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Comments: This was the very first Asics shoe I purchased. It was also the first tennis shoe I ever purchased that was not white. I had worn the New Balance for years. I needed the extra support because of a stress fracture to my right foot. I now have 3 pairs of Asics tennis shoes and as of now I would probably not go back to New Balance. I play on hard true courts 5 times a week, sometimes more. I am a 4.0 USTA rated player. This particular shoe finally wore out and I have since replaced it with another Gel Resolution 6, just a different color. I also have purchased their Gel Game 5 and Gel Resolution 5. For me the Asics shoe is has been a perfect fit.
From: JW, 11/16

Comments: Love these shoes! I started with a basic pair of Asics and they were fine, but I can't believe the difference these make. The soles are so springy, and paired with Thorlo Experia socks, my feet feel light as air on the court and don't hurt after a match.
From: Tiffany, 11/16

Comments: At first, I loved these shoes. I have always worn Asics running shoes. I have a very narrow foot and for some reason these will randomly rub a blister on the top left side of my foot. I don't know if the ones I ordered just have something wrong with them or not. I still wear them but I'm ordering a different pair as a back up.
From: Andrea, 11/16

Comments: Let me just start by saying that I have a narrow foot. I didn't have any of the problems the other customers had. These fit right out of the box without any break in. Yes, they are stiff but my feet feel well supported. I have logged on about 25 hours so far and I don't have any signs of wear on the outsole. I don't have any problems with rubbing around the ankles like the other reviewers mentioned. I have had the Resolution line since the Resolution 2s and I feel like this is the best one yet. The 2s didn't last very long and the 4s I had a problem with sizing (had to go down 1/2 size). I felt the 5s were very comfortable and not as stiff as the 6s but the 5s seemed to stretch out and felt less stable over time. I also felt like the outsole of the 5s wore faster than usual. So far I have been very happy with my 6s and have them in 2 colors. I play only doubles on indoor hard courts between two to five times per week.
From: Jackie, 10/16

Comments: Love these shoes. Wear a 7 in regular shoes, ordered these in 8. Perfect fit for singles play. I play two to four matches per week at the 3.5 level. Shoes are good for about 4 to 5 months. Now on pair number 4. Haven't had any ankle rubbing issues!
From: Catherine, 10/16

Comments: Wish I would have read the feedback first. I still have scabs on my ankles.
From: Paula, 10/16

Comments: Ugh! I got the same bleeding ankles that others have mentioned. I've been wearing Asics tennis shoes since they came out. So disappointed, hope they fix them for the next generation!
From: Margaret, 10/16

Comments: I've been a faithful Asics buyer, but my last order the shoes were so narrow, and I couldn't break them in like my others, the wide isn't truly wide enough. I'm not sure why asics went narrower, but they did. I've now developed a bunionette near my small toe. I can't find any shoes now. I may have to just play barefooted ugh. Sorry Asics but you disappointed me.
From: Stacy, 9/16

Comments: Wow, I thought I had strange ankles but after reading all the feedback from others who also experienced the ankle rubbing, this has made me realize it is the shoes. I've just ordered new ones too but clearly should have read the feedback first.
From: Robyn, 8/16

Comments: First of all, I have the feet problems most of you described and I had only been able to buy wide widths which didn't fit well. Well, today my pro shop fit me in the regular width shoe. They simply tied the shoe differently making the toe box wider and I'm so thankful. My new shoes feel great and I played in a two hour match the same day. No break-in and no blisters.
From: Nancy, 8/16

Comments: I have always worn the Solution Speeds and have loved them. I tried the Gel Resolution and it is cut higher and cuts into my left inside foot. It seems to curve in more than the right. I do not recommend these shoes as I have heard other people have had the same problem. I will definitely go back to the Solution Speed.
From: Leah, 7/16

Comments: I have worn the Resolution shoe for at least 8 years, and the Solution Speed for several years as well. Both of these models have always been extremely comfortable, with great cushioning. I have never had the faintest sign of blisters or any type of discomfort from them. They have been the perfect tennis shoe in all respects. The new Resolutions, as well as the Solution Speed, are either too stiff or cut too high in front of the inside ankle bone and rub blisters, which I have read others are experiencing as well. I have had to purchase new, higher socks to help protect this area, but still experience blisters. The shoes are wonderful, with that annoying exception. I cannot understand why Asics would even mess with that aspect of the shoe. They have now created an undesirable problem, when all was perfect to begin with. If this is not corrected, this extremely loyal customer will be looking for a new brand. I might add that I have recommended these two models to multiple people over the years and they switched to this brand, but are now experiencing the same problem, and feel as I do. Asics, please correct this problem!
From: Marsha, 5/16

