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Comments: After using the Pro Staff 95 for two years, it's time to gain a little more power and spin. I've demoed the 6.1 95S for about a week now, and I'm sold. Strung with a full bed of Ripspin at mid-tension and a few grams of weight at 6 and 9, I'm finding easy access to spin on forehand, backhand and serves. Not totally sold on the Ripspin, though. Very solid feel on all strokes, a good increase in power over the PS 95, with about the same HL balance. Great control, very maneuverable, very solid on volleys and overheads. I'm going to try a full bed of Lux M2 pro at a lower tension and will give an update.
From: Mark, 3/14

Comments: I use and love the KFactor 95 and 90. I love the Pro Staff and 6.1 line, so I can say that I have no idea how Wilson screwed this one up so bad! Testing the PS 95 and this. They have basically made the 6.1 a different racquet, they should take the 6.1 off the title. It's too light, and when you are hitting shots, if you want to hit hard, you better aim for the baseline only, for that is what this stick is made for. I'm a 5.5 player, yet it's either long past the baseline, or in the net -- there is a very fine line finding the right angle of shot. Tight topspin and flat hitters should avoid this like the plague. If you are a baseline bomb dropper, might as well do a Babolat as they are designed with the same goal, yet Babolat is better in that category. The biggest surprise however is the greatest racquet I've ever hit with, a total surprise, the PS95S, writing a review right now on it.
From: Mike, 3/14

Comments: It's a great racquet, I just demoed and ordered 2 of them. It produces tons of spin without having to change your form, It has a huge sweetspot for the 95 square inch headsize. I felt really comfortable on the run with this racquet, it is very easy to redirect the ball, excellent plow through. I have my racquets strung at 59 pounds with Wilson Ripspin 15 gauge.
From: Jacob, 3/14

Comments: Just had my first hit with it for a good 2 hours. Previously was using a Babolat Pure Drive which I was hitting well with, but I just didn't feel 'connected' with the racquet. Have to say I'm made up with this, very accurate, easy to swing, pretty powerfull, manouverable. Only hit a dozen serves but found it very accurate seem to be able to hit it flat and hard and get great shape and kick on my slice. The standard grip is pretty poor which I will change, no need for any extra weight for me. Racquet strung with Rip Spin at 56 lbs, works well for me. From the UK and I'd say my level is 4.5/5.
From: Ed, 2/14

Comments: The new Wilson 95S rocks! If you are looking at Wilson racquets, the 95S is a tweener between the ProStaff and Steam racquets (open string patters). Depending on your swing path and service motion, the 95S can provide extra spin to keep the ball in the court. This racquet is a solid balance of control and power for a Six.One frame plus a nice sweet spot. In fact, the 95S had the highest rating from the TW demo team for any Wilson racquet. Strung with Lux 4G (54 lbs) allows for topspin, control and power on either offense or defense. I found Lux 4G to last much longer and addition to almost zero string tension loss. Cannot go wrong with this stick. (I've played with Wilson ProStaff 6.0, 85 and 6.1, 85, for many years and am a 5.0 player).
From: Mike, 2/14

Comments: Love this stick. I took a 25 year break from tennis and now I am 48 and was recently rated 4.0. I played competively a long time ago. I am an all-court player who hits with pace. I bought this racquet to begin playing again. I feel like the racquet offers plenty of power. Volleys were crisp. Serves felt great. Granted it's been a long time since buying a racquet I was surprised by this one. I didn't notice tons of extra top spin but noticed it is very accessible.
From: Bryan, 2/14

Comments: This thing goes through strings like crazy! I am getting less than 9 hours out of a set of 17 gauge Solinco tour bites. A string I've used for quite a while.
From: Paul, 1/14

Comments: I love this one! Wilson did a great job. I also would like to see this one with different string patterns. I put lead tape at 3 and 9 to increase the swing weight to 328. Perfect! Best racquet out there at around 11.5 oz strung. I used to play with the 18x20 version at 12.3 oz. Too heavy for me now. I can definitely recommend this racquet!
From: Bob, 1/14

