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Comments: This is the first shoe I've ever rolled my ankle in! Granted, the court was a little damp but nothing I haven't seen before. I did a split step and it felt like I stood on a banana skin, and I went down like a sack of spuds. This is strange because I have a pair of GR4's which seems to have the same sole but feels much more stable
From: Christo, 12/12

Comments: This is an excellent shoe for the price. I'm planning to buy every 11 1/2 on the planet before they discontinue them. It's a narrow shoe that fits like a glove. Durability may be an issue. I love the arch for my dinosaur feet.
From: Greg, 10/12

Comments: I used this for the first time today. It feels perfect and comfortable. I've been suffering from knee pain, but after playing with these I felt fine, so I'm very happy.
From: Ron, 10/12

Comments: I have a wider foot. I normally find myself in Prince T-8's or T-22's, but I thought I'd give these a try. They took about 2-3 days (wearing them as knock-arounds) to break in comfortably enough to be able to wear for tennis. Cushioning was great, but the width was not wide enough to accommodate my foot. As a result I found the sole to be slightly narrow my ankles wanting to roll outward. It is a very comfortable shoe, more cushioning than the T-22's but not wide enough for my foot, which is too bad for me as I appreciated the cushioning and comfort.
From: Rich, 7/12

Comments: I play tennis 1 hour, 3 times a week . I use this shoes at least 14 months continuously . This is my second Asics pair. Always the same security in court. Great shoes.
From: Guillermo, 3/12

Comments: This shoe is very comfortable and is playable right out the box. However, I found that it wears down quickly for a player that plays a lot. Luckily, the good thing is it has a 6 month durability warranty.
From: Nathan, 11/11

Comments: I moved to these after the Gel Resolution 2s, which I liked a lot. Break-in period was short, and the shoes are very comfortable. Unlike, say, my Barricades or Feathers, the Gel Challengers are comfy enough to spend a day kicking in before wearing them for matchplay. One caveat: even the white-grey outsoles mark the courts like crazy. I'll be lucky if I don't get kicked out of my club!
From: Gully. 10/11

Comments: I purchased these shoes after a good experience with the Gel 2. Unfortunately these do not live up to expectations. The lacing system is too wide making it difficult to get a comfortable fit with the lacing holes being too far apart at the top of this shoe. The grip is extremely poor and I found myself slipping frequently - particularly when making quick changes of direction at the net. Cushioning is fair.
From: Peter, 10/11

Comments: I have been a die hard Nike fan for my tennis shoes for over two decades. I was not happy with my last couple of pairs so I tried the Asics Gel Challenger 8. I was very happy with these initially. They fit was well (I did get a 1/2 size smaller), and they felt broken in right out of the box, they feel very light compared to the Nikes, and they have held up well. The only negative is that the black soles mark the court. I will get a white pair when I turn these in for the 6 month guarantee. I have been playing 5-6 times a week.
From: Chuck. 10/11

Comments: This shoe runs big because of the high arch. I would recommend getting this one whole size smaller and then it will feel like a glove. It is really soft on the floor.
From: Jason, 9/11

Comments: If you loved the Gel Resolution 2 and are disappointed with the Gel Resolution 3, go for the Gel Challenger 8's! They are a snug fit at first with what seems to be thicker cushioning but after a few hitting sessions I felt like I was wearing the Gel Resolution 2's. The cushioning molded to my feet and it is a comfy ride from there. I had that low to the ground feel again and my feet, knees, and back were happy. There is no super long toe box like with the Gel Resolution 3's.
From: AW, 9/11

Comments: These shoes are great except they fit too big. I normally wear a 9.5 so I got a 9.5, but fits like a 10. I would recommend buying a half size smaller.
From: Greg, 9/11

Comments: I wore through the toe in two months.
From: JT, 9/11

Comments: I've worn adidas Barricades, Nike Court Ballistecs, and Babolat Propulse shoes. If you prefer a thicker cushion and comfort, these are the shoes for you. There is good traction and support. However, ventilation can be improved. Overall price and 6 month outsole warranty by Tennis Warehouse make this a great buy. You will probably gain an extra inch in height if you wear these too.
From: Dave, 9/11

