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Comments: Whatever Asics did to "improve" this shoe it was a huge mistake. The Speed 1 and 2s fit like a glove right out of the box. The cushioning was perfect and the flexibility in the toe box was excellent. I wore my Speed 3s the day I got them and my feet were killing me, had blisters, not to mention they were burning up and that was only after a 1 1/2 hour lesson! Whatever material they used to make this shoe may make it lighter but I could not find any other positive feature. A real disappointment.
From: Stefi, 2/7/17

Comments: The shoe is stiffer in the toe box than Speed 2 and therefore feels narrower. It is more cushioned in the sole so you don't have the ground feel you have with the Speed 2. The Speed 2 had no break in time whereas Speed 3 does. It doesn't have the soft, light, barefoot feel of the Speed 2. But if you need more support and cushioning the Speed 3 provides it.
From: Barbara, 1/17

Comments: Asics continues to make lightweight shoes but the higher sides on my ankle bone are not comfortable! I was excited to order these and after playing in them one time, I decided to cut the sides down near my ankles because they are higher cut than the previous Speed shoes. Well, the problem is that these are made with a stiff and hard plastic (really? for tennis shoes?) and it cut the inside of my ankle. Still bleeding two days later. They need to go back to their original style that had soft, mesh around the ankles and didn't come up so high. I have several friends that have had this same problem. It is very disappointing! Hard to find a lightweight and stable shoe that doesn't come up too high on the ankle bones.
From: Laura, 1/17

Comments: I can't wear these shoes anymore. Every time I wear them playing doubles for 2 hours, my feet hurt. They are stiff, narrow and uncomfortable even after 3 months of wear (wearing them two hours each time for 3 times a week). I never had to break in other Asics shoes. And I have narrow feet. Very disappointed.
From: Mary, 1/17

Comments: The Asics Gel Solution Speed 3 are very poorly engineered. The edge of the shoe on the inner ankle is designed to literally cut into the wearer's skin. I have one inch cuts on both of my feet from one wearing of these shoes that have not healed in two weeks.
From: TennisMom, 12/16

Comments: This is my fourth pair of Solution Speed shoes so I ordered my usual size. I wish I had read previous reviews first. Previous comments about them being stiffer and smaller are correct. Sent them back and went up 1/2 size.
From: Michelle, 12/16

Comments: The Asics Speed 3 disappoints. The Solution Speed 1 and Speed 2 were amazing but when the Speed 3 came out it was like a totally differently shoe. My feet were blistered and bruised after only an hour of playing. It's such a shame because everyone I know was wearing Asics but now everyone says these shoes hurt their feet. What happened? It's like they got greedy and wanted to use cheaper materials. It's ridiculous because they came out with some really cool looking designs like the graffiti and the groove design, but what good is a good looking shoe when you can't actually play in them?
From: Elisa, 10/16

Comments: After reading all the negative reviews about the Solution Speed 3, I took a chance and bought it anyway because it was on sale and because my Speed 2s were wearing out (I own 3 pairs of Speed 2s). I wore the Speed 3s today to a high performance drill class just to try them out. I was expecting them to hurt and to experience all the negative issues that other people wrote about on this website but I didn't. Yes, they were stiff out of the box but I read the staff reviews on this shoe so I was expecting that. The shoe was slightly more snug than my Speed 2s but I am an aggressive 4.0 player so I need a shoe that can keep up with my speed and lateral movements. This shoe did that and more. I am in my 40's and I play at least 2 USTA matches per week (singles and doubles), at least 1 non-USTA league match per week and take private lessons and drills at least 2x per week and play social tennis on top of that. In short, I play about 5 times per week, sometimes 2 times per day. I will probably buy another pair because I love them so much.
From: Hannah, 10/16

