Wilson Six.One 95S Spin Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: I tried to transition from the Six.One 90 to this and I really didn't like it at all! Was looking for a slightly larger head and a bit more defending ability, but that racquet didn't have the "feel" I was looking for.
From: Pete, 2/16

Comments: There's a slight adjustment if you're a flat or semi-flat hitter. To fix this is, just add a smidgen of lead tape at 3 and 9 o'clock and overgrip to compensate the weight and you're back in business. The result: the spin of a 100 square inch racquet and the control and stability of a ProStaff racquet. The best of both worlds!
From: Triggz, 2/16

Comments: I have used a Six One 90 and 95 sticks, but am intrested about spin racquets and wanted to try something a little lighter. The Six.One 95S price got me to try it and I think it feels better. Every shot except maybe serves are better than before. I am not a stringbreaker, but was afraid that stick might eat strings fast. So far this is no problem, at least RipSpin seems to last very good. One of the best racquets I have tried.
From: Anonymous, 2/16

Comments: Great racquet. If you are used of using the old versions of the heavy Pro Staff like me, you would would really love this raqcuet by adding weight on the butt. I added 8 grams and it worked like magic. It's just like using Pro Staff racquet but with added spin. I'm using Ashaway II at 50 lbs on mains and 52 lbs on the crosses. I'll try a hybrid poly next though.
From: Nez, 2/16

Comments: I recently bought 3 of these from TWE Europe and I am so glad I did. My search for a great all around racquet is finally over. This racquet feels like a "hand" to me, I can place my shots with accuracy, especially my drop shots and volleys. It is very comfortable and my one handed backhand has become my favorite weapon once again, it is undoubtedly due to the Six.One's maneuverability. I also feel that I can defend much better in general. I may miss more flat forehand returns than before but overall, this racquet has helped me build my game back up after a worrying loss of self-confidence. Mine is strung with Wilson Revolve 16 at 52 pounds. Really worth trying!
From: Christophe, 1/16

Comments: This Wilson Six.One 98S racquet is awesome! It's solid, has great feel and meets all the TW's spec. Nothing is lacking if you can wield it with the right strokes and give it your all without fear of errors. I was able to compete well against the other 4.0 rated players and others rated low and high. I don't get pushed around and can stand my ground. For me, it shines best on my serve, groundstroke, slice & backhand, overhead, drop shots, and at the net. The only downside is breakage of string if you're a power hitter with semi-western grip. Having a backup and extra strings help. I'm a 4.0 and a leftie. Enjoy!
From: Nathan, 1/16

Comments: This racquet is awesome. I was worried at first that the weight may be too much even with the really headlight balance but this racquet plays lighter than the weight suggests. It is solid, stable and easy to maneuver. Whether trading groundies or volleys this racquet excels at both. Touch and feel are excellent and serving is a dream. I am an all-court player (4.0-4.5) and am yet to find a better racquet for my game (and I have tried a lot). I have mine strung with Wilson Revolve at mid tension.
From: John, 11/15

Comments: My game is very consistent with this racquet. I can place my shots with high accuracy. I tried many racquets PS97/95S, Head Graphene Speed Pro XT, AeroPro Drive, Wilson Burn, and Blade. Found this to be the most stable of all for my game . Strung it with Lux 4g and added a leather grip.
From: Jay, 10/15

Comments: This is a sick stick. It takes a while to get used to the spin effect, but once you do, it's great! For the first few shots, the ball goes ten feet over the net and takes time to adjust. But once you do, you can't use anything else. Literally, I can't seem to find another racquet that I like. Every racquet that I use has no spin for me. But this is a great solid all-around stick. Nice job Wilson! Also, I added a bit of lead tape at 3 and 9.
From: Anonymous, 10/15

Comments: I switched to this racquet after playing with the regular 95s for years. I love it but here's the thing: if you don't have a big, fast swing then you're going to probably hate this racquet. It's not a pusher's stick. With the same small head and slightly lighter frame, you have to generate your own power. This racquet won't do that for you.
From: Jeff, 6/15

Comments: It took me a while to get to used to this racquet, but once I did the spin comes off my racquet with ease. Control, direction, stability, and power are all there. My forehand is steadier. Of course, I had to learn to switch to a semi- western grip from an eastern, which was not easy. Now, I'm used to it! For me, a hybrid with Luxilon at 52 lbs works nicely on the strokes as well as on the arm.
From: Ben, 5/15

