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Comments: Totally insane...discontinued! The most comfortable shoe, great from the get go! Tried the so called updated versions of the original Barricade II and they are all just cosmetic and pricey! Luckily, I found three used pairs, will ShoeGoo and replace the insoles. I called Adidas, no remake right now. Totally bummed!
From: Tomas, 4/13

Comments: I love these shoes. How could Adidas discontinue them?! The Barricade 6.0 is too narrow, and hurts my foot over time (I play 3 or 4 times a week). It took me many years of trying different shoes from different manufacturers before I finally found the Barricade II. It's the perfect combination of fit, feel, and durability. New Balance was great for a while, but then they dramatically reduced the durability of the toe box, which essentially made them useless to me as I tend to pivot or drag my toe on my serve, and can tear through the current model of high-end NB shoes in week. Oh well. Prince? KSwiss? Nike?
From: Peter, 2/13

Comments: I have worn these shoes for maybe 12 yrs, buying about every 6 months, playing 4-5 times a week. They are THE best shoe for a long narrow foot, though I need to buy one size larger than my other shoes. I have heard they will be discontinued, so STOCK UP! I have 6 pr purchased and waiting, thinking of buying more. ADIDAS--DON'T DISCONTINUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't live without these!!
From: Thomas, 3/12

Comments: These are the best tennis shoes. These shoes fit from the get go and are very comfortable. I have found no Wilson, Prince, KSwiss or Nike can compare. Even my two female friends use the mens Barricade 2.
From: Tomas, 12/11

Comments: Having worn this shoe for more than two years now I can safely say it is an excellent item. Provides great stability, is light and comfortable to wear. Best of all it is amazingly durable, apart from a slight rip in the fabric on the inside of the shoe everything else has held up well. Only slight gripe is that the extremely durable Adiwear outsole is a bit slippery in greasy conditions. I wear them pretty much anywhere, not just for tennis as my feet are so comfortable in them, 9.5/10.
From: Raja, 12/11

Comments: Not the best looking shoes since it's an older model. But the quality is top notch. If you adjust a few things while playing, they fit very well. I'm glad I spent my money on this.
From: David, 11/11

Comments: This is the best shoe for tennis. After reading all the reviews, I wasn't sure about buying it because after all, shoes are personal and need to feel right from trying it on. My feet are happy now since I made the purchase. I had to get these because my Nike cross trainer was falling apart and killing my toes. Anyway, since I got these Barricades, the problem is solved. I was originally concerned about the Barricade being a mid in terms of width as I have wide feet. So, this Barricade cramps my feet for the first 5 minutes after I put them on and then goes away after. I also experimented on loosening the lace to some affect. The end result is a good supporting shoe after 5 hours of play time. I figured that 5 minutes of initial pain is a lot better than getting black beetle toes. I am still looking for the perfect shoes but find this one is a keeper for now. I would continue to buy these in the future. Good shopping!
From: Phat, 10/11

Comments: I've used an assortment of adidas shoes: the a3 Accelerator, the Feather IV, the Barricade V, and the 6.0s, but these by far eclipse any of the above mentioned. The last shoe I had used were the 6.0s, so I was expecting a regular break in period, but I barely required one for the II's at all. The shoe fits true to size, and has a snug, glove-like feel, like the Barricade V. On the court, these were the ultimate combination of stability, mobility, comfort, and traction. So far no problem with the grommets falling out; however if I tied the laces too tight I had a problem with them pressing into my feet. I played about 3 full days (8 hours) of tennis with the II's and I'm already excited enough to write a review. All I have left to test now is the durability. I play competitively 3+ hours every day and ran through the Barricade V's within 2 months and 6.0s within 2 as well. Too bad these don't have a 6 month guarantee.
From: Arnel, 9/11

Comments: A super comfortable shoe that does not last! Maybe I am unlucky but after 2 months of using them I have dime size tear on the inside of the right foot where the shoelaces start. I have always used adidas shoes for tennis and this is the first pair that did not last me 1 year. Because there is no warranty I do not recommend them.
From: Marko. 8/11

Comments: Wow! These shoes are way better than I remember. If I had known they were still available it would have saved me a lot of grief and money over the years. They are a great neutral fitting shoe with a snug fit. Obviously, adidas has a winner and I hope they make them for a long time to come.
From: Mike, 7/11

