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Comments: After 45 minutes the right top inner part was digging/rubbing into my foot/flesh and I had to take them off. It left a scar that's still visible after 3 weeks. I took the shoes back to the retailer 3 days later who returned them to adidas. After four weeks I got a new 2013 pair that does not have that problem. Adidas claimed they have never heard complaints about this before. I did some research and found two more people had the same problem. This kid found a way around it by bending the shoe against the floor for 30 minutes a number of times till the shoe stayed wide and wouldn't rub against his foot!
From: George, 12/12

Comments: I don't see how there could be any bad reviews about this shoe. The only problem is that they are a little heavy, but that won't take away your speed with this shoe. Actually, I feel like I move faster with this shoe and I get set to the ball better thanks to the freakishly good support and stability this shoe provides. Also this shoe is superbly comfortable, even right out of the box, due to its great adiprene cushion midsole. Also, these are the most durable shoes I have ever worn. Excellent job adidas on the latest model of the barricade series.
From: Zac, 11/12

Comments: I'm glad I tried these. My first time with them and they're snug for my slightly medium width, normal/low arch. I've only worn them a couple decent hours of all-court movement and I can tell these are going to be great. I don't get the negative feedback. I could suggest a more comfort-oriented brand, such as New Balance, but I'd still be pushing these. Definitely don't try the current Rebel 2s, for that reason (they have a very stubborn unnatural kevlar-like rubber outsole). These shoes offer the right blend all the way. That's my two cents. The only thing I'm unsure of is whether I want to use my warranty credit for another pair of these or try the GR4s. Of course it would be a gamble, and probably an unwise one, seeing as how these are already so good and all I have to do is wait for some kind of discomfort or premature wear, but I don't think I'll find it. I think I'd sooner find a snowball in hell with a fit this good. These actually remind me of a value NB fit, of a slightly older, wider, box-fit version of the now 656, though slightly more balanced and a tad more comfortable on another level of quality. I have a new take on $100 shoes right here.
From: Jeremy, 11/12

Comments: I got plantar fasciitis when I switched to these shoes.
From: Anon, 11/12

Comments: I agree with some comments about the arch being a problem. Some say it must be too tall of an arch, too far forward or curved wrong. The problem is actually the stiffness of the shoe. The foot is bending before the sole of the shoe bends causing it to rub against the arch of the insole. It remedies itself only after the shoe softens up a little.
From: Michael, 10/12

Comments: I've ordered from TW the Barricade 4, 5, one all-surface 6, one clay 6, and now a clay 7 (from TW-E, which have more colors but are pretty limited with large sizes). The Barricade 7 is still a great model, but I was getting more comfort by getting a slightly larger size (13.5US instead of 13US). The reports on wider models might be overstated a little (at least for large sizes, in the future I will stay with 13.5US). The 6 and 7 also seem to be made out of thinner/lighter materials, and the 6 seemed to have better ventilation compared to 4 or 5. In addition, to my surprise also with 7, I still liked 4/5 a little better. But obviously on clay I really like the clay models. The only part where Adidas might need to improve things a lot is the quality of the shoelaces.
From: Anon, 9/12

Comments: These shoes are the closest shoes to the Adidas barricade 5's. I absolutely loved the 5's, and when they stopped making them I didn't know what to do. I tried the barricade 6's but they were too narrow and stiff for my feet. The 7's came out, I tried them on, and they were perfect. I play about 12 hours of high school tennis a week, and they seem durable to me. For all you barricade 5 lovers, this is the shoe for you!
From: Kevin, 9/12

Comments: For a long time now, I have been a Nike wearer. At first, I had doubts about wearing adidas shoes. Since I wanted the best for me I got these, and they are great! They provide a more low-to-the-ground feel so it makes me have great control. Also, the sole is fantastic. Even though it squeaks like anything on hard court, it lasts a really long time. I've had it for about three months and I think I'm about 3/4 through the sole. I play about 3-4 times a week for 2 hours. The support is also really good. The shoe clings to your foot so sometimes it feels like a running shoe. I can honestly tell that this is the best shoe I have ever worn.
From: Nick, 8/12

Comments: I'm torn on these. I love the look and grip I get from the adidas barricade 7. I think they will be durable as well. However, comfort is my concern. They fit my feet well, but they are not very cushioned. After a couple hours on the hard courts, my knees, feet, and ankles really feel it. I previously wore Yonex and while they lacked durability, they were much more cushioned.
From: Ross, 7/12

Comments: Great shoes for both looks and comfort!
From: Bob, 7/12

Comments: Long time Nike wearer, but not any more! Hands down these are the best shoes I've ever worn. Zero break-in time, great grip, great support, amazing shoes. I would recommend getting a half size smaller to compensate for aide open toe box. The uppers are soft yet supportive in all the right places. Nike dropped the ball this year. It's time for adidas to take charge!
From: Matt, 7/12

Comments: Have owned the previous two versions of the barricades (5 and 6). I average five hits/week, solid 1.5-2hrs/hit, drills and sets, mainly singles but some doubles. Just finished two hours of singles (4.5-5.0 level) with the 7's. I love them. No break-in for me. The toe box is definitely bigger than the 6's. I think my pinky toe will grow back now and thank me. The 7's are somewhat less stiff than the 6's, but still have great stability. Absolutely love them.
From: Anon, 7/12

