adidas Barricade 6.0 Murray Red/Bk Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: Awesome shoe!! I read all the comments on how narrow the shoe fit, so I ordered a half size up because I have wide feet. I've played three matches with them and my feet feel great. Nice solid shoe that performs and looks great!!
From: Kurt, 6/12

Comments: These are the best shoes I've ever worn. They are broken in after 12 hours of use.
From: Mike, 4/12

Comments: After 20 hours of play I found these shoes to be comfortable. I played 10 times at approximately 2 hours each time and that's what it took for my 155 lbs body to break these shoes in.
From: David, 4/12

Comments: Shoes were great! Plenty reviews complain about the narrow toe box, but all you need to do is order a half size up and after 3 days of break-in, they were the most comfortable shoes I have ever wore, and one of the nicest looking ones too. Big jump from barricade 5 though but well worth it.
From: Jonathan, 4/12

Comments: This shoe is killing my feet, I wear it now more than 15 hours and it still feel stiff and didn't break in.
From: Tim, 4/12

Comments: Amazing shoe! Broken in within 1-1 and 1/2 hour of play. Very comfortable, great traction. Size might run a tad bit small. The toe box is a bit narrow but once broken in it is not a problem. Well worth the onsale price!!
From: Scott, 4/12

Comments: These shoes are the most durable shoes I have ever worn. With that being said, not only are the B6's durable but hard and heavy as a rock. The break-in period in these shoes are still yet to be discovered by myself and each day it hurts my feet. I wouldn't use these shoes in a high level match with an opponent due to a prevention of my feet hurting during the match. However, these shoes make great practice shoes because of it's durability. If you do have the money, try to purchase more than one pair of tennis shoes. One for matches, and one for practices. But if money is an issue, just buy these shoes.
From: Goku, 4/12

Comments: I have been wearing Adidas Barricade for as long as I can remember and have always sworn by them. No more. I bought 2 pairs of the B6 in black and red about 3 months ago and my feet have been killing me ever since. I thought I need to go through a break in period but nothing seems to loosen these bricks up. I bought my usual size and after playing few times realized they were too small so I mistakenly went out and bought another pair a half size bigger. In response to the previous poster, I always buy .5 bigger for the very reason he stated, but with these you will need more than .5, nevertheless I am still having problems, they are so painful to wear and both my big toes are bloody under the nail. I have never had foot problems before but now I can't wait to take them off ofter tennis or walking. Because I spent over a $100 a pair I am reluctant to throw them out but I am starting to wonder whether this pain is worth it. If anyone from Adidas reads this please take note...these shoes are just awful.
From: Ged, 3/12

Comments: These shoes are great! They are extremely durable. I play about 5 or 6 days a week and have had them for about a month and they had yet to show any signs of wear. I would recommend them but they have a painful break- in period for a few days and are a bit heavy.
From: Mohammed, 3/12

Comments: These shoes are absolutely amazing. The durability on them are just that of a tank, and I have a hard time wearing them out. I play tennis five days a week, and they haven't slipped on me yet even after 3 months. Definitely a recommend for those players who seek durability in a shoe. Only downside is I hopefully can wear them down enough so I can ship them in within my warranty.
From: Dimitri, 3/12

Comments: I really like these shoes, I wear an 11 in nike's but a 10 in these. With these I feel like I grip the court really well and can stop on a dime. I have a wide foot, but they still feel good. I play 5 times a week on my High School team.
From: Colin, 2/12

Comments: I've been wearing Barricades since the 2. Loved the Barricade. Each time a new version came out I knew I could safely order my regular size 10s blindly and the newest version would fit and work out great. This changed with the Barricade 6. When did Adidas start making a ski boot. Actually my ski boots have more flexibility and are more comfortable than the 6s. These shoes make my foot feel like they are in a cage on top of a brick. The best thing I can say about these evil shoes is the traction is great. Almost too great. The shoe would stop/stick right into court and I would keep going. I'm setting this things out my front door hoping someone comes by to take them away.
From: Donnie, 2/12