Comments: I think this frame is simply amazing. Just ordered a matched pair after trying a demo. I'm 48 years old and play at the 4.5 level. Until now I've been using a ProStaff 90. The 95S offers the spin with power, control and the right kind of weight. One never knows if the TW reviews are spot on but in this case they are. Until Wilson releases the Federer frame or Dimitrov 18x17 pattern, I think this 6.1 95S is the best thing out there for me as a replacement to the 90. It is also a great platform for customizing. I'll be adding a leather grip and some tip weight to make it around 345g. I also think that the Gut in the mains and Alu in crosses will be just fine as the 18 mains are tightly packed which will limit the excessive movement of the gut side-side. I'll post an update later.
From: Poluski, 1/14

Comments: I can play in a very relaxed manner with this racquet. I bought it without first trying it out, purely because it weighed the same as my K Pro Tours. However, it feels slightly heavier in the head, which means need to prepare earlier in the backswing, but I enjoy the plow through. No need to add any lead tape. I found that I need to string this up to 56 pounds using 16 gauge Ripspin or tougher modulus such as Volkl Cyclone. At higher tensions, this racquet still has a sweet feeling. I am having fun with this racquet.
From: Kimbal, 1/14

Comments: Wow great racquet! I am moving from a BLX 90, which I could swing for a good hour. I had tried for the last two months the 99S which I loved on volleys but lost plow through in services even after leading it up. Now the 6.1 95S gives me good spin production on volleys as well as a decent plow through on serves, also kick serves are more lively. I did lead it with 3 grams at 9 and 3 o'clock, before I even tried it out at first. The 95S gives better control than the Steam 99S, I also felt it really compliments my one handed backhand.
From: Frank, 1/14

Comments: This racquet is so amazing because it plays and feels like a heavier frame in terms of stability, but it is still on the lighter side and easy to maneuver. The sweet spot is just so massive and feels like pure heaven when you hit it. The raquet has amazing spin and flat serves have tremendous pace and amazing placement. I am struggling with my second serve at the moment, but other than that, this racquet is defintely one of the best I have ever hit with. My return of serve has improved fifty fold as pace is easy to redirect and weaker serves are easier to take big rips at. You need to try this frame -- best racquet Wilson has put out in over 8 years.
From: Don, 1/14

Comments: Great racquet -- but it would be better with a higher swing weight. I miss the 18x20 version. The strung weight would be perfect at 11.6 oz. Hope to see a Six.One racquet like this in 2016!
From: Peter, 1/14

Comments: Really like this racquet. Been playing with it for about a month. As a long time 6.1 95 (16x18) user the feel is very familiar and easy to transition to. The increase in spin is very noticeable but not over the top. The trajectory off the string bed is higher and this seems to be more pronounced at lower tensions. Like previous reviewers, I found that the swing weight could be higher which I addressed with lead at 3 and 9. I am still trying to find just the right string and tension. I prefer it strung a few lbs tighter than my old 6.1 95s. Still adjusting to the frame but will definitely buy a second one.
From: M, 1/14

Comments: This is a really nice racquet. I love the weight -- not too heavy, not too light. I would prefer a higher swing weight and a denser string pattern though. The swing weight would be perfect around 327 and the string pattern should be 16x19 for more control. I think the spin effect technology doesn't harm my game but doesn't really help either. The racquet itself is absolutely balanced out, very comfy and touch and feel are awesome. Definitely worth a demo!
From: Phil, 12/13

Comments: It's a fine balance between more spin and more control. I think this racquet definitely provides more spin. However, it's more difficult to control fine touch shots and more defensive quick reflexive shots with minimal backswing. So it all depends on your style of play whether you would benefit from this racquet or not. Worth a try anyway.
From: Anon, 12/13

Comments: My previous racquet was the Volkl PowerBridge 10 Mid. The 95S felt very different from the PB10Mid. It felt very stiff and was significantly more HH (or less HL). At first, I struggled a lot, my timing was off on practically every shot. I then added lead tape -- 2 strips of 3.5" on 3 and 9 o'clock, 2 rolled up 14" strips with 4 BB sized fishing weights in the butt cap, and finally another 14" around the end of the grip. By my estimate, I made it about 10-11 pts HL. Then it felt familiar again and my shots came back. I can notice the added spin on my serves. I'm more confident in my serves right now. On groundstrokes, the added spin wasn't as noticeable. But I'm not missing long as much. Overall, I like this racquet a lot. Wilson's grip shape feels better than Volkl's for me. I'm hitting with Volkl Cyclone 17 at 50 lbs. I will try Dunlop Black Widow (which is a soft co-poly) when the weather gets better.
From: Tony, 12/13

