopped making them I didn't know what to do. I tried the barricade 6's but they were too narrow and stiff for my feet. The 7's came out, I tried them on, and they were perfect. I play about 12 hours of high school tennis a week, and they seem durable to me. For all you barricade 5 lovers, this is the shoe for you!
From: Kevin, 9/12

Comments: For a long time now, I have been a Nike wearer. At first, I had doubts about wearing adidas shoes. Since I wanted the best for me I got these, and they are great! They provide a more low-to-the-ground feel so it makes me have great control. Also, the sole is fantastic. Even though it squeaks like anything on hard court, it lasts a really long time. I've had it for about three months and I think I'm about 3/4 through the sole. I play about 3-4 times a week for 2 hours. The support is also really good. The shoe clings to your foot so sometimes it feels like a running shoe. I can honestly tell that this is the best shoe I have ever worn.
From: Nick, 8/12

Comments: I'm torn on these. I love the look and grip I get from the adidas barricade 7. I think they will be durable as well. However, comfort is my concern. They fit my feet well, but they are not very cushioned. After a couple hours on the hard courts, my knees, feet, and ankles really feel it. I previously wore Yonex and while they lacked durability, they were much more cushioned.
From: Ross, 7/12

Comments: Great shoes for both looks and comfort!
From: Bob, 7/12

Comments: Long time Nike wearer, but not any more! Hands down these are the best shoes I've ever worn. Zero break-in time, great grip, great support, amazing shoes. I would recommend getting a half size smaller to compensate for aide open toe box. The uppers are soft yet supportive in all the right places. Nike dropped the ball this year. It's time for adidas to take charge!
From: Matt, 7/12

Comments: Have owned the previous two versions of the barricades (5 and 6). I average five hits/week, solid 1.5-2hrs/hit, drills and sets, mainly singles but some doubles. Just finished two hours of singles (4.5-5.0 level) with the 7's. I love them. No break-in for me. The toe box is definitely bigger than the 6's. I think my pinky toe will grow back now and thank me. The 7's are somewhat less stiff than the 6's, but still have great stability. Absolutely love them.
From: Anon, 7/12

Comments: These shoes have usurped the Nike CourtBallistec 2.3s as the best tennis shoes I've ever worn. Great grip, durability and comfort. Classy looking, too. With the exception of the inner ankle collar, they needed zero break-in. Very comfortable out the box. I wear these in a 12, the same size as my adidas running shoes. They fit great, a little wider than the narrow B6, just make sure to order 1/2 size larger than you wear in Nike's. Overall, far nicer than the CB4.3s and any comments complaining about durability must be from people who bought the "Team" versions as I'm hard on my shoes yet should get close to 6 months from these. I'm giving them 5-stars.
From: Nick, 7/12

Comments: The only other Barricade model I used was version 6.0 but this one looks and feels like a great improvement on the last model. For a start it is wider then Barr 6.0, so I could drop back to my usual 10.5 UK size from the size 11 I needed for the last model. The upper is much more flexible, so the break-in period dropped from about 15 hrs to 3-4 hrs for a new model. Design changes to the claw and upper made the shoe more flexible and thus more comfortable in long matches. If look is important then the new design is much classier looking then the 6.0 model with perforated, stiff plastic only retained in the top middle part of the upper. I can not see what useful purpose it serves though (I mean stiffness here), so let's hope it disappears in the next iteration of the Barricade. The sole seems durable but next to 6.0 version the ridges do not look as wide and deep as on previous version. The Barricade 6.0 lasted me 18 months of 3 hours of tennis per week (on sand filled carpet and clay, not hard courts, of course), so lets hope that this version durability was not compromised. Altogether great and much needed inprovement on the last version, unless you have narrow feet, in which case Barricade 6.0 might fit better.
From: Andrew, 7/12

Comments: I feel like a faster, more confident player in these shoes. They begin to feel like a broken-in 6.0 out of the box and then, after a few sprints across the base line and back, they feel excellent! But why the $15 price hike? Worth the money, but come on adidas, dont pull a Nike on us!
From: Matt, 7/12

Comments: The show is high performance and plays well, but there is not enough cushion in the insole. I normally use K-Swiss and never have a break-in period or heel issues. The Barricade 7.0 caused my heels to start aching after two sets. It took 6 weeks of play 2 - 3 times per week to break the shoes in. They still have a slight uncomfortable. I had to add an extra insole to keep my feet from hurting. Never had this with the K-Swiss.
From: Brad, 7/12

