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Comments: Soft and playable -- yes! Durable -- no. If you hit with any topspin, this is not your string. If you are a flat hitter with arm problems, this is a great string.
From: Brad, 6/15

Comments: This is the best string you will find for this price or any price. This is very soft, and just a great all around string. These strings are low powered, which lets you do all the work on the ball which I love. If you have the ability, they will perform for you. I have tried countless others, but this beats them all. I use a full bed of these, no need for hybrids. Durability is fine for an 18g. If you are a string breaker like me, you will get about three matches from them. I string my own, so for $5.90 a set it is a great deal.
From: Steve, 5/15

Comments: This string is a cheaper alternative to Wilson Sensation. It is not quite as soft as Sensation nor does it have quite the power, but it has a very similar feel especially after break in. The best part of the string to me is the playability. Even as it loses tension, it still plays about the same. It is crisp feeling, yet easy on the arm. I put it in a Wilson BLX Prostaff 95 and a second racquet with Wilson Sensation. I always go back to the one strung with Alpha for better control and feel. It is about $3- $4 cheaper and that makes a little difference to me.
From: CF, 8/14

Comments: I use a full bed of the 18g in a somewhat stiff racquet strung at 60lbs. I really like this string -- it feels crisp and powerful, but I have much better control on all my shots. So far durability has not been a factor, I have played about 15 hours with this current sets. The price is great and my elbow is so much happier, plus my play has gotten better.
From: Joe, 10/13

Comments: This is one of the best cross strings I have ever tried. It is low friction, and very comfortable.
From: Charles, 7/12

Comments: I have tried a bunch of 17g and 18g multis in my 18x20 Youtek Radical and have finally found my string of choice. I have tried Biphase, Multifeel, Microfibre, Prince Prem Attack, Prem LT, Acura, Dynamite Soft, and while I could play with all of them, there was always something I didn't like. Maybe it's just the price of the Alpha Gut that I like right now. The point is, the Alpha Gut competes very well with all of these. Now if PPA came in an 18g, I might switch back, but the Alpha gives me power, feel, and most importantly, the spin I was looking for.
From: Blair, 7/12

Comments: Dollar for dollar, this string is it. Strung in a Prestige Mid at 50-52 lbs, it offers the perfect mix of control, power and touch. String life is pretty decent considering it's an 18g multi, but the 18x20 and 93" frame obviously help prevent early breakage. When fresh, this string is the most "gut-like" string I can find. After about 2-3 matches, it does lose a little of its initial pop and feel, but it does not become a trampoline like other multis. After about 5-6 matches, it has settled in very nicely now, and I continue to enjoy the feel, control and crispness of the string. Hardly any notching or fraying, and string movement is not bad at all. I typically break syn gut in about 3-4 matches, and VS 17 after 6-7 matches, so in comparison Alpha 18g is a clear winner for price/performance, still going strong after 6 matches. Open string patterns and/or stiffer frames will probably reduce the string life significantly, but if you string your own, nothing beats a fresh string bed of this every few matches! When fresh, spin access is almost right up there with poly, while comfort is near gut.
From: James, USA, 10/10
NTRP rating: 4.5

Comments: I usually play with Gamma Professional and decided to give the Alpha Gut 2000 18 gauge a try. After 3 hours of pretty intense hitting I was really impressed. The string had a nice crisp feel to it and gave me a lot of bite on the ball not only on groundstrokes but on my spin serve. I will be interested to see how durable it is but at this price point it really won't matter to me! It's a nice string.
From: Jon, Scottsdale, AZ, USA. 5/10

Comments: Great string, mutli strings are my favorite string cause of their feel. I've used Tecnifibre, Wilson and Babolot mutlis, and I prefer this, and it's 1/3 the price! They have great bite! I hybrid them with Babolot Revenge 17, and the feel of them both is amazing. I strung them at 57 mains/59 crosses.
From: Bryce, Fresno, California. 5/10

Comments: This is one of the best strings I've ever tried in terms of feel, control, and comfort. My regular string is Isospeed Professional 17, and this was softer with even more ball pocketing. It also gave me more spin even though the diameters weren't as different as 17 and 18 gauge strings should be. The only problem was the durability; it snapped after about 20 hours of play. I don't hit with very much spin, and my strings usually last about twice as long. Still, the price is a third of Gamma Professional, so having half the durability and almost all the playability is a good deal!
From: anon. 03/10

Comments: Terrific string for the price. Alpha also use to make a great string called Gutex which is now discontinued. Not a very popular string but a great feeling string for the price. You could pay more for similar multifilaments and not get the same feel or quality. If you're a serious player, this is one string you should always keep in your bag!
From: Robert, Montreal, Canada 09/06

Comments: This String is much better than any 18-gauge synthetic. I agree with Mike about control, spin, and comfort but I found that the string didn't have that much power, which made the string even better. Bottom- line, best 18 gauge string for the price. I also recommend NRG2 18 if your looking for more power. I am a top junior in the state and this feels awesome on my Flexpoint radical at about 62 pounds.
From: Grant, Littleton, CO, USA, 07/06

Comments: I play at the 5.0 and open levels. I use Alpha Gut 2000 18 Gauge for practice. It is a step up from Gosen OG Sheep Micro 18, which I also use. Alpha Gut 2000 18 Gauge string is the closest to gut in terms of touch, control, spin, and power. The string also maintains tension well. This string does break within 3-6 hours of use if you hit with plenty of spin, so I recommend this string to anyone that is does not mind stringing often.
From: Mike, Fresno, CA, USA. 11/04

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