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Comments: It's all about your feet anatomy as there's no one-fits-all model. I've got the 2011 version of these shoes (orange,red, white) and I play mostly on clay. They fit me perfectly, no break-in period, they served me great right from the first use. They are also very easy to maintain due to used materials. Best tennis shoes I've ever had.
From: Younes, 6/12

Comments: I experienced a shorter break-in period than most reviewers, though, I did get blisters on the tops of my outer two toes on the first few outings. No arch pain as some others reported. I have standard width feet with medium to high arches. These are lightweight, comfortable, snug, high-performance shoes. The Outsole durability seems comparable to Barricades and Response Comp (my last shoe). Better durability in the toe area compared to the Response Comp. Overall, I'm very happy with them (but for price it would be great to have a 6 month outsole guarantee). I look forward to Adidas' next iteration.
From: Marc, 6/12

Comments: I am a junior tennis player who plays 6 times a week who bought these Adizero's shoes a month ago. I played with these shoes for one month, and I play 6 times a week, and these shoes are still killing me. The shoes are very narrow so they hurt my feet even more. Also the shoes have no cushioning so I twist my ankle every day now, not a big fan of twisting ankles. Last these shoes durability is terrible. After one month see a hole. I got these shoes because I wanted to change out of my usual barricade 7's because of it's light weight but there isn't much of a difference. Please spend a little more buck and get the barricades!
From: Shant, 6/12

Comments: I had blisters on my feet for about two weeks after I got these shoes. Once they got broken in though, they were great. Very fast and responsive on court. Also stable and durable. The only downside is that the ventilation is not so good. Otherwise great shoe!
From: Michael, 5/12

Comments: I got those shoes 2 days ago and played with them twice. The second time I was lacing them up one of the lace holes was cut. Those shoes are very uncomfortable and require serious breaking into. I am exchanging them for a more comfortable pair.
From: Tarek, 5/12

Comments: These shoes are light and extremely comfortable. No break-in required. I bought them and they were so good and fast in the court that I bought another pair. You must have a NARROW foot, then these shoes will fit perfectly. I have a friend that has them and since he has a little wider foot than mine, the side of his pinky toe started rubbing the shoe and really bothered him enough to not wear them any more. BUT, if you have a narrow foot like mine they will fit excellent. These shoes require thick socks for more comfort. FYI the widest part of my foot is around 3.5 inches wide (I measured the front of my foot right behind my toes, from side to side) and wear 9 1/2 shoe size. You can be confident with these measurements. I would not recommend this shoe to anyone that has a foot that is wider than 4 inches.
From: Julio, 4/12

Comments: I have a pretty neutral foot and these are great for that foot type. The soles have a lot of grip. I felt very fast in these shoes. My main gripe, as some others have commented, is that the shoe gouges my foot approximately at the top inside eyelet. I think the problem is with the tongue.
From: Ed, 4/12

Comments: Bought them, tried to break them in the same day. I didn't have any blisters at all but by the end of the hour I had rubbed the skin completely off on my right pinky toe and it was bleeding everywhere. Very uncomfortable shoes if you have even a slightly wide foot.
From: Jeff, 3/12

Comments: Light, yes. But break-in won't solve problems if you have wide foot. Terrible side blisters on right side of pinky toe.
From: Sandy

Comments: The shoes look great but break in time took a lot longer than I would have expected. Once you get into playing they feel awesome. Down side was just the break in.
From: Emmanuel, 2/12

Comments: Shoes not unlike rackets and even balls can be very very subjective. With regard to this, yes the shoes will be easier on a narrow foot. That is gospel. If you have a wide foot don't go here. Good shoe maybe for match play, surely not an every day shoe. Not enough cushioning and really not stable enough to protect from little tweaks. In other words your feet will take a pounding in this shoe, though it is quick, and it is light. I won't even pretend they are the best shoe I have ever worn, but they are light and quick and stable enough to wear for match and practice sessions, and don't leave my feet, knees, or body with little morning after tweaks even after lengthy sessions. Again, I believe best suited for those of the narrow foot persuasion. However, for out of the box comfort, at the best price point is the Barricade VI Team.
From: Brant Kelsey, 2/12

Comments: Definitely the best money spent on shoes in my life! I've been using these shoes for almost two months. This shoes are the best shoes ever for me, I have a narrow foot so I haven't had any blisters. The improve on my speed was seen since the very first days, I am so impressed I bought another pair for these Christmas.
From: Alfonso, 12/11

