adidas Barricade 7 Novak Red/White Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: Always loved the 7s. Just be aware that if you're sending in for the six month guarantee adidas will now only mail the Barricade 8s back as a replacement. Kind of a disappointment when they are still releasing new colors.
From: Caleb, 6/14

Comments: Barricade shoes are the most durable tennis shoes I've ever owned. They have a very strong tread, the P-guard is great for players who drag their shoes and they are comfortable with minimal break in period. They fit true to size and are half way decent for people of the wider side of D-width shoe. The only downside is they are heavier than your 'lighter' modern shoes like the adidas Feather range and Vapor Tours, but the durability more than makes up for it. Definitely a top 2 shoe for me.
From: David, 3/14

Comments: Shouldn't the B7 fans be thankful to Djokovic that he doesn't like the B8? Novak, you know one or two things that we do here. B7 has the best balance of support, weight, durability. adidas -- keep the new B7 colors coming!
From: Marv, 2/14

Comments: Wish I had listened to other reviewers, but like many I loved my old Barricades. Made them last a couple of years, and wanted to replace them with the same shoe. These were incredibly stiff out of the box; tried a little Nadal action on them to try to loosen them up, and was able to wear them around the house on carpet. Decided to try them on the court for an easy hour of drills, and exactly as so many others said, I came home with a raw spot on the inside of my right ankle. After I got home, I took the lace out of that top inside eyelet, and that helped, but I'm not going to play tennis without my shoes being securely laced. A real disappointment to have to start a search for new shoes.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: Like many others, I was a Barricade 2 devotee, but have now come to view the 7s as the paragon of Barricades (and tennis shoes in general). Incredible combination of support and light weight. Perfect tennis shoe.
From: Eric, 1/14

Comments: Seems like Novak feels the same about the B7 as a lot of fans in this forum. The B7 got all the merits of the previous Barricades, but it is much lighter. It has out of the box comfort with very little break in. Great support (as with all Barricades) and it is much better of than the B8 if you have a wide feet. I have about 20+ pairs of Barricade over the years in various models and the B7 is the best.
From: Marv, 1/14

Comments: I'm on my 5th pair of Barricade 7s and love them. They are the most durable performance tennis shoe I have owned. Have heard the Barricade 8s have zero pivot and too much give, so I'm glad to see the 7s still in production.
From: Smitty, 1/14

Comments: The most painful tennis shoe. The digging into the ankle is so painful, and trying to play through it has detrimental effects after a while. Now, I'm sitting with my ankles taped after heavy ice sessions -- I'm sorely disappointed. The pain just becomes more and more unbearable over time. I will try the solutions mentioned below, but I am still very disappointed.
From: Kia, 1/14

Comments: To Matt (9/13) -- I got blisters (inside ankle bone) too the first couple times I used them. A plaster did the job and then after 2 weeks or so, they were fine. So a break-in is required in these shoes, but you do get exceptional durability, traction and support. Maybe not the most comfy shoes, but built like hiking boots, really tough shoes. They last twice as long, so I get fresh balls on the cash saved!
From: Mateo, 9/13

Comments: Extremely good shoe. This shoe has great traction, durability, and stability. After 2 months, they are holding up great and I'm a 5.0 player who plays about 10-15 hours a week. I definitely recommend them if you can't buy Vapors, as those are superior in every way, except durability.
From: Joel, 9/13

Comments: Love these shoes with one major drawback. They have great grip and fit extremely well except for the fact that the shoe rubs the inside ankle bone on my left foot. I don't get as many blisters with these shoes as I did with my Babolats, the rubbing in the ankle however has me looking for a new set of kicks.
From: Matt, 9/13

Comments: I have two pairs of the Barricade 7.0s and I like them for numerous reasons, but they have one major downfall which I believe I have a quick fix for. These shoes do not breath and are killers on the feet. One main reason these shoes do not breath is the perforations on the shoes are merely cosmetic. The breathing holes do not go all the way through to the inside of the shoe. Easy fix -- take an awl or a pick and gently poke through all the ventilating holes. Takes approximately 10 minutes per shoe. This issue is not germane to just these shoes. Most of the tennis shoes out there suffer from the same poor quality control.
From: David, 8/13