Comments: Purchased these after my Air Oscillates became discontinued. This shoe is sturdier on lateral movements than the Oscillates with better traction. I am highly happy and will continue to buy these until they become discontinued. Minimum break in required. Also has a good look to it.
From: Brian. 7/11

Comments: These shoes are very comfortable right out of the box. I found there is good arch support and that they are also very durable. I have found my shoe.
From: Russ, 7/11

Comments: I had two pairs of the first original barricades. So I thought I would be safe trying this updated version. Everything is the same except the shoelace eyelets which IMO are not as good. Instead of conventional eyelets they use these plastic or nylon raised loops that rest on top of the shoe material. If you tie the shoes really tight, these loops dig into the material and you can feel the pressure on the top/instep of your foot. Look at the close up of the shoe and you will see the eyelets I'm talking about. I will not buy anymore barricades or other shoes with this design. Conventional round eyelets are still the best.
From: Andy A. 07/11

Comments: These are by far the best adidas shoe ever made. A bit stiff at first but they feel great after a couple weeks. The durability is unbelievably good. You can't go wrong with these!
From: Eric, Chicago, Illinois, US, 3/11

Comments: I thought they were a pretty good pair of shoes. Very durable and comfortable. But they still feel sluggish and tough to make quick movements in. Also after a couple days of tournament play they started to burn a little bit. Like nothing I've every had but still a quality shoe.
From: Anon, 01/11

Comments: I have been wearing these for years. Before a pair of Nike Ballistic I am playing in right now, but I can't feel the same level of comfort nor stability that I get from B2. I recently got two pairs from this website because I can't find them in Canada. These are by far the best pair of tennis shoes I have tried. I play very aggressive tennis and love the stability I get when I am moving around the court. Hope Adidas never discontinues this line. Yes, my grommet broke too. However, the shoes were quite worn down before that happened.
From: T, Toronto, Canada, 10/10

Comments: In my opinion, this is best Barricades up to generation 5. I prefer this over B5. I will be fan for life if this comes with 6 months guarantee like the B5 does
From: Brian, The Fountain Valley, CA, USA, 07/10

Comments: This shoe is the most comfortable among the barricade line-up. If only adidas could make styling upgrade for this shoe together with 6 month outsole durability guarantee. It'll be sick!
From: Triggz, Huntsville, TX, USA. 06/10

Comments: Bad shoe....very stiff. I got them for free in college, and they gave my feet problems for years. I just got another pair for free, expecting maybe a different outcome, but it was the same old stiff shoe.
From: Illia. 5/10

Comments: I really wanted to like these shoes because of all the positive comments and friends raving about them. I was tired of replacing otherwise good shoes every 3 months or so because the tread would wear off, so these were recommended. I tried them on in the store (had to get a bigger size than normal to accommodate my custom orthotics) and they immediately they felt stiff and heavy. So I assumed a break in period would help that. It didn't. I played for 7 weeks in them and they were horribly heavy, not flexible, and uncomfortable. I felt like Frankenstein clomping around on the court. On a positive note, the tread looks hardly worn. I went out and bought 2 pairs of another adidas model that were more comfortable right out of the box knowing that I am just going to have to sacrifice tread longevity for comfort. I'm selling my barely worn Barricades.
From: Shelly, Atlanta, GA. 5/10

Comments: I used to wear these shoes and had no problems with them when they first came our. Since, I've migrated to the new models, but was never quite happy with their heavier boat like feel. They seemed to not fit like a glove and the now seem to have a bad colour design. So I went back to the BII's, and they fit perfectly. Feel light and the upper and lacing design keep your foot very snuggle. I consider myself to have wide feet, and they feel great. However, after wearing them twice, I noticed the lace grommets to be pulled out, like many other comments on here. I've never experienced this issue before 3-4 years ago.. so I was kind of alarmed seeing that is seems so many people have had this happen.
From: Rich,MN, USA 01/10
Tecnifibre NRG2, 57lbs, Prostaff 6.1c, 4.0

Comments: I've been wearing these for a while now, and I've bought two pairs of them. Throughout this time, I have easily been playing my best tennis. These shoes, for some reason, make you play outstanding tennis while giving your feet a bed to sleep in. After you play, your feet will never complain about anything; blisters, sores, nothing. It's just... the best. Absolutely the best. Nothing else to say.
From: Evan, Long Island, NY, USA 12/09

