Gamma Supreme Power Overgrip White Customer feedback

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Comments: Amazing cushioning! I had the 2015 regular Barricades and they were just ok for me. These are what they should have been. Sad that this can't be the standard for cushioning and that we have to pay such a premium for something like this.
From: Anonymous, 6/16

Comments: I'm not s sweaty hand guy and this overgrip rocks. Tons of grip and great feel, it doesn't chew up my hands. I could see it getting slippery if you sweat a lot in the hands. I get the sweaty face instead. It sticks to itself so it stays put really good. I get the tour pack and love it.
From: Alex, 6/16

Comments: I actually ordered this on accident meaning to get the 3 pack of regular grips. It is fine if you like that contour feel and it might help with shock absorption a bit and you can grip it well. But as mentioned, it does make the grip feel bigger. Maybe if you have a racquet with a smaller grip or a leather one and want to try something new then go for it. Otherwise, if you are like me and your grip is the right fit then adding this may make it feel too big.
From: Zebas, 4/16

Comments: The ridges are so thick, I had problems switching from a forehand to backhand grip. Also, because of such prominent ridges, the grip changes to at least half-size bigger. Oddly, one friend who uses a continental grip and hits only slice backhands (without changing grip) and loves it. So I sold it to him.
From: Anton, 4/15

Comments: This grip was very comfortable and the ridges were good for finger placement. I used it a little while back and enjoyed it for a good two to three weeks before the ridge became too flattened out. I am a high school player with not too much experience but I'd say that for beginners, this over grip is definitely worth a shot. NTRP 3.0.
From: Shintaro, 12/14

Comments: Wow, this is a very nice grip. The soft ridges allow a looser hold on the racquet, which I'm hopeful will reduce tennis elbow. The grip feels great as good or better than the Gamma Supreme standard overgrip. It's also very long - long enough to cover a more than a standard-sized grip. Very well done.
From: Rod, 12/12

Comments: This grip is great for someone who wants a consistent hand position, your fingers will line up the same every time on the handle. Not the overall comfort I was looking for but a solid grip.
From: Anon. 7/11

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