Comments: I'm a 4.5 all-court player who currently plays with the Prince Dialblo Midplus with a full bed of 17g poly at 63 lbs and lead tape at 12 o'clock as I hit with a full western forehand. Today is my first and only outing with this racquet; weather has been cold these last 4-5 days. I am not sure what others aren't seeing in this racquet but the feedback from my hitting partner is that he had to make adjustments to his game because the spin off this demo are coming off the court much faster, than my Diablo, and he got caught hitting many of them late. I can see the ball dive down on many of my shots when I swing away but I was also spraying balls out with the mid range tension that TW strung the racquet at. Slice shots were great and can have the potential to just die on drop shots and deep approach shots. Serving for me was the highlight of this demo with good pop and great spin. Overall, I think the racquet itself should be heavier, so lead tape at the 3 and 9 will help with that as well as adding more stability to the frame which shouldn't hurt the maneuverability. String set up is key on this racquet, like a previous commenter mentioned, as I popped the new multifilament stings in the demo in my hour and half match play and ball spraying, sorry TW.
From: Sajid, 12/13

Comments: I've had this racquet for a few weeks now and I'm starting to enjoy it. Right now, I play with a 2012 Six One Team which I find very dependable for singles and doubles and have been able to add weight to as I've improved to increase the swing weight. I've also been using the new Blade 98 18x20 for singles and hitting sessions. Like a couple of the earlier reviewers below, I noticed that once I slowed down my swing a bit I was able to get the hang of the racquet but the trajectory is a bit loopy, not necessarily more spin on the forehand side but more consistent spin. I did notice much more spin on the backhand side both for slice and more top spin with my two handed backhand. I also was able to control the direction easier compared to my Six One Team. When I really started to have fun was in doubles matches, specialty shots were easier to control -- top spin and regular lobs particularly we're easy to put where I wanted. Chips and slices were super "spinny." Serves were comparable to my other Six One, though I think kicks are a bit higher which is nice. I'm not sold from the baseline yet but I am having fun. Right now I'm using Cyclone pink at 50 lbs but I'm interested in a bit of a deader setup next time as it's just a bit more powerful than I'm used to.
From: Jeremy, 12/13

Comments: In my opinion, this racquet's feel and play is purely subjective and varying depending on string types. Having said that, SET -- Spin Effect Technology, has varying result on different frames. The Wilson Steam 99S is the spiniest racquet offered by Wilson. The Blade 98S and Six One 95S produce about equal and significantly less spin. If it is monster spin you are after, I cannot honestly recommend this particular frame. I have demoed a large number of racquets offered by Babolat, Wilson, and Head. For spin, the racquets that stand out are the new Head Radicals (Murray's), Wilson Steam 99S, and Babolat APD 2013 (Nadal's). I would rank Nadal's APD highest in the spin category. The Wilson Steam 99S 2nd and Head Radical a distant third. My current racquet of choice is the Wilson BLX ProStaff 90 and Yonex Vcore Tour 89, both calibrated to have the same exact specs, with the Vcore Tour 89 offering a bigger sweet spot and the BLX Pro Staff better feel. Coming from that, I found the new Six.One 95S mushy, higher powered, maneuverable, inprecise, and not any more spin. I have customized my Six.One 95S to the exact specs as my other racquets -- 13 oz (strung), 8pt HL. I have experimented with a number of different string setups and tensions (50-60 lbs), Hybrid (Champions Choice), and a full bed of polys (Solinco Tour Bite and RPM Blast). I have to say, this racquet may produce a heavier ball but does not produce as significant spin as Wilson Steam 99S, Head Radical or Babolat APD 2013. In terms of spin if Babolat APD 2013 is a 10, Wilson Steam 99s is 9.5, Wilson BLX Pro Staff 90 is a 4, then the Wilson Six.One 95S is a 4.5.
From: GS, 11/13

Comments: Good attempt by Wilson but falls short in stability. Definitely needs lead and at this point I don't really have the patience to deal with that. I also didn't think the spin was that great either, but I am sure strings can help there as I was using the demo strings the racquet was delivered with.
From: Jeff, 11/13