Comments: I like this adidas barricade 7.0. It is lighter than the barricade 6.0 and easier for me to move in the court. What I like most of this shoe is the design. That's why I purchase every new model of this. I'm excited to buy the barricade 8.0 next year. Thanks adidas! I love tennis!!!!
From: Mareu, 7/12

Comments: Best shoes I have ever worn so far. I have tried other top of the lines shoes from Nike and Asics, such as GR2, CB2.3 and CB4.3. The B7 requires no break-in, and is as comfortable as the GR2 and the CBs, yet it provides better lateral stability than GR2 and better cushioning than the CBs. I wear half-size orthotics so I cut the insole in half and only leave the front half in the shoe. I also wear Nike ankle support and the shoe still fits very well.
From: Jonathan, 7/12

Comments: Never buy these shoes! I pretty much have an average foot in size and these shoes started giving me Achilles Tendonitis. I am now having to take a break to rest.
From: Conner, 7/12

Comments: I know that shoes and how they fit are very personal. Ten different people might have ten different things to say about the same shoe. That said, the B7 is one of the best tennis shoes I've ever worn. It improves upon the B6 in every way imaginable. It is comfortable right out of the box with zero break-in required, the toe box is roomy enough not to squish my toes, yet not so roomy that they slide around and get blisters. Width and arch support are just right. Cushioning is excellent. Traction is superb. Looks are out of this world. I usually wear Nike Vapors. These are just as comfortable and connected to the court and a lot more durable. Adidas really hit a home run with these shoes! I will surely stock up or order a custom pair from Adidas before they're gone!
From: Retlod, 6/12

Comments: I bought these in February, and just put a hole in the toe. I play 6-10 hours a week and I loved them but I would have liked them to last a little longer. I would highly recommend these to someone who does not mind paying for new shoes frequently.
From: Anon, 6/12

Comments: These shoes are awesome, no break-in, just buy, wear and play. People complain that they don't last too long on court, but remember if you're playing on newer style gritty courts (like sand-paper) they won't last as long. I play on older style courts and my Vapor's last up to 6 months and on new courts my Vapor's lasted 1 month only.
From: Dan, 6/12

Comments: This shoe is very stable, no break-in is needed, great cushioning and the arch support is perfect for my high arched foot. Durability seems more than adequate, and in general, the 7.0 is a real stable, old school type shoe, not a running shoe masquerading as a light weight tennis shoe like some other brands I could mention! Go with the Barricade and be safe and stable on the courts!
From: Chris, 6/12

Comments: Maybe my shoes were just defective, but my shoes had TERRIBLE durability. I pretty much shredded the bottom soles in a couple months. I ended up sending them in for the warranty and getting a free pair. Not nearly as durable as the 6's. I will admit they are more comfortable and lighter than the previous version, but I still prefer the 6's. (Even through I ended up shredding those and getting another free pair). I don't know, maybe it's just something I do with my feet, but I can't find a durable enough shoe.
From: Peter, 5/12

Comments: This is a great shoe! I hardly had to break the shoes in and there is a lot of support. I wear a lot of shoes and this is probably the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn. I play 4 days a week and I've had the shoes for 3 months and they are still going strong. I love this shoe.
From: Matt, 5/12

Comments: First I got these 1/2 size larger so that for quick stops I would not jam my feet in the front of the shoe, plenty of wiggle room for the toes, all in all well built comfortable shoe. It is an Adidas flagship tennis shoe and with formation socks with ankle and arch support, my feet etc are comfortable, as too the arch support. My second time on tennis court and I dont even notice it.
From: Randy, 5/12

Comments: These are great shoes! More comfortable than the V's. Hard, sturdy and give great support at all times, which means more discomfort for the toes but so much better for the knees, than say Nike Vapor Tour, which gave me knee pain because they were too soft.
From: Jessey, 5/12

Comments: More feedbacks on my recent comment below. After 6 hours in it, it feels softer and more nimble than the adidas Barricade 5. Good cushion and the softer upper allow change of direction to be more comfortable. It is much lighter but I can already tell it won't last as long as the Barricade 5 which seems to last forever. But a very, very good balance of comfort,weight, and support.
From: Marc, 5/12

Comments: This is the best model of the Barricade for some time (since IV in fact): excellent form, good support, still a little on the weighty side but very maneuverable. We'll see about the durability.
From: Anders, 5/12