Comments: I used to be a serious college player and I just got back into playing competitively at 47 years old. I am a 4.5 playing in sectional tournaments, national tournaments and in Open divisions. I wanted a lighter racquet that gave me a lot of control but did not lack power when needed. To me, this racquet has loads of control. I get incredible spin. I think the racquet lacks a little bit in power on serve, while volleying and off the ground if you are dependent on the racquet for power generation. Even at my age, I hit the ball very hard off the ground from both sides and can still serve with excellent speed. With that being said, you can generate power with this racquet if you have the strokes to do so. However, it is much more difficult if you need the racquet's help. I am using Babolat 16 gauge Natural gut in the mains strung at 57 lbs and Luxilon Power Rough in the crosses strung at 54 lbs. I usually break strings rather quickly but although the string pattern lends itself to string breakage sooner, this combination has been pretty good for string breakage even the with string pattern and natural gut. I did have much more string breakage when I was using the 17 gauge natural gut.
From: Paul, 4/15

Comments: If you are a flat hitter and you think spin technology will give you more spin, think again. I'm a very flat hitter, and when I tried three racquets with spin technology, I simply had no control, the reason is that the string bed is so open. Ironically, I can't play with a 18x20 pattern again because I hit too flat. 16x19 is perfect for me. It's like the playtester Chris, his second choice is the 18x20, third is 16x18, first is this racquet. Now if you hit with spin, try this racquet, the spin technology works if you already hit with a lot of spin, it just enhances it.
From: Mike, 4/15

Comments: I played with the Six.One 95S for one year. I do also have mixed feelings about this racquet. Great spin! The problem occurs when flattening out shots. It's just impossible. I find the string bed erratic and would love to see this one with an 18x17 pattern for more control. The feel of the racquet is great though and deep balls are easy to rip. I switched to the Pro Staff 97 and I'm very pleased.
From: Daniel, 1/15

Comments: I agree with a former post that I've read -- he said you would have to change your strokes. At first I blew it off but after I hit with it, I realized what he meant. You have to aim about 6 feet shorter of where you would think the ball would land. Great spin but very head heavy. String breakage is expected with an open pattern like this one.
From: Patrick, 1/15

Comments: I've had this racquet for several months and have tried using hybrid strings (52 lbs main Wilson 16g gut, 48 lbs crosses MSV Hex 17g). With this setup, balls would fly. At my local club they were hosting an ATP Futures tournament and the young sponsored guys were using this racquet with full poly such as Lux. 4g strung at 56 lbs. So, I went out and tried some full polys and I now have found the balance of spin control and power with the following setup -- 56 lbs full poly of Head Hawk 16g gray. Yes the gray Head Hawk is much different than the white. This raquect with this setup feels crisp yet plush with tension maintenance! Try it. USTA National 4.0 player.
From: Anon, 1/15

Comments: I've had this racquet for a couple of months and I have mixed feelings. On the one hand I love the power, spin and at the same time control the racquet offers with a soft response in the arm. On the other hand, I still miss the crisp feel in my old Pro Staff 6.0. This is definitely a great all round racquet but I sense it requires a longer period of adaptation than other racquets. Regarding string breaking, this racquet is really one of a kind. Even when using low tensions, string durability is really an issue (no more than 3 hours of play). Nevertheless, I have found that it can be largely increased by using string protectors (Babolat, Wilson and Tourna sell them) so that is not a problem anymore for me. Finally, I do not know if it is due to the particular string pattern that makes strings move more freely, but I have experienced that the strings lose tension very quickly. With the string protectors this is mitigated, probably because the strings do not move as much.
From: Alberto, 11/14

Comments: I now have three identical Six.One 95S frames strung low at 48 lbs with Head Hawk 17 g which purportedly has slip agent impregnated throughout the width of the string. A long lasting combination. I even yank on my topspin forehands and brush up incessantly on my serves. I cycle through three frames each hitting session, and so far no sudden string breaking. If you are thinking about investing in racquets with open string patters such as this one, my advice is that you really have to commit to the racquet and buy two to three racquets, and put your regular or close string pattern racquets into storage, because you will need to change your stroke. By this, I mean you need to take back the racquet with the hitting face pointed downwards because on impace an open stringing pattern racquet needs to face more in a downward direction as you brush up on the ball. Otherwise, if you try to go back and forth with a normal racquet, you will find that the open stringing pattern racquet will push the ball beyond the baseline.
From: Kimal, 10/14

