Ashaway Kevlar 16 720' String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: I'm a true believer. Use this, 16g Ashaway Kevlar in the mains only with 17G Monogut ZX in the crosses at 57/60 lbs. I string my own racquets and have poly, natural gut, multis, syn gut, etc., in my string chest. For recreational players who play several times a week with decent technique who don't want to string poly every few hours Ashaway Kevlar (coated aramids/kevlars by other makers do not work the same) x Monogut ZX gives comfort and spin. I've tried this as full-bed and that is a big no go. I've tried this in the crosses with several different main strings and that just doesn't work. Hand-pull the knots for the ZX crosses.
From: Anonymous, 12/15

Comments: I'm a 4.0, generally a flat ball hitter who has been using Pro Staff racquets for years. I have been stringing up my racquets with stiff polys for control, since so many of my shots were sailing on me. I found that over the years, I learned to control my power with heavier racquets and tight strings. In my never-ending quest to find a stiffer string that I could still take full cuts with and the ball still land inside the baseline, I decided to give Kevlars a try. I did a lot of reading of reviews and just couldn't believe it when people were saying that kevlar kills your arm. Not me, I thought. I've been playing for 20 years and never had any issues with tennis elbow or soreness. So I ordered the Ashaway 16 string, strung it up full kevlar a little looser than my polys on my Pro Staff 95 (as recommended) and I was pretty happy with the results. I was able to take those big cuts and the balls were generally landing a good foot or two shorter than before. I thought about coming on here to review and say how the kevlars didn't affect me at all, but I'm glad I waited the extra day. Two days after hitting for a couple of hours, my elbow is perfectly fine, but my hand has been in pain all day. Needless to say, the kevlars have been cut out of my racquet and I've since put some polys back in. If you don't mind intense pain in your joints, you'll enjoy the effects of kevlar. I don't think the pain is worth the results. I've read on message boards that stringing full-kevlar isn't smart, and they were right. I am just hoping this review will stop the next person from stringing full-kevlar. I didn't try a hybrid set-up, and I probably won't. Back to poly for me!
From: Ron, 3/15

Comments: As a frequent string breaker, I did order one pack of this and WOW! I was skeptical at first thinking kevlar might be an issue for my body but so far, I've played at least 12 hours with it and no pain at all. The most impressive part is that kevlar is still as crisp as ever after many hours of tennis. So far so good, durability is there and I have the feeling this can last at least 20 hours...
From: Albert, 7/12

Comments: Love the strings as the mains with synthetic gut as cross I string both mains and cross at 65lbs on my blx six one team and it gives me a lot of control and spin
From: Kenny, San Bernardino, CA, USA, 02/11

Comments: Well first, don't believe what you hear. I have heard people say that these are the worst strings they have ever used. I use them with Gamma syn. gut w/ Wearguard and find that the strings take 5 mins to break in, but after hitting for five or 10 minutes, put it in your bag as a backup. When tournament time rolls around, your strung racquets will be waiting for you. By far the most durable I have ever used, and they do give super access to spin.
From: ryan, charlotte, nc, us. 11/09

Comments: Ashway Kevlar 16 strings is so far the best main strings I have ever used. Very durable and really last much longer. It takes at least a couple or more of synthetic gut cross strings to break before I have to change my main kevlar 16 string. The feeling is excellent and produced exceptional spin. I used the same combination with other players who ask me to strings their rackets.
From: Sonny, San Jose, Tinian. 2/09

Comments: For a guy like me, all I want is a string that will last longer than a couple days. I have an extreme topspin power game off both sides and go throught synthetic gut in less than a set. Even Big Banger ALU doesn't hold up! Then I found kevlar, most felt like cardboard, but Ashaway was different. It actually has playability and durability. I first tried the 17g and was pleasantly surprised with the topspin it produced, it does hang in there but gradually will start unraveling and losing it's bite after a day or two. Since then I've resorted to reducing my tention a lot, so now I get a lot of string movement and the thinner gauge is notching pretty fast. I have yet to try the 16g, I know it will take longer to notch through but I hope It still produces the same bite for my topspin...we'll see?
From: Josh, Berkeley, Ca. 8/08

Comments: This string is worth for its price. Great feel, playability, and control. I used it with nylon strings as cross for about a month, the nylon broke while the Kevlar is intact.
From: Maloy, Far Rockaway, NY, USA, 01/07

Comments: Iíve used 16 gauge Crossfire for about 10 years. To increase its power I use Prince Nylon 15G as cross. I like it for stability and durability. It is the best for those who hate to re-string every 1-2 months.
From: Jack, Atlanta, GA, USA. 4/04

Comments: This string is the best Kevlar that I've ever used. It is way more playable than others. It has a terrific soft feel and lasts very long. I am extremely pleased with it. I was sold on this string when I first play tested it for the USRSA. I didn't have any idea what it was then. I searched for about a year until I finally found it. Once I saw the Ashway Kevlar I knew instantly this was the string that I fell in love with. Once I strung it up I was so pleased that it was indeed what I have been searching for. This is by far the best kevlar made in either 16g. or 17g.
From: Matt, Centreville, VA USA. 3/03

Comments: I used to play with nylon strings and with my topspin strokes I usually break them after a set or two. When my friend introduced me to kevlar strings, it lasted more than a month. Before my stringing frequency would be 10 racquets/month. I play three times a week using two racquets alternately. I have tried several types of kevlar string and I find Ashaway the best because you can really feel the balls brushing up on the strings. Several of my friends now use them, but we found out that with mid size racquets it is better to lower the tension about 2 to 4 pounds. This makes it easier on your arm and shoulders.
From: Gilbert Dela Paz, Manila, Philippines 1/03

Comments: Ashaway braided kevlar strings are the most misunderstood strings. Before I tried the string I was told by everyone that kevlar strings are like piano wire. Nothing could be further from the truth. I found the string to have incredible feel, exceptional bite producing spin, and was easier on my arm than synthetic gut (no center core) and the most durable string I've ever used. I haven't broke one yet, I just change it every year because the nylon cross strings lose their resiliancy. There are still people out there who think kevlar have no business on a tennis racquet; but if you ask them if they ever actually tried it, they all say "no, but I've heard".
From: Bernie, Bayport, NY. USA 5/01

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