Comments: Great looking shoes. I have a wide foot, so just like other reviews stated, they are pretty great looking shoes and pretty light. I used to wear the Barricade models (4.0, 5.0 and 6.0), and thought they're awesome. So I wanted to try out this model in the same size (12). The first day I tried to take a short session of running (for breaking in), but it was impossible for me to do it after the first 5 minutes. Inflexible, narrow, I've got terrible blisters on my foot (top and side).
From: Mauro, 11/11

Comments: As many have said in this list, the adidas adiZero Feather requires a substantial break-in period and is quite narrow. Having said that, I must say that I noticed a significant improvement in my performance after buying it. Traction, stability and lightness (in particular) are fantastic. Simply put, I got quicker. In sum, these are are performance shoes - not comfortable "feel good" shoes. Expect some blisters then.
From: CH, 11/11

Comments: I thought this to be the worst shoe ever made with three stripes. I have always loved adidas shoes so I bought these with my eyes closed. The thin neoprene tongue means friction and blisters, added plastic bits make it less breathable. They still feel hard after a long break-in period.
From: Anon, 10/11

Comments: These are great shoes! Plus, they aren't too expensive. They are worth it! They're very supportive even though they're also pretty light. If your feet are slightly wider like mine, they may feel a bit tight at first but as they get worked in, the tightness starts to go away.
From: Danny, 10/11

Comments: This has been the best tennis shoe I've ever owned. They are stylish and extremely light. I've been wearing my pair for 2.5-3 months now and I have no problems stopping without sliding. Traction is amazing.
From: Jonathan, 10/11

Comments: First off let me say if you have a wide foot, don't buy these. Now, if you have a narrow foot, definitely look into these! An amazing comfortable shoe, that doesn't feel like your foots sliding around from having to much room. It has a nice, firm feeling fit on a narrow foot, which can be hard to find. They are very stable, not to heavy, pretty sturdy, and plenty of traction.
From: Robin, 9/11

Comments: I have played on clay for years with the Feather and they ruined it with the redesign. Like others, I got terrible blisters on my pinky toes. I never have had a problem with blisters before. I took my time breaking them in, playing several easy doubles matches, however when I started to get aggressive the blisters started.
From: Mark, 9/11

Comments: I love this shoe. It has great looks, light weight, and is very stable. I can see why some people experienced discomfort and blisters. I have a narrow foot, so I did not get blisters, but I did feel discomfort high along the arch, which is due to the stiff material running up the side of the shoe. After I replaced the original insole with an aftermarket insole with better support, the discomfort went away, and it's now my favorite shoe. If your game relies on speed, and you have a narrow to medium foot, you should get this shoe! Just be prepared to buy an aftermarket insoles. The end product is worth it!
From: Ramon, 9/11

Comments: It's a shame. These are great looking shoes, but just like other reviews stated, they gave me terrible blisters, even on the top of my foot (there's a plastic aesthetic piece on the side of the shoe that jabs into the top of my foot).
From: Don, 9/11

Comments: This is the best shoe ever. I've been playing with Nike Court Ballistec since they came out and I would have sworn that I would never found something better. I was wrong. This shoe is light, fast, and good stability. One important thing it's worth mentioning. I have a medium to large foot and I find these shoes super comfy and roomy in the toe box. So I really don't understand those comments where people say that this is only for narrow feet. I already bought 3 pairs in 3 different colors. Very happy.
From: Anon, 9/11

Comments: These shoes when out of the box feel hard to slide my feet into them (my socks seem to have some traction on the tongue of the shoe). I also got blisters on both of my pinky toes, but if I tape them up a bit, then it gets a bit better after my blisters healed. I am still in the process of breaking them in, so i don't know yet whether they are comfortable after break-in.
From: Anon, 9/11

Comments: I love this shoe, however there is not much toe protection!I tend to drag my toe on serves and this shoe completely broke down and wore through in no time! I suppose I need to change my serve a bit, but if your a toe dragger like me, you will be dissatisfied with this shoe!
From: John, 8/11

Comments: This is an awesome shoe! It feels good and looks good. The only one problem though is the durability. But overall, it is an awesome shoe!
From: Brock, 8/11

