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Comments: I got interested in the new Asics racquets when I learned that Jim Parker was playing with a 116. I played with the 116 and 109. Both have power and feel great. The 109 has sightly more control but the "pop" of the 116 makes it by far the best choice. I changed the suggested string pattern by double stringing 11H giving 16 across. I think that it plays better. The 116 is light but it plays heavier. If I was playing with a heavy hitter I may use the 109 but I doubt it. I strung both Wilson NXT Tour 17 and Technifiber Xone Biphase and found the Wilson gave better control even though it played softer.
From: Jesse, 8/14

Comments: I have actually been using this racquet for more than 8 months, long before it was shipping. I am fortunate enough to play at the club where these racquets were developed and got to try some of the early prototypes before they settled on the final design. I am an older (65) high 4.0 player. I switched to the 116 from the latest version of the Prince EXO3 105, which is considered a mid-plus racquet. Even though the 116 sounds like an oversize racquet, it actually is not. If you overlay the Asics 116 on top of the Prince 105 the head size is virtually identical. The only reason for the added size is the extension of the strings on the bottom, which gives it a much larger sweet spot. The best way to think of any of these three Asics racquets is to subtract 10 from the overall size to get a comparable size for a conventional racquet. The 125 is definitely an oversize racquet while the 109 plays like a racquet in the 95-100 range. What I like about this racquet is that I immediately gained added power but lost no control. The 116 has a very low swing weight and it is very easy to quickly maneuver to return a serve or hit a volley at net. My opponents always commented that my serve was noticeably faster the first time they played against me using this racquet.
From: Ed, 3/13

Comments: Love this racquet! I'm 81 and still playing.
From: Victor, 3/13

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