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Comments: OK string. Decent ball bite, very soft and felt good on the arm, but lost tension very quickly (within an hour of playing). If it held tension better I would recommend it but I feel you are better off with a Pro Line II more than this.
From: Ben, 12/13

Comments: I went to this string after a hybrid of mains: Savage (Luxilon) and crosses: Sensation. This string allowed me to hit amazing spin on my groundstrokes but it was difficult adapting to the stiffness on my serve. I also noticed that it gets static-y after a point. I would hit a couple of balls and then my coach would say something to me so I would put my arms down and the static feeling came off the strings onto my leg and made the hair stand up. If Alien meant to do this, then it is genius. Also this string has amazing durability and suprisingly good feel around the net.
From: Eric, 3/13

Comments: I just played with this string earlier and absolutely loved it! I got great depth and awesome control. It felt so good, and I was kicking every ball over my opponent's shoulders. On serve, it just got better. It added great zip to my serves and my hitting partner saw a ton of extra spin. It is completely arm friendly, even more so than my previous synthetic gut. I would buy it again in a heartbeat! 9.9/10!!!
From: Jonathan, 10/12

Comments: I like it. I had to cut it out though because it lasted me forever. It is a very arm friendly string, unlike the big banger I am using. I am starting to have tennis elbow again. I did not have any strain on my arm with this string.
From: Daniel, 3/12

Comments: Although I had high hopes for the performance of this string, I was greatly disappointed, to say the least. After playing with a RPM Blast hybrid for nearly a year now, this string seemed a great step down. With this string, most of my shots that almost always land in, ended up sailing long. Even compared to most other synthetic guts, I feel this string has little potential for spin. The ball stays on the string bed for a very short time, resulting in too much uncontrollable power. Although this string seemed to be powerful, I feel like RPM Blast has much more pace. I had to try harder to get the pace I normally hit with. The durability was the only good thing about this string, but I do not break strings that often in general, so it did not affect me. Overall, this string was a bad experience for me, and I will stick with RPM Blast, despite the higher cost.
From: Tony, 3/12

Comments: I have used many types of string on my Pure Drive+. I have used Hurricane Tour, Prince XXX Lighttening, and RPM Blast, but the Black Diamand is a good cross string with RPM Blast and used just the Black diamand its but I like the hybrid. All the string I have used have been at 60lb and 58lb. I would tell everyone to try it ones, you never know you might love it. I know I do. I have been using using this string since it hit the shelves.
From: Alex, 3/12

Comments: Don't know what string Javier used, but this is the best string ever. It lasts and maintains its feel.
From: Nicole, 2/12

Comments: This is the worst string I've ever used. There is no feel, too stiff, and just all around a miserable experience.
From: Javier, 12/11

Comments: This is an update. I am having this strange feeling that with less tension, this string actually creates more spin! I've tried it at 64, 62, and 58 lbs. It feels like I got even more spin at 58 lbs!
From: NHK, 10/11

Comments: This has proven to be a more durable string than the Prince string I had been using. It produces nice spin. The strings never have to be straightened. With as much speed/spin as I hit my serves with, I have never said that about a string before! It took me a couple of sets to get used to the way these strings hit, but now I like them. I think it's the same "push" that has been mentioned earlier.
From: Paul, 7/11

Comments: A little skeptical at first but was surprised how durable without tension loss these strings were. Very soft on the arm and strings never move. It is easy to generate power and spin. I definitely use again.
From: John. 6/11

Comments: I've used it for 2 months now, so far, my feeling is that it's giving me much more spin with weirdly good control, and it feels much softer than other poly strings. According to the other guys across the net, it's got this strange 'push' for the ball that sets the ball speed (pace) faster than other strings I've used (Tourna blue 17, Gamma poly). I tried 58, 60, and 62 lbs on my Babolat Pure Storm Tour. 58 lbs seems to be losing tension too fast after few days, ends up low 50s over about four days of playing. 60 and 62 lbs setups are almost identical, with 62 a bit more control initially, but 62 sits high 50s after couple of days, which is good. So tension maintenance is not really good with this string, but strangely, I got more spin on slackened stringbeds than with a newly strung racquet. As Andre's review, this string does NOT move around, but it I think it moves around at the impact, just comes back fast after the ball makes the contact.
From: NHK. 6/11

Comments: I bought these strings to try something new. I've been using Price Beast XP - I usually string a full bed at 54lbs. With the Alien I strung it at 55lbs, and I use the new Prince EXO Tour 16x18 racquet. I got good control, a little less power than XP and it was a little less forgiving (IMHO). I think they are OK but I will be going back to XP.
From: Robert. 5/11

Comments: Coming from a 4.5 level high school player, mostly a baseliner, this string lacks a little pop that the RPM blast has. The strings are round so access to spin is a little more difficult to find, and it's taking a lot more swing through to get enough spin. Also, I play at a slightly higher tension for more precision which doesn't sit well with this string since, as I said above it lacks bite to the swing. I will try again when I break the string, which on the plus side is very durable.
From: Tom. 5/11

Comments: They happen to be pretty good strings. The durability on these strings is one of the best I've ever used. They last a long long time and are a great deal for the price. Definitely worth a shot.
From: Nolan. 5/11

