adidas Bercuda 3 Black/White/Red Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: The right shoe feels more narrow than the other. I've never had this problem before. Am going to return them. Also, the footbed feels very hard.
From: Peter, 11/13

Comments: This is my second comment on these shoes. Previously, I mentioned that I thought the material was cheap. Well Saturday while backing up to hit a backhand in these shoes, I nearly twisted my foot off. I suffered a massive ankle sprain, but luckily no breaks. As I said previously, I have always wore Barricades. And I have never experienced a turned ankle in those. But those, as you know, are very tough material and well made. I wouldn't recommend these shoes, they are not a deal at 50 dollars, not when your health could be harmed.
From: J, 11/13

Comments: Bought these 2 months ago. Already the threads are coming loose at the toe. They fit well, but durability is very poor. I don't recommend these shoes.
From: Raj, 11/13

Comments: I've been wearing Barricades since the Barricade IIs. Lately, the new Barricades have been so loud in color, I just couldn't buy a pair. I needed a new pair of shoes though, and took a chance on these because they looked good to me. Never wore Bercudas. Played in them today for the 1st time. Initial response: the tongue of the shoe slides down beneath the laces during play, which really annoys me. They seemed to have good grip. The material that makes up the front of the shoe seems cheap. I think with this shoe, I am going to get what I paid for, a non superior 50 dollar shoe. My advice, go for one of the crazy colored Barricades, or hold out for one without a crazy color scheme.
From: J, 10/13

Comments: I have worn the Bercuda 1 and 2 since this line came out. They were good quality shoes and reasonably durable for their price. The Bercuda 3 looks sharper. However, these shoes are so much narrower than the Bercuda 1 and 2. I first did not notice the difference, but after wearing them on the court a couple of times, my feet were getting so sore. Luckily, I had an old pair of Bercuda 2s so I could compare. These Bercuda 3 shoes are definitely a lot narrower. If Bercuda 1 and 2 felt like the right width for your foot, you will have trouble with Bercuda 3.
From: Anon, 9/13

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