adidas adizero Feather II Infrared/Wh Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: I purchased a size 13 in the blue/lime color instead of the plain jane. What drew me to this shoe were the comments of a wider toe box over the Barricades and the fact that it does not have a pointed toe, but more rounded toe than the Barricades. The Barricades gave me a pinched feeling. Also, this shoe was on sale at discontinued price, which made it most attractive. This Feather II is just what the doctor ordered with its wider toe box. It does require some break-in. The flat wide outer sole area with its firm inner foot area is perfect for me. This shoe is very comfortable and has a narrow heel grip area that is perfect. The arch support is good too, with no digging in. A nice designed shoe.
From: Teeter, 2/13

Comments: I just bought this shoe 1 month ago and the sole has already come out.
From: Gibson, 1/13

Comments: Nice shoe, and fits my feet well. No break in required. Comfortable and very light weight in contrast to the Barricades. Durability remains to be seen. I own Barricades, Teams and now this model. I do like the Barricades although I had to replace the cheapo inner soles. I will not buy Teams again due to the cheapo inner sole and lesser good fit for me. Based on price point and all things considered I'm leaning towards staying with Barricades, though. If you want a good light weight shoe then these are a good choice.
From: Mike, 1/13

Comments: I bought a pair of these shoes the other week and I'm having a hard time with them. They hurt pretty bad around the ankle and I'm also getting blisters on my toes. Others have mentioned breaking them in so I hope mine break in too. I've just never had an adidas tennis shoe feel so painful to wear. They are light though, and they look pretty awesome. Another thing, the running gait seems really weird which may be why the shoe isn't working for me. My feet feel like they are both slanting in, instead of being flat. Try them on if you can before you buy them.
From: Mark, 1/13

Comments: This is the best shoe ever! It's so light! You have to buy it now!
From: Richard, 11/12

Comments: This is a great shoe. It's light, fast, and very comfortable (after a little break-in to soften the sides around the ankle). It's much better for wider feet than the Barricade, but after just a few wearings I had two lace loops blew out. They are not stitched well enough into the shoe to be strong enough to withstand vigorous tightening. I think this will be an Achilles heel for this shoe and Adidas will need to redesign it.
From: Frank, 10/12

Comments: The last two years I have tested shoes like Babolat ProPulse II and III, Adidas Barricade III, IV and V, Lotto Raptor II and III, Asics Gel REs 2, 3 and 4, Nike CB 2.3, 3.3 and 4.3, Nike Vapor Tour 9, and so on. The Adizero Feather II is such an amazing shoe! They have the best performance in cushioning, stability, speed and overall feel. All the negative parts of the Adizero Feather I has been remade and updated and now this shoe just feels great!
From: Henrik, 10/12

Comments: These are fine shoes. They are light, fast, stable, comfortable, and well cushioned. True to size. They could use just a little break in. I'm an older former 4.0 serve and volley player.
From: Bill, 10/12

Comments: I have always wanted to convert from the barricade to the Feather. While the barricade 7 has improved its comfort by widening the toe box (I have quite a wide foot), and is the ultimate shoe in durability and stability, I did want to look for a faster, more comfortable feeling shoe in the adidas lineup. Not being a huge fan of the first adizero Feather because of the discomfort I felt from the fit, I knew the adizero Feather 2 would be of much greater comfort to me. It's a very fast shoe and the grab is excellent, and though the durability is not on par with the barricade lineup, it is not too shabby. My one knock would have to be the agressive colorways in the Feather 2 lineup.
From: Brian, 8/12

Comments: I have been a Barricade wearer for at least the last five years. I wore K-Swiss before that. I was hesitant to try these due to my knee issues (arthritis) I have had these shoes for 8 weeks now. My knees are fine.This shoe is very comfortable. I wore them the first time in a match and forgot they were on my feet. That is what you want from a shoe. No issues. They are light and since I have never worn through a pair of Barricades in 6 months, I have no worries about durability here. I am not a toe dragger and my Barricade lasts would break down before I'd wear them smooth or create a hole. I don't think I am any faster or better with these shoes but the calluses I had on my big toes front the tight Barricade toe box are almost gone now. Yes, they are wider and I consider that a good thing for my toes. One thing I noticed was the flared heel. It looks like some running shoes. It seems to provide a more confident heel to court landing on the dead run. The shoe has not bottomed out when hard heel strikes are employed. So far so good. Nice job adidas.
From: Mark, 8/12

Comments: Spectacular shoe. I've always used the Nike Air Max line and decided to give these a shot because of their wider toe box. I am impressed, as they don't hurt my feet like other Adidas have in the past and they feel nothing like the clunky Barricade line. The shoe most nearly feels like a running shoe built for the court, with more lateral support.
From: Peter, 8/12

Comments: The shoe is all that the description says, however, I have not had any previous adidas shoe give me so many blisters around my ankles. I am wearing Thorlo level 1 and 3 socks, and still have issues.
From: Kevin, 8/12

Comments: Fantastic shoes. Very supportive and I feel like they will be durable. Like Nic mentioned, the toe box is a little wider than I would like. But the quality makes up for it. Wore it the first night I got them and they felt great.
From: Ryan, 7/12

Comments: Amazing comfort out of the box. I have been looking for a light, speed-oriented shoe for some time now. Always been a Barricade fan but I have found a new go-to shoe in the Feather 2. One draw back for anyone who has narrow feet like me is the toe box, as it is very roomy. However, it's worth the compromise. The shoe is seemingly durable, but nothing like a Barricade.
From: Nic, 6/12

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