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Comments: If you're looking for comfortable feel with moderate power at an affordable price, these strings can't be beat. I started playing tennis with this multi, switched to various polys, and ended up back with Alpha Gut 2000. With polys, I missed the comfort and feel I got on the ball. I string at 54 lbs in my Head Youtek IG Prestige Mid and love every second of play I get out of them. They hold up well and really do offer a tremendous amount of comfort and feel.
From: Jeremy, 11/15

Comments: I have used probably 6-7 different multi-filaments over the last 10 years. I have never had a string (until this one) with virtually no break-in period. It's amazing, AG2000 is good from the very first hit which is really desirable. This has been the same every time in over 10 sets used over the last 2-3 years. In agreement with the other Paul listed below on the other attributes of this string.
From: Paul, 3/14

Comments: If you are a big hitter this string won't be very good for you. It plays very soft and is therefore erratic on big swings.
From: Chris, 2/13

Comments: I have played 2 sets with this string so far. I use it in the mains with Gosen Syn Gut in the crosses. It plays surprisingly soft, with good control and moderate power. Durability is just average, but for cost and comfort, it's a great value compared to Tecnifibre Multi-feel, which is only slightly better in all areas but for about $3 more a set.
From: Paul, 12/12

Comments: I have used it on several racquetball racquets in 17 ga and have found that it performs very well. Plan to try the lighter 18 ga. soon. For the price, I thinks its a great product.
From: Chris, Cadiz, KY USA 08/09

Comments: I have been trying out different multifilaments in a hybrid setup with a polyester as the mains and the multifilaments as the crosses. This string kind of surprised me because I was expecting it to be softer, like most of the other multifilaments, but it was a little stiff more like synthetic gut. I didn't mind. I actually enjoyed playing with this string because it had a nice crisp feel to it, and it offered plenty of power, good control and decent spin. My only complaint was that it lasted me about 5-6 hours of hitting before breaking. Compared to the other multifilaments I've tried, this is below average in durability.
From: Robert, Los Angeles, CA. 1/08

Comments: Ok, three words: piece...of....garbage, really the most terrible strings I have ever used, I had them strung at 65 pounds and it totally destroyed my elbow and now Iím mad pissed, apart from that they felt awful and are not soft at all, they are also very slippery and gave the ball no spin at all, the ball just slides right off of them and flies into the net or goes everywhere that you're not aiming, seriously do not buy this string they are total crap and I will not buy them again, Iím still stuck with the freaking 17 gauge now, Iíll probably give it to my friend for his birthday
From: Shawn, USA, 10/07

Comments: I've switched to a full Alpha Gut 2000 string bed from the stiff hybrid polyesters/ multifilaments. I found the string to be durable with great feel and most of all, it's much easier on the arm. All court 4.5 player, Wilson N- Code 6.1 95 strung at 63lbs. \
From: Rob, MN, USA, 11/06

Comments: Great string for a stiff racquet. Works well in my nCode six-one tour 90. However, they like to cut in on themselves and don't last long in 95-degree + conditions. Don't use these strings on an oversized racquet that vibrates a lot; the strings will only last a week.
From: Geno, Shingle Springs, CA, USA 09/06

Comments: I have tried a few multifilament strings lately, and I can conclude that this string has to be one the best bang for the buck that you can buy - high quality multifilament string for an unbeatable price! 4.5 player, Wilson Ncode Six-One Tour 90, 57 lbs.
From: Robert, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 06/06

Comments: Great great string. I started trying multi's after switching to a Volkl Tour10 mid last year, and the racket feels great with a hybrid between a multi in the main and a mono nylon (Liberty 16 Ashaway) in the crosses. Comparing to Wilson Sensation, the Alpha Gut2000 holds tension better and provides better control. It is very slippery and easy to string with. The slippery feel also sacrifice the spin potential slightly, but I am a flat ball hitter so no big issue for me. Very comfortable string, plays softer than natural gut, the hybrid with a mono nylon provides great feel, control and comfort. Durability is decent also.
From: Don, Yardley PA USA 05/06