Comments: This shoe should be in the Tennis Shoe Hall of Fame! Anyone that says they don't like the shoe is just stating their OPINION based on their style of play or shape of their foot. Nobody is going to make a shoe that EVERYONE loves, but Adidas is one step closer to achieving this than any other manufacturer.
From: Bob, 2/12

Comments: If you're out there looking at this shoe, don't listen to the critics! This shoe is amazing! I am a competitive junior player (about a 5.5 or 6.0 by adult ratings), and I usually own two pairs of these at a time, partly to match all my outfits for tournaments, but also partly because I wear them out fast. It's a good thing they have the 6-month durability guarantee, because I need it. Usually playing/training 5-7 days a week for 2-3 hours, and switching off between pairs, I wear them out in about 4-5 months. My current pairs I have had for barely 5 months and they have holes in them. My feet also have terrible arches, so the support from these shoes is great, although sometimes a bit painful, as the support can at times be too good. The durability is good though, much better than any other shoes I've worn (any other shoe wears out for me within a month tops), not to mention they're very comfortable (and sweet looking!). These shoes actually have A LOT more toe room than most shoes, so the people on this page who are complaining about them clearly just have weirdly shaped feet. I've never had a complaint with these, and I've been wearing barricades for many years (never intend to switch). So for the competitive player, this is a phenomenal shoe (90% of juniors in my area wear them), and even if you're just a recreational buyer it's still a good buy!
From: David, 2/12

Comments: This is not really a full review as I haven't used these shoes to play in. I won't be either. I was looking at the current sales for a possible replacement for my well-worn "old faithful" Asics. I have seen and been interested in Adidas (I wear their soccer boots) and liked the look of the deep outsole tread as this gives the best traction on the synthetic grass courts I mainly play on in Sydney. I found these shoes on sale at the Adidas outlet shop and thought I would try them on. Well, it was like trying to put my foot into a wooden box. The shoe was so stiff and uncomfortable there was no way I would even consider buying them. It's interesting to note all the similar negative feedback from others who have worn the shoe.
From: Brian, 1/12

Comments: I have always worn adidas and think they make a good product. I purchased the barricade at a discounted price. In general they are too heavy, too big overall I feel my foot sliding around. I have wide feet and have discomfort at the wide part of my foot. They're good shoes but the fit especially around the tongue isn't padded well where the laces get tied. I had a pair of the older Djokovic and thought they were much better. Not a horrible shoe but there are other competitor's with good products. Adidas needs to step it up.
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: Injured the tendon behind my ankle! Blisters after wearing for 5 minutes!
From: Ian, Malaysia, 1/12

Comments: Like many other Barricade fans I purchased the Barricade 6 looking forward to the newest version of my favorite shoe. What a disaster! I cant wear these shoes casually, much less for tennis. The shoe is narrow and stiff. I went a 1/2 size bigger and it just isn't a suitable follow up for the Barricade lineup. I hope the next generation gets this shoe back on track. This Barricade is a dud.
From: Paul, 12/11

Comments: Really, I would not buy adidas shoes again. The shoe is just not comfortable and my feet hurts when I use it. It is very narrow and stiff. I play at least three time a week and I will not risk playing with a shoe that hurts me.
From: Andre, 11/11

Comments: I have a narrow foot, so I haven't had the same issues as other people with this shoe being a tight fit. One thing that was a problem though was that I run around on my toes a lot, and the Adituff material that is designed to resist abrasion, is very stiff. Every time I get on my toes to dash some place on court, the material folds, and then crushes into my toes. I've alleviated this problem by cutting incisions into the shoe at around about where the fold digs into my toe, and this has made this a very comfortable shoe! However, these shoes definitely were not comfortable without this modification.
From: Anon, 11/11

