Gamma Supreme Power Overgrip Black Customer feedback

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Comments: The ridges are so thick, I had problems switching from a forehand to backhand grip. Also, because of such prominent ridges, the grip changes to at least half-size bigger. Oddly, one friend who uses a continental grip and hits only slice backhands (without changing grip) and loves it. So I sold it to him.
From: Anton, 4/15

Comments: This grip was very comfortable and the ridges were good for finger placement. I used it a little while back and enjoyed it for a good two to three weeks before the ridge became too flattened out. I am a high school player with not too much experience but I'd say that for beginners, this over grip is definitely worth a shot. NTRP 3.0.
From: Shintaro, 12/14

Comments: I really like this overgrip. It helps me to keep my hand in the same place on my racquet, to grip it better and reduce vibration. It also made the grip a little bigger and I am between a 3/8 and 1/2 so it was perfect. I had a teaching pro tell me in condescending manner, "The thing about that grip is you won't ever find a pro anywhere using anything like that!" Well, I am not a pro but I really like the grip!
From: Anon, 3/14

Comments: This grip is great for someone who wants a consistent hand position, your fingers will line up the same every time on the handle. Not the overall comfort I was looking for but a solid grip.
From: Anon. 7/11

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