Gamma Supersoft Overgrip White Customer feedback

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Comments: I have used these grips for the past 2 years now, and they are very good. Their durability is unmatchable. I used one grip for an entire summer of hitting, and it was still very absorbent. If you are looking for a grip with a tacky feel this is not for you, as this grip has superior absorption abilities. However, I prefer this grip for outdoor use versus indoor use. It can become very slippery when used in a humid, indoor invironment. Keep up the good work Gamma!
From: Latrez, 10/12

Comments: I've bought nearly $300 in overgrips in last two years and have tested over twenty types. Never written a review on any of them but am compelled to do so because the Gamma Supersoft Overgrip (white) is in a class of its own. It's the worst I've ever used! While at home I put the overgrip on and when finished noted it felt really slippery so wondered if there was cellophane on it or if I had installed it backward. Negative on both. It was 80 degree typical summer morning and grabbed my racquet out of the bag and it felt slippery just walking over to the court to warm up. My mind jumped to the same feeling I had the night before when I installed it. During warm up I was amazed at how slippery this overgrip was in just the first few hits -- simply outrageous. Granted on hot/sunny days we all sweat more but that's not the problem. It was slippery at home in 70 degree low humidity. Slippery outdoors instantly and got worse as the minutes ticked on. I had to take it off after warmup because it was downright dangerous. Well this Gamma grip is a classic for failure and I tossed the other two unused grips in the trash. It only costs a few bucks to test it yourself but your money would best used anywhere else.
From: Corbind, 8/12

Comments: This is simply the best. It feels like a Wilson Pro grip but lasts so much longer and is much more plush. It is just the right blend of tackiness and feel. I've tried Yonex Super Grap, Wilson Pro overgrip, Babolat VS grip, and Head grips. I absolutely love these. My favorite overgrip! These are definitely worth trying. You won't regret it.
From: Ana, 10/11

Comments: This overgrip is soft and absorbent, not too tacky. It is simply the best! The price is nice as well. Give it a try.
From: Dennis, 7/11

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