Comments: I have been a Barricade user for 8 years and normally would purchase 2-3 pairs a year. I have loved every pair I've owned of the II's, III's, IV's, and V's. The 6's, however, are a completely different story. I'm glad I only bought 1 pair, because it seems like the 6 is a completely different shoe from previous models. I've gotten so many blisters and jammed/damaged nails on both feet that I've had to stop wearing them.
From: Andrew, 11/11

Comments: These are very good shoes. They are very stable, comfortable and good quality! I bought two pairs of them which last one year for me(I play 5 days a week). I just bought two other pairs of Barricade 6!
From: Domimnic, 11/11

Comments: Well, I've had my adidas Barricade 6's for four months now, and I believe I can write and honest review. I disregarded all the previous reviews because, well, I guess I'm an idiot. The toe box is definitely an issue to begin with but after I broke them in they began to feel better. In general the shoes are just not comfortable. They feel bulky and sluggish as if I have two cinder blocks strapped to my feet. The laces continuously break (just like my previous Barricade's) and just 4 months in and I've already worn out the toes. I play 3 to 4 times a week.
From: Pete, 11/11

Comments: I switched from the Nike Vapor's to the adidas Barricade's and I have to say that it was the best choice for my money wise, but with the Barricade's I am suffering from my knees shaking after each match. These shoes are too heavy and limit my movement to run down balls. My toes are suffering for the extra effort, and my Achilles are killing me! I don't recommend these shoes at all. I had these shoes for 1 month now with over 20+ hours of playing and I feel like they haven't broken in yet.
From: Lee, 11/11

Comments: I have a narrow foot and this shoe fits okay. The biggest problem with this shoe though is that I can't stand on my toes with it. Every time I jump, or hop around on my toes, the adiTuff material just creases, and digs into my big toe, and is painful. I actually cut a hole in it to get rid of the crease, and now it's fine.
From: Liang, 11/11

Comments: Ordering a 1/2 size up than normal will save your feet. The first pair I ordered was my fit true to size, however it hurt my feet all over and break-in time was long, even If I played everyday for 2 hours. I decided to give the Barricade VI another try and ordered a 1/2 size up and the difference is phenomenal. Break-in time was a couple of days of hitting but in the end, you'll get shoes with a snug fit.
From: Michael, 10/11

Comments: I wanted to love Barricade's as I always have, since the 3's were my first tennis shoe and the 5's my second. Well, they do feel quite grippy and they do have some good cushioning however, they don't "feel" quite right. My feet are either waiting to be crushed (too tight) or they slide around on every stop (too loose). I have very poor feet; quite flat and wide, I always found Barricade's to be forgiving of my feet but these just aren't quite fitting the bill.
From: Anthony, 10/11

Comments: I loved the Barricade 5's and owned several pairs but have really struggled with the 6's. Break-in period takes forever and then some. I play 3-4 times a week and these have been a huge disappointment. Cushioning is poor, these are super stiff shoes. They should have improved on the 5's and not made bricks for the feet.
From: Nick, 9/11

Comments: I have a fairly narrow foot (size 11) and have to say these are the best shoes I've worn while playing. Granted they do take a little time to break in but they are very durable as I have a tendency of dragging my toe on forehand swings.
From: Anon, 9/11

Comments: The best shoe for me in terms of stability, durability, and comfort. Break in was 2 hours. They run small, so buy them minimum 1 size bigger. As they might be discontinued soon when season ends, I'll then stack up on them.
From: Andy, 9/11

Comments: I've only played with the Barricade 6.0 Murray's for a total of 2 hours (playing) and 5 hours (teaching). I can tell you now, these are going to take a long time to break in. I was used to the old school Wilson Extreme's or Pro Staff's. They fit nicely and were very comfortable. I know I got the right size because my foot can move slightly inside them if I don't tie them and there is room the toe area. I can see how people that wear normal width shoes would have a problem with these. I have narrower feet than most I would say and so it suits me proper. I wish there was some more cushion support. These are not shoes I would teach in but only play in due to great traction and support while playing. I will definitely be giving them a workout in the next couple days to see whether or not I'm going to buy the other color.
From: Vik, 9/11

