Luxilon ALU Power Feel 18 String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: Ample spin, power if you go for it, surprisingly good feel on softer shots. This poly is perfection. In a Prince 98 ESP 14x14 at 23 kg (about 50 lbs). I guess I'll restring rather frequently, but the playability of this one is really superior. And for TE prevention, regular change of (poly) strings is mandatory, whether they break or not.
From: Andrew, 3/16

Comments: Best string. Power, spin and control. The power comes from hitting the ball very hard, the spin comes from hitting the ball at an angle and the control comes from proper stroke mechanics. Awesome string!
From: Betty, 2/16

Comments: I have been going back and forth between 18g Timo and 4g 125 for the last few months. I generally always end up going back to the Timo until I found this string a couple months ago. This 18g power feel is the best feeling string I have ever tried and I've tried just about every well known string on here. I typically like a really soft smooth type string, I always use a rubber band in my racquet and this string in my new BLX three is the best combo I've tried.
From: Jeff, 2/15

Comments: Best strings I have ever tried. Tons of spin access, feel, control and power. The power comes from being able to take big cuts at the ball because the strings keep everything in play. My shots are nice and deep with a lot of spin! I have tried most strings on the market. The only other set up I like is gut in mains and Luxilon rough in crosses.
From: Danny, 11/14

Comments: I am a high school singles player who plays mostly defense, but not afraid to take a hit cut or hit when needed. This string is a fairly good string. I use the Wilson Juice 100 and strung it up at 54 pounds. Played singles and doubles for around 4 hours and while it started off somewhat stiff and board like it got much better with time. After around an hour it soften up and felt awesome. My groundstrokes were consistent and still had good pop. My slice serve down the line was on point all night. All in all I will keep using the string as long as I can afford it -- If you are looking for control, good power, minimal string movement, and that crisp Luxilon feel, look no further!
From: Jordan, 5/14

Comments: At first, I was a little skeptical, but it has good feel and still enough pop to hit out with confidence.
From: Chuck, 3/14

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