Comments: These shoes are average. They are not the coolest looking shoes ever but they hold up well. My shoes usually last 3 to 5 weeks and these lasted 2 months. The main problem is they are very heavy.
From: Aaron, Nashville, TN, USA 12/09

Comments: There's a reason why this barricade 2 is still around and hasn't been discontinued. Go figure, try this out if you have a narrow to medium fit and see why this baby is holding it's price against the newer models...
From: Stefan, Fremont, CA, USA 09/09

Comments: Just got a pair of the adidas barricade II shoes after using Prince MC4 shoes. The MC4's were hurting my feet and ankles after I played, and made them very sore. I got recommended these, and what a difference! These are truly the greatest shoes ever made. First put them on and they were cushioned, hugging my feet and perfect structure. Got back from my first hitting session today with these and I noticed an improvement in my footwork and movement. When I got home, I took them off and I had no pain. I highly recommend these shoes to ANYBODY. Now I know why these are used by so many pros. Well done adidas!!!
From: Daniel, East Meadow, NY, USA 07/09

Comments: Very comfortable, little to no break-in period, but the inner sole at the ball of my right foot has collapsed. There's no longer any support there. I haven't had them very long (20 - 30 hours?). The outer sole looks barely worn, the outer cover is perfect, but these have to go in the trash.
From: Scott, Scottsdale, AZ, USA. 6/09

Comments: After wearing these shoes for just a couple of weeks, one of the grommets broke off. Needless to say, I was not too happy about that. The shoe does take awhile to break in, but after that I have had no problems with the shoes.
From: Jim, BG, OH, USA. 06/09

Comments: I have been wearing these shoes for 4+ years now; I'm on my third pair at the moment. They have great durability and are very comfortable. I didn't really need to have that long of a break-in period like some of the other reviewers have commented on. The only downside I have noticed was that after awhile, the construction of the shoe tends to deteriorate. Few of my grommets (that lace the shoelaces) are getting ripped out. It's not much of a problem but I just think it's the style of my play. I tend to make very quick movements and have a lot of lateral foot movements. But, other than that, I would totally recommend these shoes. Each time I order these, I order 2 or 3 just in case these are discontinued. That day will probably be noted as one of the saddest day in history for me...
From: Simon, Fremont, CA, USA. 5/09

Comments: The very first time I laced these up one of the shoe lace grommets pulled out. I noticed other similar comments, but they indicated the grommets were plastic. Mine are metal so it appears as though Adidas has tried to correct the problem. It didn't work. I have since had another grommet pull out. I super glued them to the metal stubs within the shoe that were supposed to hold them in. This has worked so far, but for how long I do not know. Other aspects of the shoes are fine. Good fit, support, traction and overall comfort. It's a shame they sacrificed function for style with the grommets.
From: Richard, Moseley, Virginia, USA. 04/09

Comments: I absolutely love these shoes. I have been wearing them for quite a few years now (ever since they first came out, I think). They only take me about one day to break in, if that, because the leather is so soft already. These are the only Barricades I can wear because all of the others are much too wide. The only downside is that they do not have the 6 mo. warranty anymore.
From: Mackenzie, CA, USA. 2/09

Comments: It is a great shoe for a player who is very aggressive and puts a lot of wear and tear on shoes. The only problem is the break in time, after that factor is eliminated these shoes are perfect. One if not the best pair of shoes I have played with.
From: Josh, South San Francisco, Ca, USA. 2/09

Comments: Love these shoes but serious break in required.
From: Kiefer, Carlisle, Ma. 1/09

Comments: Everything about this shoes is really sexy (after the break-in that is). Horrible straight from the box but after several hours of play, these bad boys were awesome. Can't ask for anything better. Super comfortable and durable.
From: Andrew, San Jose, CA, USA. 12/08

Comments: Very disappointed with the lace eyelets pulling out in week 2. 7th pair I've bought and now quality is taking a dive. Too bad. Looking for a different shoe now.
From: Steve, Austin, TX. 12/08

Comments: Great shoe, light weight fits perfectly, and good for hard court players. Also a very good looking shoe. 10/10
From: Max, Arlington Heights, IL, USA. 10/08