Comments: Stop looking -- this is it -- the best all-around frame I have ever played with. I felt compelled to tell others about this frame so they could save the time, money and frustration I went through to eventually land at this conclusion. I'm a 4.0 all-court player with long, fast strokes and a one handed backhand. I used to play 100% singles and now play 75% doubles and 25% singles. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I have acquired more than 24 frames over the years that cover the wide spectrum of racquet specs. Yup, I'm that guy you read about on the forums, I'm a racqaholic; I'm Goldilocks. I simply could NOT find the best combination of head size, weight, balance, flexibility and string pattern to do everything to the best of my abilities and playtests were not enough time for me to evaluate a frame in a wide variety of competitive situations. Collectively, a handful of my preferred frames would allow me to do everything well, but no single one would allow me to do it all well, at the same time. I was always forced to make significant trade-offs: this one is too heavy for net play in doubles, that one is too light for baseline play in singles, this one is too big to feel the ball, that one has too much power, this one does not have enough pop on serves, that one does not put enough pace on backhands, and so on and so forth. It had gotten to the point that I thought I was crazy and simply expecting too much from any single frame and I was looking for something that didn't exist. I even carried multiple frames in my bag; one for doubles, one for singles and one to try next╜ Then I got the six.one 95S and everything snapped into clear focus for me. At 95 inches it has the right combination of feel and power. At 11.5 ounces (with overgrip) it has the ideal weight and balance (5 HL) to be maneuverable at the net, stable at the baseline and to produce pop on serves. But these are not the things that made it "the one" as I had already determined that a 95 square inch, 11.5 ounce, 5-8 point HL frame was my sweet spot. I already owned and customized a handful of frames to fall into this range. What made this one special was the wide- open string pattern. It absolutely made a significant improvement in spin production, unlike the difference between say an 18x20 and a 16x19 pattern (which is pretty minimal, in my opinion). I noticed this improvement the first time I played with this frame as my serves and strong baseline hits were pulling down and in, visibly. I could literally see the ball dive down into the court from my vantage point. It gave me increased confidence and I started swinging faster and more freely on ALL of my strokes than I had been able to with any of my other frames. I was finally playing my game and not adjusting it to accommodate the frame. It was liberating. And perhaps more significantly, others were commenting on my improved play too. I was hearing things like, "You're serving harder than you ever have," and "What the heck? Did you do to improve your backhand?" I instantly knew I had found "the one" for me. So do yourself a favor and save a bunch of time, money and frustration and try one of these for yourself. If you see any of yourself in what I briefly described above, you will not regret it!
From: Hooked, 9/14

Comments: Very nice stick once you learn how to tame it. I played with the APD for the past 3 years and wanted some more solid feeling. It's been 4 months now and I think I've figured it out. To me, this racquet is very string sensitive. I've tried 6 different strings so far and find the smooth, slick polys work the best for me in a full bed. Prince Tour XC 16L has been the best. I am trying out Ripspin 16g over the weekend. I would suggest going a little thicker on the string as this stick will eat through strings. The longest I've managed to go is 2.5 weeks before I blew them out. I'm a 4.0 baseliner.
From: TD, 9/14

Comments: Switched to the 95S from the regular Six.One 95 (after many years). The 95S is a great stick. The grip is good but wears out fast. As other's have mentioned, it is a bit light, so I keep one with added lead just above the grip. I use it once in awhile if i really want plow through to handle a hacker. However, I feel strongly that this racquet works best at its unamended weight -- but you need to be brave and really take cuts at balls. Also, it's best to use its spin effect by really going for angles and passing shots. Great for controlled biting serves. Pretty good for placing volleys (lacks punch so dont be lazy). Best string: Solinco Tour Bite or Barbed Wire 17 at 56 lbs. The racquet is a sting eater. Don't use gut or smooth strings because that just wastes the spin effect, and the weight is too light for consistent flat crushing flat shots anyway.
From: Gene, 9/14

