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Comments: Great string. Very soft on my arm but still plays crisp. I use a Pure Drive and most strings cause my arm problems, even soft strings as X-one Biphase. Other than natural gut, this is the softest string I have tried, but it provides better control for me than gut. The 17 gauge is also very good but does not last me more than 3 hours. With the 16 tough I get about 10 hours with excellent tension maintenance. I have my racques strung at 51 lbs with this string while normally use 55 lbs in other multis. Very well done Ashaway.
From: Miki, 1/15

Comments: I agree with the last two posts, this is a great feeling string with good spin production. I followed Dan's suggestion and hybrid it with Ashaway Dynamite 17 Natural for the cross. Slazenger 105 strung at 58lbs.
From: Steven, 2/13

Comments: Dan is right on. The combination of Dynamite 17 Natural and Dynamite Rough has the best feel/power/control/spin combination of any hybrid combo, even better than natural gut. I string for my daughter, a competitive junior, and this combo has given her an immense advantage. Note: The "terrible string" comment must be referring to the Dynamite Soft, which is very, very soft and fragile, but great for young juniors or old seniors.
From: Anon, 7/12

Comments: I have strung this string for several guys NTRP rated 4.0 and 3.5. I chose to hybrid this string with the Ashaway Dynamite 17 Natural (Green color). I put the tough in the mains and the natural in the crosses. They all love it and said it is the best feeling string they have ever played with. I highly recommend giving this string setup a try.
From: Dan, 7/12

Comments: Terrible string. I bought 4 sets, 2 of them broke when I was stringing my own racquets (58 lbs, it wasn't even that high), and the other 2 snapped right away on the warm up. I would never buy this one again.
From: Andre, 7/12

Comments: Ashaway Dynamite 17 used to be my favorite string to hit with until I got news that it was discontinued. In response I decided to try out Ashaway's Dynamite Tough hoping it would be similar. For the most part they are. Dynamite Tough is just as it sounds, it's tough. One of the problems I found with regular Dynamite was that its durability was nigh pitiful. I'd break it in at max, 2 sessions. Dynamite Tough definitely remedied that. The coating is rough and feels a bit stiffer in my hands. In fact, it seems like the string is textured just a tad for durability/spin. Stringing it is just like regular Dynamite. Play wise, Dynamite Tough is stiffer/lower powered than regular. It feels more like a synthetic gut rather than a multifilament. In return for decreased softness and "feel" unexpectedly, the coating does seem to give more spin. Also, the durability is definitely much better. I can tell it'll last twice as long as regular dynamite. This string is just different. It's not better or worse than regular Dynamite. Both have their strengths, but what is definitely true is that Dynamite Tough lasts much longer that regular. Out of all of Ashaway's Dynamite line, this one is the most durable at the cost of softness and some feel.
From: Brian, 9/11

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