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Comments: This is a classic poly string. It was very tight for me. It bothered my arm when I was serving. Therefore I like multiflament strings. The control is OK. I am using it in a Wilson BLX Blade 98 at 45 lbs. It still feels very harsh.
From: Emre, 8/16

Comments: Luxilon Alu Power Spin is one of the best polys I have ever used. I am an ex-collegiate tennis player and now coach. I still do play competitively and enjoy trying out different strings. In the last several months I have tried Solinco, Technifibre, Head, Diadem, Babolat, and various other strings. They all make good strings, but Luixilon Alu Power Spin is an exceptional string in comparison. The idea to take one of the most popular strings on tour right now and then make it shaped is genius. After the first hour of hitting with this string, I now know why almost 70% of players on the pro tour use Luxilon. Alu Power spin offer the amazing pop that regular Alu Power does, but there is an increased spin production aspect. In terms of spin I think this string can produce just as much as RPM Blast but the advantage is the added pop you can get. When you hit a nice shot right in the sweet spot with ALI Power Spin, it is almost impossible to miss. The string pockets the ball perfectly. The one knock on Luxilon generally is that it is uncomfortable. That is often true, but largely in part to improper stringing tension. I string my racquets generally around 56/57 lbs. With Luxilon Alu Power Spin I dropped it to 52 lbs and it was a dream. Luxilon string will likely hurt your arm/shoulder if you do not follow the advice on the package to drop the tension a little bit. It is made to be strung looser. I would highly recommend this string. I have play tested it in both the Wilson Ultra 97 and Blade 16x19. I'm a 5.0 player.
From: Andrew, 3/16

Comments: This string is my favorite. I like TiMo, BBAP flouro and BBAP 16L, but Spin is my all time favorite. Played with Babolat natural Gut (very nice, but pricey), Tecnifibre X-1 (nice), Topspin Cyberflash 17 (great + price), Signum Poly Pro Plasma (good), NXT (good but frays a lot), Babaolat RPM (just ok). My favorite racquets are the Prestige, Liquid Metal Prestige, Intelligence Prestige, and Flexpoint Prestige Mid. Stringing polyester is tricky so I usually leave 2' extra at the end/tie-off. That way you can try string and if you don't like you can cut original knot off and restring using the extra 2' to re-tie off. Which saves a lot of money. I must have read over hundreds of posts where unhappy customers have just cut out string jobs where the "polyester strings were as stiff as a board." Who can afford to waste a $25-$35 string job?
From: Anon, 6/15

Comments: These strings did not last long at all for me. I use a Wilson Pro Staff 90 and these strings were great for the 2 hours that I hit with them. One framed tennis ball and the strings were gone. It's sad because I was able to hit so well with them and now I feel as if I have wasted 20 dollars for nothing. I'm probably never going to buy Luxilon strings again.
From: Chase, 7/14

Comments: I strung my son's racquet with this -- he used to use 4G (16) on his mains but he likes this string better because of feel and spin. The negative side is that as other people mentioned it won't last long. My son is almost 15 and it lasted 6-8 hours of practice. Still nice string!
From: Ken, 4/14

Comments: This string is great. Grips the ball well and generates good spin and I love how it feels at 54x52 lbs on a Wilson Blade 98S. Only problem is that it only lasted me 50 minutes. Kind of odd for Luxilon.
From: Christian, 2/14

Comments: Amazing spin and great control, but this string does not last more than 5 hours if you are a big hitter. Shame since its price, it gets expensive.
From: Loay, 11/13

Comments: I have tried almost every Luxilon on my Prestige MP racquet (i.e. BB Original, BB Original Rough, ALU Rough, ALU Power and ALU Spin). ALU Spin is best strung between 46-51 lbs. The grab and spin is phenomenal at this tension, no elbow issues. The ALU Power feels a bit more solid but the ALU Spin produces more spin and velocity. Basically, if you string any Luxilon above 53 lbs on a thin beam racquet you are into tennis elbow territory.
From: Pete, 8/13

Comments: I expected a lot out of this string. The long and short of it is that it simply killed my elbow. I've never had elbow issues in my 20 plus year tennis career, and almost instantly with this stuff my elbow hurt and that was with dropping tension about 5lbs when stringing. As it loosened up a bit more, my elbow issues diminished slightly, but it was still a harsh string. It does generate tons of spin, but there's no way I'll ever use it again. Just not for me with that kind of side effect. I know others use it without issue, but I'll stick with a good multi in the future. Not worth the hype in my opinion.
From: Mike, 5/13

Comments: I tend to hit flat so I look for little spin advantages wherever possible. ALU Power Spin (pentagon) strings really grip the ball and generate a good deal of spin, much more so than ALU Power Rough which is what I used for 5 years. Also, I just made the mistake of buying the Luxilon Savage strings (Hexagon) on accident and Savage doesn't perform anything like the ALU Power Spin.
From: Allen. 4/11
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: It seems to me that this is Luxilon's stab at a Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour type string. I like it a little better than that one, but overall not as much as the softer Luxilons. I keep one racquet strung with Alu-Rough, and one with Fluoro, both crossed with Head RIP Control. These strings are thickest, stiffest and heaviest of the lot. The pros of this string are definitely the spin. However, I get as much spin with Fluoro, simply because it's lighter and I get more racquet head speed as a result. The string works best if you hit hard all the time. However, it's so stiff that there is a control loss if you let up at all, kind of like you're hitting with a board. Definite loss of feel as well. So you big bangers out there, this is the spin string for you. I'm sticking with the other two in the line (Alu Power original is just a little too powerful for me).
From: Stewart, VT, USA, 02/11