Comments: These shoes are the best tennis shoes I have ever had! They are extremely durable. Also, they are very supportive and extremely comfortable. They take about a week to break in and after that are very comfortable. There is nothing bad about these shoes. I give them a 10 out of 10. Great job adidas!
From: Anon, 9/11

Comments: These shoes are durable, very stable and well made but they don't seem to work for everyone. They really hurt my feet and toes, I even tried going up half a size and that didn't help. I would definitely try them on before you buy them.
From: Hayden, 9/11

Comments: A dear friend gave me a pair of Barricade Vs for Christmas. I knew when they wore out I'd have to buy new ones and I've never spent that kind of money on shoes. So, I bought the Barricade 6s. I'm very disappointed with the way the tongue slips to the sides. I saw Tsonga, I think it was, pulling his tongue over, or trying to, during a changeover. The people who designed that shoe obviously don't play tennis. It's really, really annoying!
From: Steven. 9/11

Comments: I have been wearing the Red/Black Murray version for about 2.5 weeks now and have loved every minute of it. I ordered 1/2 size up because I found out the hard way from previous purchases that these run a little small. Shoe is by far the most comfortable tennis shoe I have ever worn and hands down offer then absolute best traction/grip. Durability is usually pretty good and my Barricades always last around 3-4 months and then I claim warranty on them. Never had adidas deny my warranty claim even once. Bottom line is the Barricade is the best shoe and adidas as a company keeps me happy so I keep coming back. I alternate my Barricades with Nike Ballistic line (very good shoe but just a notch under the Barricades in both comfort and traction/grip) and constantly claim warranty.
From: Chris, 9/11

Comments: Just got a pair of the Red and Black Murray's and am very impressed! Took a couple of walks in them before playing and did not have any of the problems in regards to breaking these shoes in as others have. Being Diabetic, I have to be very careful in regards to footwear and I have had zero problems with these shoes. The shoes also appear to be bombproof which is nice for the price you pay.
From: James, 9/11

Comments: With 1/2 size up, it fit perfect. However, it really hurts when I lift up my heel that the rubber top push down against my toes. After 1 week (20 hours tennis), it still hasn't broken in and still hurt. I spent about 1 hour massaging the rubber top and it's finally softened up and it doesn't hurt that much now. I have a feeling that after 1 more week then it'll be perfect. Basically, the shoes fit well(with 1/2 size up), there is very good cushion/support, very good traction, and amazing durability. But it does require break in and it takes a long time and it hurts. Another thought is I really think if you "hard" massage (by hand) at the rubber top of the shoes for about 1.5 hours, will helps the break in a lot.
From: Jack, 9/11

Comments: The Barricade 6 is probably the worst tennis shoe I have worn since I started playing tennis (30 plus years). Too narrow in the toe and tore off skin on the side of my foot. I had to default a match due to excessive bleeding and to avoid further injury. Unfortunately, I bought 3 pair and I can't even use them for walking around as its too uncomfortable. Sorry Adidas, you lost a loyal customer!
From: DK, 9/11

Comments: I have to say, these may be the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned. I've worn them for well over six months now, 2-3 times a week, and they are just now breaking in a little bit. I will say this, through, they are durable. But, I'm wishing now they were a lot less durable, so I could replace them with something more comfortable.
From: David, 8/11

Comments: This is one of the best pair of shoes I have ever worn. I do agree that it is a narrow shoe but it is perfect for me because I have a narrow foot. Overall a great shoe!
From: Anon, 8/11

Comments: Ouch! The size runs small and the toe box is painful. I have worn Asics for a couple of years. I tried the Barricade because I wanted a herringbone sole to play at a grass court tournament. I gave them to the Pro at the club. Not a good shoe.
From: Bob, 8/11