Comments: I wish I would have read these comments before I bought the Speed 3. I would have gone up 1/2 a size. Not only are they smaller, they seem stiffer. Love the 2s! Luckily I still have some Speed 2s that I can wear while I try to break these 3s in. If that's possible. I never understand why companies change the shoe's basic designs. Sure, change the colors, but please leave the fit the same. I sure hope Asics reads customer reviews.
From: Willi, 10/16

Comments: I purchased a pair last year, they required no break-in and are the first shoes which actually have some arch in them. I purchased another pair a couple of months ago, and every bit as comfortable and rewarding on the court. I am so pleased I am going for top of the line with these and a bit excited despite the reviews, I guess everyone has different feet but it does make a difference in how you tie your shoes. They almost fit like a glove or a running shoe, nice work Asics. Oh, despite the wild colors I am continually getting compliments on them so what else could I ask for.
From: Jessica, 10/16

Comments: I have a narrower foot and these fit just right. Anyone without a narrow foot, I would recommend buying a 1/2 size up. Style wise, they are really cute and will match almost everything. I also feel like they will stay very clean because they are coated all over.
From: Liz, 9/16

Comments: I agree 100% with all the feedback regarding pain with the Speed 3 shoe. My feet burn and hurt almost immediately with start of play. I never have had this discomfort with my Speed 2 shoes. I have searched far and wide for the Speed 2 and they are sold out in my size nationwide apparently. Please bring them back!
From: Pam, 9/16

Comments: As I always do with sneakers, I ordered these a 1/2 size larger than my normal shoe size. The toe box is very narrow, even for my slender toes. After 5 minutes of walking around the house in them my toes felt squished together. I will be returning these shoes -- too bad as they otherwise are comfortable and good looking.
From: Gretchen, 9/16

Comments: I have been wearing Asics Gel Solution Speed tennis shoes for a few years now. I love this shoe. However, the 2016 model is more narrow and shorter than previous years. I would suggest going up a half size if you plan on ordering this years model. I have narrow feet and this shoe is very tight on my foot.
From: Tina, 8/16

Comments: I am so disappointed in this shoe. I have worn the 3 pairs of the Speed 2s over the past 2 years yet the Speed 3 hurt my feet. The 1st time I wore them, both my toes and the balls of my feet went numb with burning pain. I also got a blister on the back of my left heel. This never happened with the Speed 2. I thought they might need time to break in and even wore thinner socks yet after 5 wears, the blister resolved yet the pain hasn't and the balls of my feet still begin to burn and go numb after about an hour of play, but they fit fine when I put them on. I guess the Speed 3 has a more narrow fit. I was a big fan of Asics tennis shoes and now I don't know what to get.
From: Chris, 8/16

Comments: This is the first time I have bought a pair of Asics Gel Solution Speed tennis shoes that have killed my feet. I have had several pairs of the Speed shoes and have never even had to break them in. So disappointed. Desperately looking for the old speed shoe in my size now as I cannot wear these every day for tennis.
From: Vickie, 8/16

Comments: So disappointed. The toe box painfully crushed my small toe the moment I put them on. No way would these ever break in. Here's the background: I was a devoted Asics Gel Resolution fan, but I heard bad things about the Gel Resolution 6 (that they had changed, were too stiff and cut into your ankle). I found a pair of Nike Ballistic Advantage on sale for cheap and tried them. Although the sole wore out too quickly, and the heel cup needed more padding, I loved the lightweight flexibility. When I tried on my old Asics Gel Resolutions, they now felt too clunky. So I had high hopes the "Speed" would give me the Asics comfort and durability but the lightweight flexibility found in those Nikes. By the way, I tried the Nike Zoom Vapor, too, but returned because they were too loose in the toe box.
From: Theresa, 8/16

Comments: I have worn the Speed 2 and loved them! The Speed 3 is so narrow in the toe box that I am suffering from severe blisters. I used to put on a new Speed 2 and they fit perfectly the first time. Why did you change the form of the toe to improve it? It is an awful shoe. I don't believe that sizing up would cure the problem as mentioned from other reviews. Thumbs down on this shoe. I purchased the orange and also the black/pink shoes Asics Speed 3.
From: Janisse, 8/16

