adidas adizero Ace II Blue/White Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: Had this pair for 2 months now. They are light weight shoes and move well. But the shoe laces keep coming out during play. I never had this problem with other adidas shoes before. And the insoles are totally destroyed. Won't buy them ever again.
From: MP, 11/13

Comments: After 6 hours of play, I still can't find a lacing pattern that feels good. The shoe remains uncomfortable -- the forefoot is too snug and the ankle is too loose. While I never rolled my ankle, I could feel the shoe catch an edge every now and then. I wish the shoe was lower to the ground. I'm a 4.0 all-court player. At least they look good enough to wear casually.
From: Stephen, 10/13

Comments: I bought these in a size 10 and they were too tight in the toe box. I wore Asics 9.5 and the size 10 adidas Ace II was too small. I had to return the product via the free return label. I then went online and purchased the 10.5s which fit better.
From: Andrew, 9/13

Comments: I give this shoe an 11/13 overall. Comfort: 12/13, Durability: 8/13, Weight: 12/13, Sizing: 12/13, Style: 11/13. I'm a 4.5 player. Played second and first singles in high school and now play club tennis at college. Used to play with Barricades, which had excellent support, but were a bit heavy and hurt my toes. I've been very pleased with these. I move a lot better and have had no discomfort. Could be a bit lower to the ground.
From: Sam, 8/13

Comments: Beware of the size! The size 8 is much more like a 7.5. In comparison to the Feather II, they seem to be a bit more narrow in the forefoot as well.
From: Gary, 8/13

Comments: Feel great right out of the box. I am a size 8 in Barricade 7s and ordered an 8 in the Ace 2 but it's a tad too snug. If I could order again I would have ordered a half size up. But again, they feel great right out of the box. For the money you can't go wrong. Good for a club player that hits a few times a week.
From: Rob, 7/13

Comments: These shoes are extremely comfortable, but the durability for me wasn't good as I went through these shoes in about 2-3 months then I got Yonex shoes and they lasted and were comfortable.
From: Julian, 7/13

Comments: Question: I am considering these, but I mainly play on hard court and an acrylic indoor court and was wondering if these shoes will suit both of those surfaces?
From: Brad, 7/13
Answer from TW: Yes, these shoes can be worn both outside and on an acrylic indoor court.

Comments: These shoes have proven to be the best shoe I have bought to date. I am a long time Nike user, and have played in the Court Ballistecs and Cage Courts for the past few years. However these shoes have excelled past any of those pairs. The durability could be seen to be a problem if you are a toe dragger. They offer the most stability in a light weight shoe. Good buy for anyone looking to increase their court coverage.
From: Sterling, 6/13

Comments: I usually play 6 days a week between high school tennis and private lessons. I've had these shoes for about two months now. They fit comfortably out of the box. My only complaint is that they are not very durable. I drag my toe a lot, so there is a decent sized hole at the toe. Other than that they are great shoes.
From: Anon, 5/13

Comments: These are great. I also have Barricade 7 and Asics Gel Game 3. The Barricades fit great, but destroy my feet on court. The Gel Game 3 are super comfortable, but the cushioning is too soft on court. These Adizeros hit the spot for me. They perform and feel better than the other two shoes. My favorite part is the outsole. It hooks up when you need it, and gives a bit when you need that. So I'd recommend the Ace2 for anybody that wants to be able to cover the court. The Gel Res 3 for out of shape rec players that just want a soft ride...And the Barricade for people who hate their feet.
From: Phil, 4/13

Comments: I am one unhappy customer! I bought these shoes at the beginning of the tennis season. 7 matches in and there is a thumb sized whole in the bottom of the toe! These will not last!
From: Anon, 3/13

Comments: Although I prefer to wear Nike clothing when running and playing tennis, I prefer Adidas shoes. I have owned the original Adizero Ace shoes and then the blue/white version of the second re-incarceration after I returned my first pair on warranty. The second version is indefinably better than the first. The second version was made with durability in mind. I am a prone toe dragger and these shoes have lasted as long as my old pair, which I turned in on warranty, but the shoes have not shown any discoloration or wear on the toes. Overall I am very happy with these shoes, their comfort is unmatched by any other shoes, and I am going to buy 2-3 more pairs so that I can continue to use them.
From: Wyatt, 1/13

Comments: This is a great shoe that's comfortable and cheap.
From: Jorge, 11/12

Comments: This is a great lightweight shoe! No problems yet!
From: Johny, 11/12

Comments: Great Shoe! I'm a tennis pro using them 6-8 hours everyday. Three weeks now, and no complaints. They are really comfortable out of the box and really light.
From: Armando, 10/12

Comments: I am a broken down senior (64 years old) serve and volley player who always needs a stable, light, fast, and ergonomic shoe. I got these and the more expensive new Adizero Feather, and both live up to their claims. My Ace is in a size 12 was 12.8 oz. and works very similar to the Feather at 13.7 oz. The Ace may be a little tight (width) in the front, as stated, but not much. I find the length on the two shoes true to size. I'm happy with both. Both can use a little break-in. Durability is untested due to limited play. Outstanding cushioning.
From: Bill, 10/12

Comments: After nothing but bad history with Adidas shoes on court I decided to give these a try due to their weight. I didn't like them. My toes hurt after using them, even just wearing them around the house, let alone running on court. Adidas usually gives me blisters in my arch, but this is a different problem, as they are just uncomfortable. I will have to stick 100% with my Yonex and Lacoste shoes on court.
From: Kevin, 10/12

Comments: Just bought these adidas Ace II and could not be happier. I was looking at all the lighter tennis shoes on the market (Nike Vapor, Asics Solution Speed, adidas Feather II) but didn't want to spend the $100+ price tag. I saw these were on sale for a great price and had the specs I was looking for, so I went for it. They are really great shoes. I played all week in them, about 8-10 hours total. No break-in needed, very comfortable, great support, and light as advertised. I can't say how durable they will be as I just got them, but if you're looking for a light tennis shoe for a great sale price, get these.
From: Ed, 9/12

Comments: Great shoe, and very light. I was concerned that there would be stability issues, but there were none. I will not go back to the Barricade 7.0. I'm ultra pleased! Now, I have to see how the sole holds up. My tournament weekend just ended, and after 5 matches I'm feeling super good about the switch.
From: Gary, 9/12

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