Comments: It's been since April and I wanted to repost. With a Wilson over grip, and the long Wilson vibration dampener that occupies 4 squares, the weight is at 12 ounces. I have it strung with Pacific Tough Gut in the mains and Cyber Blue in the crosses, both 16g. The swing weight is 325. Comfort, spin, power with sufficient plow through are all there. I hope Wilson is committed to this racquet for years to come.
From: Blair, 9/14

Comments: I bought a matched pair of these 95S racquets because I was looking for something around the 310g mark (at 40, I was finding my Head Prestige MPs a tad too heavy) and all the reviews I read about them rocked. The first time I took them out for a spin it wasn't pretty. I was mistiming/framing a lot of balls and then lost to a player I normally beat comfortably. Pretty despondent, I decided to sell them and go back to something more familiar. A few days later, wanting to give them another chance, I played with them again and have to admit that, once dialed in to the racquet specs (which took a couple of forays), I found myself crushing the ball better than ever and with more rpms. I guess the moral of the story is, it takes a while to get accustomed to the specs but once you're on, it's weapons free! Very chuffed with them now. When a buyer did ring up by chance I had to say 'sorry, but not for sale!' I'm a 4.5 level player with a serve and volley game and strung them with PolyFibre Black Venom 17G at 55 lbs.
From: James, 8/14

Comments: I just hit with his stick. I'm a first generation BLX 6.1 95 user but this lighter version was fantastic. I didn't get pushed around with it and it wasn't too spiny for me. It was strung with size 15 gauge strings --apparently you'll break strings often if you go any thinner. I borrowed this racquet and it had a small grip size. I'm not sure if the flared butt cap will bother me in my normal size but basically I'm already budgeting to buy this stick. It has the Six.One feel I like in a lighter package but not too light.
From: Steve, 7/14

Comments: Just started to try one out. Currently playing with a Steam 99S which has incredible spin but it can be a bit imprecise at times. It also chews thorugh strings at an unbelievabke rate. The 95S has less power and spin but has signficantly more control. I'm slightly concerned about the size of the sweet spot with a 95 inch head size. I sort of which Wilson could either make the 95S with a bigger frame or depower the Steam 99S. Maybe something half-way in between with a 99 inch head. Also, need to do something about string durability.
From: Eric, 7/14

Comments: Wow, I was always hoping for a Six.One 95 that was about .5-.75 oz lighter than the standard version. At first, I was hesitant to try this one due to the non-traditional string pattern, but once I picked it up, I just couldn't put it down. Being a relatively flat hitter at the 4.5 level, I am not experiencing string breakage like others have mentioned, but rather enjoying significantly improved ball movement without altering my strokes. The open pattern also serves to soften up the feel while maintaining plow through and stability. This one is a winner for me as I usually used lead to get my sticks to perform the way I'd like, but nothing needed with this one. If you are interested in a modern player's frame (quicker and lighter, but with similar stability and feel as a traditional player's frame), this is definitely worth a demo!
From: Anon, 7/14

Comments: I never thought I would be able to find a good "players" racquet after playing with the Dunlop 500 Tour for so long. But this racquet is phenomenal! Great blend of spin, power, and control -- best I've hit with since I started 8 years ago. I have it currently strung at 58 lbs with some Luxilon ALU Power Rough. I usually use Rough Code 17 from Technifibre, but what I'm noticing that even with fresh, right off the stringing machine strings, they move a lot more than I had with the Dunlop, and even with a worm dampener, I am still getting the "pinging" noise upon impact as if there is no dampener. Is anyone else having the string movement issue and/or the "pinging" sound with a dampner? Thanks!
From: Matt, 6/14

Comments: I have purchased this racquet recently and have noticed a massive increase in my string breaking. Using the same durable sting as i did in my old Babolats (Hurricane Pro 16) and I literally break it everyday. Strung at 60 pounds. I bought a reel of RipSpin and though I've heard that this string is durable from others, I must say I have to totally disagree, I spend about an hour on court before I break it. Anyone had the same issues?
From: James, 6/14

Comments: This racquet is a pleasure to hit with! The control is so much better compared to the Blade 98S. Spin potential seems to be slightly higher in the 98S, but this racquet is much better in almost all other aspects -- has better balance, more solid feel, and very stable with a reasonably big sweetspot. Really enjoying this racquet!
From: Anon, 6/14