Comments: I am a 70+ year old recreational player with a small, narrow foot. I love these shoes! No need to tighten the laces to the point of numbness so the shoes feel secure. They give great ankle support too. They are light weight and I feel that I can move well in them. I had no break-in problems. As I play in a cool climate, I have not had any problems with heat. I haven't had them long enough to comment on durability.
From: Cindy, 8/16

Comments: I wanted to love these shoes but gave them too many chances and should have returned them but tossed all of my packaging and receipt. Both shoes burrowed cuts into my inner ankles, to the point of bloody socks. Hoping they would eventually break in, I tried thicker socks which didn't help. I then added tape and super large band-aids which did work until they slipped out of place due to high temps and sweating. Then the rubbing came back. I've probably worn these shoes 25+ times and am yet again nursing an open wound. I'm done.
From: Kelli, 8/16

Comments: I do not have wide feet, but this toe box is definitely too narrow. I have been playing with Asics for some years, and this is the first pair where my second toe rubs against my big toe and forms a callus. Very uncomfortable! I tried to get relief by using thinner socks, but it is still uncomfortable even after playing with this model for a while. I am even considering going back to the Gel Resolution instead of the Gel Solution Speed.
From: Ria, 7/16

Comments: I love these shoes. They are light, low to ground, and make me feel fast. The fit is very narrow which I need as I have a hard time finding shoes that feel secure in the heel. My only issue is with durability. Over the weekend I played in temps near 100 degrees when suddenly my toes felt like they were on fire. At first I thought it was something wrong with my feet but I looked at bottom of the shoes and the tread under the toes was completely bare. I'm surprised these shoes lasted less than 3 months averaging around 7 hours per week per pair playing mainly doubles. I never wear the shoes for anything other than tennis. I guess that is the trade-off wearing speed shoes but I love feeling fast and just need to be sure to pay attention to the tread under the toe area. I will say these are actually more durable and fit much better than the Nike Vapors that I used to wear and why I am sticking with the Speed 3s.
From: Anonymous, 7/16

Comments: These are the worst Asics shoes I have ever worn. After just one match, my feet were in pain. I have never experienced such discomfort with tennis shoes. My foot is not at all wide but these were ridiculously tight, causing numbness and then pain. I have worn other Asics tennis shoes in the past with no problems.
From: Jen, 7/16

Comments: I love this shoe! I had been wearing Babolat for several years without any problem and suddenly developed severe heel pain (plantar fasciitis) after playing. This got worse and worse despite icing and ibuprofen to the point where I could hardly walk, let alone play tennis. I have narrow feet and it is very difficult to find narrow tennis shoes. I had never tried Asics but after seeing comments that others found these too narrow, I decided to give them a try. My heel pain resolved completely after a week and has not recurred. Unbelievable! These shoes are not only very comfortable, they provide ankle support and they very attractive. I bought 3 more pairs just in case Asics decides to change them next year. One problem -- there is a pattern of dots inside the back of the shoe that seems to be wearing off after only a few weeks.
From: Anonymous, 6/16

Comments: I am disappointed in this shoe. I have worn it now for my 2nd tennis match and they are just not as comfortable as they should be. Not much cushioning at all, not a great fit and my knees/hips hurt the next day after both matches. There is also break-in required. The worst part is my 2nd match was in 80 degree heat on hard courts and there was absolutely no breathability to these shoes. My feet were so incredibly hot they were on fire and soaking wet. The design/color/pattern is super cute though. Otherwise, a waste of money and now i'm looking for a new pair after only 2 times of wear.
From: EJN, 6/16