Comments: One of the best shoes I have ever had. They are very comfortable. They fit true to size. If you are a serious player, they will get dirty on red clay and Har-Tru. Little break in needed. I recommend these shoes.
From: Kevin, Cino, N.Y, USA. 5/08

Comments: A truly great shoe. It's the best I have ever tried. I have had mine 3 years now with regular use every week, and they look and feel like new. The fit is like a glove from the first day I bought them till today. Great traction, no more pain at the ankle or anywhere in the foot area. Highly recommended to anyone.
From: Ifestion, Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece. 3/08

Comments: I am not a fan of the fit of these shoes. They are difficult to lace tightly. The laces thinned and even frayed a little because of having to pull on them so much during lacing in the attempt to get that "glove-like fit" everyone so wildly raves about. Tying a shoe should not take quite so much effort. Durability was excellent, but I am moving on to a different shoe.
From: John, New York, NY. 3/08

Comments: An excellent shoe, nice weight. I have worn these since they first came out and I am glad I am still able to buy them. One of the best tennis shoes ever made.
From: Mike, San Mateo, CA. 3/08

Comments: These are really great shoes for competitive players who need stability and comfort. However, I think the durability is overrated on the Barricade IIs. I usually only get about 4 months out of them before large areas of the outsoles are completely worn smooth and I can no longer play in them. Since I stop using them once the tread is gone, the 6 month warranty is useless to me. After about 4 months the "claws" on the front side began to separate from the shoe. One of the three stripes on the side that are attached to the laces also separated from the shoe and just dangled like a broken car bumper. I now use the Barricade 3, and it is better in every way. I've had my current pair for more than 5 months, and there is only a small spot that has worn smooth near the toe tip. The rest of the tread looks new and still grips the court very well. The claws and everything else are in perfect shape. I will probably try the BIV or BV once my 3s wear out, but that won't be for at least 3 more months. Anyway, I liked the Barricade 2s a lot, but they didn't hold up very well to be honest.
From: Keith, Richmond, VA, USA. 2/08
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Tried the Barricade V. Arch not high enough. Sticking with the Barricade II as I have since 2002. Ironically - without the warranty they are more expensive than the V's. I have tried them all since the II and it is the best. I hope they never stop making it.
From: John, Knoxville, TN, USA, 01/08

Comments: This is a great shoe. It is the only Barricade I have tried, and I probably will not try any others. The weight and the looks make it a good shoe by itself.
From: Tyler, Monroe, Connecticut, USA. 1/08

Comments: They fit like a glove right out of the box. There is not a better shoe for playing tennis than the Barricade. My whole family plays in them and loves them. Thanks Adidas!
From: Borski, Kaysville, Utah, USA. 12/07

Comments: Most durable shoe I've ever owned. Very comfortable. I've had mine for about 6 months now and play about 2 to 3 times a week and they show very little wear. I'm thinking about getting a new pair, possibly the Barricade Vs, but I'm so happy with these I'll probably just go with them again. Can't imagine getting much better than this. I have a very low arch and don't even wear supports in these shoes.
From: Donnie, Ironton, OH. 12/07

Comments: Best. Shoe. Ever. Looks coupled with the fit and feel of mink gloves. I played 3 hours with them straight out of the box and my legs felt as fresh as when I started. No soreness at all the next day. This is an incredible product. I regret not buying them before now.
From: Schad, Fresno, CA, USA, 10/07

Comments: This is very possibly the worst shoe I have used. I practice three to four hours a day, hard, and not only was the break-in period terrible, but it took almost four days. Almost 16 hours of hard work for them to break in. And I'm a very defensive player, it's not as if I'm lazy about footwork. They also felt quite a bit bigger than the size. If I ever stopped during a sprint, my foot would slide into the end. Also, you would think that it being such a big shoe would add durability. But it doesn't. The bottom rubber part of the shoe started coming off on both feet, I pulled on it a bit, and now they are completely separated. The rubber of the shoe came completely off the rest of it. I would never recommend this to anybody, competitive or not.
From: Hunter, Arlington, TX, USA, 08/07

