Luxilon ALU Power 16L String Silver Customer feedback

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Comments: This string feels very good and has a very crisp feel. It's durability is OK and lasts approximately 10 hours of practice but in matches only lasts about 3-4 hours. It feels much better than 4G and is much more durable than any poly/multi hybrid. Having no arm problems from it, I don't think I'll switch anytime soon! I am a 5.0, 15 year old boy. I would recommend stringing this at about 55 lbs.
From: Daniel, 1/16

Comments: I absolutely adore this string. I was using the Head Gravity Hybrid (my coach wanted me to have more spin) string before I started using this one. But I use to break 1 every 2 hours. But with the Luxilon, I break 1 every 4 days minimum. Which is fantastic!
From: Dusan, 12/16

Comments: I have used this string in the past as a cross only in a gut mains hybrid. I liked it quite a bit but morphed to a full bed of shaped poly, since about last summer. I've flirted with an Ai98 and had tried the gut/ALU hybrid from above. So last night, I decided to try a crisp string (grey ALU) in the Ai and just hit 90 minutes with it. Wow, I'm actually shocked how much I liked this combo. The somewhat muted Yonex came alive, but it's not harsh or jarring. Control, slice and yes topspin are really, really good. (I expected to give up something as this isn't a shaped string). Touch on drop volleys? No problem. And I think I picked up a little pop on the flat serve while giving up no spin on slice or kick. Coming from 17g black Cyclone, which is great string and strung up at 53/51 lbs (it settles almost 3 lbs overnight). My new set up!
From: Mike, 3/16

Comments: Had a Wilson Blade 93 2013 BLX with this string in it at 53/55 lbs and it is hard to beat. I am a natural gut (Babolat VS 1.30) guy, but this is clearly a big improvement in performance. In comparision to the few other high quality poly strings (Babolat RPM Blast, Volkl Cyclone, some Pacific, Weiss Canon) I've used, the feel clearly stands out. I prefer it also to Luxilon Big Banger Ace 1.18.
From: Andrew, 8/15

Comments: I would take either this string or 4G all day long over any of the Babolat or Gamma polys I've tried, and I've tried several products of those later two brands. I just like the response I get from the round Luxilon products, enough spin to give you control, but not so much spin that you lose speed and depth on your shots. I can hit through the court much easier with a Luxilon product than I can with a shaped poly. The only thing I like about a shaped poly is the slice action I can get on my serve. I string at 50 lbs in a Dunlop Biomimetic Tour, and play at a 4.5 level.
From: Blb, 7/15

Comments: It has good tension maintenance. I would not recommend you stringing this ridiculously low. I remember one of my friends stringing this low because that was what the packet said. Just adjust it a little bit (2-3 lbs). It has a responsive feel and enough power.
From: Peter, 7/15

Comments: I have been putting different cross strings with the Luxilon and I have been getting arm problems around the elbow.
From: Chris, 7/15

Comments: Strung this in the Donnay Pro One 97 18 mains at 55 lbs. The only thing that stood out for me with these strings is the exceptional touch/feel I got when playing a serve and volley game. The directional control is good too. Don't know if this is because of user error, but I find the Pro Line 11 and Pro Red Code strings better than the Luxilon Alu Power for generating power and spin when attacking the ball from the baseline.
From: Joe, 4/15

Comments: Update: I strung it as a full bed in the new Pure Drive at 53 lbs. which I think was my mistake. I hit hard, especially when I have the chance to put away balls but after about a week I lost tension and it fell to about 50 lbs which made it really low powered. If you create your own power then I recommend pre-stretching these strings. I need a new bed of strings. I love them though.
From: Nathan, 3/15

Comments: A very nice string.
From: Dostiyar, 11/14

Comments: I tried to use this string once on my Tecnifibre T-fight 295at 55 lbs.This string is really amazing when it comes to power, spin, control, feel, durability but it caused me pain on my shoulder, elbow and wrist. In the early morning when I wake up I almost cannot bend my fingers. I think i'll have to put it on hybrid next time at lower tension. If you have no arm issues, I highly recommend this string -- it's fantastic.
From: Darwin, 10/14