Comments: I'm disappointed with Asics! After about 5 rounds of wearing the same Asics running shoe model, I had to go up a half size with the most recent version. And now after just purchasing the Solution Speed 3 for tennis (after 3 pairs of Solution Speed 1 and 2), I'm having the same problem as the other reviewers. The shoe is a much narrower fit and completely uncomfortable on the court. I was thinking about returning it and trying a half size up like I did with my running shoes, but I think I'll just move on after reading all these reviews. I'm not sure why they're messing with their fit, but it's not a good idea for keeping long term customers happy.
From: Kelsey, 6/15

Comments: I have worn the Speed shoes since they came out. I loved the original Speed and also the Speed 2s because they were unlike any other tennis shoe. They were low profile -- not stiff and felt great right of the box. I am not sure why Asics had to change a good thing. The Speed 3 is not low profile and stiff -- too much plastic and not as breathable as the originals. I was so happy when someone finally made a pair of tennis shoes that felt as good as my running shoes. Please bring back the old Speeds!
From: Anonymous, 6/16

Comments: These shoes are snugger and more narrow than the 2s. I actually went up a half size which made a difference as they seem to run short. It took some time to get used to these shoes and one thing which helped was that I did not need to tie them as tight due to the snug fit -- my feet were getting numb, but when I loosened the laces it made a difference.
From: Lesa, 6/16

Comments: These aren't working for us either. My daughter has been wearing the Solution Speed 2 for years, but these just aren't fitting right. We've tried them in 4 different sizes now to be sure before giving up. We are extremely sad because she's very picky about comfort and is a growing kid who plays tennis 5-6 days a week. We sadly can't find the Speed anymore either.
From: Kat, 6/16

Comments: I too have worn Asics solely for the several years and been so happy with the comfort and fit of the first two versions of the Solution Speed, as well as the Gel Resolutions 4 and 5. I just purchased my first Speed 3 and was surprised at how tight the toe box area felt but thought it would soften and break in. I wore them for less than an hour and the bottom of my feet could feel the concrete as if there was no cushioning and they were not a soft snug fit as in the prior versions. My toes were going numb and I had to take them off in the middle of a set. I play 5-6 days a week. Until Asics corrects this design flaw, I will have to look elsewhere. Why would they alter such a good thing they had going?
From: Barbi, 6/16

Comments: I can't seem to get these shoes to break in after 2 weeks. Terrible.
From: Tatiana, 5/16

Comments: I've worn nothing but Asics for the last several years and unfortunately this shoe is not breaking in. In fact, it has aggravated my foot enough to bring back my Plantar Fasciitis and it rubs my right ankle bone to the point that I simply can not wear them anymore. I"m terribly disappointed in the "improvements."
From: Amy, 4/16

Comments: Very, very narrow in the toe box and in the heel. I have used shoe strechers for week now and they are good for one match and then they come right off. Ouch.
From: Janice, 4/16

Comments: I have been very disappointed with these shoes which has rubbed the interior and exterior of my ankles raw, to the point of bleeding. I've worn the thickest pair of socks I own, and this still hasn't alleviated the problem. The only way I can possibly wear this shoe is to wear an ace bandage around my ankles to prevent blisters. Won't buy these again.
From: Annie, 4/16

Comments: I found this to be a very narrow shoe.
From: Tracy, 3/16

Comments: I agree with the review below. A lot more plastic particularly around the forefoot and where the big toe meets the ball of foot. I didn't have any foot pain with the previous version but with this update I do. Very inflexible. It has been difficult to find the right lace tension as well. Additionally, the shoe runs warm. So warm that if I take the insole out of the shoe there is visible condensation on the bottom of the insole and base of the shoe. Can't wait to take these off when I am done playing. I have a medium width with a medium arch and I play 4-5 hours a week.
From: Anonymous, 3/16

Comments: This was my 5th pair of the Gel Solution Speed shoes I have purchased and have obviously been very happy with the shoe. Not this time. The changes to the toe box and heel (more plastic) have made the shoe too inflexible. I can't get it to break-in comfortably. If you truly have a narrow foot, it might work, but definitely not an improvement over the Speed 2. I play 4-5 hours/week.
From: Anonymous, 3/16

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