Comments: Coming from six pairs of adidas Barricade 5's and finding the adidas Barricade 6 to be too narrow, the adidas Barricade 7 makes you feel like re uniting with your former lover. No break-in required. Lighter and more nimble. Same old Barricade feel. Slightly less support than the Barricade 5 (but don't forget the benefits of lighter weight). Need to see how it holds up over time. The barricade 5 is like a rock structurally and so sturdy. If you like the adidas Barricade 5, you should like the adidas Barricade 7.
From: Marc, 5/12

Comments: Happy with the Barricade 7.0 so far. Coming from the Barricade Team, I was tempted to try the 6.0, but the reviews made me try these instead. Break in for me was very minimal, they felt great out of the box. The Barricade Teams on the other hand gave me blisters at the back of my heals, so there was an improvement here. Very comfy, sticky shoes, I'm glad I took the plunge on these!
From: RB, 4/12

Comments: I have worn adidas tennis shoes since the first line came out. Well after the disaster of the 6.0 line, I almost left Adidas forever. Poor toe box fit, poor strike on the arch support and break in well forget it.. They were like iron boxes. Thank you Adidas for fixing all the problems from the 6.0'sm with a wider toe box, better strike on the arch, high quality tongue material, more comfortable. The new 7.0's are comfortable right out of the box, higher quality material is obvious and lighter. Well done.. You got me back as a customer.. but be careful the 6.0's were a disaster. Will see how the wear.
From: Richard, 4/12

Comments: I have worn adidas tennis shoes since the first line came out. Well after the disaster of the 6.0 line, I almost left Adidas forever. Poor toe box fit, poor strike on the arch support and break in well forget it.. They were like iron boxes. Thank you Adidas for fixing all the problems from the 6.0'sm with a wider toe box, better strike on the arch, high quality tongue material, more comfortable. The new 7.0's are comfortable right out of the box, higher quality material is obvious and lighter. Well done.. You got me back as a customer.. but be careful the 6.0's were a disaster. Will see how the wear.
From: Richard, 4/12

Comments: Great shoe. Better than barricade 6's because they are easier to break in and way more room in the toe box.
From: Grant, 4/12

Comments: This is a great shoe. I've played with the Barricade IIs and the Vs and this one is right up there as far as the comfort and traction is concerned. Only problem is the durability, I play 8 hours of hard court tennis in a week and the out-sole on these wore out for me in around 7 weeks. Compared to the Prince T10s which last me a good 3-4 months before showing signs of wear, even Barricade Vs which used to last me around 4 months. I believe there might have been some changes to the outsole on the Barricade 7s though am not sure. Overall, a very comfortable shoe and you feel confident moving on the court.
From: Sukhjot

Comments: I have worn adidas tennis shoes since the first line came out. Well, after the disaster of the 6.0 line, I almost left Adidas forever. Poor toe box fit, poor strike on the arch support and break in well forget it.. They were like iron boxes. Thank you Adidas for fixing all the problems from the 6.0'sm with a wider toe box, better strike on the arch, high quality tongue material, more comfortable. The new 7.0's are comfortable right out of the box, higher quality material is obvious and lighter. Well done.. You got me back as a customer.. but be careful the 6.0's were a disaster. Will see how they wear.
From: Richard, 4/12

Comments: Thanks for nothing Adidas. After the disaster that they called the 6.0, and all the reviews that said the 7.0 'fixed what they broke' I have to disagree. These do have a bigger toe box, but the arch is different, and still narrower that earlier versions. Narrow to the point where the shoes actually made my feet feel numb after 10 minutes of wear. It was a mistake to donate my older Barricades.
From: DrJoe, 3/12

Comments: I have been exclusively in Barricades since the 2's first came out. The 7's have great fit and comfort. No break-in required for me. Play on clay and hard courts and the shoe transitions well between the surfaces.
From: BH. 3/12

Comments: Although I am a sponsored Open/ITF player, I wear what I need to wear, as you CANNOT mess around with your feet/knees/hips, etc. I use 3 shoes, since I train or playing nearly every day; Prince T22 or Wilson Tour series for drilling/training/practice. And now, for competition, I just switched (hesitantly) to this new 7.0. Wow. What a shoe! Performance, cushioning, comfort! No real break-in required, for me. I wore them for 2 hours, just doing stuff, then played a tournament match. The proof was the next day, after 3 hard sets, the pain in my knees and hips was receding (from the other, oh- so-popular shoes), and I just played another 3 sets the next day, woke up this morning, and the pain caused by the other shoe is almost completely gone. They do run big. Had to go down 1/2 size to a 12.
From: RA, 3/12