Comments: I got a pair of Gel Challenger 8 as warranty replacement for Gel Dedicate 2 which wore out in three months on hard courts. Problems? Well, the first one is fit. True to size length-wise, but not form-fitting: not so much wide for my feet, as the wrong shape. Too much volume on the sides in the mid-foot and in the heel. And lacing system that doesn't allow to tighten the shoes properly: too wide-open, especially at the front of the foot. On top of that, the shoes feel unusually high off the ground. All this resulted in a) rolled ankle and b) near full-split (ouch!) while stretching wide: the shiny plastic thing on the inside of the shoe is slippery! All this within the first 30 min of wearing these shoes on the court. Bottom line: no redeeming qualities in this model. Meanwhile, they are sitting in my closet. Got a pair of the new K-Swiss Tubes as an emergency replacement, and so far, after trying out last night, very happy with them.
From: Ian. 8/11

Comments: This Asics Gel Challenger 8 is super soft and super comfortable at the beginning but it does not last. I bought this at the beginning of June and I already burn a hole on the right shoe (less than 2 months) I suspect this has to do with my increased play time during summer: from 3 days a week to 5-6 days a week. It is a good thing that there is a 6 months warranty.
From: Brian, 8/11

Comments: They get extremely hot sometimes probably mainly due to the color but apart from that they are ok.
From: Harris Hall. 7/11

Comments: I tried these shoes after wearing the Gel Resolutions. To me these did not feel that stable when moving side to side. They seem to ride higher than the Gel Resolutions. i would not recommend these.
From: Sanford, 7/11

Comments: Overall, a pretty well rounded shoe in different aspects. I play an offensive baseline style of play and it had very good lateral stability. The cushioning is great, but the durability could be a little bit better. Once again, a great mid priced choice.
From: Mike, Louisiana, USA, 7/11

Comments: I've always worn Asics running shoes and have been wanting to try their tennis shoes for a while now. I just received my Asics 8s and, although I won't play in them until tomorrow, they fit like a glove, total midfoot support, typical Asics heel comfort, and the white and grey look great. I'll order a pair of the blacks now too.
From: Don, Carlsbad, CA, USA. 06/11

Comments: I recently purchased these shoes online, tried them on and liked them instantly. I wore them on the court and after about 10 minutes of hitting I noticed I had left a very noticeable amount of black streaks on the court. They are the not the non-marking soles they claim to be.
From: S.B. 6/11

Comments: These are the best shoes I ever had, coming from Nike, Kswiss, Adidas. They are soo comfortable and lightweight.
From: Agg. 6/11

Comments: I am a college player and I was a big fan of the Gel Challenger 7 shoes. On the first day I wore the gel challenger 8's, I wore horrible blisters into my heel, right near the upper lip of the back of the shoe. The seat is rather high for your heel, so I had to break the shoes in thoroughly before they stopped chafing, but it was sublime in about a week. The midsole is really soft and deep into the shoe, and the fit is snug and narrow. Durability is pretty standard; 4 weeks in and I can see foam through the rubber. Just make sure to break them in gently.
From: Gary. 6/11

Comments: So far I really like this shoe. I was a big fan of the Asics Gel Resolution 1 and 2. The GR 3 seems to be getting mixed reviews though. In addition, according to the weight TW posts for the GR 3, it seems to be heavier than what the GR 2 was. So I decided to try the Challenger 8. Excellent cushioning! Played for almost four hours on hard courts this weekend with them, and feet did not hurt at all afterward. I think if you were a fan of the GR 1 and 2, give these a try as there is a very good chance you will like these too. They are virtually the same shoe. They have pretty much all of the same features, support, and cushioning, but cost a bit less.
From: Anonymous. 6/11

Comments: Shoes were super comfortable, but I had to return them because the soles were really marking up the courts I play on even though the soles were supposed to be non-marking. I was asked not to wear them anymore at my courts, so they had to go back. In the 4 matches that I wore them, they really seemed to be wearing very quickly on the toe, so it also looked like durability was going to be an issue, although I didn't have them long enough to say for sure.
From: Dan, 4.0. 5/11

Comments: One big flaw. After about a month of wear I'm slide around in these shoes like I'm on clay, this has only been a problem twice but they were both pretty recent. The first time my coach was helping me with my serve and volley and when I split step my feet came out from under me; the second time I was playing a match and when I took a step into my volley my feet started sliding around like I was walking on marbles. Other than that these shoes are really comfortable and I'll admit it's fun sliding around in them.
From: Joshua. 5/11

