Wimbledon - 1977 Borg v. Gerulaitis DVD Customer feedback

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Comments: This match was and still is a classic! Played at a very fine and deliberate pace and the shot-making was unbelievable even with wooden rackets! Borg and Gerulatis were at their finest and only a handful of men's semi-finals garner the attention for Wimbledon or even at all. The other match was Agassi and Rafter, which was back in 2000. The crowd was electric and Borg and Gerulatis were class acts. Man I miss Gerulatis and his showmanship and aura, that guy had style class and grace including being a good sportsman. Thanks for the memory Vitas!
From: Brian, Houston, TX, USA, 08/09

Comments: This is classic wood racquet tennis at its best with many great points in a five-set match. You get a feel for how good Vitas was at that time. He could easily have won the match and was the only player besides McEnroe to really challenge Borg on grass in the late seventies. If you want to really understand how to serve and volley, watch Vitas in this video. The match also gives you a great feel for the '70s era Studio 54 style that Vitas brought to Wimbledon.
From: Charles, Canton, GA. 2/09

Comments: Because of the wooden rackets, this match doesn't display the power that we see today. The pace of the ball is rather slow on both sides. However, the shot making is exceptional. And, the tactical expertise is evident throughout the match. A fun match to watch.
From: Russell, Sandy, UT, USA. 1/09

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