Comments: Strung at 61/59 lbs and I found this string to be quite normal compared to other similar polys after playing and getting used to it. The string seems not to bite the ball and just sliding through briefly if you try to hit with heavy spin. Energy return of the ball of this string seems bad as you feel your shots are kind of absorbed or cushioned by the strings. I prefer textured shape string I guess. I suggest players string this purely to have max tension of 55 lbs. Looking at the characteristic of the string, maybe you could get more pop and grip on the ball at this tension.
From: James, 10/14

Comments: The string I prefer with the Aeropro Drive. At 55/53 lbs -- great control and pocketing. Very good combo. Did not like RPM Blast on that racquet. Funny I did not like the LUX on the Pure Drive Roddick because it was much too stiff and dead. I loved Black Code 17 with a higher tension on the PDR instead.
From: Vincent, 9/14

Comments: I switched racquets and strings at the same time. The things I noticed immediately was the much more forgiving sweet spot of the Six.One 90 BLX (for decades I used the 6.0 85) and the sick amount of spin I could get from these strings. The spin is stunning. As long as racquet head speed is maintained at a high level, it is hard to hit the ball long! Serves are similarly affected. However, the string seems to be giving me some serious tennis elbow, something I never experienced before. I do have thin arms, not at all muscular and this string may be too much for me. I very much hope not since I am playing extremely well with this string. I am a Female power hitter who plays predominantly from the baseline in doubles and singles.
From: Daniela, 9/14

Comments: I put a hybrid of this with Natural Gut on my Head Graphene Speed Pro. Awesome control, penetrating power, and extreme spin. I can hit with more spin with this hybrid than Solinco Tour Bite, Babolat RPM blast, Isospeed Pyramid, and many other control-oriented polys designed to have good spin. Unfortunately, this setup is much too expensive for what I can afford, so I'm trying to find another great poly-gut hybrid setup or another string that has very similar characteristics.
From: Joshua, 9/14

Comments: Great string -- there's only two problems to this string; it's cost and some issues to the arm. Switching to this with the full bed is one of the greatest decisions I ever made, I use a Babolat Pure Control Tour while it is strung at about 55 lbs. I have full control over my shots as well as power and spin. I strongly recommended this string.
From: Nathan, 7/14

Comments: By far the best string I've ever used. Switching to a full bed of this string has resulted in more depth, control and spin. The depth comes because of the enhanced spin and I can take full cuts at the ball and they land in. I was a little concerned about comfort, but so far I don't have any issues. I strung this at 55 lbs in my Dunlop Biomimetic 200 Lite and it seems to be tailor made for the racquet's soft frame. I recommend anyone who is considering the switch to a full bed of poly to give these strings a try. The only drawback is the price.
From: Eric, 5/14

Comments: This string is very nice in a full bed. Many other people have complained about arm problems, I have never had any comfort issues with this string. It is very comfortable with a lively feel. It also gives you great control of the ball. It gives a ton of spin in the first few weeks, after that it dies off a bit and can feel pretty harsh if you hit off-center. If you want maximum response from the string, I would say replace about every 2-3 weeks (I play 3 hours a day). Personally though, I feel it is not too bad even after the initial spin dies off and the tension settles in the 40s. I used it for 4 months without any problem until it snapped. Most hard hitters can probably use this string for a few months without problem, however if you want the spin it is known for you might want to replace it more often.
From: Rohan, 3/14

Comments: The ALU Power is a wonderful string. It has more power than most polys and average to good comfort. Good feel and good control. However, after 2 hours of heavy hitting, it bags out and you loose a great deal of the string's properties. I do understand why so many pros use it, and they restring theirs very often. This is a little to costly for the non- pro player. If you match the ALU up with gut or a good multi, it holds its properties longer.
From: Jim, 10/13

Comments: I have not yet tried this string in a full bed, but have been using it in a hybrid at 52 lbs with Prince SynGut Duraflex in the crosses. It is pretty nice in my Aero Pro Drive GT and generates a lot of spin. Still too powerful for my taste, so I am going to try a full bed next time for more control.
From: Rohan, 10/13

Comments: I am someone who plays quite a bit. I like aggressive baseline rallies and vollies all the same and this string does it all. I went from using a hybrid in my Babolat Pure Drive with Alu Power in the mains at 55lbs and NXT in the crosses at 59 lbs, and while for the first couple of days of use it felt like the tension would always wear off and every shot I hit would fly. Then I switched over to Alu Power 16L in the whole bed and I don't have a bad thing to say. The first day it was a bit stiff but now that the strings have had a week or so to loosen up, I am in love. Serves are accurate with plenty of pop and spin. Groundstrokes are deep and clean feeling and vollies are quick and pop off the racquet beautifully. I love the durability as well. Luxilon knows what they are doing when it comes to this string. Only complaint I have (and this is being picky), is that it is kind of exspensive. Especially when looking to buy reels since I string my own and a few of my friend's racquets. Other than that, this string is a must have for any intermediate tennis player.
From: Jordan, 10/13

