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Comments: I really wanted to like this shoe but I just don't. My heel feels really loose in one shoe and I can't get either of them tight enough without them killing the tops of my feet. I much preferred the Asics Gel Resolution or Yonex Power Cushion lines for comfort. I will say that these things are durable. The bottoms really seem to be holding up. I put a different insole in them which helped the fit a little but I still feel like I'm going to come out of them on a hard sprint. Too bad really, I was hoping these shoes would be as good for me as they have been for other posters.
From: Brandan, 3/15

Comments: Same great fit, same good looks, same stupid eyelet design. After about 6 months, like clockwork, they pop off from tightening the shoes and can't be re-attached.
From: TechnoJock, 3/15

Comments: Love these as much as the original Vs. I was in a major panic when the original V was discontinued, the VI did not fit my foot at all and tried bunch of non-Barricade shoes, then wore the 7 and 8 but was missing the V. The 8 is lighter but has much less cushioning that makes my foot more tired for my play style, I'm all about speed and court coverage. The best shoes for stability and my feet feel well protected, under the Barricade! The only thing I noticed is the reissued shoes seem to wear out faster than the original Vs from what I remember. I wore a pair down in 3 months, all indoor hard court playing, about 6 hours a week. Still, with 6-month guarantee, no complaints! Please keep making these shoes forever!
From: Kurt, 2/15

Comments: I have used 3 pairs of the original Barricade Vs from 2008 and love them. I was so glad adidas brought these back. The tongue is a slightly different design, and the fit seems more narrow and slightly longer. But I'll take what I can get -- my old ones were very good to me. I am hoping the break-in will be kind to me and the fit will get better.
From: Matthew, 1/15

Comments: Very good shoes. They were a little stiff out of the box, but they broke in quickly. After wearing Nike for the last 30 years, these felt fine. I would buy them again. Very supportive.
From: Mcbrat, 1/15

Comments: I have been wearing Barricades from the 2nd to the 8th generation. This is the best shoe for support and cushion. However, the sole is curving up in such way that the toes can not rest on the ground is a faulty design. Thus, the best shoes in my opinion is taking the Barricade 5 and flattening the sole so that your whole foot can rest stably on the ground. Your feet would be more relaxed and stable when the toes can rest on a stable foundation. Maybe adidas can make the sole like the Barricade 7.
From: Chanh, 12/14

Comments: I figured out why my 10.5s felt like they were about a half size too big -- during a match, the insole started sliding around on my left shoe, pretty bad too. After the match, I took the insole out and it is paper thin and just terribly made. I put some Doctor Scholls insoles in in place of the factory insoles, and viola! They fit perfectly and I had no insole sliding issues.
From: Matt, 11/14

Comments: These re-released Barricade Vs feel as good as the originals as far as I'm concerned. I took some time off from tennis and cannot comment if the fit is closer to the newer iterations of the shoe compared to the original run. That being said, these shoes are comfortable, durable, and stable once they have been broken in. The first two or three sessions the shoes were definitely a bit stiff and uncomfortable as expected, but now that I've settled into the shoe the break in period was worth it. This shoe is polarizing in its following; you either love it or hate it. Definitely give it a shot if you're willing to get past the longer than average break in period.
From: Phil, 11/14

Comments: I haven't bought new shoes in 4 years. I was interested in the lightweight adidas Rally CC Comps but I wear DonJoy SpeedPro ankle braces and was talked into the Barricade 5 Classic for their durability. Out of the box, I wore them around the house for a few hours and then hit the court for some light practice. Aside from the great look and good arch support, I dislike everything else about these shoes. They are rigid, hard and heavy! I stubbed my toe on a quick start/stop. They clack on the court and I feel like I have hooves! They sit so high, I think I know what it's like to wear heels now. I'm not a shoe expert and I know they're not broken in but I can't see them working out. I'm glad for TW's return policy and I'm going to try either the Rally CC Comps for the Diadora Speed Pro MEs.
From: John, 11/14

