adidas Barricade 6.0 London Women's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: I was wearing the Barricade 2s which Adidas no longer makes. I love this shoe. I was wearing Asics that hurt my foot. But I love my adidas and will not stray again. I did not order 1/2 smaller (9.5 my size). Glad I did not.
From: Toni, 6/13

Comments: These shoes were comfortable right out of the box. Did not downsize as recommended due to a small bunion and the shoes fit great. The shoes have very good support and cushioning. Used to wear a Yonex shoe, but these are way better.
From: Peggy, 5/13

Comments: Switched to this shoe to get more lateral support and more durability (over Prince which I have worn 6 pairs over 2 years). The "break in" period was a total disaster. Foot pain turned into calf stress which turned into bad injury. I think this shoe is what it says it is: a burly hard court shoe with a ton of stability. But in my case, the transition from the soft Prince was just too much.
From: Mary Ann, 4/13

Comments: This shoe is wonderful except that the tongue is somewhat pointed and consequently, slips to the side. Also, the shoelaces do not stay tight, so you keep having to retie your shoes.
From: Lynn, 3/13

Comments: I haven't worn Barricades since the 2's came out. All of the other versions have been either too stiff or too wide or a combination of the 2. I ordered these a 1/2 size smaller and they fit my foot perfectly except for the heel. They are still too wide. I added an OTC orthotic to help tighten them up and 2 pairs of socks (instead of my usual Thorlos). They still slip in the heel slightly but I'm hoping to play around with the lacing to see if I can get them to fit properly. They don't seem as clunky as other versions of the Barricade. My only problem is the fit.
From: Jackie, 10/12

Comments: My wife loves these. Many people do not go down 1/2 a size, as she wears her usual women's size 8 like in Nike and they fit great. Very hard wearing, nice looking and stable. Ventilation and weight are decent too, she tells me. 5 star shoes.
From: Nicko, 7/12

Comments: Decided to give this shoe a try even after reading several negative reviews. I wore them in the house for a few days to break them in before wearing them on the court. They were a bit stiff at first then thought the shoe was okay after playing in them the first week. Now that I have worn them for a few weeks I have developed a new pain in my right ankle. I really like the looks of this shoe but feel that if I continue to wear them I will severely damage my ankle. By the way, I ordered the same size that I wore in the Barricade 5 (my favorite shoe) and I did not go down 1/2 size as recommended. I play 4-5/week and run quite a bit on the court.
From: Laura, 4/12

Comments: The shoes fit true to size (though the heel is a little wide), but add about two inches of length to your feet. If you care about that sort of thing and are at all self conscious about your shoe size, be warned that these are going to make your feet look a lot bigger.
From: Leslie, 11/11

Comments: I bought Barricade V's and loved them. When I was ready to buy a new pair, I could not find them anymore. Bought the Barricade 6 and must say they very comfortable right from the box, did not need to break them in. What I don't like is that the toe box is more narrow and the tongue is constantly turning to the outer side. But it really doesn't bother me that much. Overall I like them, but hoping by the time I am ready for a new pair of adidas, they come up with a new shoe. I am size 10, bought 10 and cannot imagine buying half size smaller. I am a medium width.
From: ZF, 10/11

Comments: I've been thinking for a while that my foot pain was due to my new running shoes, but have finally figured out it is from my tennis shoes. I've had many versions of the Barricade's and bought this version about 2 months ago. I am not going to wear them anymore. I have barely been able to walk in the mornings recently, taking almost all day for my feet to feel better.
From: Cindi, 10/11

Comments: I have worn the Barricade V's and loved them. I now have the Barricade VI and find them quite uncomfortable, my feet tend to slide around, but if I tie them tighter then either my toes fall asleep or my arch hurts. I ordered in the same size as I wore in V's and feel that this was the correct size as the length seems good. I have been really trying to break them in and hoping that within time they will become more comfortable. I loved the Barricade V's and the stability is awesome, but am not too pleased with the feel of the VI's . My feet are sore!
From: Tracy, 8/11