Comments: I am a vicious toe-dragger. I used to buy cheap tennis shoes for $30 - $45, because I thought that I would kill any pair fast. Well, Barricade II holds up 3x longer than the cheapos. I end up saving money. Superior fit, though it takes about 10 to 15 court hours to break them in properly. Once they broken in though, they solidify into this armor for your foot. Unbelievable. You hit the foot sweet spot as soon as you slip them on. And they stay like that through the whole session. Hardly ever unlace. I have found my tennis shoe. I will look no further. PS. I am a wide flat-foot. I am on my third pair.
From: Ewaryst, Providence, RI, USA. 8/07

Comments: These are a really great pair of shoes and have been the go to choice for many tour players since their original inception. There is a slightly longer break-in period with these shoes, but their durability and quality is unmatched. I am a varsity high school tennis player, who has practice every day and lots of matches and yet the soles are still in excellent shape; even after months of abuse! I would recommend these shoes to anyone who is looking for a quality, comfortable shoe that lasts.
From: Matt, Scottsdale, AZ, USA. 7/07

Comments: I have been using these shoes for about 4 months. The first month was tough because it takes a while to break them in. Now that they are broken in, I couldn't ask for a better shoe. Great support and cushioning, the durability is unreal. I run a lot on the courts trying to get every ball I can even almost slide on hardcourt sometimes and these shoes are showing minimal wear. They provide a solid base from the ground up.
From: Jeff, Dickson, TN, USA, 07/07

Comments: The Barricade II is one of the most comfortable pairs of tennis shoes I have ever worn. It takes literally hours to break into the shoe and it fits like a glove. If you're looking for a shoe that doesn't distract from your game, I highly recommend the barricade series.
From: Nathan, Rocklin, CA, USA, 04/07

Comments: Is this the greatest shoe ever or what? Very durable, very comfortable, great ankle/heel/arch support, lightweight, cushion, great traction, this shoe pretty much has it all. I can't really think of a better tennis shoe. I play at least 4 or 5 days a week lately and it's been about 3 months with this shoe and I can barely notice any wear. This shoe holds up amazingly well. There was no break-in period at all for me. I laced them up and was ready to play right away. I think it's easy to see why this shoe is such a classic, with so many people still wearing it (the II) even after the III and IV have been out for quite a while now. I went and bought 2 pairs I was so impressed with them.
From: Jason, Surprise, AZ, USA. 3/07

Comments: I have narrow feet with a high arch, and find the Barricade II to be too narrow in the upper section. Possibly they are designed more for a flat foot as I find little arch support.
From: Bob, Washington Crossing, PA, USA. 2/07

Comments: I haven't tried many shoes designed specifically for tennis because I've been using these for years. Adidas' shoes are the only ones I've tried that have decent arches. Nike shoes I've tried, in contrast, were very flat. A person with a supinated (high arch) foot like me should probably look to Adidas' line. I also have a somewhat narrow foot and these shoes fit well; they're not sloppy. The shoe, when it's still fresh, does a wonderful job of keeping my knees from hurting on hard courts, too. I would like more heel spring, and should note the heels become compacted with use and start to let court shock through. The shoes are a bit "dead". While this is good for stability, it makes running a bit tougher than I'd like. The other odd thing is that a small part of the white outer area below one of the vent holes breaks down very quickly, leaving a wear hole (the white coating peels off around it).
From: Robert, Vermilion, OH, USA. 2/07

Comments: It's one of the best shoes I've worn in a long time. The sides seem to go quicker than all the rest.
From: Jeff, CT, USA. 12/06

Comments: I recently bought a new pair of these spanking good looking shoes. Being from the Lone Star State of Tejas (Texas) I play me some rough and dirty t-ball (tennis). These puppies will stand up to the toughest of matches and will be beggin' for more. I would strongly recommend that you invest in these bad boys for they will serve you right.
From: Jerome, Fort Worth, TX, USA. 11/06

Comments: I've gotten 3 pairs of these so far and haven't been disappointed yet. The only complaint I have is that the sides have worn down considerably so that it's just smooth, but considering my style of play most of my shoes will do that. I'm ordering a new pair of B IV's cause of what I've heard about them, but these shoes are excellent because they are lightweight and I only had to wear them for about a day or two to get used to the feel
From: Andrew, Silverdale, WA, USA. 10/06

