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Comments: I have been playing tennis for seven years. Like many 3.5 players, there are days when I play at a 4.0 level, but the game humbles me, and I play comfortably at the 3.5 level. I switched from a Prince 03, to the Asics 109. This in part due to my age, 67, but mostly because the Prince racquet produced problems in my elbow. The pro at the local tennis recommended the Asics 109. I am a big ball hitter with lots of spin and drop shots. The 109 eliminated the elbow discomfort, increased my power, and with Lux Big Banger Rough I have much more control. It is truly a remarkable raquet!
From: Russ, 2/16

Comments: I am a 62 year old tennis junkie who has always played with "players racquets." While in Vegas for a convention, I arranged to hit with Herb Rapp at Ballys just to get a sweat up each day. He introduced me to this racquet, a far cry from anything I've ever played with (currently, or formerly, using the Wilson Blade 98). After about 15 minutes of spraying balls into the back fence or the net, my strokes got more compact and I quit "wristing" so much. I was so amazed at my volleys and serve that I bought one and can't wait to get home and play a match! Looks and preconceived notions are deceptive! Great racquet with a huge sweetspot! Thank you, Herb!
From: Mark, 9/15

Comments: I have been using the Asics 116 and 109 interchangeably for the last month, moving from Fischer 105s which were heavily weighted for the last ten years. Have used Babolat 15L gut at 57 pounds and it works well but it has a tendency to trampoline which affects control. I am now going to try Wilson Champion Choice (gut and Luxilon Big Banger Rough) at 57 lbs in the mains and 54 lbs in the crosses to try and control the trampolining. I also put a complete wrapof head tape on to give the racket a little more heft. My question is this, for players who have used the 116 or 109 for an extended period of time, what is your recommended strings or hybrid combination to bring out maximum power and control of these racquets? I am a string junkie and will try anything once, as my stringer says I have paid his mortgage payments a few times while exprimenting.
From: Bill, 9/15

Comments: I'm 67 and I bought this racquet as a concession to aging. Easy access to power. I've played 6 months with this frame. My racquets for the previous 30 years were all fairly to very flexible, with head sizes 93-100, head light. The Asics 109 is a big change from low powered control racquets. The racquet is stiff but doesn't bother my arm. I have no problem generating spin. Control is good and I don't have to put as much work on the ball as before. I can hit conventional punch volleys better than before while still being able to control swinging volleys. Volleys and service returns are easier. I was surprised to like this strung at 55/52 lbs with a 17 gauge poly. The manufacturer recommends a multi or gut.
From: Stephen, 7/15

Comments: I have had the 109 for 2 weeks now. It is a great tennis racquet for anyone at any ability level. I am 71, played college tennis and have taught for nearly 50 years and coach high school tennis. I have an eastern forehand with a one handed backhand. On groundies, I found greater depth on my shots immediately. Contrary to what I expected, I have no problem generating top or slice off of either side. The greatest improvement I see is serving and receiving serve. More depth and spin on serves, and cleaner returns to get to neutral. The net game is also much easier with this frame. Touch volleys are easier to produce as well as reflex volleys. The overhead easy to place and the power is better then normal racquets. I have always used player's racquets Pro Staffs, Head prestige (Dunlop fortes) and this frame is more of a players frame then the tennis gurus seem to be giving it credit for.
From: Chris, 12/14

Comments: I just got my own and added a leather grip, a yonex overgrip, dampener and coin glued to the butt cap, so the weight (strung) is 11.2oz and the balance 5HL, which is ideal. The strings are a multi hybrid, with Alpha Gut 2000 in the mains and Babolat Xcel in the crosses (at 54/50 lbs). The racquet is real fun to play with -- good power, good control, great ball pocketing. Serving and returns are its strengths, and the 2HBH is a real power stroke.
From: Charlie, 5/14

Comments: I've been hitting with a 109 demo all week and am really pleasantly surprised at the amount of control it has. The easy power it provides is the 1st thing you will notice and "touch" drop shots are just the cherry on the sundae! I've been impressed enough that I have ordered my own (due tomorrow), with a leather grip applied and a little additional tail weighting it should make a nice daily use racquet.
From: Charlie, 5/14

Comments: I've been playing with the Prince Original Graphite OS for a long time. Now that I'm getting up there in age I can no longer swing it fast enough. So I purchased the Asics 109 hoping that the added maneuverability would breathe life into my game. Here is an example of how this racquet has changed my life. Last night I carried my doubles partner to our greatest victory of the season. We beat the best team in the league. I attribute it to the Asics 109, which gave me more power than I've had in years. After the match, my partner quietly followed me out to the parking lot. As I was loading my bag into my trunk he tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and he had his arms wide open. He smiled and said "Come here you." I walked into his arms hesitantly and he gave me a huge, extra long bear hug. Right before letting me go he whispered "thank you."
From: Paul, 3/13

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