Comments: These shoes have usurped the Nike CourtBallistec 2.3s as the best tennis shoes I've ever worn. Great grip, durability and comfort. Classy looking, too. With the exception of the inner ankle collar, they needed zero break-in. Very comfortable out the box. I wear these in a 12, the same size as my adidas running shoes. They fit great, a little wider than the narrow B6, just make sure to order 1/2 size larger than you wear in Nike's. Overall, far nicer than the CB4.3s and any comments complaining about durability must be from people who bought the "Team" versions as I'm hard on my shoes yet should get close to 6 months from these. I'm giving them 5-stars.
From: Nick, 7/12

Comments: The only other Barricade model I used was version 6.0 but this one looks and feels like a great improvement on the last model. For a start it is wider then Barr 6.0, so I could drop back to my usual 10.5 UK size from the size 11 I needed for the last model. The upper is much more flexible, so the break-in period dropped from about 15 hrs to 3-4 hrs for a new model. Design changes to the claw and upper made the shoe more flexible and thus more comfortable in long matches. If look is important then the new design is much classier looking then the 6.0 model with perforated, stiff plastic only retained in the top middle part of the upper. I can not see what useful purpose it serves though (I mean stiffness here), so let's hope it disappears in the next iteration of the Barricade. The sole seems durable but next to 6.0 version the ridges do not look as wide and deep as on previous version. The Barricade 6.0 lasted me 18 months of 3 hours of tennis per week (on sand filled carpet and clay, not hard courts, of course), so lets hope that this version durability was not compromised. Altogether great and much needed inprovement on the last version, unless you have narrow feet, in which case Barricade 6.0 might fit better.
From: Andrew, 7/12

Comments: I feel like a faster, more confident player in these shoes. They begin to feel like a broken-in 6.0 out of the box and then, after a few sprints across the base line and back, they feel excellent! But why the $15 price hike? Worth the money, but come on adidas, dont pull a Nike on us!
From: Matt, 7/12

Comments: The show is high performance and plays well, but there is not enough cushion in the insole. I normally use K-Swiss and never have a break-in period or heel issues. The Barricade 7.0 caused my heels to start aching after two sets. It took 6 weeks of play 2 - 3 times per week to break the shoes in. They still have a slight uncomfortable. I had to add an extra insole to keep my feet from hurting. Never had this with the K-Swiss.
From: Brad, 7/12

Comments: I like this adidas barricade 7.0. It is lighter than the barricade 6.0 and easier for me to move in the court. What I like most of this shoe is the design. That's why I purchase every new model of this. I'm excited to buy the barricade 8.0 next year. Thanks adidas! I love tennis!!!!
From: Mareu, 7/12

Comments: Best shoes I have ever worn so far. I have tried other top of the lines shoes from Nike and Asics, such as GR2, CB2.3 and CB4.3. The B7 requires no break-in, and is as comfortable as the GR2 and the CBs, yet it provides better lateral stability than GR2 and better cushioning than the CBs. I wear half-size orthotics so I cut the insole in half and only leave the front half in the shoe. I also wear Nike ankle support and the shoe still fits very well.
From: Jonathan, 7/12

Comments: Never buy these shoes! I pretty much have an average foot in size and these shoes started giving me Achilles Tendonitis. I am now having to take a break to rest.
From: Conner, 7/12

Comments: I know that shoes and how they fit are very personal. Ten different people might have ten different things to say about the same shoe. That said, the B7 is one of the best tennis shoes I've ever worn. It improves upon the B6 in every way imaginable. It is comfortable right out of the box with zero break-in required, the toe box is roomy enough not to squish my toes, yet not so roomy that they slide around and get blisters. Width and arch support are just right. Cushioning is excellent. Traction is superb. Looks are out of this world. I usually wear Nike Vapors. These are just as comfortable and connected to the court and a lot more durable. Adidas really hit a home run with these shoes! I will surely stock up or order a custom pair from Adidas before they're gone!
From: Retlod, 6/12

Comments: I bought these in February, and just put a hole in the toe. I play 6-10 hours a week and I loved them but I would have liked them to last a little longer. I would highly recommend these to someone who does not mind paying for new shoes frequently.
From: Anon, 6/12

Comments: I purchased a pair of the Barricade 6.0 about 2 months ago and found them to be excellent after several hours of break in. Then I wanted a second pair of shoes so I could rotate the shoes as I play 5 times a week. So I just got a pair of the 7.0. Wow!!! Zero break in, very comfortable and they are about a half ounce lighter than my 6.0. Another thing I like about the Barricade 7.0 is they are well cushioned but not spongy which tells me the support system is dense material. That translates to less energy being spent starting and stopping. ( think of it like trying to run on soft beach sand, lots of cushion but you get tired quickly). OK, sorry for the long rant but these 7.0's are winners for my money.
From: David, 6/12

Comments: now, after couple of months passed - I'm completely sure everything is OK. This narrow feeling infront faded away. This shoe wraps the leg so perfect and precise. Very stable too. I'm waiting for the hot summer to test it in extreme conditions.
From: Kuly, 4/12

Comments: The Ultimate Shoe! just opened the delivery box. Expressive barricade aggressive view at first sight! Generally very comfortable feeling, it's a little bit narrow infront, but the foot is fully stick with the shoe. No empty spaces. I feel some "pressure" on my toes on the top side. But you should know my current (previous yet), Prince MV4 (I love them!) are very soft compared to Barricades, they have much more space for the foot. Prince are well known as comfortable shoes #1, no problems with them at all. So this narrow feel infront should go away after some time when my foot sticks completely with the shoe. And it will be a big test for a shoe ventilation in warm sessions, at summer, for this Clay Barricades 7.0 that's for sure. The ventilation doesn't looks reliable, and I love to play at noon when the sun is on the top :). Have a nice play! Good job Adi.
From: Kuly, 2/12

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