Comments: These shoes are remarkable how well they fit me. I usually have a problem because my instep is so high but when I put these shoes on no such problem occurred. I would HIGHLY recommend these Barricade IIs to anyone.
From: Matthew, USA. 9/06

Comments: These shoes are amazing, not only do they look great, but also they play just as well. I'm usually very tough on shoes and often quickly wear holes in them, but these are holding up just fine. I play probably 4-5 times a week on hard courts and love to scramble and slide. Would highly recommend to anyone who plays.
From: Dylan, West Lafayette, IN, USA 09/06

Comments: Although these shoes have went "out of style" they are a great tennis shoe. It is a fantastic shoe to play in, even if you are a beginner or an advanced player. I strongly recommend this shoe to anyone that plays the game of tennis. Very comfortable tennis shoe of all the ones I had. Although I have switched to the new barricades I just thought people should know how great these shoes are.
From: Rob, Orlando, Florida 08/06

Comments: This shoe is perfect for my style of play. I am an aggressive 3.5 player and love to get the quick points with a lot of net play. I feel confident to make quick side to side movements to adjust and I didn't even need to break them in, they fit like a glove. Great shoe!
From: Nathan, Shelton, WA, USA 08/06

Comments: An overall great shoe! They support my feet while still allowing a "close to the court" feel. My only complaint would be the inner lining, which, after 2 months, has started to wear away.
From: Jack, Wisconsin 07/06

Comments: The Barricade II remains the best shoe in tennis. I currently own a pair of Barricade IV's and Adidas have obviously redesigned the IV's after the II's. The III's were too bulky and roomy in the forefoot, while the II's fit like comfortable socks, wrapping the forefoot but not clenching it. An aggressive, low to the court feel allows for on-your-toes movement, while maintaining good side-to side acceleration. Good support and the most comfortable tennis shoe in a while. Thank you Adidas, and please don't stop making the Barricade II's. I simply won't wear anything else.
From: Andrew, Victoria, BC, Canada 07/06

Comments: I have had these shoes since last Dec. Played hard court this winter with them and they still have a lot of wear left in them. They fit my feet very well and I didn't have to break them in. I have tried several other brands, but the Barricade's are far superior to them and they look great. For the money these shoes are the one to try, I don't think you will be disappointed. I'm getting ready to order my second pair, might order 2 in case Adidas is thinking about stopping production of them.
From: Victor, Asheville, NC USA 07/06

Comments: I was looking for a performance shoe, and wow, this is it. I wouldn't wear them just around town. This shoe does let you move better on court.
From: Ged, Baltimore MD, 07/07

Comments: I am a junior that plays tennis 5 days a week. Before I bought the Barricade IIs, I wore Nikes, and I started to feel a great deal of soreness in my ankles. I decided to try some of the barricades and they were all good, but the IIs were by far the best. They provide so much ankle support and the lacing on them is great because it allows you to lace lock, which is something that the Nikes do not feature. I have been playing on these shoes for a month or two now, and I have not experienced any ankle pains whatsoever. The best shoe I have ever worn!
From: Josh, Maryland, USA 06/06

Comments:These tennis shoes hold your feet very well, it offers very good stability, good protection for your heel, it definitely is designed for narrow to medium wide feet, very good torsion, very good durability on the sole, quite comfortable. I think they still are lacking cushion in the forefoot. I have been playing with these tennis shoes for about 2 months and they are quite good, however, if you feel you need cushion on the forefoot, these do not have it. The rest is very good.
From: Alex, Washington DC, DC, USA 06/06

Comments: Of all the barricades that I've worn, this barricade would probably have to be my favorite. Not just because of the great feel and comfort, but because of the durability. I've had these shoes for about five months and they're still in great shape! I am thinking about getting another pair.
From: James, Tyler, TX, USA 05/06

Comments: Overall it is a very adaptable and reasonable shoe. The comfort is easily noticed as a result of these shoes' quickness to break-in. The traction is very well and arch support is strong. The only drawbacks I experienced were wear and tear at the toe sections and bottom cushion wear. But keep in mind it was a result of 5-6 days of tennis a week for 5 months straight. Overall it is a great shoe for any level of tennis.
From: Ryan, Manchester, NJ, USA 5/06