Comments: Good shoe but the narrow toe box will cause a problem for those with wider feet. Toe box is narrower than the previous versions so don't base your fit on that. It is best that you try these on if possible before buying them.
From: Azarel, 8/13

Comments: I've played (and loved) in the Barricade 2s for the past few years, but the market seems to have run dry on availability and I thought I would try the Barricade 7. What a mistake! I'm not sure if I can entirely define the problem (beyond the fact that they are not very comfortable from the top) but I feel like I'm handicapped on the court wearing these things. Guess I should have worn them around the house and not taken them directly to a match. Try before you buy with this shoe!
From: Mike, 7/13

Comments: Awesome shoes! They only needed like an hour to break in, after that they felt really comfy and stable. Durability should definitely be there! I'm a 5.5 player that plays 5 times a week.
From: Rafa, 7/13

Comments: I have to stop using this pair of shoes after several weeks of use. The toe box is narrower than prior versions of the Barricade. I have a wide foot and I have no problem with Barricade 2, 5 and 6. This version of the Barricade just crushes my right pinky toe, partly due to the narrower toe box, partly due to more flexible outsole at the front toe area. It's just too painful for me to keep playing with this pair of shoes.
From: Michael, 7/13

Comments: I had a similar Barricade Team 2 shoe which was a wonderful light weight tennis shoe. But i could feel that they wouldnt hold up very long. This shoe mathces and exceeds those with arch, comfort, foot stability and more sturdiness. 11.5 seems true to size. I personalize them with my own favorite sport insoles for grreater cushioning (but I do that with all shoes). No problems with digging eyelets or ankles being dug into. A very maneuverable shoe with good traction and foot stability.
From: Scott, 7/13

Comments: With the exception of the 6s, the Barricades have been my go-to-shoe for over a decade. Great, solid shoe overall. The medial side painfully dug into my ankles in the 3s only. At that time, I just stuffed an extra sock in that area to create space. A week or two later, I stopped stuffing a sock and the "digging" went away. For those experiencing this problem, try this method instead of tossing away your shoes.
From: Ron, 6/13

Comments: I thought I wouldn't like these because they seemed kinda heavy, plasticy and stiff. After one hit on the courts, I love them. The rigidness gives the shoe great support and thankfully, they seem to breathe well. The outsoles are holding up great (especially since I am a toe dragger). Normally I am wary of adidas because the toe box is narrow. I do have to wear a 1/2 size up from normal but that worked out perfectly.
From: Anon, 6/13

Comments: I've been using the Barricade 2 for over 6 years. I absolutely loved them. But as they're no longer available I had to try the Barricade 7.0. I like how the Barricade 7.0 fit like a glove. And the outsoles are amazing. They grip well and are very durable. The only thing I didn't like was that they seemed very heavy. Almost like I was wearing a pair of boots. Maybe I'll get used to the weight and they won't hinder my game as they did yesterday. I also don't think they had the same support as the Barricade 2s did. All in all they are a decent shoe. I just wish Adidas would have left a good thing alone. They keep making subtle updates to this shoe and it's getting to the point now where the shoe isn't performing as well anymore. Bring the 2s back!
From: Chad, 6/13

Comments: Finally a great confortable shoe! The toe box is really soft and wide. No need to break in! 9 out of 10
From: Jonathan, 6/13

Comments: I personally love these shoes. They look great and feel great too. I've had no problems with this shoe so far.
From: Eli, 6/13

Comments: Great shoes - definitely need breaking in for me though. I have to wear them for a few hours before I can use them for tennis. The top eyelet on one pair was digging into my top of foot until the shoes really broke in after about 20 uses and after that they were great! I got almost 6 months out of them playing 3 times a week. Bought a second pair to break in before these wear out.
From: Mike, 5/13

Comments: This shoe is the best Barricade that has been produced so far. First, they changed the toe box and m

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