Comments: Excellent shoe! Great stability. They did feel loose and a little heavy the first wear but after few hours it feels great. I was using the Asics GR5 which are a little bit more confortable out of the box and feels lighter. The only problem of the Barricade is the quality of the insole that is really cheap. I will have to change it shortly.
From: Robert, 9/14

Comments: I've worn a 10.5 in every shoe I've ever worn which have been 95% Barricades, even the 5s. Got them in yesterday and am wearing them around work today and they fit too long, they feel like an 11. And they are very, very stiff at first. Hopefully they get broken in before I play tomorrow night!
From: Matt, 9/14

Comments: I'm a 4.5 serve and volley player here. I have played with the adidas Barricade line for many generations. When I bought these shoes I thought they would be exactly the same as the original 5s. The current 5s are nothing like the previous. They don't feel as sturdy, and the soles wear out a lot faster.
From: Clay, 9/14

Comments: Just purchased the Barricade Vs on sale in size 8.5. Fit is loose in the heel as some have mentioned. Front is comfortable for my slightly wider feet. I am normally an 8.5 -- this feels like the right size. I'm debating on returning due to movement in heel. Eyelet design looks cool (one section is surface applied metal teardrops), but prevents laces from really laying flat. Round laces also don't distribute pressure evenly across the tongue. You really have to cinch these up tight for proper fit.
From: Eric, 9/14

Comments: 4.0 player here -- the B5s were my favorite shoes of all time. They did feel loose and a little heavy the first wear, but after 3 wears they have broken in beautifully. They feel secure, well padded, and comfortable. The tongue is plush unlike what some have complained about. Every bit as comfortable as my Ballistec 4.3s. Overall, these are just like the originals from what I can remember. Will consider buying again once additional colors are released.
From: Joe, 9/14

Comments: These shoes did not slide on clay for me. Not only did they not slide, but they acted like air brakes. Since I play 95% of my time on clay, these shoes became immediately useless to me. I wish I would have known this ahead of time, but perhaps someone else can learn from my mistake.
From: Ben, 8/14

Comments: These shoes are well made. You can tell that the soles will last for a long time. I do find that there is a little heel slippage and the soles are still rigid (no flex) after a few months of play. These are great shoes for cycling because of the rigidness of the soles. The shoe at times feel a little clunky, so they are good practice shoes, but not match play. There are better shoes in this price range so I would not buy these shoes again.
From: Stephen, 7/14

Comments: I had my big toe jammed into the end of the shoe while chasing after a lob. My big toe became black and blue and I had problem walking for a week. Maybe I didn't tie my shoelaces very tight, but this never happened to me with any other shoes while playing tennis.
From: Cy, 7/14

Comments: I agree with the previous post. I just went to a local store and left without the B5. Comparing the B5 and B7 for the size of 7.5, I found B5 to be more narrow than my B7. I would need to go up to a size of 8.5 for the width. But, it's just too long for my feet. My next Barricade will be B8. Just don't like the look of the coming B8+.
From: Sat, 6/14

Comments: Much more narrow and longer than the original B5. These shoe have the cosmetic of the B5 but the internal structure, shoe shape, and overall feel is like that of later barricades.
From: Ted, 6/14

Comments: I was thrilled that adidas brought back my favorite shoe. It is not as good as the original but it's close. The collar and tongue are not as padded but it's lighter because of it. I returned the shoes under the outsole warranty and they replaced them with a pair of Barricade 8s which I consider to be the worst of all the Barricades.
From: David, 5/14

Comments: Do not use this shoe on clay surfaces if your game involves sliding! You will not be able to slide with this shoe on clay due to the aggressive chevron tread pattern on the front of the shoe. As I found out, you will lock up like cleats are digging into the clay surface. Dangerous. Unfortunately, I didn't examine the tread before buying these shoes. I play 90% of the time on HarTru, so these shoes will be relegated to the closet.
From: Ben, 4/14

Comments: Best shoe ever and it is a looker! Several years ago, I bought many pairs of these thinking they would never make them again, but now, I am trying to wear them as fast as I can so I can buy more of these before they are gone again! adidas, please bring other colors as well!
From: Fernando, 4/14

