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Comments: Beautiful shoes. They run at least half size bigger than all my other adidas shoes. The insoles are terrible. Made from some slippery material. Had to swap them with my golf shoe insoles and that fixed the issue.
From: Robbie, 1/17

Comments: I agree with Tom (the 11/2016 comment) -- these shoes fit a good 1/2 size smaller in length. In my case the width is too tight as well. I will try a half size larger to get a better fit. Previous comments regarding absorbsion on hard courts is a concern of mine.
From: Ron, 1/17

Comments: I really like the shoes but there are a few things to point out -- I used to wear the adidas Barricade 2015 which i really loved. I tried the Ubersonics and they are very different. First off, I have never tried a lightweight shoe before so this was completely new to me. The arch is a little bit lower so sometimes my feet would ache because it was not used to the "low ground" type of feel. The shoelaces are also pretty thing and sometimes the shoe becomes loose so I have to keep tying it. With the laces being thin, it is already starting to wear out. I have also slipped a couple of times which I have never done before with the Barricades 2015. But overall, I think it is a good and light shoe.
From: Anthony, 11/16

Comments: These are pretty nice, well made shoes. I've been through a bunch. I have a fairly wide and thick foot and they are comfortable with surprising support. I sometimes have to buy Superfeet arch supports but not with these, the arch support is there. They are also wide enough that my forefoot does not feel squished. They have a low to the ground feel and are on the lighter side compared to say the Barricades so they feel quick and stable no worries of rolling over. That said they do not have tremendous cushioning. Can't have thin soles and a plush ride. I play mostly on clay now so they work for me. On the hard I might want something with a little more shock absorption. I would buy them again, in fact that's why I'm writing this review as I came back to see about picking up a 2nd pair. I wouldn't mind a better color scheme though!
From: Dave, 11/16

Comments: Just wore these today for a match. These shoes are comfortable right out of the box. They are pretty quick and do offer good support. One thing I noticed, is that when you do need to go deep into a corner, say for a slice backhand, and really lean on the shoes, you will feel the laces through the tongue. Wish the tongue was a bit more cushioned. But overall, these are pretty darn good shoes. I think I might buy another pair. I play an all-court game, around 4.5 level.
From: Patrick, 10/16

Comments: If you are a fan of the Nike Cage this is the comparable shoe without all the money. The interior is well padded and it provides that low to the ground feel. Short break in time and good comfort on the court. The laces are thin and have some bite through the tongue if you really tighten them down. They also fit true to size. Not sure about the durability at this point but overall I'm very happy with the shoe.
From: MCB, 10/16

Comments: I had been wearing the Asics Solution Speed 2 shoes for a while and decided to try the Ubersonics. The Ubersonics run a 1/2 size shorter than the Speed 2. Also, the width of the forefoot is wider than the SS2. I have narrow feet and it felt like there was a bit too much room in the forefoot and noticeably less cushioning with the Ubersonics. Unfortunately, I ordered these in my usual size 12 and I can't wear two socks to fill some of the additional volume or my toes get jammed. Love the way they look compared to the latest SS2/3, but not a great fit for me.
From: Tom, 9/16

Comments: Been a fan of adidas for some time primarily because the sizes stay consistent across styles and they fit my wide foot. My Barricades held up well but were finally breaking down and I thought I'd try these. They are slightly tighter than the Barricades but in a good way. There's no sliding around inside the shoe and they felt good the first time on the court. I've only had them a week so I can't speak to durability but so far they are fantastic shoes.
From: John, 9/16

Comments: I have been using Vapor 9.5s for about a year now and I felt like a change of footwear. What a choice I made! These shoes are finally a true competitor to the Vapors which dominated my local courts. I didn't find any problems with the tongue and laces like the TW did. Overall they are perfect for me as they are very light like the Vapors and have better durability as well. Great shoe overall and would recommend to all Vapor users looking for an alternative.
From: Jack, 9/16

Comments: I've had these shoes for about a month now and I love them. They fit great and aren't too narrow. Didn't have to break them in and they are comfortable right out of the box. They are lightweight and that is what sets them apart from the rest of the tennis shoes I've worn.
From: Anonymous, 8/16

Comments: I got these shoes about half way through my first varsity year of tennis. I can say for sure that these are some of the best tennis shoes I have ever worn! They fit me perfectly out of the box and required very little break in on the courts. The light weight of the shoe contributed greatly to my playing, as I tend to do a lot of sprinting and stopping on the court. They provide great support all around and have excellent traction. I've had them for about 4-5 months as of now and have used them vigorously when playing and just wearing them wherever. I understand the trade off with durability and weight but they have held up greatly. They have great padding and are extremely comfortable to wear. The only small criticism I have is that the mesh around the toe area is getting worn away at a faster rate at which I'd like. But overall an amazing shoe that I would recomend to anyone with a wide foot!
From: Anonymous, 7/16