Comments: I'm a believer! I'm a 4.5 player living in a rural area about 90 minutes from a stringer and I was going crazy trying to keep strings in my Wilson K4. I was using FXP Tour which played fine but I was on the road more than the court. My stringer suggested the ALU Power as something more durable. I'm in love! After getting over the metallic sound, I have remained on the court and more than saved the extra cost in gas and time.
From: Reed, 9/13

Comments: I love this string. I've tried a ton of stings (Yonex Tour Poly, RPM, VS Touch, VS Touch + hybrid with just about every string) and thought I had settled on the best for me which was X-One Biphase. I've been playing X-One for over a year now and loved it, although I did break the string quite often. I tried ALU on a whim to test it and see what the hype was all about. It's fantastic. Control, power, spin and with a really solid feel. I'm a big server and do have shoulder issues but I haven't had any problems with this string and I've been using it for over 2 months now. Try it! I use a Head Radical Pro strung at 55lbs.
From: Pete, 8/13

Comments: Simply the best polyester. I admit, it's not the optimal choice for people under a 3.5 rating or those with arm problems, but if you're at least a 3.5 player then you should buy these strings and relish in the incredible control and crisp feeling they provide. If you take full cuts at the ball, you're going to get great spin, even greater control, and an ultra- solid feeling with these strings. No wonder why a vast majority of pros use them!
From: Anon, 8/13

Comments: This is my go-to string. I like trying other strings -- I've tried Cyclone, RPM Blast, Sonic Pro, Beast, Red Code, Tornado, and many more. None of them have ever beaten ALU Power. I always think, one day, I'll find a poly that outshines this Luxilon string, but I never have and probably never will. It's no wonder why it's the most popular string on tour. These are the greatest polyester strings ever.
From: Brian, 8/13

Comments: Bought this in a 17 gauge. Hybrided with Babolat Natural Gut 17. Babolat in mains. These strings are stiff with a capitol S. Stiffest I ever played with. Even more stiff than Babolat Pro Hurricane in full bed. I would seriously consider other strings if you have arm problems. My shoulder is aching after every session. Even strung at lower tension than usual to no avail. Will never use again. Probably a good string for people who are rigid.
From: Nico, 6/13

Comments: I am using the Head Instinct MP Graphene. I have strung it with ALU Power at 57 lbs. At first, the amount of power I could generate was unreal, although after a week or two it has lost a lot of tension. I am using a western grip on my forehand and I felt like the difference between the simple ALU Power and Rough was that Rough didn't have that pop that I was looking for.
From: Gratzz

Comments: Strung a Wilson BLX Six One 90 with ALU Power. It dropped tension by a full 10% down to 51 lbs. The balls seemed to sail! Careful how low you go with this string tension. I have fast full strokes. Replacing with Luxilon 4G at 58lbs. Will leave feedback again after some play time.
From: John, 4/13

Comments: When it comes to playability and feel, this string is the best ever! The spin and control and amazing. This string gives you a crisp feel unparalleled by any other poly. Quick tension drop and price may be issues though.
From: George, 12/12

Comments: This is still the greatest string that I have ever used. As part of my job I have to try out strings, but when I go back to ALU Power there is nothing quite like it. When you rip a big forehand and it just dives in the back of the court with consistency. It is the greatest feeling and you then know why it is the most popular poly.
From: Anon, 11/12

Comments: I love this string. It plays amazing, but if you shank a lot, don't buy it, because it's not durable then. I broke two string jobs in two weeks because of mis-hits. It's pretty expensive. I would try out the Big Banger XP.
From: Mike, 7/12

Comments: First time playing with this string and so far, I am seriously impressed. I strung it at 58 lbs on my Head Youtek IG Speed MP 300 and I have been able to achieve massive amounts of power and control. They are definitely stiffer than you will be used to, even for a polyester but I don't find it as a problem as I have been starting to string at higher tensions than 58 so it balances. The spin potential is also very good, about the same as RPM for me. Overall, very impressive and so far is my new top string. Definitely brought my game to another level.
From: Ian, 6/12

