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Comments: This is an amazingly comfortable and high-performance shoe, great comfort and performance right out of the box. My feet are as relaxed as if I'm wearing sandals, yet the support and stability are top-notch. Now that it is discontinued, what is adidas' replacement to this?? Compared to a Nike Vapor, the comfort is similar, but this has much much better traction on hard courts, while the Vapor slides more. Now I've finally found my favorite shoe and there was only 1 pair in my size... :(
From: James, 3/12

Comments: If you liked the Barricade V then I'd recommend the AdiPURE Pro because of it's very similar fit. I used all the Barricade's but disliked the 6.0 due to its higher weight. A lot of leather on the Pro's outside (compared to the synthetic materials of Barricade etc.) gives you a very glove feeling. I just love it.
From: Simon, 11/11

Comments: I got these for clay because of the tread (herringbone is fantastic, if you haven't tried herringbone on clay, you must give it a chance if movement matters to you) and for the uppers -- not too much mesh for sand to get through. Maybe I got a half size too small, but my little toe nail is starting to bend up and the tops of my feet hurt. I pulled the laces out of the last eyelets, which helped my feet somewhat. I used the Babolat red/white shoes for clay prior to this, great shoe but I felt I was swimming in them and ended up digging holes in the top of the insole at the balls and heels. These Adidas would be great for the right foot shape (narrow); I would go so far as to say they'd function on clay better than the Barricade 6's (which I use for hard court).
From: PKN, USTA league 4.5. 8/11

Comments: These shoes are great. The upper leather is very soft and fits like a pair of expensive gloves you pay hundreds of dollars for. These shoes are very light yet stable. The cushioning is excellent. Cushioning is better than the Asics Resolution and much better than any Nike I have ever worn (Breathe, Ballistec, Lunar Vapor). I feel like I can use these as runnning or jogging shoes. The only way to describe these shoes is "perfect." Today, shoes on market are never what I want. Some are too narrow, some are too stiff, some are too wide, some are not cushioned enough, some have poor traction, some not stable, etc. I never got the right combination until these shoes.
From: David. 5/11

Comments: Best shoe Adidas has put out in the last few years! I have a narrow foot and with Nikes getting wider, I have been buying Adidas. Both the Barricade 6 and the new Feather seemed to be good fits at first, but their stiffness kept them from completely conforming to my feet. My forefoot was not secure in those shoes and moved around too much causing some irritation during break-in. The Feather finally fit but it was a painful break in period. This shoe seems like a much more comfortable version of the CC Genius. That shoe has more volume in the forefoot and when I tightened the laces to fit, its forefoot clamping system made it feel like my foot was in a vice. Like the Genius, this shoe has higher than medium arch support. However, in this shoe it is farther back and is a better match for my feet. Now that Adidas has finally gotten the fit right, I hope they don't lose the formula.
From: Bill, Moorpark, CA, USA. 4/11

Comments: Excellent shoe. Very soft and comfortable but still sturdy and able to take a pounding. I am a tennis academy coach who does a lot of hitting with good juniors and am on my feet all day. I have to have something that is both durable and comfortable. Adidas did a great job with this shoe. Classy looking shoe as well.
From: Brett, Georgia, USA, 03/11

Comments: Great shoes! Had the Barricade 6 and just switched to these pair; they're really comfortable without sacrificing performance and have great cushion and no need to break in, unlike the Barricade 6. Very similar to the Barricade 2, which is in my opinion the most comfortable Barricades by far. This shoes offers great performance and love the simple yet elegant look. Highly recommend this shoes for hard court players seeking comfort and stability.
From: Carlo S., San Diego, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: Pretty comfy and really great performance but then starts to wear away in performance slowly. I'll probably not come back to this shoe. Stability is decent but agility is great!
From: Jack, Seattle, WA, USA, 03/11

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