Comments: Finally! I have been a long time user of a Wilson NCode 95 stick. I really do love my older NCode. I did spend some time looking at other racquets but always seemed to come back to my NCode 95. I did try the Kfactor, BLX and the newer BLX in the 95 inch frame, but felt that weight and stiffness just didn't feel right. When I read the specs of the new 95S, I was really looking forward to trying out the racquet. Rather than just demo one, I bought the frame and strung it up with some ALU Power. Straight out the gate I felt the racquet had awesome spin and plow through. Very plush response. I decided to match the weight of my older NCode 95, so I added 2.5 inches of 1/4 lead tape at the 3 and 9 positions. This made the racquet really come alive. My weekly tennis buddy was shocked how heavy my ball was coming in. Overall, I felt really good playing with this frame. Like Chris said in his review, you can easily turn from defense by one shot. Great frame. I look forward to buying a second and customizing it with the lead. Lastly, I am a one handed backhand player and this racquet really complemented that shot. Very maneuverable and made that shot a weapon again. Not sure if the other feedback users are long time users of the Wilson 95 frame, but having played with one for almost 10 years I can honestly say the 95 S is my favorite hands down. I will never give up my NCode but I do playing with the 95 S more. Hope this helps.
From: Adam, 11/13

Comments: I would have to agree with Jim (the first reviewer) and this new Wilson 95S is ok. I've had to chance to hit for a week now and there is just nothing special about it. I like the fact that the 95S is lighter than the standard Six.One 95 and heavier than the new 95L. I think the overall weight is good and also allows some customization, if you want to make the racquet heavier. I've read through most of the posts on the spin effect technology that Wilson is promoting by adding more crosses and less mains. First, I did not get a chance to re-string the racquet with my own strings at my preferred lower tension (ie. 50 lbs). I think this may help get more power and spin, but I'm not 100% sure. The polys that came in the demo racquet were strung closer to 56 lbs. My personal opinion -- I think the parallel drilling pattern adds about a 5-10% larger sweetspot, but that's about it. Not as much as Wilson seems to promote. Instead of adding a lot of spin to your shot, I think the Wilson spin effect technology creates more of a consistent spin (RPMs) coming from your strokes and serves, but does not necessarily adds spin. As I played more with the Wilson 95S, the only way I felt I could get into the sweetspot of the strings was to hit more loopy shots, not driving shots. When turning the racquet face flatter and driving the ball, I felt the racquet lost a lot of power and didn't produce any more spin. Maybe this has to do with less cross strings actually contacting the ball. My racquet of choice is the 2012 Wilson BLX Six.One Team. To me, Wilson should experiment with a 16x15 pattern, or keep the 18x16 pattern but go back to their Wilson double-hole grommet technology. I think the additional movement of the stringbed with the larger grommet holes would produce more power, more spin and increase the sweetspot (in my opinion). Again, overall rating is 3 stars out of five -- ok, but nothing great that inspired me to leave the Wilson team racket and switch. Like a lot of players out there, I was really excited to play with this new anticipated racquet, but disappointed.
From: Michael, 11/13

Comments: I have been playing with the Babolat Pure Storm Ltd for the past 3 years. I generate my own power, so go for a more control-oriented stick. Switched about a month ago to the Blade 98 S and was pleased with the racquet, it was lighter than my previous racquet and I was generating a lot of spin, but I felt the ball lacked something. Just tried the Six.One and holy cow batman. This was the answer! The weight is more than the Blade but it swung much faster through the ball. It blows away the Blade 98 S. The only problem is that I have two extra Blades now. Love the Six.One 95 S.
From: David, 11/13

Comments: I had the chance to play with the 95S. The paint job looks fresh but must be to your taste -- somehow the racquet looks bulky, maybe it's the colors. Regarding play, I am very surprised, I cannot agree with the TW review. The racquet is not bad, but not as good as I expected. It is comfortable, but not tremendously stable. The stringbed feels mushy to me because of the large spacing in the cross strings. Power is medium -- nothing special. Because the stringbed is so soft, the racquet doesn't have much feel or bite, even with a stiff string. The window between good and bad is rather small. Spin is not so high, but the trajectories tend to get loopy. Control is ok and about medium. All in all, everything is about medium -- not bad, but lacking something special. Unfortunately, I think the 18x16 is more marketing than excellence. It will be a perfect recreational frame which will not harm your arm but is not really a players frame in my opinion.
From: Jim, 10/13

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