Comments: Loving this racquet. Played with the Six.One 95 for a long time, but have always felt the weight was a little high for me -- I'm 44 years old now and I can't handle weight as well these days. Tried the Six.One Team with some lead tape for a while, but never felt like I could get the feel right -- I felt like I got pushed around and lacked the pop to put the ball away. Other racquets in this weight range that I have played with/demoed (Bab Pure Drive GT Ltd, Prestige Rev) were a little too unforgiving for me -- when I am on, I play great with them, but if my legs are heavy/tired or I'm just a little off kilter, I fall apart and those racquets require you to be very consistent with your play in my opinion. The 95S is very forgiving, easy to play with, has a solid amount of spin, good ball pocketing, and nice feel at the net. I'm a 4.0 player and am very happy with it.
From: Ted, 6/14

Comments: I play with the Six.One 95S for 5 weeks now. The feel of this racquet is fantastic. As others have said, I would like to see this one with a swing weight at around 330. I also put lead at 3 and 9 o'clock to bring it up to 11.8 oz. The string pattern isn't the best for my game and it's a pity that this one is the only offer in this category. I would also love to see Wilson offer the Six.One 95S with a 16x19 and 18x20 string pattern since the other ones are too heavy at around 12.3 oz. I have strung this one with Luxilon BB Alu Power Rough at mid tension. I'm also going through stings like crazy. Overall, I'm very satisfied and I hope for different string patterns for this one in 2016.
From: Tom, 5/14

Comments: Best racquet I have played with for many years. I have added a little extra weight to the hoop (at 3 and 9) and handle, put on a heavy Volkl leather grip and overgrip and have it strung at 50 lbs with Volkl Cyclone. As others have said, for a 95 it has a massive sweet spot and for me it has brought back my all-court game. With my age (late 40s) and decreasing mobility I have been gravitating towards camping on the base line with my heavy topsin shots but this 95S has me wanting to now drive volley, smash and play touch shots, as well. For the last 5 years I have been through a couple of generations of Wilson Blades (K98 and 93) and I also tried the Volkl PB10mid. None of these racquets have the classic feel of this frame for me, with the added benefit of the spin-effect to provide more accuracy and control. Many times I have had opponents leave my shots only to see the extra topsin pull them down and inside the baseline corners. As Chris said on the video review, I also always have good feel in the point with this racquet. I am going through poly strings faster than usual, averaging around 20 hours of play before they snap but I can live with that. Overall, I am really pleased with the 6.1 95S and I hope the honeymoon continues.
From: Anon, 4/14

Comments: Coming from the Babolat Pure Storm GT, I am really liking the extra power and spin I am getting from the 6.1 95S. I have been playing with this racquet for over a month now and have made the switch. I definitely get more spin, but with 18 mains I am feeling nice control as well. Ordering another!
From: Blair, 4/14

Comments: Amazing frame. I put lead tape on it to get the weight above 12 ounces and its perfect.
From: Chris, 4/14

Comments: After using the Pro Staff 95 for two years, it's time to gain a little more power and spin. I've demoed the 6.1 95S for about a week now, and I'm sold. Strung with a full bed of Ripspin at mid-tension and a few grams of weight at 6 and 9, I'm finding easy access to spin on forehand, backhand and serves. Not totally sold on the Ripspin, though. Very solid feel on all strokes, a good increase in power over the PS 95, with about the same HL balance. Great control, very maneuverable, very solid on volleys and overheads. I'm going to try a full bed of Lux M2 pro at a lower tension and will give an update.
From: Mark, 3/14

Comments: I use and love the KFactor 95 and 90. I love the Pro Staff and 6.1 line, so I can say that I have no idea how Wilson screwed this one up so bad! Testing the PS 95 and this. They have basically made the 6.1 a different racquet, they should take the 6.1 off the title. It's too light, and when you are hitting shots, if you want to hit hard, you better aim for the baseline only, for that is what this stick is made for. I'm a 5.5 player, yet it's either long past the baseline, or in the net -- there is a very fine line finding the right angle of shot. Tight topspin and flat hitters should avoid this like the plague. If you are a baseline bomb dropper, might as well do a Babolat as they are designed with the same goal, yet Babolat is better in that category. The biggest surprise however is the greatest racquet I've ever hit with, a total surprise, the PS95S, writing a review right now on it.
From: Mike, 3/14