Comments: This is a great shoe. The durability and stability is great. I bought them in January, played my whole high school season in them, played a few tournaments after the season and now it is August and I still wear them to play in. You couldn't see the white under the sole until the 6th or 7th month. It is very good and durable shoe.
From: Jonathan, 8/11

Comments: I had Nike's earlier and was very skeptical about buying these after reading all the reviews. I do have narrow feet, so I thought it was worth a shot. The first day on the courts was bad. These shoes are clunky and very stiff. The arch on the right foot felt a little high as well. I was already regretting my decision. However, the subsequent days the story changed completely. They've opened up very well and give excellent support for lateral movement. These shoes are definitely on the heavier side, so you need to push your body that extra bit to get to the ball. I am very happy with my purchase so far.
From: Anees, 8/11

Comments: My right great toe nail became black and I could not walk after playing one match. The toebox is way too narrow. These shoes are indeed toe crushers!
From: Mitch, 8/11

Comments: Been playing tennis for 30 plus years and 2-5 hrs/day. Every Adidas shoe has been amazing except for Barricade 6. I bought two pairs of shoes and had such pain in my toes that I actually thought I was growing a second great toe in each foot. I developed huge blisters after just 1 hour of hitting it was horrifying. My son, a college player, developed nerve pain and numbness from his hour of playing with his new shoes. They should be banned from tennis!
From: Pete Carpenter. 08/11

Comments: I have worn many of the Barricade line of shoes. These 6.0s have changed the toe box to a narrower and 'pointy' style, and the materials have become stiffer, more rigid, and tighter across the top of the foot compared with earlier versions - which many people agree were extremely strong durable shoes. Adidas seems to have gone too far towards the synthetic 'tough' materials in a narrow tight structure - and hurt a lot of feet! Maybe Adidas need to consider a 'standard' and 'wide' shape and return to slightly softer mix of materials in order to get that successful formula happening again. I've had to throw mine away and try other brands after years of loyalty. Annoying and expensive.
From: Dan. 08/11

Comments: The adidas IV for men were awesome; I wish they still made them. These Adidas 6.0 bruised both my toes. They are way to tight in the forefoot and do not give. I have a brand new pair of size 9 that I don't know what to do with. These shoes would fit perfect if I could only cut off both of my big toes which by the way are still purple and blue! I bought a pair of K-Swiss Big Shots and I have to tell you these shoes are simply AWESOME! Best Tennis shoes for men on the market today!
From: Andre. 08/11

Comments: They're not as good a the V's. I still have an old V and they feel so much better than the 6.0s. I don't like changing shoe models and I have been with adidas since the 3s. Hopefully the next ones will be better. But I'm on my 3rd pair of 6.0s. I am adopting the "better to stick with the known devil than go looking for the unknown angel." I know I still prefer the 6.0 to Nikes.
From: Sitparan. 8/11

Comments: These shoes are one of the best shoes I've ever had. I used to have the Nike Court Ballistec's 2.3 and those were kind of narrow for me because I have wide feet, and when I tried on the 3.3's they were even more narrow! I looked at the Barricade 6.0 because I had the V's before so I tried them out. These shoes are really nice, require a little break-in, but the traction and the durability would be a 10 out of 10 rating. I highly recommend any players with slightly wide feet.
From: K, 8/11

Comments: Great Shoe! At first, I was hesitant from the mostly bad reviews but since I needed a more comfortable shoe this was my first choice. To me, the shoe was a little bit stiff for the first few hours but then the shoe started to soften up to my feet and then the flow of love began. The durability is wonderful and traction was great. To me it's a step up from the popular Barricade V's.
From: Andy, 8/11

