Wimbledon - 1981 Final Borg v. McEnroe DVD Customer feedback

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Comments: If you are a fan of tennis of yesteryear, then you definitely must view this one! Again, it's a classic confrontation between Mac, the temperamental lefty serve-and-volleyer with a deft touch, and Borg, the cool-as-ice baseliner who hits the ball with deadly topspin that is gyroscope-like in its precision. It is a thrill to watch tennis that is by and large based on touch, placement, and finesse rather than crushing the ball endlessly with the latest technologically dressed-up racquet, which is the essence of "boring" tennis, in my opinion. The crowd at the match is vociferous in their support of their favorite, so much so that Wimbledon officials prohibited the display of signs or banners during the match. Among the fan highlights: one fan calling out, when Mac blasts a misserve that heads for the line judge, "Try not to hit the referee, John!"
From: Jeff, Baton Rouge, LA, USA. 8/08

Comments: I do not recommend the older Wimbledon videos. I have 3... the two Borg - McEnroe videos and the Federer - Sampras. I kind of knew Wimbledon was a serve and volley surface, but I did not know they serve and volleyed that much... even in the Fed Sampras one. The points are over so fast you don't really get to enjoy any real rallies. Unless you're into watching the precision of the volley games... but those points are over in 3 to 5 strokes.... makes them kind of boring. I am much more a fan of today's baseline - or even the all court game is still way more interesting to watch than the short rally games that the 3 videos I mentioned above were. (Though I must admit it is nice to see the only match that the two legendary players Federer and Sampras play each other.)
From: Anthony, NJ, USA, 03/07