Comments: I find the Ubersonic to be very comfortable. I went from the Barricade to the adizero and these are super light and perfect for my feet. I also like the fact that are very low. They run a 1/2 size small compared to other shoes I've worn. They look cool also, not my style, but they can be worn off the court. I'm not sure about durability, after 6 or 7 wears, the sole already is starting to show signs of wear. The only complaint is about the laces as it seems small and slippery -- it's hard to really tighten them down and they come loose very easily. I'm a 4.0 hard court player.
From: Mauro, 3/16

Comments: The video reviews at Tennis Warehouse have been very helpful and they led me to this shoe. These adidas Ubersonics are close to the tennis shoes I'm looking for. I really want a tennis shoe with a consistent outsole from toe to arch to heel (i.e., no "brake" heels like the adidas Barricade and the majority of other tennis shoes). This shoe almost has such an outsole, with a functional herringbone design I can use on hard courts and clay courts. I still think that "lightweight" tennis shoes are heavy (including these Ubersonics), but Ubersonics feel considerably lighter and less clunky than the Asics Gel Resolution 4 shoes I've been tripping around a court in (they feel like I'm wearing heavy Frankenstein boots and I can't even walk normal in them, let alone run normal in them). And the Ubersonic heel in particular is considerably less "Frankenstein" clunky than all the other tennis shoes I've tried on. These Ubersonics have great traction, great breathability, and are my favorite tennis shoes so far. The outsoles are harder/stiffer than I care for, but I'm really impressed by how long they are lasting with virtually no wear after many hours on the court. Nonetheless, I'm still tempted to get out my lightweight running shoes by Altra (Instinct 3.5) and try them on the court because they have everything I want in a shoe to play tennis in (zero drop outsole, super lightweight, comfortable, wide toe box to be able to stretch out my toes inside of the shoe -- and because our toes are the widest part of our feet our shoes should be widest there too - super flexible outsole, breathability) except for possible lack of support moving side-to-side. If Altra made shoes for the tennis court, I'd be a definite customer. Back to these Ubersonics, I highly recommend them to tennis players looking for a durable shoe that is reasonably comfortable, relatively lightweight, supportive, and lets you move around the court more like a running shoe than all other tennis shoes I've tried (including Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5s which have those darn "brake" heels that slowed me down). The only things I really don't like are the thin laces that do dig into my feet (changed them to wider flat laces and that helped a lot) and the clunky hard plastic thing that wraps around the foot and held against foot by the laces going through them (I'm tempted to cut/saw them off). Still, the best tennis shoes I'd tried so far.
From: Krang, 3/16
Note from TW: Hi Krang -- We definitely suggest avoiding using running shoes on the court because (as you mentioned) there just isn't a whole lot of lateral support! However, New Balance makes a Minimus shoe which you might be interested in checking out as well (the Minimus 60) -- it's super light, very small heel drop and you will feel very connected to the court. The Nike Flares are also ones to take a look at! Feel free to contact us with any other questions about your on-court footwear!

Comments: light, low, fast, good looking, but arch is far to high
From: Blaz, 2/16

Comments: Have had these shoes for a week, and I don't see what the problem is with the cushioning. I've jogged on the treadmill five times going five miles each time wearing these shoes with no issues at all. On the courts, I don't feel any lack of cushioning either. The shoes are nice, comfortable and broke in nicely. Don't be scared away by players looking for marshmellows to play on.
From: Jose, 2/16

Comments: This shoe was very nice and comfortable until it broke after 35 hours of play. I would not buy them again because of the durability.
From: Chris, 10/15

Comments: I've been wearing Barricades for a long time and switched to these because I needed a shoe quickly (while I await my 6 month warranty to be approved). Let me say that these shoes are lighter and faster than the Barricades. But, that is at the expense of support and comfort (in my personal opinion). In my first match, I got a huge blood blister under my left foot -- I'm left handed and in my second set, I slightly rolled my ankle. I never had any of these troubles with the Barricades. I'm a large guy -- 6'5, 220 lbs, but very agile. I'm not sure if it is the shoe or my physique, but I will be going back to Barricades. People complain about the break-in for the Barricades, but I think that is the reason the shoe ends up fitting your particular foot better in the long run. These require no break-in but they are so loose it caused physical injuries while chasing from one corner to the other. There is less lateral stability and that causes issues. If you are a shorter, faster, smaller player then maybe these are right for you. I asked Tennis Warehouse for a refund for or an exchange for an old pair of Barricades, but the best they said they could do is a 20% discount on a different pair of shoes. I understand you can't resell old shoes, but still, I'm now injured because of them, I should be able to exchange. I play a high men's 3.5 singles level for reference.
From: Eric, 9/15