Comments: Best tennis shoes on the market! The traction is crazy; they almost stick to the court. If you have a narrow foot, definitely give this shoe a try. I took them right out of the box last night and hit the court with them. They were a little stiff but after about an hour they loosened right up. Great shoe for the money.
From: Clint, 8/11

Comments: The pros of this shoe: great looking shoe The cons: relentlessly painful if it doesn't fit your foot and maybe even if it does! I have played 15 times in these shoes and even if I tape the hot spots they create it still causes blisters. They are very narrow plus your foot tends to slide in them. The lacing system is terrible is mentioned on this board. Can't wear them anymore which is too bad, they are great looking.
From: Tom, 8/11

Comments: I bought this shoe and although I really like the design they gave me extreme blisters. I never have any trouble with blisters, and have never had one on my feet in my life. So they are now standing in the closet. To bad because I really like adidas, but this shoe is the worst tennis shoe I ever had.
From: Ruud, 8/11

Comments: I loved the shoe when I got it. Lightweight shoe and I noticed I became quicker with it. However, there are some durability issues with it. A hole was made in the shoe within 3 months and a hole in the sole. The outer frame also has some durability issues. However, if you're looking for a lightweight and quick performance shoe, this is a great purchase for you. But if you're looking for a shoe that will last you longer, this isn't the shoe for you.
From: Michael, Huntington Beach, CA, USA, 7/11

From:Literally the best shoe I have every played in! Light, comfortable, and the best looking shoe I have seen ever! Love this show! I will definitely buy more. Tyler, IN, USA, 7/11

Comments: After putting it on I got a big scratch on my toes and its ' killing me.
From: Leong. 6/11

Comments: Love this shoe. These shoes are great. Light, stable, sticky on the courts. I also use them for basketball (w/ ankle braces) and they hold up beautifully. Gonna buy another pair asap.
From: Dan. 6/11

Comments: They were hard to put on, plus wrinkles in my socks = blisters. Where are the old Feathers?
From: Reno. 6/11
(Reno, the CC Feathers have been discontinued. - TW Staff)

Comments: The first days on court, the only thing I could think about wearing these shoes was "OUCH". however, as the days went by I broke the shoes in nicely, and I now love them. They are aces in all departments. I use them for clay play and the grip is outstanding. I have had many different pairs of Barricades in the past and still hold them high in esteem as they are shoes for real players, but the adiZeros are great game day shoes.
From: Mike, Mexico. 5/11

Comments: The first days I thought it was not possible to play tennis with these shoes, inflexible, narrow, a guarantee of blisters and sores. To soften (break in) takes several, several days of walking and using two socks. They are light and look good. You have to get used to the pain and blisters initially, then it is divine light after break-in.
From: Jorge, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 5/11

Comments: As a marathon runner, I feel that this is the best pair of tennis shoes I have ever worn. It's light so you can really run around the courts without feeling like you have bricks for shoes.
From: Chris, New York, NY, USA, 03/11

Comments: I usually find that most comments in the shoe 'department' are somewhat slanted toward the negative, possibly due to those who have some issues tend to want to write about them.
I'd like to say that this shoe is not too bad at all. However, it's true that it is geared toward those who have narrow feet & that it is not fair to compare this against Barricade 6, which is conceived totally differently.
If this shoe does suit your foot, then I'd say it's a fairly good game day shoe. By contrast the Barricades are your workhorse, but these are light & sleek.
My major concern is their price & do not believe they stack up well compared to Barricades in that regard. I suspect if the price was somewhat lower then comparisons with the Barricades may not be so frequent and they'd be treated as totally different shoes, which of course they are!
In terms of light & fast shoes, I have enjoyed Asics Gel Resolutions, which are probably superior to these, however their sole gets worn down quickly if you do not rotate your shoes.
I can't say just yet how these wear in comparison to the Asics (1 & 2), however am told that the most recent incarnation of the Asics (Resolution 3), have tried to address sole wear issues.
So not a bad shoe at all, but definitely not suited to people with wide feet & definitely not a Barricade replacement. Probably best to try before you buy, they could be the ones for you?
From: Dean, Australia, 03/11

Comments: Stylish shoe that looks great and plays great. A little narrow, but two pairs of socks will take care of all possible blisters.
From: Tony, Kansas City, KS, USA, 03/11