Comments: I have been wearing Asics for nearly 3 years now. I was very excited to switch to Asics because of their comfort and zero "break in" time. The Gel Resolution 6, however, this is not as comfortable as the others. The last two pairs I purchased took a couple of weeks to break in as they rub on my ankle bone. Taller socks and bandaids did not work. Seems like many others have experienced this as well. Hope they will make corrections to the shoe!
From: Barb, 4/16

Comments: These are more narrow than the previous model. I have developed a Morton's neuroma from these shoes. I have talked to other people that have numb toes from these shoes. I can't recommend them.
From: Sharon, 4/16

Comments: I have been loyal to the Gel Resolution shoe for years. I have a wide toe box and narrow heal and plenty of foot issues after running a marathon. The Gel Res 6 was narrower than any of the other Resolutions and my feet hurt after playing in them. I've hoped they'd loosen up but they aren't. I go for my older Res 5s and barely wear these. Bad change Asics. I made an expensive mistake.
From: JFoo, 4/16

Comments: I purchased the Asics Gel Resolution 6 expecting them to be better than Resolution 5 -- I was wrong. My 5s stopped the terrible heal pain I had with New Balance shoes, but I wore them out. I thought Asics would be my "go to" shoe. But, I have worn my new Gel Res 6 shoes five times and the bottom of my feet hurt half way through the first match. They are not comfortable. I need more cushioning. I need motion control (pronate) and I play on hard courts. I am very open to any suggestions.
From: Linda, 4/16
Note from TW: Hi Linda -- The Diadora Speed Star K, the Babolat SFX2, and the KSwiss Hypercourt Express are a few shoes you might want to take a look at and try next. Feel free to contact us and we can discuss these options further!

Comments: Yikes! I have been wearing Asics since I had for foot surgery three years ago and the 6 is nothing like the 5. The sizing is way off, at least a 1/2 size too small and super narrow. I stacked up several pairs of my 5s and the new 6 looks and feels clunky and tiny. Super disappointed. I will exchange them for a 1/2 size bigger but these shoes look and feel tiny.
From: Kstaaf, 4/16

Comments: I loved the Gel Res 5 and thought I would love the 6. This shoe does feel good on the court, except for the tongue moving and the laces won't stay tied. But when I take the shoes off, the soles of my feet hurt so bad I limp! Never had this experience with Asics before (or New Balance or Nike). I'm going back to my old 5s and hope they'll last through this first USTA season. After, I'm not sure what I will buy.
From: Sallie, 4/16

Comments: This is my third pair of Asics Gel Resolution shoes and they are not the same as the first two. The fit is great, but I am having trouble with blisters on my ankle bones. The material and stitching is much stiffer than the previous shoes and is causing this problem. I am not really sure how I am going to "break them in" but am trying double socks and bandaids at this point. Seems like cheaper leather when compared to my old Asics which I still have.
From: Suzanne, 4/16
Note from TW: Hi Suzanne -- the best way to break these shoes in is to wear them on or off the court. When I was breaking mine in and had similar issues, I took a break from a them for a couple days and then started wearing them again and it was better. Band-aids didn't really stay for me, so I tried pre-wrap and some athletic tape, which might stay in place better. Good luck and let us know if you need any further advice or assistance! Michelle, TW

Comments: Love this shoe! I was a faithful Prince wearer for many years, first with the T22s, then the Prince Warrior. Both seemed good at the time, but I've developed recurring issues with toe pain and bursitis in my foot. I play singles and need a lot of cushioning underfoot. I'd heard good things about Asics, so I decided to give this shoe a try. They are great! Lightweight, need little or no break-in period, and so comfortable and cushiony that I don't use my own gel inserts anymore. The only issue, as others have stated, is with the irritation to my inner ankle where the top of the shoe hits. I'm thinking that will get better with time and wear. I'll definitely buy this shoe again.
From: Christine, 3/16