Comments: It's a great racquet, I just demoed and ordered 2 of them. It produces tons of spin without having to change your form, It has a huge sweetspot for the 95 square inch headsize. I felt really comfortable on the run with this racquet, it is very easy to redirect the ball, excellent plow through. I have my racquets strung at 59 pounds with Wilson Ripspin 15 gauge.
From: Jacob, 3/14

Comments: Just had my first hit with it for a good 2 hours. Previously was using a Babolat Pure Drive which I was hitting well with, but I just didn't feel 'connected' with the racquet. Have to say I'm made up with this, very accurate, easy to swing, pretty powerfull, manouverable. Only hit a dozen serves but found it very accurate seem to be able to hit it flat and hard and get great shape and kick on my slice. The standard grip is pretty poor which I will change, no need for any extra weight for me. Racquet strung with Rip Spin at 56 lbs, works well for me. From the UK and I'd say my level is 4.5/5.
From: Ed, 2/14

Comments: The new Wilson 95S rocks! If you are looking at Wilson racquets, the 95S is a tweener between the ProStaff and Steam racquets (open string patters). Depending on your swing path and service motion, the 95S can provide extra spin to keep the ball in the court. This racquet is a solid balance of control and power for a Six.One frame plus a nice sweet spot. In fact, the 95S had the highest rating from the TW demo team for any Wilson racquet. Strung with Lux 4G (54 lbs) allows for topspin, control and power on either offense or defense. I found Lux 4G to last much longer and addition to almost zero string tension loss. Cannot go wrong with this stick. (I've played with Wilson ProStaff 6.0, 85 and 6.1, 85, for many years and am a 5.0 player).
From: Mike, 2/14

Comments: Love this stick. I took a 25 year break from tennis and now I am 48 and was recently rated 4.0. I played competively a long time ago. I am an all-court player who hits with pace. I bought this racquet to begin playing again. I feel like the racquet offers plenty of power. Volleys were crisp. Serves felt great. Granted it's been a long time since buying a racquet I was surprised by this one. I didn't notice tons of extra top spin but noticed it is very accessible.
From: Bryan, 2/14

Comments: This thing goes through strings like crazy! I am getting less than 9 hours out of a set of 17 gauge Solinco tour bites. A string I've used for quite a while.
From: Paul, 1/14

Comments: I love this one! Wilson did a great job. I also would like to see this one with different string patterns. I put lead tape at 3 and 9 to increase the swing weight to 328. Perfect! Best racquet out there at around 11.5 oz strung. I used to play with the 18x20 version at 12.3 oz. Too heavy for me now. I can definitely recommend this racquet!
From: Bob, 1/14

Comments: I think this frame is simply amazing. Just ordered a matched pair after trying a demo. I'm 48 years old and play at the 4.5 level. Until now I've been using a ProStaff 90. The 95S offers the spin with power, control and the right kind of weight. One never knows if the TW reviews are spot on but in this case they are. Until Wilson releases the Federer frame or Dimitrov 18x17 pattern, I think this 6.1 95S is the best thing out there for me as a replacement to the 90. It is also a great platform for customizing. I'll be adding a leather grip and some tip weight to make it around 345g. I also think that the Gut in the mains and Alu in crosses will be just fine as the 18 mains are tightly packed which will limit the excessive movement of the gut side-side. I'll post an update later.
From: Poluski, 1/14

Comments: I can play in a very relaxed manner with this racquet. I bought it without first trying it out, purely because it weighed the same as my K Pro Tours. However, it feels slightly heavier in the head, which means need to prepare earlier in the backswing, but I enjoy the plow through. No need to add any lead tape. I found that I need to string this up to 56 pounds using 16 gauge Ripspin or tougher modulus such as Volkl Cyclone. At higher tensions, this racquet still has a sweet feeling. I am having fun with this racquet.
From: Kimbal, 1/14

Comments: Wow great racquet! I am moving from a BLX 90, which I could swing for a good hour. I had tried for the last two months the 99S which I loved on volleys but lost plow through in services even after leading it up. Now the 6.1 95S gives me good spin production on volleys as well as a decent plow through on serves, also kick serves are more lively. I did lead it with 3 grams at 9 and 3 o'clock, before I even tried it out at first. The 95S gives better control than the Steam 99S, I als

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