Comments: I had other shoes where I would get blisters due to bigger toe box area, longer break in periods, that's where I turn to Asics tennis line. This is my 3th pair of Asics. I am and still a huge fan of the Gel Resolution 2 but that shoe lacked durability. I don't usually wear out tennis shoes that easily nor do I toe drag but the GR2 wore out so fast within the 4th month. So I had to find another shoe to replace it. This is where the Challenger 8 comes in. This shoe has a slight break in, great stability, extremely comfortable thanks to the gel sole. It's low to the ground feel, and great ankle support is like the GR2. The gel sole helps mold your feet into the shoe. It's just an ingenious design. Thank you ASICS!! I felt very fast and the shoe was very responsive on the court. The durability is better than the GR2 as I am approaching my 3rd month with it. I was looking for a shoe that was very similar to the GR2 and I found it. I heard the GR3's specs had dramatically changed from the GR2 so I set out looking for a comparable replacement. One knock I would give this shoe is there is no ventilation or very little of it. My feet got hot. The color scheme, black and lime, is nice in person. All and all a great shoe.
From: An. 5/11

Comments: First off these shoes are VERY comfortable and fit well. However, I have to say that they are lacking a bit in durability. After only 4 matches, I have worn away a significant portion of the toe guard on the right shoe, a problem I have not ever really had before. Also, I think the rubber compound may be too soft or defective because although the soles say non- marking, they most assuredly are not. I have already been spoken to by opponents and my tennis chair about my shoes marking up the hard courts, so I may not be able to wear them on the hard courts anymore.
From: Dan. 5/11
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: My quest for the most comfortable tennis shoe is finally over. At age 65 and weighing in at 240lbs and playing 3 times a week I have tried so many different brands and could not find the right one. I recently purchased the Gel Challenger 8 and could not be more pleased with the level of comfort these shoes provide. I'm a customer for life. Thanks for these shoes.
From: Arnold, Ft. Mill, SC, USA. 5/11

Comments: I had the Prince rebels for 2 days and I already got a strain in my hamstring. During my time away, I got a pair of the Gel Challenger 8's. I played in them for 2 weeks starting with some light hitting, and I can honestly say these are the best shoes I've ever worn. Thank you Asics.
From: Anon. 4/11

Comments: This is a great pair of shoes. The grip on the hard court is firm yet sensitive, the support on the arch great, the cushioning on the gel firm, very comfortable and non compromising, and the rubber sole seems durable to the wear, the weight light and the structure well constructed. Having been wearing Nike CB 2.1, I immediately felt the difference. The later is a piece of crap compared to Challenger 8. I now understand where the source of my lower foot arch ache came from. Not only that, for CB 2.1, it is easy to roll your ankle whereas Challenger 8 provides a distinct grip and support for good court movement. It is advisable not to wear socks that are too thick with these though, because the heel seat is slightly low. I was wearing ankle support with these initially and it felt like slipping out. When I took the ankle support off, not only did it sit firmly, I realize the support is so good I didn't need those ankle support anymore (unlike the case when I was wearing CB 2.1) Thank goodness I bought 2 pairs of this shoe.
From: Tien, San Francisco, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: Excellent shoe. Like them better than the Resolution 2, adidas barricades, and Nike court ballistics. Great support, low to the ground, super light, 6-month sole warranty, better grip than any of the aforementioned shoes, minimal break-in. Not thrilled with the neon colors that are so popular these days. Wish they had them in black and silver, but that's a pretty minor issue.
From: Phil, NY, USA, 03/11

Comments: I've only played twice with them but so far so good. A little stiff out the box but after wearing them around the house and to the gym a couple of times, they felt perfect. Comfort and grip are really really good. It's been a long time and several different shoes since I've played several hard sets and my feet haven't hurt after the match. Love how lightweight they are. Can't say much about the durability but I'm never concerned about that anyway. I like the black and lime color scheme too. Great shoe!
From: Jamie, Winston-Salem, NC USA, 3/11

Comments: I've only worn the shoes for about 4-5 matches, but so far I have liked them very much. I have used Barricades in the past, but they were too heavy. I switched to Prince (which are great with no break-in and some were light- weight), but with Prince, I had big time durability issues as they lasted 3 months or less. The Asics seem to be completely broken in out of the box, are lightweight and very comfortable. I think the custom gel heel really makes a difference in the comfort in long matches. I can't report on the durability yet though.
From: Chris, Marietta, GA, USA, 02/11
NTRP Rating: 4.5

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