Comments: I have worn the Gel Solution Speed 2 for years and loved them. The Resolution 6 are very stiff and heavy in comparison. As other reviewers have indicated, lots of rubbing on the ankles. Would not recommend. Try the Solution Speeds!
From: CK, 3/16

Comments: I wore the Gel Resolution 5 and loved them. These are not the same -- the redesign is awful. I have severe bruising and rubbing from these shoes. The grommet area around the shoelace hole (inside top of shoe) is extremely hard and stiff and rubs my ankle raw. I've lost a layer of skin. The shoe is also more narrow. Sadly, I cannot find anymore 5s in my size. I don't recommend these shoes. If anyone has a great (non narrow) women's shoe, please recommend!
From: Liz, 2/16
Note from TW: Hi Liz -- Check out the adidas Stella Barricade Boost or Nike Lunar Ballistec 1.5s -- they offer great cushioning, stability and durability.

Comments: The Gel Resolution 6 has a terrible design change from the 5. There is either metal or very stiff rubber at the top inside eyelet that rubs both my inside ankles just below the ankle bone. They have bruised me and rubbed skin off to the point of bleeding. This is not obvious when only trying the shoes on and wearing around the house. They seem to fit great until worn on the court for play. I will not be able to wear them anymore as it is very painful.
From: Janice, 2/16
Note from TW: Hi Janice, I actually have had the same issue with mine and although painful, I can assure you after a week break-in (around 6 or so hours on the court), that rubbing did seem to subside for me. Again, I know that isn't a great answer and can be a painful break-in, but if you can get through that break in and find some good athletic tape to tape up the sores, then they might end up working out! Feel free to contact us so we can help you find a better pair of shoes for your feet! Michelle, TW Staff

Comments: Please Asics, please bring back the Gel Resolution 5! The 5s didn't require any breaking in and didn't give me any blisters! I'm a Tennis Professional/Coach and am on court all day everyday and the Gel Resolution 6s were made more narrow and were designed a bit higher on the inside of the foot and the shoes gave me ridiculous blisters all over my feet and toes. It took over a week to break them in! It was brutal
From: Sarah, 1/16

Comments: I loved the Gel Resolution 5s and expected to love these more. Wrong! The narrowness hurt my foot to the point that I was limping for several days and needed to see a podiatrist (the first thing she asked was whether I was using new shoes). After my foot calmed down (it took a week), I played in my old 5s and was fine. TW, I cannot take a week to break these in; I'll be crippled! I have two pair each worn once worth over $250 and they are useless to me. I am bummed and disappointed.
From: Charlynn, 12/15
Note from TW: Hi Charlynn, So sorry to hear about your issues with the Gel Res 6, we will be sure to send this feedback to Asics and let them know. As far as breaking them in, the best thing we can suggest is wearing them around the house for an hour at a time or so (not on the tennis court as that has resulted in pain). They might be able to open up and cause your feet less pain off the court so they can be ready to wear pain-free. Hope that can help a bit and the shoes aren't completely useless! TW Staff

Comments: Just purchased these. The Gel Resolution is my go to shoe. Unlike the Resolution 5, I did have to break these in. My foot is medium width and it felt tighter on my right foot than my left. I'm playing tennis tomorrow and will wear thinner socks. Great arch support for me. The Resolution was a big looking shoe for a size 9 but this shoe does not look large on my size 9 feet.
From: Laurie, 12/15

Comments: Please Asics, please bring back the Gel Resolution 5! The 6 made my foot go numb before I walked on the court. I tried the men's in a smaller size and it didn't work. Why ruin a good thing? Keep the 5s for those of us who have bought pair after pair. I'm sad I can only find a couple pairs left.
From: Anon, 11/15
Note from TW: We had a bit of a similar issue when we first started wearing the Gel Res 6. But, if you can get through a week's worth of a break-in (give it a good 6 hours on the court), you should find the Gel Res 6 to open up and fit more comfortably!

Comments: I love the Asics Gel Resolution line and have been buying them for years. However, I just received this pair of the Resolution 6 and am very disappointed. They are narrower than the Resolution 5 and the heel slips on me. I had to try on my old shoes to make sure it wasn't my imagination, but it isn't. These 6s do not fit as well. My 5s were made in Vietnam and the 6s are made in China. Perhaps the change in manufacturing has led to these changes. I will have to return these shoes and look for something else. What a disappointment!
From: Janet, 10/15
Note from TW: Hi Janet -- We agree, we also found the 6s to run slightly more narrow than the 5s as noted in our fit description. We recommend spending at least 6 hours to break them in and open them up. We also recommend checking out the Gel Res 6 WIDE as that has been a great option for anyone struggling with the width of the 6s after a week of breaking them in.