Comments: I have always been a fan of Adidas tennis shoes. I have owned the Barricade line from I through V. I bought the new 6.0's and tried them on and said "these are really uncomfortable". I figured they would break in but after 6 weeks I ended up at the doctor with a horrible case of tendonitis. The doctor suggested I change to another shoe thinking it may have caused the problem. So I bought the Bigshots from Kswiss and 3 weeks later my feet are all better. My summer USTA season was shot due to these shoes! The 6.0 arch is in the wrong spot, to stiff and narrow in the toe box. Adidas please fix this shoe or you have lost a loyal customer.
From: Rich. 7/11

Comments: These shoes are the best shoes that I have ever had. The arc starts a bit high but after an 1- 2 hours of wear they mold into your foot. The only major problem is the big toe part on my right foot, experiencing a lot of foot jamming and are a bit sore afterwards.
From: Kevin, 7/11

Comments: Toe crushers! I went from the IV to the 6 and wow, surprisingly disappointed. I loved the 4 (IV), but these are toe crushers. My toes were getting so much damage on quick stops when playing that I almost couldn't finish matches. Also, the tongue is uncomfortable.. had to constantly readjust it b/c it falls to the side. The only improvement might be on their looks. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a recall on these shoes, there's just something not right about them.
From: Brett. 7/11

Comments: These shoes aren't as bad as a lot of people are saying, at least for me. my advice would be to definitely buy a 1/2 size larger. Also, I found they do need to be broken in, unlike previous Barricades I have tried. I played my first matches with them and they were very comfortable. I like the higher arch. No foot pain at all and good support, comfort and ventilation.
From: Kurt, 7/11

Comments: I owned the V's before and I was fully satisfied with the amount of traction and comfort that I felt. Since they discontinued making the V's I figured I would try out the VI's and I read some reviews and most people were disappointed. I was skeptical but I went on and bought a pair. At first, the shoe felt really snug and narrow. Since I'm flat footed, it took a while for it to break in but after that, these shoes are perfect. They fit like a glove and tight in the toe box so I ordered 1/2 size over what I usually wear. The traction seems better than the V's.
From: Paul. 7/11

Comments: The shoes were a perfect fit for me and felt very comfortable after a few hours on the court. The stability and traction is amazing! I think I'll have to pick up another pair before they discontinue this model.
From: Milos. 07/11

Comments: I am a competitive junior tennis player and have been playing with the Barricade 6.0s for a while now. Many people are complaining of blisters but that is just your foot adjusting to a new shoe. I had them as well but they have long since been replaced by callouses. The blisters were originally caused by the three vertical stripes, but now these plastic stripes feel critical with the stability of the shoe; I am very grateful for the outstanding stability. In addition, as a competitive junior player, I need a durable shoe. These are, by far, the most durable shoes on the market. And the traction is likewise excellent. For me, the only downsides are the weight and ventilation, but any serious player should be able to deal with the mild discomfort in return for the best performance shoe out there.
From: Benny. 7/11

Comments: There is one word to describe this shoe: clunky. It is a bit on the heavy side but is comfortable. I did notice some foot pain after 3+ hours of daily play.
From: Ryan, 7/11
NTRP: 4.0

Comments: These are not comfortable at all! If you think this is an upgrade of the Barricade V, forget it! They take forever to break in and even after 20 or more hours of usage, they still feel way too tight/hard in the arch. These are also narrower than the Barricade V's.
From: Andre, 7/11

Comments: This is a great trainer - for me personally, the shoe fits more like a glove than the V. This is because of the slimmer toe box, which provides an even better fit and stability. I've had no problems with blisters or the high arches, breaking in definitely helps avoid this (walk around with these, or try to "crush" them inwards with your hands to speed this up).
From: David, UK, London, 7/11

Comments: Adidas certainly doesn't read the customer feedback of Tennis Warehouse. Ever since the Barricade 6 came out, I have voiced out my view that it is way too narrow for comfort (at least for me) vs. the B5. Lucky I bought 6 (yes, 6) Barricade 5s before they sold out and I still have 4 pairs left.
From: Marv. 7/11

Comments: I have used these for 3 1/2 months but now have to send it back for guarantee. Used them every other day.
From: Andrey Chaldyshev. 7/11