Comments: I have had the various versions of the Barricades for several years and made the upgrade from the Barricade V to the Barricade VI. During the first couple weeks, I complained about them being much stiffer and giving me a lot more blisters than my Barricade V. However, once I broke them in I found that they fit my feel very well and ended up lasting me almost twice as long as the Barricade V (nearly 6 months, while I would wear out the Barricade V in about 3 months). Although they take a while to wear in, once you do they are a great, flexible and comfortable shoe.
From: Ashlyn, 8/11

Comments: I bought the Barricade Adilibria after searching high and low for Barricade 5s with no luck. I have purchased many pairs of the 5s and IIs over the last 5 years, and been very satisfied. The new 6s are not as comfortable and cause me foot pain. I went with TW reccomendation to order a 1/2 size smaller and regret it. My foot is slamming into the front of the shoe during tennis play. I am very disappointed that Adidas stopped making the 5s and may have to switch to a different brand.
From: Elizabeth. 6/11

Comments: My barricade 6 shoes lasted me longer than any other shoe I've had before. I play year-round, but not too intensely, and these shoes lasted me about 10 months! Now that they are finally worn out, I am looking for a new pair of shoes and have tried on many different brands of tennis shoes. But I can't find any that feel as stable, comfortable, and durable as the Barricade 6s. These are great shoes and are worth every penny.
From: Isabella. 6/11

Comments: I was a big fan of the V's and purchased 3 pairs. I couldn't find anymore so bought the 6.0. Big, no huge, mistake. Okay for doubles but played my first singles match with them and after he first set was left with a blister the size of a quarter on the ball of my foot. Bring back the V's.
From: Laurie, Solvang, CA, USA. 5/11

Comments: You may not want 1/2 size smaller! I disagree with TW recommendation - it depends on your feet. I ordered 1/2 size smaller and returned them, I could not even get them on! If you have average/narrow feet you are fine to go 1/2 size down. I have average/slightly wide (but not wide enough for wide width) feet. I like a heavier sock (not quite Thorlo weight but just under) and my standard size 8 1/2 was perfect. Except for the weight, my favorite was the Barricade 3. These are much sharper looking and lighter weight. So far, 2 months into my newest pair, they are still very comfortable.
From: Carol, SoCal, USA 02/11

Comments: I bought these shoes in a 7-1/2. Skeptical of the reviews I had read, I have to mention that I have a few issues with one of my feet, but I put these on and immediately I was relieved of pain and the comfort in the ball of my foot was nice. I bought them immediately. I wore them on a treadmill to break them in and now they are like the ruby red slippers. I have high arches, plantars, tarsal tunnel syndrome and these shoes aren't going to cure the issues, but I think they are going to support my feet and let me enjoy my game more. Love them!
From: Nancy, Jeffersonville, IN, USA, 02/11

Comments: I purchased these shoes when they first came out because I have been a fan of the IIs and Vs and really liked the look of these. I also really liked the comfort of this shoe. By the end of summer I started having a lot of trouble with my feet. The bottoms of my feet were always sore and there was a spot on the outside of my heel that was very painful. I just thought it was because I was playing a lot of tennis. Then I took two weeks off tennis. The first time I played after the layoff I grabbed my Barricade VIs and went out to play. Within a very short time my feet were killing me and continued to hurt for several days. The next time I played I chose to wear my Vs that I hadn't worn since the beginning of summer. Ahhh, no pain. What I found with the VIs is that the heel is soft. After I had worn them a couple of times I had to be careful when putting them on because I was afraid of the heel breaking down. I do not think there is enough support on the back of my foot.
From: Susan, Joplin, MO, US. 10/10