Comments: I cannot believe anyone says these sneakers are not durable. I had Nike prior to Adidas. The tread showed signs of wear in 2-3 weeks. I bought a new pair every 1 1/2 months. But I did like the sneaker until tried barricade 6. It is definitely for a slender foot. Best sneaker I ever could imagine. The tread shows slight wear after 8 months. Same story for the new version barricade 7.
From: Ivan, 3/12

Comments: Already played for maybe 15 hrs. in these shoes - and they still look like new. A little break- in period was required (maybe the 3rd time I played in them they felt entirely comfortable) - but MUCH MUCH better compared to Barricade 6.0. These shoes provide just the right balance between cushioning and stiffness / responsiveness, give you low-to- the-ground feel and stability, and deliver a good snug fit for the average width foot (I was using Nike Vapors before, but they became too wide after the Vapor 5 version). Obviously they are not the lightest ones out there, but because you feel the court and your foot work so well in them, they almost force you to concentrate on good foot work!
From: Paul, 3/12

Comments: Like others said, not that durable as the previous model. I ripped my old barricade 6.0s to shreds (collected on the warranty) and I now fear what I going to do to these. They are indeed light feeling and VERY comfortable, so if you don't really wear-out your shoes that much, these should be great. Just be warned, you can FEEL the lack of durability. Or at least I can... After about a month of playing with them they are looking pretty beat up.
From: Peter, 3/12

Comments: Although, I love these shoes, the durability sucks. I now need to buy my third pair. I bought my first pair on pre-order back in November 2011. Arrived in my hands end of November. Well, a week ago, I have discovered I have already worn a hole to midsole. Thats slightly under 3 months, plus also note I rotate with 2 other pairs of tennis shoes - another B7 and Vapor 8. Which lasted about the same duration. Although I train about 16-20 hours a week. These shoes are not durable. B6 seems to last 1 or 2 months longer. I think I am going with the B7 team. Same cosmetics but 30$ cheaper and last about the same.
From: GS, 3/12

Comments: I got the Barricade 7's yesterday. I came from the Nike Ballistics 4.3 and so far they are nice. These have great traction. I ordered a size 10.5 but I should've gotten the size 10. If you get a size too large then your feet will jam and slide within the shoe. I'm going to double sock to fill in the toe and heal space. Overall these shoes are good-looking, comfortable, good traction, light, and have surprisingly good ventilation. I would recommend this shoe.
From: Dylan, 2/12

Comments: B7 are awesome totally overpass the b6 in my opinion the best hard court shoe ever.
From: Luis, 2/12

Comments: Firstly I know everyone has completely different feet. Mine are a mess! Size 14 extra wide with terrible bunions. I have serious problems with my feet but I am contracted to wear adidas so I always hope they give me appropriate shoes. They don't and I spent last year in complete agony wearing the Barricade 6s. They were a disgrace as they were too thin and far too stiff to be considered "out of the box"comfort. A week ago I received my first pair of Barricade 7s for this year and I am delighted to say they are so much better. Cosmetically great and a far less stressful fit. My one concern is the Achilles area where the raised backs of the shoes seem very very harsh and dig in to my damaged left Achilles. Definately a step in the right direction for the Barricades but please go wider with some of your range Adidas!!!!!
From: Paul, 2/12

Comments: Thank you, Adidas, for listening to everyone and taking the Barricade VII back to its traditional roots! The VI was so bad in fit and stability I wouldn't even acknowledge it was a Barricade. Caused me to play in several models of Nike CourtBallistec and even an Asics GR3. The B7 is stylish, fits well and performs great. Not sure how well it's going to breathe in hot weather outside, but everything else is spot on. Was comfortable after about a half-hour of play. The only weird thing that first time was the soles felt a little slick - like you had to rough off a coating or something before they grabbed properly. The orange is just sick - almost metallic.
From: Douglas, 1/12

Comments: This is the first time I got a shoe that required a break-in. Within the first half an hour of playing, my feet were KILLING me near the claw. About half an hour later, the shoe finally had broken in and they feel great. Definitely feel very grounded with these shoes, but the supported flex allows for great movement.
From: Brandon, 1/12