Comments: I've had these shoes for 3 months now. Well it's comfortable but my right toe is starting to "rot." Not durable for me.
From: Anon. 7/11

Comments: I have been loyal to Barricades from the I to V models. But man, the 6.0 is way to tight and stiff for me! After 2 weeks they still didn't break in. Lots of pain in both feet ( specially arch) and black toe nails. Well this is not the tennis shoe for a medium-wide foot. Good cushioning and most of the benefits of any Barricade but not comfortable at all. When buying it go half size up. Big disappointment. Now I have switched to the Head Prestige Pro which is much more comfortable not as durable as barricades but is a great option.
From: Carlos. 6/11

Comments: I've been buying Barricades for years now, and I usually love them. They've always fitted consistently true to size, but I'm going to have to eat the money on this model of the shoe. The sizing has changed. They are shorter and narrower than previous generations. I've given them several plays to break-in, but they're killing my toes. Too bad. I usually love the shoe.
From: Michael. 6/11

Comments: I'm a loyal adidas Barricade user for 4 years, but OUCH! PLEASE bring back the 5's! These 6.0's are way too narrow and the tongue hurts my feet as well They need more cushioning in the tongue. Ouch. Don't buy them unless you have narrow feet. Although they do have great arch support and stability compared to any other shoe on the market. I'm still looking for a replacement shoe.
From: Chris. 6/11

Comments: I've been a fan of Adidas shoes since trying the Barricade IIs (had 2 of them), V's, and Response. All great shoes for the money. They're durable, comfortable and very well constructed. I was thus extremely disappointed with the 6's as they seem too wide. My foot keeps slipping and stubbing my toe. Tightening the laces help a bit but then they get too tight, then my feet start to hurt. Another thing is the cushioning feels good the first 2 weeks but now it feels strangely lumpy. Maybe I just got a bad one but I'll have to look for something else or maybe try a different lacing pattern.
From: Norman. 6/11

Comments: Bar none the best tennis shoe I've ever owned. They are incredibly durable and feel like they are made out of used tires. I am a pretty big guy (6' 4" and 240 pounds) and I've given these a good beating and they still look and feel great. I've also had back surgery and they have just enough give to help. This is the first pair of adidas I've ever purchased and now I'm a huge fan. As long as they continue with this kind of quality I don't see myself ever buying another brand of shoe.
From: JP. 6/11

Comments: I have been loyal to Adidas for years, but the last good pair of shoes that Adidas made was the Barricade IV. I bought the Adidas 6.0 and it hurt both my feet. The shoes are TOO NARROW. Do not waste your money on these shoes!
From: Anon. 6/11

Comments: I have owned many pairs of Barricade V. Barricade 6.0 truly disappoint. They are too narrow, hurt my feet and overall feel unstable on my foot. My feet hurt after playing for even half an hour with them. The Barricade V was an exceptional shoe made given all the choices by other makers and I wish adidas would bring back the V.
From: Adam. 6/11

Comments: Some like it some don't. I personally love it. A little bit of adjusting to needed but once your feet get used to them, they're great. I've wore Nike previously, but adidas definitely has more quality hands down.
From: Roy. 6/11

Comments: The worst tennis shoe I have ever worn. I have worn Adidas tennis shoes my entire life and have had over 20 pairs of Barricade Vs. When this shoe came out I was very disappointed. Absolutely HORRIBLE ankle support! Adidas has definitely lost me as a costumer since these came out. I am having a hard time finding something as good as the Barricade Vs. Please bring them back!
From: Ben, College Player. 5/11

Comments: Bring back the Barricade 5's please. The 6's are too narrow for a medium or wide foot (I am medium). Like others have reported below, I had a toe problem as well, even after plenty of break-in time. I went back to a pair of 5's that I own and there is no longer a toe issue. I can see how the 6 will be good for some people (narrow feet), but I do not recall seeing so much negative feedback on the 5's at all! I wish I could find some more 5's, I'd buy several pairs to hold me over for a few years!
From: Todd, NH. 5/11

