adidas Barricade 2016 Grey/Royal Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: I have had these shoes now for about 5 months, and I have to say, they look awesome but the reality of it is they are the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever had. I put in an extra shoe insert and still they are horrible. The traction and stability are there but my feet ache every day of the week. I would not recommend them at all. I wish I had ordered the Barricade 7s. I have a friend that has them and he says there very comfortable.
From: Logan, 12/16

Comments: Wish I had read these reviews before I ordered these shoes. I had several pairs of Barricades in the past a few years. They lasted longer than any other shoes. I got the 2016 version from the warranty program of adidas. They're lighter and the front part is wider. The second time I played with them, I got wrong footed immediately and rolled my ankle seriously. I've fallen before but never had rolled my ankle. So after three weeks break, I started playing again with an ankle brace. Guess what? The second time I played again, in the middle of a game I suddenly fell and didn't even know how it happened. Luckily with the protection of the ankle braces I didn't get a bad injury again. Just now by reading below comments I saw someone else had the same experience of falling twice with these shoes. Now I'm seriously concerned and probably will think twice before putting them on again.
From: Z, 11/16

Comments: The only shoes for me, period. These are the only ones I've tried that accommodate my high arch and wide feet. Plus they are super supportive. I tend to be a fast mover and the best part is I have yet to have a strained ankle after many pairs. There are reasons most Barricade users refuse to change.
From: Joseph, 11/16

Comments: Great shoes for me. I've never worn Barricades before and was scared away by the break-in and overall comfort warnings. But it was not an issue with this '15-16 Barricade -- I wore them comfortably out of the box. I have a slightly narrow C/D foot and was searching for a shoe that gave support to my slightly narrow foot. Bingo! I also have a history of turning my ankles and as of six pairs of these in (so far), I love the lateral support.
From: Mike, 10/16

Comments: I've used every type of Barricades since the 7s and honestly they've got worse every time since then. The 7s were the perfect durability shoe while the 8s were average in my opinion. This version of the Barricade aren't really true Barricades any more, the durability has been reduced, they are lighter and the overall support and stability is worse than other versions of Barricade. Word of advice to adidas, stick to what you're good at and make proper durability tennis shoes rather than these 'middle of the park' shoes which don't know what they truly are. Are they durability shoes or are they speed shoes? These are neither and they don't suit me but give them a try if you liked previous Barricades.
From: Jack, 9/16

Comments: Great shoes! I came from the Barricade 6 and what a difference. No break-in, feels like a glove! Highly recommended.
From: Andrei, 7/16

Comments: Not a big fan. Ordered and tried them on at home and then sent them back. They fit me very narrow and didn't feel stable at all.
From: Tony, 6/16

Comments: These shoes are awesome. They are the fantastic which have instant comfort. No break-in required, perfect out of the box. The colors of these shoes are vivid and add awesome effect to the already fun Barricade. I love the different colored shoes but they come with a word of warning, they are very loud. Opposite colors really do stick out, be sure to check your wardrobe for something to match if you are planning on buying these.
From: Paul, 5/16

Comments: I got the Barricade 2016 as warranty replacement for Barricade 7. I do not like them at all! There is no cushioning and little arch support, also they don't feel as stable. It makes me think that adidas is trying to get rid of the low quality Barricade 2016 via the warranty replacement program. Otherwise, I do not understand why they don't replace with the original model which are still available.
From: John, 5/16

Comments: These are the first Barricade shoes I have worn that I absolutely hated. I have worn out maybe 30 pairs of Barricades since they came out. These have no cushion whatsoever. I bought the new boost version which is much better in every way.
From: Patrick, 4/16

Comments: I purchased these shoes and have used them a little over two months. Since that time have fallen twice on the asphalt court, doing some minor damage to myself and having never fallen before. The shoe seems very supportive, but for whatever reason, not maneuverable. They did require a break-in period of about 7 sets, and I found the shoes size to be about 1/2 size smaller than advertised.
From: Grover, 3/16

Comments: First session of the year and I wore these beauties. Unfortunately, the look wasn't as great as the initial break-in. I played for a couple hours but it was honestly pretty painful. My feet were dying and even after taking the shoes off my feet hurt for quite some time. I've had Barricades before and the same problem occurred with the sides being very tight before eventually expanding. Besides the tightness on the sides, the shoes worked very well and hope to be able to wear them more comfortably in the future.
From: Khanh, 3/16

Comments: I love this shoe! I have not worn Barricades in awhile because they just went south around Six or Seven (can't remember). I did survive by buying older model Barricades when I could find them. And when the Throwback V's came out, I was super happy. But these Barricades are awesome. I like the feel of Barricades because I personally like the feeling of having a lot of stability. And these do that. They are super stiff though. It doesn't affect much, but it does make it a little hard to put them on. But once on, I felt very secure with lateral movements (which is important to me). My two complaints would be the tongue seems really big, so it rubs on the front of the ankle at times. I have been wearing them for two weeks and it hasn't caused any bruising, but I definitely notice it. Second, (and it may be because of my feet), I feel like the side of the shoe is pushing into my foot. But only on the right side. Because of this, the right shoe, for me, felt like I had a little bit of a break in period. The left shoe felt great right out of the box. I think the break in period for this shoe is probably awesome or non existent! The "pressure" on my foot from the right shoe is noticeable but not in a way that has caused any long term soreness. It seems to be lessening every time I wear the shoe. I play four to five times a week.
From: Max, 3/16

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