Comments: This is a really great shoe in style and performance.. I recommend it to many of my tennis athletes from beginner to Elite Academy. I wear them also and find them much more comfortable and supportive than the Barricade 3's or 4's The heel (Achilles) support is definitely superior to the 3. I hope Adidas is listening...keep this shoe in production-it's the best of ALL the Barricades through the 4.
From: Steven, Atlanta, Georgia USA 01/06

Comments: Great shoe by adidas. I just got them yesterday and they are very comfortable. When I played with them, they had great traction on hard court. They have a slight instep but that's about it. I've played in them for about 4 hours and I still can't see any sign of wear. Great shoe adidas.
From: Mike, Maryland 01/06

Comments: The Barricade II is the most durable shoe I have ever tried. I've used enough shoes to last a lifetime and ruined them all but the Barricade 2s still stand strong.
From: Ben, Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA. 12/05

Comments: Really cool shoes. I have had these for about 9 months and the toe is not showing signs of wear. My previous pair of shoes had 2 big holes in the toe in about 2 months. Not only are these shoes durable, but they fit my foot like a glove. They are by far the most comfortable shoes I've ever purchased. My only complaint is that my feet are soaked in sweat by at least the second game. Overall, these are very durable, comfortable, and cool looking shoes that everyone should try.
From: Sebastian
Harrisonburg, Va, USA 12/05

Comments: Great tennis shoe! It offers a snug fit, comfort, ample support, and traction. Looks aren't a problem either.
From: Ralph, Florida, USA 11/05

Comments: I just got this shoe last month and I feel that now I am a better player. Also, it is lighter weight than the 3s and I have had 3 pair of the 3s and they always wore out. The 2s have not worn out or torn yet. I also like them because of the width; it fits perfect.
From: David 9/27
St.Louis, MO, USA

Comments: These are great shoes. I've always worn Nike, but now that I play college tennis, I get Barricades for free and they're amazing. They form to my feet so well. So much better than Nikes ever did. They look great and feel great. They are low to the ground, so you may experience a little heat when doing conditioning running. But overall, so much better than most that I've worn.
From: Colin, TX, USA. 9/05

Comments: Nike had once made great shoes back in the day of early Agassi such as the NIKE AIR TECH CHALLENGE or going back further when Nike was a smaller business than Adidas and had signed a man by the name of McEnroe who wore a shoe called Air Challenge Court 3/4 (Leather/Mesh).
I have been playing hard-court tennis since 1981, and I cannot say I have worn a better shoe as the Adidas Barricade II since the early days of Nike.
From: Jerry, Chicago, IL, USA. 9/05

Comments:Very attractive and comfortable shoe. I live and play in Florida where it is hot and humid. These shoes do NOT breath and for those who perspire heavily the shoe become soaked. The real problem is the synthetic materials crack and split leaving the perfectly good sole with an unbearable upper. I have 3 pair and alternate but the poor quality uppers have rendered one pair unusable for tennis. I hope these shoes will be continued, but recommend materials that will dry quickly and thoroughly for those of us in the "Tropics"
From: Earl, St. Petersburgh, FL, USA. 9/05

Comments: These shoes are the BEST; there is nothing better. They look good, amazing durability, and the price is pretty good. I'm a baseliner with hard shots and this is the shoe I like.
From:LaShal, Austin, Texas, USA. 7/05

Comments: Great durability and stability. These shoes and are much more comfortable for narrow feet than the Barricade 3s.
From: Aaron, Haddonfield, NJ USA. 7/05

Comments: I just got these shoes the other day, and they're amazing! Very comfortable to play in. Easy to run to balls that are at vertical angles because these shoes are so light.
From: Scott, Roswell, GA USA 07/05

Comments: An amazing shoe, you know when you buy Adidas you are getting a great product every time and this shoe goes to show that. Great support and style. Have had mine for a year and no wear yet. Best shoes I have bought. What more could you ask for out of a shoe?
From: Don, Canada 07/05

Comments: I had these pairs, among the current Adidas Barricade 3 and the A1 and I think that the Barricade 2 is a great cross between those two shoes. A solid combination of comfort and durability. I'm currently looking for a new pair as I find the Barricade 3 a little bit heavy for my liking. Overall a wonderful shoe with classic look.
From:Renato, Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia 05/05