Comments: I have been a fan of Barricades since they came out. I have had over 15 pairs of Barricades and many other adidas models. However, my last three pairs of Barricade 6s were kind of getting old. I decided to order the new green/ black model that I think is very nice indeed. To my surprise, the shoes are no longer the same. I do not know what those guys who say these are comfortable been wearing. These shoes are the most awful shoes when it comes to comfort. I always opt for half size larger as I use Dr Scholl sport insoles wit always two pair of socks. I have tried all combinations and these shoes have given me big blisters on both big toes. I am off to write to the manufacturer and will be sending them back tomorrow.
From: Saeid. 5/11

Comments: Regardless of the comments posted before me, I'd like to say these are just fantastic. Yes, they are a little uncomfortable at first but after having them for 2 weeks I have broken them in and I love them. Of course everyone's foot is different and what is comfortable to someone might be the opposite for another individual. I love the durability and traction is fantastic.
From: Marko. 5/11
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: The 6's and the 5's are great for playing however, I lost both toe nails when the the sole was losing its traction. I switched to K-Swiss Big Shots and comfort is good and traction OK. I hope my old faves Lotto comes back strong, best shoes I've worn.
From: Neal, Derby, Ks, USA. 5/11

Comments: These shoes are amazing. The traction,lighter weight and durability of these shoes are the best but I had one down side. When I was playing a tournament I slid on the court and some of the padding on the ankle sort of fell apart. I don't know if it is just me or just a false built shoe. Overall, I think it's the best shoe on the market today.
From: JS, USA. 5/11

Comments: I am also a big Barricade fan but these shoes did NOT do it for me! The toe area is especially a problem for me. With the stronger plastic they added in the toe area, I am actually in a lot of pain with blisters and my big toe has taken so much damage it's gone blue. I have to strap my toes with Band-Aids before I use these shoes otherwise it's just too painful. It's very uncomfortable in that area and I have tried hard to wear them in as long as possible but it's just not getting better. The other problems I got blisters around my ankles after long hours of play and the upper lace area was also a bit tight for me which was uncomfortable. With all the added support (maybe too much) has added weight to the shoe. I think they have gone backwards with this design. I have to get another shoe. I don't think they make Barricade Vs any more, anyone have any suggestions on shoes with a very soft toe area, like the previous Barricades?
From: Karl, Western Cape, South Africa. 5/11

Comments: Such a HUGE difference in fit between the V and the 6... I put the 6's on barefoot and they are still way too tight. I got these as a warranty replacement and I am bummed out. I am due to get another pair from adidas (free from warranty) and I am starting to wonder if going up 1 size will be enough. It may not be. I will post the results once I get the shoes. In any case, adidas needs to bring back the V. If they don't, I will be looking for other options. Which is a shame because I have bought 5 pairs of these shoes and been a loyal customer up until this point.
From: Ed. 4/11

Comments: I purchased these shoes about a month ago and I am very impressed. I have slightly narrow feet, but they are very comfortable. The shoe comes with a six month outsole guarantee but I will have to play pretty hard to wear them out in six months.
From: D, Wisconsin. 4/11

Comments: I am also a big Barricade fan but these shoes did NOT do it for me! The toe area is especially a problem for me. With the stronger plastic they added in the toe area, I am actually in a lot of pain with blisters and my big toe has taken so much damage its gone blue. I have to strap my toes with plasters before I use these shoes otherwise its just too painful. It's very uncomfortable in that area and I have tried hard to wear them in as long as possible but it's just not getting better. The other problem was I got blisters around my ankles after long hours of play and the upper lace area was also a bit tight for me which was uncomfortable. With all the added support (maybe too much) has added weight to the shoe. I think they have gone backwards with this design.
From: Karl, Western Cape, ZA. 4/11

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