Comments: I tried this string at 55 lbs on my Pure Drive GT. After one week of playing, it feel softer than Babolat RPM Blast at the same tension (used rpm blast previously). While this is a good string, I kind of have a mixed feeling. Going to give another week of trying before deciding to go back to RPM. Maybe I will restring it higher at 56 or 57. Good thing is I never feel uneasy with this string at all. Very comfortable and safe (yet expensive). Tighter tension would probably give me more control in the court. Suits all sort of players I guess though you have to get accustomed to its character.
From: Amel, 5/12

Comments: Comments: Not sure if this is just an anomaly, but strung this on both my racquets and one of those broke within 45 minutes of playing. Granted, I'm a hard hitter and I put a lot of spin on my ball, but I've hit with some 18g and they last me much longer than this..
From: J, 5/12

Comments: Is it just me who hated the gut/ alu power hybrid?? I have an aero storm tour gt and put vs guts 16g in the mains at 62lbs and the alu power at 60lbs on the crosses. Compared to the vs/rpm blast hybrid, I did not get the control or spin like before. I did get more power though but I wasn't looking for power. Just going to go back to vs gut and rpm blast hybrid
From: Tom, 2/12

Comments: I have tried this string a couple times in various iterations (by itself with very low tension, hybrid with gut in mains both at very low tensions), and every time it gives me some kind of arm pain, most often in the wrist and also in the elbow. It is an amazing string and I wish that I could use it. You really get amazing power and spin with it, and it is a very controllable power you get. But I just can't use it unfortunately because of the stiffness and harshness. Just causes me too much arm problems. I think some people have the DNA or muscle strength to use it, but I surely don't. For someone coming to this string for the first time, I would recommend starting with a very low tension first 42 to 45 pounds tops. See how your arm takes it and slowly increase from there if you think you need to.
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: This string is amazing!!! I feel like some shots I hit are gonna go out but they stay in. This string offers a lot of control and power and a tremendous amount of spin. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this string!!!
From: Rahik, USA, 1/12

Comments: This is a very good string. It has good feel and good pop. The best string I have found! Worth every penny.
From: Gabriel, 12/11

Comments: I've been playing tennis as far as I can remember for about 40 years now. I've tried all sorts of strings from nylon to gut. I have to admit this string is by far the best I have tested. The feel is superb. My level of game improved significantly. It gave me extra sting and boosted my confidence. I highly recommend.
From: Anon, 11/11

Comments: This is the best string ever made. I used this string in my Prince Black Speedport customized with lead tape at 3 and 9 o'clock, that it was so easy to handle pace and hit a heavy ball deep. This is ten times better than any other string out there. Another added dimension to lead tape is that it gives you weight you can transfer into the shot which makes the your ball heavier. All the good older players at my club use this string with 110 or 115 square inch head size and I am like how can you play with a such a big racquet and make the ball go where ever you want shot after shot, well the answer is this string. I would also recommend uses a dampener to reduce the vibration of this string. I have hit the most sickest drop shots with this racquet by accident and the heaviest backhands and forehands. If you are younger, I do not think that is string will ruin your elbow and if you are used to polys then you should be fine with this string.
From: Mario, 11/11

Comments: I've recently strung these on a Prince EXO3 graphite 100 at 23kgs. I'm not sure if it's the racquet + string combo, or just the strings, or if i've just improved my technique, but I'm finding that around about the time I got my racquet back from the stringers, my topspin shots are diving into the court significantly often, whereas normally they'd fly long or wide. Regardless of whether I actually play better, I think these strings are better than your average poly, mainly because the plastic they're made off seems to retain strength very well even when bent and fatigued. (try it for yourself!, take some of it and bend it around and try to break it, it's very difficult). This is a very good property for a tennis string to have, because of the way strings need to weave over and under each other, causing a good deal of stress to the strings at certain points. They also seemed to have held their tension well over 3-4hrs of smacking the ball around, and the strings do not move out of position much so far.Hopefully they'll keep going!
From: Liang. 10/11

Comments: This string is very good. I extremely recommend that you hybrid with it! It feels awesome, anyone can play with it and it is easy to swing. This string in a hybrid allows aggressive players to hit hard (make sure you brush a little) an

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