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Comments: I bought this tennis racquet for my 11 year old daughter. I wasn't sure, but its what she wanted and I liked the idea of all that extra head size. She started hitting the ball better immediately! I'm now convinced that this a great racquet for a 12 and under player. I plan on letting her play at least one more year with it and then possibly move to a smaller size head, but for right now I love it for her.
From: Charles, 8/16

Comments: I purchased my first Asics 125 racquet and I find it has the pop, power and touch and I like it a lot. It's strung at 48-50 lbs. The one concern I have is when I strike hard or soft the racquet "wobbles" and the ball tends to spray. Two teaching pros tried it for me and felt the same effect. Please provide feedback.
From: Chris, 6/16
Note from TW: Hi Chris -- Yes, we would call that a lack of stability in the frame. You can add some weight and see if that helps -- check out our customizing page ( or give us a call for further assistance!

Comments: Hi, my name is Jim and I am a racquetholic. My collection numbers around 30 and I have tried everything from a 100 to a 135 square inch racquet which weights from under 9 ounces to over 12 ounces. The rationale for my addiction was the belief that if I could only find the "right" racquet my game would finally take off. And guess what? I tried the Ascis 125 and I was right! OK, more to reality, the Asics has definitely improved my game over the three months I've been playing with it. I am a senior 3.5-4.0 doubles player and one of those dreaded/hated pushers many of you don't want to see across the net. Lobs, drop shots, spins, more lobs, occasional unexpected trips to the net, more lobs -- well, you get the idea. This racquet, with added weight in the handle to about 10.2 ounces and strung with Wilson Sensation 16 at 48 lbs is the the best weapon for my game that I've tried. The long main strings give me some added power, especially with the trampoline effect of the low tension. Also, because the width of the racquet is about the same as the much smaller ones I've played with, maneuverbillity is good and I finally get to the net at times other than to shake hands when the match is over. As you can probably tell, I am smitten with the Asics 125 and she's going to Sectionals with me next week.
From: Jim, 11/15

Comments: Having played with this racquet for a year, I am a huge proponent. The extended head length generates great power while the width of the head has not increased, the torque on off-center groundstrokes is minimal, almost like a smaller racquet. I had super results on my backhand. The open fan-shaped stringing pattern (16x22) allows greater spin potential on serves and groundstrokes. Using the Continental grip on all strokes, I have little topspin on the forehand but heavy topspin on my serves, opting for more variety of spins and slices on all groundstrokes. I am a USTA un-rated player, but played on a high school team, and a U.S.Navy "ship team" during the Korean conflict, with considerable doubles improvement since. I now play several times a week.
From: Anon, 3/13

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