Comments: Fits good and is a very comfortable shoe. My only complaint is that it doesn't breathe. My feet get really hot after a short period of time. It may be due to the all synthetic material. I didn't have this problem with my previous leather tennis shoes.
From: Gwen, 10/15

Comments: These shoes have caused me considerable pain. The top of the shoe is thick and hard and cuts into my ankle every time I wear them. I've worn them eight times and tried mole skin, bandaids and corn pads without luck.
From: Anonymous, 9/15

Comments: When I discovered the Gel Resolution 5s, I was so excited, I bought several pairs. They were perfect. Finally I had found the exact shoe for me. When the Gel Resolution 6 came out, I figured it would be the same, just new colors. It is not. The tongue moves constantly and I have to adjusting them during the game. The top of the shoe rubs against my ankle and I need to wear a bandaid in that spot so it doesn't create a blister. The shoes always seem too loose or too tight. I wanted to love them sooo much. I still wear them 3-4 times a week and just put up with all this. Please make the 7s exactly like the 5s. Or just bring back the 5s.
From: Tina, 9/15

Comments: Loved the Gel Resolution 5 but I love this 6 even more.. The colors look great, they are very stable, light, no break-in. After a long search for perfect shoe for me, I finally found it. First Name:
From: Anon, 9/15

Comments: I was excited to get these and wear them after wearing Gel Resolution 5s for years and loving them. I never had to break the 5s in, they were perfect out of the box for me. The 6s were a completely different story. I played for a few weeks in them and started having the worst back pain ever. I went to a doctor he did xrays, nothing there. I then realized it started hurting right when I switched shoes. Luckily I kept a pair of my old 5s and within a day or two the pain was gone. I bought two more pairs of the 5s and am worried about what to do when they wear out. Asics, please bring back the 5s. I play 4-5 times a week in three leagues.
From: Shawn, 8/15

Comments: The shoes ran a half size smaller for me. Just an FYI when ordering.
From: Mary, 8/15

Comments: I wore the Gel Resolution 5s and really liked them. I couldn't find anymore 5s so ordered the Gel Resolution 6. The toe box was so narrow (I have a medium foot) I had to wear them everywhere but the tennis court to get them flexible enough (they were much stiffer out of the box than the Gel 5). The toe box stretched out enough so I could play in them. After all that, they still felt very snug the first couple of matches and even now after about a month (5 days a week of play) they are snug. I wish they would go back to the wider toe box. One change for the better however, was the relocation of the keeper for the laces on the tongue. Moving it higher eliminated the tongue sliding to the outside (I was always readjusting it during play) and it also keeps the heel from slipping which was a problem with the 5s. Maybe when the next model comes out they will (hopefully) go back to the wider toe box and keep the keeper for the laces in the new location. That would be pretty close to ideal for me.
From: 8/15

Comments: Finally a version of the Gel Resolution that does not wear out in the toe in a month. I am a toe- dragger and usually I sent them back 4 months after purchase because the entire toe was ruined, but I've hit 6 months in these and the toe is still intact! Better fit, better durability. Would love to see the black/hot pink combo return. I play about 5 times a week.
From: Sara, 7/15

Comments: Finally a shoe manufacturer that listened to customers! The toe box was getting wider with each model and with those that have feet on the narrow side we find ourselves out of luck once we find a shoe we love. Thank you Asics for making the toe box narrow again! After going through so many brands that have made their toe boxes too wide, I appreciate what Asics has done. It's great that Asics is offering a wide width for those who are upset because no two humans have the same feet. You can't please everyone but at least Asics is trying!
From: Lori, 6/15

Comments: I have worn other Ascis and have loved them! I have a narrow foot. I do wear orthodics but don't like to size up too much as I find with time the shoes stretch out too much in the width. Upon wearing the Gel Resolution 6, I too, found my toes going numb. In addition after a few wears, something on the inside of the shoe was hitting my little toe and rubbing against. I taped the inside of the shoe, but after constant wear a painful callus as appeared on my little toe. I ordered another pair, thinking it was just this particular shoe. The new pair has the same issue, it is how the shoe is made, there is additional fabric/overlay of fabric that just happens to hit my foot in the wrong place and are actually painful to wear. The new pair is going back! I will have to look for a different shoe, the Gel Resolution 6 does not fit my foot well, even though I have loved other Asics in the past. Very disappointed.
From: Laura, 6/15