Comments: Took me fifteen days of walking to school and about ten hours of tennis to break this shoe in. I felt some pain in my arches and also got blisters on both my little toes. Now, the shoes have broken in and feel excellent. Traction is great on shell and clay. Only buy the shoe if you're willing to suffer a bit before enjoying it.
From: Luis, Manila, Philippines, 03/11

Comments: I just got this shoe last month. I love this shoe. I had no trouble breaking in and received no blisters. I have great propulsion on the court and they keep me on my toes.
From: Josh, Long Island, NY, USA, 03/11

Comments: No break-in required for me. Great, secure and snug fit in the heel, and mid-foot, no problem with the arch, somewhat loose and too soft in the forefoot.
My favorite shoe is the Nike air zoom vapor VI tour - no longer available. (I have extra pairs and use them for clay only, because the sole wears too fast on hard court.) Tight fit all around, two lace holes at the top. But Nike is bragging about how they have opened up the forefoot and toe, lowered the arch, and reduced the stiffness of the forefoot: so I am dumping Nike for these shoes.
These shoes feel fast and agile, with excellent shock absorption, all especially in the heel, and are great for hardcourt. I think the white/green has a pleasing conservative appearance and should be a standard and would not want to buy the bolder color schemes. These shoes are definitely not clunkers. The TW review seems to imply a clay version is coming out. When?
From: Harvey, Fort Myers, FL, USA, 03/11
(Harvey, we're expecting the clay outsoles to come in around the end of this month.--TW Staff)

Comments: Snug fitting, very light and quick feel, but I ended up developing blisters on both feet in the same place: high on the arch approximately where the top inside lace eyelet is located. Not sure if the tongue caused this or if it was the height of the top inside lace eyelet, but I bled right through my socks on both feet. Even after break-in the hot spots still remain, so it's back to the heavier/clunkier Barricade 6 for me. This shoe has potential, so hopefully they come out with a new and improved version of the Adizero Feather, because Adidas sorely needs a light shoe offering in its shoe line.
From: JD, Thousand Oaks, CA, USA, 02/11

Comments: Absolutely the worst shoe I have ever bought. These may look good but these suck. I had a very long and uncomfortable break. These gave me so many blisters and they didn't become any more comfortable after the break in. Disappointed is all I can say and that I'm going back to adidas.
From: George, New York City, USA, 02/11

Comments: I gave these a try after using Barricades for years. Well, I will be returning to Barricade V. The forefoot is very narrow so if you have even a modestly wide foot I would not get these shoes. Once on my feet they perform very well and have a comfortable sole. I think this is a perfect shoe if you have a narrow foot and want a high performance shoe.
From: Dean, Oakland, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: Just tried these on, and they feel great. My only gripes are: 1. The lacing system is terrible. I have to tie my shoes very tightly because of very narrow feet (AAA width), and when you try to tie these tightly, it sounds like the plastic is going to break. It's a bit disconcerting when you're about to shell out some cash for something that's supposed to last, and it sounds like fragile wire that will snap with the slightest increase in tension. My other gripe is: 2. The plastic base of the shoe is pushing into my arch. This, however, is minute, and is something that can easily be remedied by an insole, which I put in all of my shoes.
I will definitely be buying these, and will provide a deeper review after playing with them for a bit.
From: CAM, TX, USA, 01/11

Comments: Great looking shoe very comfortable and light but a little bit narrow. I have nasty blisters from them, the last tennis shoe I wore was the Barricade V still tossing up which shoe is better.
From: George, New Zealand, 01/11

Comments: Not my favorite shoes. After "breaking them in" I still had horrible blisters, the feel reminded me of the Genius shoes, which I also didn't particularly like. I wouldn't recommend these shoes, if you're looking for a good shoe then get the Barricade 6's and get your money's worth.
From: Jacob, Alabama, USA, 01/11

Comments: I have searched long and hard for a great shoe. This has everything I need except for a 6- month outsole warranty. There was no break in period and felt my movement was enhanced. I do not feel that I was off the ground any higher. Do yourself a favor and try these shoes!
From: Nick, PA, USA, 01/11

Comments: Beautiful design and stunning color used. Good feel in the fore foot, can move fast sideways. A good pair of shoes that yet fashionable.
From: Jethro, Hong Kong, 01/11

Comments: Great shoe, very light feel, only thing I don't like is that they feel kind of high off the ground.
From: Q, 12/10

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