Ashaway Kevlar 16 1/2 Set Customer feedback

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Comments: I'm a true believer. Use this, 16g Ashaway Kevlar in the mains only with 17G Monogut ZX in the crosses at 57/60 lbs. I string my own racquets and have poly, natural gut, multis, syn gut, etc., in my string chest. For recreational players who play several times a week with decent technique who don't want to string poly every few hours Ashaway Kevlar (coated aramids/kevlars by other makers do not work the same) x Monogut ZX gives comfort and spin. I've tried this as full-bed and that is a big no go. I've tried this in the crosses with several different main strings and that just doesn't work. Hand-pull the knots for the ZX crosses.
From: Anonymous, 12/15

Comments: As a frequent string breaker, I did order one pack of this and WOW! I was skeptical at first thinking kevlar might be an issue for my body but so far, I've played at least 12 hours with it and no pain at all. The most impressive part is that kevlar is still as crisp as ever after many hours of tennis. So far so good, durability is there and I have the feeling this can last at least 20 hours...
From: Albert, 7/12

Comments: This is an overall a good type of string I have ever used. I use it on my triple thread bandit and it works great. However, despite its reputation of being one of the most durable string in the field, I still break it after 4-5 times 2 hours play, although I'm not a pro. Sometimes I just find it hard to believe about the string durability.
From: Jake, 4/12

Comments: Love the strings as the mains with synthetic gut as cross I string both mains and cross at 65lbs on my blx six one team and it gives me a lot of control and spin
From: Kenny, San Bernardino, CA, USA, 02/11

Comments: Ashway Kevlar 16 strings is so far the best main strings I have ever used. Very durable and really last much longer. It takes at least a couple or more of synthetic gut cross strings to break before I have to change my main kevlar 16 string. The feeling is excellent and produced exceptional spin. I used the same combination with other players who ask me to strings their rackets.
From: Sonny, San Jose, Tinian. 2/09

Comments: This string is very durable. I only broke it once, and I have used it for more than 2 years. I recently changed to the Babolat Hurricane Pro. I used it for 5 sessions, roughly less than 20 hours, and the string broke. Very disappointing. I will come back to this string and use the Babolat for cross.
From: Derrick, Houston, TX, USA. 10/07

Comments: I�ve used 16 gauge Crossfire for about 10 years. To increase its power I use Prince Nylon 15G as cross. I like it for stability and durability. It is the best for those who hate to re-string every 1-2 months.
From: Jack, Atlanta, GA, USA. 4/04

Comments: I use this string as a hybrid when I'm using a racket that I think has too much power, and I want to tame it a little. I used it in a head 720 Atlantis for a couple of years about 7 years ago, and now sometimes in a head radical trisys tour 260. It's still in those rackets now. I would also used to string it in my best tennis buddy's Pete Sampras model rackets. What was really strange about my use of it was that my heavy topspin strokes would wear out and break the cross strings after about 15 hours of play and I could just string another cross string in and it worked fine. The mains would finally break during the second or third nylon cross string i would put in. The main strings moving back and forth on topspin strokes would wear the the cross string flat and eventually it would break. This happens with various cross strings. Anyway, I do hit the ball fairly hard, and have several times broken rackets just from a mis hit forhand. Mostly Prince and Rossignol rackets. 4 F-250's broke on me in a year. My friend that used it in his wilson rackets would just break the mains after about 30 hours of use. Anyway, the ashaway kevlar lasts great. Much longer than anything else I've used. It sometimes even holds up for a few hours after 2 of the 3 braids are broken through in some place. Pretty cool.
From: Will, Jonesboro, AR. USA 4/02

Comments: Ashaway Kevlar 16 strings are the most durable string I've ever used (about 10 to 12 hours of hard playing). I think my racquets loose some power, but have good feel and spin.
From: Rolo, Chile, Osorno 4/02

Comments: Ashaway braided kevlar strings are the most misunderstood strings. Before I tried the string I was told by everyone that kevlar strings are like piano wire. Nothing could be further from the truth. I found the string to have incredible feel, exceptional bite producing spin, and was easier on my arm than synthetic gut (no center core) and the most durable string I've ever used. I haven't broke one yet, I just change it every year because the nylon cross strings lose their resiliancy. There are still people out there who think kevlar have no business on a tennis racquet; but if you ask them if they ever actually tried it, they all say "no, but I've heard".
From: Bernie, Bayport, NY. USA 5/01

Comments: This string is great for durability and the texture of it creates good spin. Use it for your mains and compliment it with a good powerful cross string. I'd like to meet the person who ever breaks this string - it can't be done!
From: Chris, Orwigsburg, PA. USA 4/01

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