Comments:For the money, this is probably the best string out there even comparing with some of the more expensive strings. I've used this string for the last 3 years and really enjoyed its durability and comfort. (I am a 4.5/5.0; all-court player; Prince CTS DB26 @ 62 lbs.)
Houston, Tx, USA 10/05

Comments: I really like the feel and durability of this string. Prior to this string I tried the Gamma LiveWire XP and the Wilson NXT to test the new multifilaments. I strung those with Prince Synthetic Gut in the crosses since I have a stringing machine and for the money Alpha gut is lasting longer and the playability is good. Gamma loses tension faster than the Wilson, but is softer for the first 4 hrs. The Alpha starts soft but not as soft as the other two, but it seems to hold the tension better. I strung the whole racquet with the Alpha since the price is low which is another benefit. I got better power with the Alpha than the other two, but it might be due to not hybridizing the string job. If the Wilson cost the same as the Alpha I would buy the Wilson since it looks like gut and the feel is slightly better. The Gamma is harder to string so I wouldn't recommend it (It stretches too much). For the money I like the Alpha. It plays like a better version of Prince Synthetic Gut Original.
From: Ace, Surrey, BC, Canada. 9/04

Comments: I have used this string ever since I started playing tennis (4 or 5 years ago) and I love it for my Babolat Pure Control Plus.
From: Ethan, Columbus, Ohio, USA. 8/03

Comments: The best economical synthetic string out there. If you want the best synthetic string, use Babolat VS Fibrefeel or Powergy.
From: Thomas, Flushing, NY, USA. 8/03

Comments: After stringing racquets for some 30 years (and playing even longer) I would say this is currently the best string for the money. It holds up nicely on the red clay, and it's elasticity provides excellent feel and control. I string it at 56lbs in my Midplus Prince classic.
From: Bob, Lenoir, TN, USA.

Comments: I don't like this string at all. This string is not soft compared to other strings, so it is not that easy on the arm. I think regular synthetic gut it's better.
From: Joe, San Francisco, CA, USA. 3/03

Comments: I use a Dunlop 300G strung at 62 lbs. Alpha Gut 2000 16 is a fairly good string that gives you good bite for a 16 gauge. I am a fairly hard hitter that uses quite a lot of topspin, so the durability isn't too great for me. I broke it in 5 hours of play. Not a bad string, though.
From: Martin, Ontario, Canada 10/02

Comments: Alpha Gut 2000 is a great buy. It gets good bite on the ball and gives the usual control associated with a multifilament. It is not as soft as NXT or any other expensive strings, but for half the price that's not very significant. I was pleased with the power as well. Surprisingly, the string lasts as long on my racquets as regular synthetic gut. The Alpha Gut is one of the best deals out there.
From: Jeff, Seattle, WA. USA 7/02

Comments: Alpha Gut 2000 16 (White) is the best string for the money. It feels great in my Pure Drive. It has a little above average durability, but for the price this is the best string.
From: Kevin, Grandview, WA. USA 5/02

Comments: After trying a few of the higher priced multifilaments, including Tecnifiber NRG, Wilson NXT, and Gamma Live Wire, the Alpha Gut 2000 has proved to be a lower priced alternative. It has just as much feel as the NRG and NXT, but has much better durability. All around, it comes closest to Live Wire in playability, with a little more feel. An excellent string at a very reasonable price.
From: Mike, Kent, WA, USA 8/01

Comments: I use Alpha Gut 2000 as my crosses with Gosen polylon as my mains. This is one of the softest strings available which is why I deceided combining it with a fairly stiff string like Polylon. It is a great string even when it is used alone. I ordered two reels from for use on my hybrid and I suggest that you try it too.
From: Edgardo, NYC, NY. USA 7/01

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