Comments: I was pleased to see adidas brought these shoes back and updated the style as well. Unfortunately, they changed the cut around the ankle, and it is now too high, and rubs around the ankle. I experienced it on both ankles and returned the shoes. Very disappointing. Not sure where to go now since this design seems to be in all the other Barricades as well based on the reviews.
From: Mike, 4/14

Comments: I was so excited when I saw that adidas brought back the Barricade V. I have owned 2 pairs of the Barricade IV, 3 pairs of the Barricade V, and 1 pair of the Barricade VII. The 7s are fine on the court but a little stiff (and a little difficult to put on) and not nearly as comfy as the 4 or 5. I jumped on the opportunity to get the 5s again. I've always worn a 10.5 in the Barricade, well the "new" barricade Vs don't fit quite the same. Very loose in the heel but ok in the toe. If I ordered a 10 they would certainly be too short. Also stiffer than the original V and the tongue is not as soft and comfy. I've returned the shoes and am debating whether or not I should risk the 8. I've tried them on in store and don't feel any hint of ankle issues i've read about in the review section. It's a great price but customer service said I couldn't return the shoe based on the ankle/eyelet issue (if I indeed had that issue). They said it wasn't a defect, just the construction of the shoe. Hmmm. What to do?
From: David, 3/14

Comments: Based on the positive comments here, I bought it, but returned it, because I experienced the dreaded outside top eyelet material digging into just under the outside ankle bone like what has been commented on the B8s. But only on the right shoe, so maybe it was a QC issue but I didn't want to try again. Bought the B7s and am much happier. The B2s were the best ever. Wish they'd bring them back!
From: Andy, 3/14

Comments: Terrible fit -- too long and very stiff. My last pair were so much softer and fit better.
From: David, 3/14

Comments: I am a former touring pro, and had worn adidas for decades until the Barricade 6. With that iteration, adidas totally changed the internals of the shoe such that even with custom orthotics, the shoes were incredibly painful for me to wear. So even though externally these look like the V, internally they are the same as the newer generations. If you like the narrow fit of Nike, you'll probably like these. By the way, if you're looking for another shoe, I highly recommend the Lotto Ultra Raptor IV.
From: Chris, 2/14

Comments: Thank you adidas! The collar is less padded and the tongue is a little different but these are still the best Barricade. The fit, stability, comfort and durability are what you expect for a Barricade. Great shoe!
From: David, 2/14

Comments: Best tennis shoes for me. Period. Very glad they brought them back and I hope adidas never stops making them. Superb fit, stability, cushioning and better fitting than the originals. Best tennis shoes ever made in my opinion.
From: Carl, 2/14

Comments: These shoes get the trophy for the most comfortable, durable, and sexiest tennis shoes ever known to the human race. I am so glad that adidas brought them back because the shoes after these aren't as good. I hope that adidas knows how right they got these shoes. I remember when every tennis player had these shoes, but now eveyone is wearing Nike or Asics. No shoe has lasted as long as these. I usually go through shoes in 2-4 months but these Vs last 5-7 months for me.
From: Dan, 2/14

Comments: I quit wearing Barricades after trying the 6s and switched to Nike. In my opinion, the V was the best Barricade ever for performance and cosmetics. What is up with the last two versions? I would never wear them. Plain, clunky, extremely unappealing. So happy the Vs have returned. Time to switch back. Thanks adidas!
From: Johnny, 1/14

Comments: Love them -- these are the best shoes ever!
From: Fernando, 1/14

Comments: Amazing shoes and thanks adidas for re-releasing these. I disliked the B6, really liked the B7, though the B8 is okay but the best is back -- the B5s are tremendous. Stable, durable, breathable, feel far lighter on foot than the stats say and just a quality shoe for $99, plus they include a warranty. Can't ask for more! Other companies should take note. 5 stars (so long as the upper drag guard holds up as well as the B7's)!
From: Carl, 1/14

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