Comments: This string is NOT a string for hybriding, at least with a Sonic Pro. I had my YOUTEK Radical MP strung with "Spin" in the mains and the Sonic Pro in the crosses. Man it felt like I couldn't hit anything. It felt like I was being squished and every time I tried to hit it hard, the ball went from tennis to baseball, hitting a home run every time.
From: Evan, Waynesboro, PA, USA, 01/11

Comments: Amazing string! If you are a player that can play with your strings loose without losing it...this is the string for you! I tried tons of poly (and multi) and this is by far the best! Unfortunately is not inexpensive but it's worth it! I use it on main and crosses (53 lb) and I play with a Babolat Pure Drive GT plus!
From: Andrea, Woodbridge, VA, USA, 01/11

Comments: I am speechless, this string is incredible. Spin is unbelievable!
From: Jim, 11/10

Comments: This is a very good string and it feels like the ALU power but the spin has improved it.
From: Jay, USA. 4/10

Comments: I just got done using this string in a hybrid with X-One Biphase crosses at 60lbs. I want to say this is the best string combination I've found so far. Great spin, minimal string movement, great for volleys (especially touch volleys or drop shots). My 1HBHs were meaner. The kick serves kicked a little extra and the slices were penetrating. And since my arm doesn't hurt at all, I highly recommend this string in hybrid applications. As for how long this combination will last, I guess time will tell, but for how well the strings played it doesn't matter a whole lot to me personally.
From: Nikhil B.,Indianapolis, IN. 9/09
Prince Hybrid Hornet MP

Comments: Great String. I can impart more spin than ever before and swing away with confidence. However, it only lasts about 4 hours before breaking. Use something else in the cross, because it cuts into itself.
From: John, San Jose, CA USA. 7/09

Comments: This string is absolutely incredible! I hit a forehand with a lot of topspin so I thought that I would give Luxilon ALU Spin a try. I was amazed at the amount of additional spin that this string gives me. Forehands that before fell just long are now snapping down right inside the baseline, making my forehand a much stronger weapon that before. Also great on serves - a lot of power and spin. This is, by far, the best string I have ever played. If you hit a forehand with a lot of topspin, you should definitely give Luxilon ALU Spin a try.
From: Kenneth, Dallas, Texas, USA. 2/09

Comments: I've used many different strings now trying to develop good spin and control without too much strain on the arm. I have found it in the ALU Power Spin strings. I also string rackets for family, friends and our local league players. I have been stringing their rackets with the ALU Power Spin and they all love it. From the women to the men. From 2.5 to the 4.5 players they all love the stuff. The ladies like it because they can get that spin thing the men do. The men like it because they can hit hard and deep with a great amount of control. To date I have not broken any strings and I play 3 to 4 times a week just about every week, from temps ranging from 28 to 108. Having said that I do change my strings every three months. My wife has had her set on for 6 months with no problems and she plays more than I do. She also hits harder than some of the men do. This is a great string.
From: Dan, Monticello, Arkansas, USA. 2/09

Comments: This is my favorite string ever! I used it on my AeroPro Drive with Pro Hurricane Tour 17 on it at 58 lbs and found the combination of power and spin to be unbelievable. I would recommend this string to anyone who wants more access to spin as well, as the shape of it offers excellent bite on the ball.
From: Anon., Oregon, USA. 1/09

Comments: What happened to the 17 gauge ALU Spin? This is the best string I ever played with. It's easier on the arm than the 16g.
From: Mozart, Marietta, GA, USA. 11/08

Comments: I tried Luxilon Power Spin for the first time with it strung at the high range of my racket's recommendation. The rotation developed on the ball with this string is sensational, which allows you to "swing away" with confidence. The ball will often "banana ball" into the court to the surprise of your opponent (and often you). I was playing with the Gamma Zo Pro Spin, which was a bit more comfortable but offered less spin. The Luxilon Power Spin was a little tough on the arm but perhaps stringing it at 10% lower tension (as recommended by Lulixon) will help. The string broke after 2 matches and I suspect the angles on the pentagon shaped strings dig into each other and "saw" through the string. This may be a good string in the hybrid setting, which may offer a bit more control and comfort.
From: Jim, Colleyville, TX, USA. 8/08

Comments: The spin I can get from this racket is excellent. I have great control when I play. I love this string, even though after 6 hours of playing, it starts to wear out. But overall I think it's a nice string.
From: NIKKE, HONG KONG. 8/08
All around player.

Comments: This string is great. I'm able to unload on the ball and not fear it going deep. Excellent spin. I played with BB ALU Power Rough before trying the Spin. I like them both but believe that I'll stick with the Spin.
From: Brad (3.5), Baton Rouge, LA, USA. 7/08

Comments: Alu power feel, NOT Alu power performance. There's decent spin, but the strings don't stay in place like I want. It's decent performance in a MG Radical Pro @ 63 mains, with NXT at 58 in crosses. I think I'll stick with the original alu power.
From: Anon, 04/08

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