Comments: I have been stringing for 25 years and a USRSA stringer the last 10. I put Alien 16 into a variety of racquets for older and younger players. They range from 3.0 to 5.0 ratings. I received good to excellent feedback from all the players. The highest coming from the most skilled. The 5.0 player uses a Wilson BLX 95 and was a notorious string breaker. He also wanted good feel for his touch shots. We feel he accomplished both with Alien 16. I also string for a highly ranked 14-year- old girl who was breaking strings regularly when we switched her to Alien 16 her level of play stayed high and string life doubled. I found by changing the tension I can match the string to every type and level of player that likes using poly string.
From: BOB, Tinton Falls, NJ, USA. 4/11

Comments: I strung this as a full bed with a tension of 49 lbs, which I would recommend due to the softness limiting the power potential later on. Stringing range should be about 49-54 lbs at the most or you'll be dropping ball in the net. Well turns out this string ain't so bad at all. Here is a detailed review of the string. The power is similar to the RPM Blast/Hurricane strings, however, the spin potential is slightly restricted due to the fact that this is a monofilament with absolutely no construction such as an octagonal. However, it is spin friendly. Durability wise, it lasts just about as long as the RPM Blast, but notching on this string picks up after four hours of play. I thought at first that this was part of the design but it turns out the residual coating of the string had worn out and the strings started to cut into itself. The durability for the players like me -- an eastern grip, fast hitting with a topspin windshield wiper forehand -- would be about 21-35 hrs. Overall, power is great and durability is average, but this string is not one of the best.
From: Jack, Boise, ID. 4/11
NTRP 5.0

Comments: This string is great! I strung it at 55lb on my BLX 95 16x18. The string has lots of pop and cut. For a new company this string wins me over. Before, I used Babolat Pro Hurricane as a hybrid to ease the arm stress, but this needs no synthetic cross to be soft. This string is soft and arm friendly itself. I don't know about durability but it is lasting 8 hours of play with no movement. I usually restrict about 20 hours of use but it seems this one might last longer before it becomes dead. I was going to try the Luxilon Savage but forget it. I am going to buy a reel of this. Bravo to this company.
From: Jin Z, Quincy, MA, USA. 4/11

Comments: The best poly I've used. Superior to RPM Blast or Prince's the beast. A softer feel than other poly's with lots of spin and control. Very durable for serious tournament players, with lots of power. Try this high-end string. It's a home run.
From: Jordan, NY, USA, 03/11

Comments: Great strings. Gives you that little extra spin and power that a good player wants.
From: Harry, Marlboro, NJ, USA, 03/11

Comments: As Andre said before, I would not use a hybrid, the strings by themselves for the main and crosses are just perfect. The strings are durable, have a soft touch, gives plenty of power, and provides good spin. I play without a lot of spin, and I use to play with a hybrid of big banger and prince synthetic strings. I've tried playing with kevlar, and other hybrids, but these strings was everything I looking for. I never heard of any negative feedback from any other user's of Alien tennis strings. Alien strings should make more variety of its brand.
From: Landon, USA, 03/11

Comments: When I first strung my racquet with Alien strings, I was skeptical of it, I felt as if the strings were too soft of a touch for me. (I prefer harder feeling strings) I was at practice the other day with my team and I was using my racquet with the alien strings in it, and surprisingly, I really liked it. It had a soft touch to it; it gave a little extra stick/bite to the ball than your average string when making contact with the ball. It gave me a little extra spin too, the strings were very consistent, and didn't move around that much. It also improved my kick serves. I break strings like crazy, and these strings have lasted for me a month so far (I break strings within a week or 2, depending on the quality of the string). It hasn't lost any tension, maybe one pound...but try these strings, my friend introduced me to these strings, and I suggest any tennis players of all levels at least try it once. What's to lose? It will only make you better
From: Keith, Red Bank, NJ, 03/11

Comments: I used this string in my Dunlop Aerogel 300D. I had not set my clamp tension correctly so got slippage during stringing. Needless to say, I lost half a set and ended up using alien in the mains and RPM blast 16 in the crosses. I liked the feel and power but found that the Alien strings were notching pretty quickly. The strings did not break however, and to my surprise, after about 40 hours of play, the RPM broke first. I don't think I have ever broken crosses. I emailed Alien to tell them that I liked the string and told them about how I messed up the stringing and was amazed that their string held up longer than my crosses. They wrote back and said that their string is actually designed to notch by being softer on the outside and that this notching holds the string in place. They recommended that I do not use a hybrid as this would defeat the purpose. They sent me a free set of string even though I never asked for one. I re-strung my racquet @ 59 lbs and absolutely love the power, and control. Spin is unbelievable and I am now going on 50 hours of play without breakage. The string maintains tension well and I would highly recommend it.
From: Andre, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 03/11

Comments: This is a very good polyester string that compares to most Luxilons and high end Babolat polys. It is easy to create spin and power. Reliable string for tournament players demanding durability and the utmost in playability and spin. Try this string out, you won't be disappointed.
From: Kevin, USA, 03/11
Racquet: Prince Exo3 Tour 100 16x18 @62 lbs

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