Comments: This shoe is awesome! First time I have wrote a review on here, and I am only doing so because of how happy I am about these shoes. The best way I know how to explain it is, they feel like putting on a shoe that has the support and stability of a ski-boot but having the weight of a flip-flop. I am a big guy, 235lbs and 6ft 3in, and these shoes make me feel like I weigh 170 lbs because of how easy it is to move in them. On top of that, they look sick. Break-in time was about an hour.
From: Turin, 12/11

Comments: I have just got this shoe and it seems like adidas have taken on board comments from the Barricade 6 and improved them. They now feel lighter, more comfortable straight out of the box and slightly wider fitting. The break in period is minimal and the design would suggest that durability is unaffected (although time will tell). I find it runs true to size (I have always been a 10). Overall pros are: lighter, decreased break in, wider fit (than Barricade 6), increased comfort. Cons are: for me slight pinching of the ankle with the last eyelet (although the material is soft so I assume this won't be a long term problem). I fully expect this shoe to be an improvement from the Barricade 6 and if the durability holds up will be stocking up on these shoes in the future. My style of play is aggressive baseliner and certainly I have had no trouble so far.
From: Simon, 12/11

Comments: This is an amazing shoe. I found it tons better than the Nike CB 3.3. It is way lighter and probably more durable and has a 6 month durability. Reminds me of the feathers. So light! Can't go wrong with this shoe.
From: Panda, 12/11

Comments: I have had the shoes for over a week now. Here is the breakdown. Aesthetically it is not bad. Top view is nice, side views are mediocre, and angle views is good. Lot better looking in person than online. Break-in time is brief-less than 1 hour. Good for medium and narrow widths. Performance is excellent. Very stable, light. For me, it is the best Barricade so far. The only criticism is where the inside flex point is. Where as on the outside of the shoe there is the "claw" but on the inside foot there is a piece of hard plastic preventing flex. Forcing the shoe to flex and crease higher. Slight discomfort. Otherwise, it is almost perfect-performance wise.
From: Anon, 12/11

Comments: I have played in this shoe 3 times now. I was wearing the Asics Gel Resolution 3. I like this shoe a lot but break-in is required. A bit heavier than the Asics but much more stable on the court. It really feels like your foot is planted. I found the last eyelet on the inside of the left shoe hit my ankle a bit high. I am sure that will be taken care of when it breaks in. Overall, I really like the shoe. Not too rubbery like the 6 and the overall fit is really good. This fits the best for my foot of all the Barricade's in the last couple of years. I have no doubt that these will hold up for 6 months of good play. I play 2-3 times a week and play pretty aggressive serve and volley. I have been looking for a shoe that will hold up. I think I have found it!
From: David, 12/11

Comments: Just got mine today. Here is my one day review: Gorgeous design! I ordered the actual size that fitted me well with the Barricade 6, but on the Barricade 7 the toe box area has a lot more room which makes me undecided if I should go half size smeller. The single bonded upper does have that 'rain shoe' feel, and thus does need some break-in wear. My problem is the blister of the last, inner lace eyelet area. I had to lace them tight, due to the loose toebox area. Other than that, the traction feels good and it feels light on the feet.
From: Ken, 11/11

Comments: A really awesome shoe, awesome durability, lighter, comfortable, and still very solid and wearable without discomfort.
From: Prem, 11/11

Comments: This is a great shoe. There is a lot of cushioning. They are light however a little amount of break-in still is required. Also, the tongue is longer than the 6.0.
From: Oliver, 11/11

Comments: Lighter, less break in, more flex, and a little wider in the toe box compared to the 6.0's which I appreciate. Unfortunately, it still has the high arch too far forward just like the 6.0's.
From: Jase, 11/11

Comments: This is a really great shoe. I had excellent speed around the court and the shoe is tough and durable for the all court player, such as myself. I found it a really great shoe because of the cushioning.
From: Tom, 11/11

Comments: This is a great shoe. There is no break-in required. The best hard court shoe ever for me!
From: Azan, 11/11

Comments: This is a great shoe. I just got it today played one match. Lighter for sure, similar stiffness. The toe box is definitely wider than the previous Barricade 6.0. Great play-ability although they sacrificed the predominant herringbone pattern on the bottom of the shoe which is disconcerting. Very stable shoe much like the previous Barricades have been. The base of this shoe is still very solid, comfortable, and now lighter which makes this shoe much easier for less experienced players to wear.
From: K, 11/11

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