Comments:What else you can say about shoes which are classic in making!!! They have all you want in stability (hard courts), cushioning (enough for hard surface), traction and comfort. Upper leather is a little stiff to avoid roll over when making side way movement but they are comfortable out of the box. So they are a perfect 10/ it
From: Ken Boyd, Sunnyvale, CA 05/05

Comments: Got these shoes about a month ago. I was tempted to buy the Barricade III but went with these due to the reputation and cost. I have not been disappointed. These shoes are dynamite!
From: Tony, West Chester, PA, USA. 05/05

Comments: Very good shoe. It could be a little stiff for the first few weeks. After that is gone, it is worth it.
From: Anuj Patel, Tenafly, NJ, USA. 05/05

Comments: I like these shoes. They are really good. I've had them for over 2 months now and they are just started to wear down. Great buy.
From: Kevin, Carlsbad, NM, USA. 04/05

Comments: I play 4 hrs of tennis everyday and I've had my current pair for a month and it has only shown sign of moderate wear. The shoes last a long time with enough comfort in the heel and fits comfortably with wide feet.
From: Ainhan, Big Spring, TX, USA. 04/05

Comments: These shoes are the best! They fit perfectly, I wore them for a tournament I recently had and they supported my foot tremendously. Great shoe!
From: Carter, Houston, TX, USA. 04/05

Comments: I was a dedicated New Balance user for years. They cheapened the shoe, kept changing models (ala Nike), and removed an eyelet. Tried the Adidas Barricade 11. It was a perfect match. Solid fit, very comfortable, and handles my 220 lbs. well. I feel much lighter on my feet. Good value as well.
From: David, Irmo, SC, USA. 03/05

Comments: I have owned these shoes for a couple months now. (Mostly singles and hard courts) Not much to dislike about the Barricade II's! Light, great traction/grip, very maneuverable, snug fit (maybe too snug for some). Nice support also but I would like more support around the toe area. Adidas makes fantastic shoes and I suggest if you are not fully satisfied with these than try the Barricade 3 or Accelerate.
From: Ralph, Longwood, Florida, USA. 03/05

Comments: This shoe is awesome! I love this shoe! It looks awesome and it is very light weight sometimes I forget I'm wearing them. They are easy to move in and very comfy. This is a great shoe buy some.
From: Anthony, Midlothian, Texas, USA. 1/05

Comments: I found these shoes were a very nice fit. I also like the way they looked. They were also very stable when playing on clay courts. Overall loved these shoes!
From: Luke, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 10/04

Comments: I used the Barricade 2's playing junior team tennis and high school tennis for about 8 months, and after the stiffness goes away in a week or two, they were great shoes. I had traction and maneuverability on court, and they fit my wide feet. The outsole and forefoot did not wear out easily.
From: Brian, Rocklin, CA, USA. 09/04

Comments: The amount of professional players still wearing this shoe is indicative of how solid it really is. The Barricade III has been out for a while, but I think I still see more of the Barricade II. Have a close look next time you're watching a match. A very comfortable shoe, especially for those with narrow feet. For one of the first times I have found a shoe that actually makes good, solid contact with the sides of my feet! I also definitely feel as if I have a bit more spring and bounce, and don't feel at all as if I'll roll an ankle. Good variety of colors. Great work from Adidas.
From: Gregory, New York, NY, USA. 9/04

Comments: This shoe is one of the most comfortable shoes ever made for people with narrow feet. The only problem is that it is not one bit durable. I play serious tennis and they don't last longer than 3 weeks on me.
From: Chris, Marbella, Spain. 9/04

Comments: These shoes are so comfortable, and they are pretty reasonably priced, too. The shoes form to your feet once you break them in. I used to play in the Reebok Figjam, but I drag my feet a lot and they wore out in about two months. I got my Barricade IIs in January and they just started to show wear marks on the sole. They also have the 6 month sole guarantee if you find someway to wear them out. GREAT SHOES!
From: Chris, Pensacola, FL, USA. 8/04

Comments: I'm simply thrilled about the barricade II, very nice design, very comfortable; I'm in heaven when I put them on.
From: Razvan, Arad, Romania. 08/04

Comments: This is by far the best shoe I have ever purchased. These shoes hold up better then any other shoe. I'm on my third pair and I can't complain about a thing. I would recommend this shoe to anyone.
From: Ross, NY, USA. 6/04

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