Comments: I bought these shoes because I thought the Barricade IIs were not as comfortable out of the box anymore and I loved the weight and the look of these. Unfortunately, I've been wearing them for about 3 weeks and can't wear them anymore. When I first put them on I thought they were awesome - just really lightweight and comfortable. However, now my feet are killing me. I think there is something about the width and maybe the softness of the shoe. I almost feel like I might have a stress fracture on the outside of both of my feet, just below the small toe. My feet are medium width so I don't know what it is, unless they run narrow. Anyway, I'm back to my Barricade IIs. Will be eager to see if anyone else had similar problems.
From: Sarah, Bainbridge Island, WA, USA, 10/10

Comments: I absolutely love these shoes! For me, it was not necessary to order the shoes half a size smaller. I love the sleek design and the gray makes my size 9 feet look smaller. These were a good buy, and I expect them to last a while
From: Nicole, IL, USA, 08/10

Comments: I'm a Barricade fan, loved the II and V but the six is horrible. They are flimsy and bruised my big toe above the bunion. A big blood bruise. I've never had that happen before, with any shoe. I ordered a half size smaller and the toe box was too small, had to send them back and get my regular size. The toe box is still too small but the heel is too loose. Very odd fit and they are killing my feet. Will try to send them back, have worn twice.
From: Julie, Mt. Pleasant, SC, USA, 7/10

Comments: These shoes look really good but at first I was hesitant to by them because they said it ran a half size big. The shoes do run a half size big but they are most definitely worth it!
From: shelly, california. 7/10

Comments: I bought a 1/2 size smaller for both the Barricade Vs and VIs. I love these shoes. They are more cushioned than the Vs and definitely lighter. I have a narrow foot so I would not recommend them to someone who has a wider foot. I'm not sure though if the upper portion of the shoe will last as long (mine are only 1 week old), but my husband's are 1 month and the metal grommets are rusting.
From: Leanne, Charleston, SC, USA. 07/10

Comments: I got mine in the same size as the Barricade VS that I wore for a couple of years (and loved, tho they were a little heavy). At first they seemed fine but now, after about a month, they feel quite soft and noticeably wider and are ripping my feet up on the sides. The metal grommets are actually rusting!!! That seems really shoddy for a shoe that costs so much.
From: Suzy, Bangkok, Thailand. 07/10

Comments: I absolutely love these shoes. The toe box is narrow so you definitely do not need a smaller size. Mine were tight at first but as they broke in they let loose and fit perfectly. I have my first tournament in them in a few weeks and have been training extremely hard, and they still look like they just came out of the box.
From: Mallory, Monroe, LA, USA, 07/10

Comments: These shoes are too cute, but after having them for a month a played in a competitive tennis tournament and my feet hurt so badly, I had blisters and peeled skin.
From: Tay, Oklahoma. 7/10

Comments: I LOVE IT! Now that that's out of the way...I've worn the V's and II's previously, and had to order 1/2 size down for those, so I did the same with the VI. Definitely the most stylish Barricade I've ever owned! I love the white/silver. Feels as sturdy as the Barricades do without the clunky feeling the V had. The toe box is narrower, but comfortable. Overall VERY pleased with the VI. I wore it out for the first time last night (1.5 hours of play) and they feel broken in already.
From: Talar, San Diego, CA. 6/10

Comments: You don't need to order a half size smaller. I ordered the same size I had for the Barricade V and the length is fine. The toe box is narrower than the V. Comfortable out of the box.
From: AD, Ohio, USA. 06/10

Comments: Like the cosmetics compared to the V. Looks modern and more like the men's version. Found the length fit to be the same as the V and did not need a 1/2 size down. Feels lighter and so far less stiff out of the box. For me a definite improvement.
From: KJ, SoCal, USA. 5/10

Comments: Make sure you buy a half size smaller, I didn't read the fine print and got stuck with shoes a half-size too big! I have played in them and they did great, but I have a wide foot and orthotics & after a while my feet got a little sore... I think I will go back to the Barricade V.
From: Edwina, Sydney, Australia. 5/10

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