Comments: I've never owned a pair of adidas shoes before, but have tried a few other brands. My running shoes typically are featherweight and I have always loved how a light shoe like a Saucony Kinarva feels, but was worried about a lightweight "tennis" shoe. I had the Nike Lunar Ballistic 1.5. I'm not sure if it was the heavier weight of the shoe or just tired legs but after a hour and a half or two hour match my legs felt like I had just been at sea for 11 months of the year. They were wobbly and heavy. I just got these tonight and I can already tell I'm at home. They are light, quick, easy to change direction and look cool. I can't wait to get them on the court and try them out. As a guy who wears through the toe of my shoes I'll be curious how they hold up but with the reinforcement front I think they will be fine. Great match. I'll see if these help my legs and comment later.
From: Sean, 8/15

Comments: I like that the outsole has rubber in the arch area. It helps me get a better feel for the court when planting.
From: David, 8/15

Comments: This shoes is cool. The product description is absolutely true. With my high arched feet, my knees hurt after every game. Now that is gone!
From: Rico, 7/15

Comments: Great shoe straight out of the box. The previous version was narrow and seemed that the lighter weight was achieved at the cost of quality and stability; not so with this version. The Adizero Ubersonic incorporates many of the best attributes of the latest Barricades but in a lighter form. My only knock against it are the insubstantial stock insoles, but I swapped in my favorite replacements and the fit is still excellent. Hopefully adidas leaves this model alone for a while now that they got it right!
From: Luxinterna, 7/15

Comments: Simply put, the best tennis shoe I have ever come across. I have been playing for roughly 33 years, and this is just the best. The feel is that of a typical sneaker. The support is that of a Barricade. They even feel broken in right out of the box. The combination of stability and light weight is second to none. These shoes remind me of the old adidas a3 Accelerators, one of my personal favorites. I am typically very hard in my critiques of tennis shoes, but I truly cannot find any flaws with this one. Even the color scheme is awesome. Well done, adidas, well done.
From: Kevin, 7/15

Comments: One word for these shoes...sick! Totally agree with Scott. The last Adizero Feather IIIs were dreadful. These shoes are reminiscent of the Nike Breathe Free IIs. Excellent support for explosive movement on every part of the court. Running down a drop shot, grinding on the baseline, and transitioning to the net! Totally stocking up on these! Haven't been this happy since the Breathe Free IIs came out. Honestly, they kind of look like the old Nike design too. Nice job, adidas! Fantastic shoe!
From: Jeff, 7/15

Comments: I like these shoes a lot because they are light, cool, well made, and laterally stable. I played six sets of singles on them so far at the 4.0 and 4.5 levels. The lateral push off stability is much better than my Asics Speed 2s which were too soft to push off of when really stressed. The Ubersonics have a nice, almost solid feel to the forefoot lateral push off. Coolness -- it's the most breathable shoe I've had after the awfully hot and heavy Barricade 8s, 8+s, and 2015s and my Lotto Raptor Ultra IVs were hot and heavy too. Even the lightweight Asics Speed 2 was not as cool to my feet. The new overlay breathable plastic toe piece is really smart. Weight -- my 11.5 Ubers weighed 14.2 ounces on my kitchen scale. Medial Support -- the instep is less puffy than the Barricades and that's good, but medial support in these shoes is not great though I haven't had any over-pronation problems. At first glance these shoes seem to have a pronation cant to them, I almost sent them back because from the back they look so inward leaning. But wearing them seems natural. The shoes have firm molded heel cups which give confidence that the shoes will retain their shape for a long time. The new fangled thin plastic heel straps add a bit of heel and ankle support and maybe are as innovative as the rest of the shoe but time will tell. Overall, these shoes seem similar in weight and concept to the Asics Speed 2 but are more successful in lateral forefoot support and in breathability. I get metatarsal pain from most shoes due to poor arch support and too narrow forefoot width but these shoes are actually ok in both respects. Smartest designed tennis shoe I have worn yet, and that's saying something.
From: Billy, 7/15

Comments: I have been a long time user of the adidas Adizero line back to the original Feather I model. The original FeatherI1 was entirely too narrow, the Feather II became my all time favorite shoe, and I have gone through probably 8 pairs over the years. I attempted to move to the Feather III, but those were an absolute mess, horribly uncomfortable and a lot of toe box movement that killed my feet, not to mention that stupid tongue design that was basically a piece of paper thin fabric. Once I had realized that the IIIs were no good for me, I went on every site I could to buy up all of the IIs I could find in my size to last me over the years. Just picked up the Ubersonics and these are incredible. Much closer to the Feather II, but much improved in just about every way. Glad to see that adidas has gone back to the basics after the Feather III just about killed the entire line (I think every ATP Pro that used the IIIs migrated to the Barricade line after the IIIs were such a train wreck!). I highly recommend the Ubersonic line for those players looking for a light, fast shoe for the court (those that feel the Barricade line fits like a tank vs. a cheetah).
From: Scott, 7/15

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