Ashaway Kevlar 18 720' String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: More spin than a poly? Depends on your strokes and your cross string. Kevlar mains and synthetic crosses can have more spin than a Poly main and synthetic cross. The reason is because synthetic crosses turn the poly main into a bungee cord, bad for spin. Kevlar + synthetic harmonize better for spin generation, because the Kevlar is soo stiff it is not as effected by a soft cross. However, a full bed of poly is the king of spin, by far with modern spin strokes. Kevlar does not snap back/rebound like poly, therefore, you don't get that dynamic full bed poly rebound spin, however, you do get more texture spin. So, if you prefer using rough or textured strings, give Ashaway Kevlar a try. If you prefer hybrids, give Ashaway Kevlar a try. If you are a texture spinner, give Ashaway Kevlar a try. If you prefer a full bed of poly like RPM blast, stay away from Ashaway! If you are a rebound/snap back spinner, stay away from Ashaway!
From: Anon, 6/14

Comments: I finally found a great combination for a hybrid set to work with a stiff frame. Strung at lower tensions this string offers great pocketing and shock absorbing effects at the same time providing good topspin combined with a synthetic set. It is also durable enough for big hitters that like heavy topspin. It will take you a little longer than usual to break this string due to its durability. It plays a little like gut but last much longer.
From: Ferdie, 9/11

Comments: I am an ex-All American College player and current top 5 player in the 5.0 in Florida and I vouch for this string. I string the Kevlar at 55lbs in the mains and put Tourna Big Hitter Rough 17 g in the crosses on my AeroPro Drive (55 lbs on both). I get so much spin with that combination!! More than Babolat RPM!! Tremendous crisp feel, spin and and touch. If you mix the kevlar with a soft poly or co-poly string you will get an extra foot of drop on your shots comparing with Synthetic Gut in the crosses. This combo might hurt your elbow if the flex rating on your racket is below 70.
From: Marty Ace. 5/11

Comments: This string at this gauge combined with Gosen OG Sheep 17 is far better than any combo I have ever tried. The high level of control and crisp feel is unmatched. I string both strings at 55 pounds on a Wise constant pull on the slowest setting for good accuracy.
From: Jason, USA, 01/11

Comments: About 15 years ago, I used nothing but Prince Durathin 18g on my full string bed while playing in high school and college. I was sad to see Prince discontinued that string a number of years ago. Honestly, I've been looking for something similar ever since...and I finally found it. This is excellent string for sure. I don't have the arm to play this in my entire string bed now, but mixing this in the mains, and a high quality synthetic in the crosses such as Tecnifibre NRG2, X-one Biphase, or even a Gamma TNT2, produces excellent spin and bit on the ball. I honestly don't see what all the fuss is about the spin generated with polyester based strings. I've used many polys from Luxilon (my favorite), Babolat, and even Volkl. But if I want max spin, I aim for 18g Kevlar based string in the mains and an 18g premium synthetic in the crosses. No poly can product this type of spin...18g poly or not. No, it's not the easiest string for the arm. Neither is polyester based strings. Give this a try and see what you think. I string at 62. Nothing feels quite this "crisp" as plowing through the ball with this setup.
From: Jason, Warsaw, IN USA. 09/10
Racquet: Head Microgel Radical MP

Comments: I use this as main @45 and 16g multi in cross @49 on my Tecnifibre TFight 320. It feels great and I can even take off the elbow brace without pain of the tennis elbow. The low tension gives me more power and the control is not a problem for me as I have very soft hand and spin. The spin potential is the most to my surprise that's easier to get than other 18 gauge strings I have used. My recommendation is using a good multi in the cross which will reduce the stiffness more and gives comfort. I use string saver to extend the life of cross string and also to reduce the movement of main due to low tension. With this setup, I can swing freely especially my ground strokes.
From: Hank, Columbus, OH, USA. 08/10

Comments: I am 4.5 NTRP rating USTA. I play three times a week at least two singles and one doubles. I break my string pretty easy within a period of one week. I use Wilson 90 K Factor with a tension of 65 lbs in which will not stay longer. Since I purchased this product, I feel very satisfied after the game. My level of confident in my game increases tremendously because the spin and control of the string can penetrate the bite of the ball. Playability,control, and power go hand in hand every time I hit the ball. Ashawy Kevlar 18g is worth to spend my money and I enjoy pretty much every time I play.
From: John Leur, Jacksonville Florida. 04/09

Comments: I have used Ashaway Kevlar 18ga M @ 56lbs / Prince Synthetic Gut w/ Duraflex in the C @ 62lbs. off and on for 2 years now. I keep trying different strings and tensions, but I always come back to this combo. I am an all court player and this combo works well with my style of swing (full) and game. I soon will be 55 years old and I play signals at lest 3 days per week and doubles 1 per week. I don't have any pain from the string with this set up. But if you string it too high you will. I love the spin it gives. I hit a heavy ball and topspin shots really takes off on the bounce and my slice will scoot and stays real low. This combo is a winner for me.
From: Dennis, Burnsville, NC, USA. 12/08

Comments: This is the first time to use Kevlar/Synthetic Hybrid. I also learned it the hard way. I usually string my Tour 90's at 63lbs on synthetics. One thing to consider it that Kevlars are very stiff and therefore has a minimal trampoline effect during the ball contact. I strung my racquet at 10% less on the main and 63lbs on the cross hoping to achieve a feel of 63lbs. I ended with an elbow injury. Currently, I drastically dropped my mains at 50lbs and 55 on my cross. It still gives me a feel of 60lbs synthetics. They are tough strings and their tension loss is negligible. If you are a first timer on hybrids, try to start on a lower tension to begin with. Other than that, I highly recommend this product and pair it with a 17 gauge cross.
From: Elton, Auckland, New Zealand 07/06

Comments:I purchased this string after going through many sets of Stamina 17 in 2 hours. I was stringing racquets all the time. Now I string the 18 Kevlar in the mains and Stamina 17 in the crosses. I like the way the string hits. If you get the tension right it is not bad on your arm and the spin is really good. I agree go 6 lbs less on the mains. I did not do this the first time just to see how stiff it would be, and it is really stiff. For synthetic I would string at 64lbs, with the hybrid I string the mains at 57lbs and the crosses at 63lbs, which feels best for me. The string does have a dead feel, but after you play with it a couple of times you get used to it. Also, experiment with the tension to get the best feel for the strings. These strings last me about 7-10 days or 4 to 5 matches, which is a lot better than 2 hours. I would definitely recommend for string breakers, as you will get the playability and durability out of the 18 gauge. Tension loss is minimal and when these break it is ready to be restrung anyway.
From: Anon, GA, USA 07/05
Wilson H Tour 57mains 63 crosses

Comments: I am principally a power player. I need to maintain tension for control on groundies, without sacrificing punch on the volley. For me, it's always a trade off, high tension, stiff strings, for groundies, and little work from strings on volleys. With the 18 gauge Kevlar, I get the consistency I require. When I marry the Kevlar with the Gosen AK 17L, I get the feel I require for drop shots, volleys, and easing up on the stroke for depth (letting the frame swing itself). I've been using the Luxilon Timo 18, and I really enjoy it. However, I'm using a 102 square inch frame. For 110 and above, I suggest the kevlar 18 with a softer, 17 gauge as an ultimate combo.
From: Brant, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. 10/03

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