Comments: I was a big fan of Asics until the Gel Res 6. They no longer fit my feet. I bought every pair of Gel Res 5s I could find online but I'll be switching brands when they wear out. I heard they might come out with a "wide" version since they made them narrow. I've never worn a wide shoe in my life so I'm confused that I might need it in Asics.
From: Holly, 6/15

Comments: I bought these shoes as I heard great things about them. I wore them around the house and after a 1/2 hour my feet felt like they were going numb. I thought about getting a bigger size but once I really looked at how my foot fit the shoe, I realized they were too narrow for my wider front foot. I also have an orthotic and once I but them in the shoe it really made them feel narrow, even after I removed the shoebed. If you have a wider foot, these may not be the shoes for you.
From: Debra, 4/15

Comments: I have had the Gel Res 3s and 4s which I sized up a whole size in and they were wonderful. I have a narrow foot and a normal arch and loved those shoes. In fact I had several pairs of each. The 5s came out and I had both color waves (the January and June versions) and I only went up a half a size and it was perfect. I didn't love any of the colors but the shoe was great. Now to the 6s -- I have been wearing them a couple of months now and I too (as others have stated) had numbness in my toes for several weeks. I had no clue what was going on. I thought I had them tied too tight, I guess after they broke in a bit that went away, but now I feel like they are too short. Either the toe box is a bit wider or the shoe is a tiny bit shorter. Either way, my toes are hitting the end when I charge to a ball. I am not happy about it. I ordered the 10.5 and the 10, but the 10.5 felt too big so I went with the 10. I do love the colors this time. I have the black and lavender ones, but just not loving the shoes overall! The Resolution has been my favorite shoe for years, so this is a little frustrating!
From: Mistletoe, 4/15

Comments: Huge improvement. I agree with the last post. I have worn the 3s, 4s and the 5s which were horrible because they were loose and ill fitting and the cushioning failed after 3months of play. I'm petite and I only play once every week. These are the best versions so far.
From: Margaret, 3/15

Comments: I loved the 3s and 4s. The 5s were a huge disappointment but the 6s are amazing! Best yet! Supportive, light and comfortable from the first wear!
From: Jeanne, 2/15

Comments: I'm going to go up a half size. I'm disappointed they reverted back to the narrower toe box. (On the Resolution 5, Asics had noted on their product information that they had heard and listened to the customer and had increased the toe box). I was so pleased with Gel Res 4 and Gel Res 5. I'm hesitant to try the 6 but I will. I'm hopeful the 1/2 size increase will work.
From: Lynn, 2/15

Comments: I'm a big fan of the Asics Gel Resolutions series. I purchase about 4 pairs a year and was glad to see the new Res 6 come out. I wear a size 8 and the shoes fit great, I didn't have any problems at all with the width or toe box. In fact, I think these are more comfortable than the version 5.
From: Liz, 2/15

Comments: Loved the Gel Resolution 5 because they were supportive yet extremely comfortable and cushioned with great arch support! They molded to your feet and fit like a glove. I could wear them for hours. Tried the new Gel Res 6 and agree with the previous reviewer -- they are stiff, hard on the soles, very narrow and tight through the toebox (I have a narrow to medium foot width). My toes and front of my feet were also numb and in pain within 30 minutes due to lack of arch support and narrow toe box. Please bring back the previous design. I will be sending these back.
From: Kales, 2/15

Comments: I was so excited to see a new version of these shoes come out in a new color combination, but was bummed when I actually wore them on the court. They are snug! I have been wearing Asics for three years now, I am a loyal brand customer and have always just ordered the same size 8 and it has been fine until now. This new Gel Res 6 is stiff and the sides are much more narrow than before. I wore these twice and could not feel my feet at all -- they were numb. I thought maybe I just need to break them in? Yet by the end of the 4th set on the second day (after being hobbled by severe back pain) I gave up and took them off. I guess I will send them back. Go for a different version or go for a 1/2 size up? They just seem more narrow than the previous versions and stiff. Maybe I need to size up a half size?
From: SHG, 2/15

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