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Comments: This shoe is great for the price! It doesnt last very long but it did last my entire tennis season which is about 3 months, in which I played everyday for at least 2 hours.
From: Akil, 5/13

Comments: I have had these for 6 months. I'm 200 lbs and play for about 6 hours every weekend, mostly doubles. Unlike some of the other comments, the durability has been fine for me. No holes and the tread is still good. Plus, I like the styling and cosmetics. The only issue I had was with the lack of cushioning. The previous Bercudas had a lot more cushioning than these. However, I picked up some gel inserts, and after that I like these shoes a lot better.
From: Shawn, 5/13

Comments: Very comfortable. However, after 2 weeks (12 hours of playing time), the tread was worn out. I'm assuming that in the next 2-3 weeks my toes will be sticking out of the bottom. Bought two pairs of these, thinking I was getting a steal.
From: Jason, 2/13

Comments: I played in the original Bercuda's and like them. I bought these and found them wanting. The length was about a 1/2 size short, the tongue is flimsy, and they have a cheap feel to them. I bought the Barricade 2's at the same time, and they are better-constructed shoes that fit properly.
From: Al, 12/12

Comments: These shoes look great, but after a week of using them they fell apart.
From: Jorge, 11/12

Comments: These shoes were not too good. I played tennis about every day over the summer and during school, and they were good up until the school year started. I am about half way through the tennis season and a squeak developed in my left shoe. I only had the shoe for about 2 months and there is already a hole in both shoes. I rate the shoe a 3/10. The 3 is because it held up for half of the summer.
From: Cody, 9/12

Comments: I got these shoes for my son. He is 14 and played 2-3 hrs/day in August. The left shoe sole developed a hole where the big toe is after one month.
From: Mircea, 9/12

Comments: I would give these shoes 8/10. The pros being that the traction is amazing and allows me to move and stop better, it is lightweight, the looks are great, the fitting is snug and there is little breaking-in needed. The only con for me was the width. I have wide feet and at the end of the day of hitting my feet feel a tad sore. So I if I had narrower feet I would definitely buy another pair. As a result I will stick to buying Prince T9s that are especially made for wide feet.
From: Jeff, 8/12

Comments: These shoes are extremely comfortable. They are nice looking and have a good fit. I direct a tennis academy of top juniors and I get the Barricade 7's from Adidas through their pro sponsorship program, but I order any extra gear from Tennis Warehouse. The 7's are a tough, durable shoe but they are not as comfortable as Adidas' less expensive shoes. These are excellent shoes if you are practicing or on your feet all day like I am. They don't last as long as the 7's do but very few shoes on the market do. These are very easy on the feet.
From: B.A.W., 8/12

Comments: These shoes are great. I am a 3.5 player and have a wide foot so I was a bit worried about how these shoes would fit. It took only an hour to have these shoes broken in and they feel great. Very light weight, not too high off the ground and enough cushioning. Lots of stability. The fit of the Bercuda 2 is excellent. The heel was very secure unlike many other good tennis shoes I have worn. I do not know how long these would last but I have worn these shoes to play a few times, each session lasting at least 2 hours. The looks of the shoe were also a highlight. Adidas, please keep making shoes look like these forever!
From: Matthew, 7/12

Comments: I am a teaching pro and have been wearing these shoes for about a month. My court time is split 50/50 between clay and hard. It took about 3 days before they really felt broken in. I wear them about 5 days a week for most of the day and have not had any problems with them yet. I think they will probably last me a year or so which is not bad considering the price.
From: Cleve, 7/12

Comments: I am a 4.5 and have both the Barricade 7 and Bercuda 2. These had much quicker break-in and also seem both longer and wider than Barricade. So far, durability has been good, but I have only played 4 matches on them. They do appear that they won't last as long as the Barricades. The stability seems pretty good, although not as much as the Barricade, but certainly acceptable. They don't have the same cushioning either being that they are light, but they aren't harsh. I haven't tried the Barricade Team 2 as they don't come in 15s, but I would say that two pairs of Bercudas might be a better deal than one pair of Barricades. Not sure how much better the Teams are, but I don't think you give up that much for the way cheaper price and what seems to be decent durability.
From: Jon, 7/12

Comments: These shoes are really quite light and comfortable. Adidas really did it by making that space where your foot bends,so this resolves that cringe of the material. Brilliant Idea. I find it much more comfortable to stay on my toes ! True, their not as supportive as the Barricades but for the price you pay, their good = D Not sure how long they're gonna last me though, that's to be tested.
From: Josh, 5/12

Comments: These shoes are really great and very good for a frequent player. I have only tried them out on hard and grass, and they work well however I am not sure about clay. They take 1-2 weeks to get used to but after that they are really comfortable and feel like a glove.
From: Jose, 5/12

Comments: Just bought the shoes and played a 2 set match, loved the feel of them and stability was right there. Will be interesting to see how the sole holds up. Great shoe for a great price and looks good.
From: Darren, 4/12

Comments: Great shoes for about the first 2 weeks like stated earlier the rubber on the sole is very thin and I had it worn down within 2 weeks of regular playing. Overall a good shoe just not up to par with my old shoes.
From: Sam, 3/12

Comments: The shoe only looks good, but not very supportive and a very "weird griping" feel while running on the courts, like your legs don't want to move. The rubber on the sole is very thin so not much durability And they run half a size bigger then usual. if these were worth about $15-20 cheaper then it'd be something. Very disappointing!
From: Yash, 3/12

Comments: These shoes look great. I wonder why adidas doesn't make their barricades look like this!
From: Anon, 2/12

Comments: Just got these shoes and I have to say they are great and so is the price, I couldn't have asked for more.
From: Javier, 2/12

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