Wilson Six.One 95L Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: I got this racquet through a friend and played with it for the first time today. I'd agree with the TW feedback for this racquet with all positives and the downside that it's slightly unstable outside the sweetspot. Other than that, I got good power, control and feel from this racquet and I was able to swing it freely on my forehand and backhand (single handed) and won easily against my opponent. I was playing with BLX Tour earlier and picked this one after researching on TW for similar racquets. This one has slightly open string pattern as compared to BLX Tour which gave me some extra spin as well although I'm a flat hitter. Overall, a great racquet but I would advise adding some more weight to it for good stability. I used Solinco hybrid strings which are my favorite.
From: Rajat, 9/14

Comments: I have been using this racquet since November 2013. At my age of 41, this baby is perfect for my game style. It just keeps getting better and better on my hand. The mixture between the weight and swingweight of this racquet strengthening my needs on producing expected strokes. The spin and required power are always on time when I need them during the game. This racquet produces a high level of feel during the impact and extends the sharpness of my backhand on both down the line and cross court. Approach shots are really stand out and sharp with this baby. Moreover, I dont have a problem returning hard balls cause I have a high swingweight on my racquet. I always am able to move from defensive to offensive with racquet and kill the ball sharply. Thanks to Wilson, I highly recommend this racquet. Thist racquet has brought my game into a different level of shots in tennis. Guess what, swinging with this has become more and more enjoyable. Dont forget that this racquet is an arm-friendly racquet. So, I have no arm issues at all.
From: Hashim, 2/14

Comments: After spending the weekend trying to customize my Six.One 95L, man, the new grommets and bumper guard design are a huge pain. I took off the bumper guard to put two long 13" strips of 1/4" lead tape along the frame's upper hoop -- basically adding about 6-7grams of lead tape from about the 10 o'clock position all the way around the top to the about the 2 o'clock position. This new "layered" design must have something to do with the parallel drilling technology. I may try to post pictures in the forum part of the TW website to better describe it, but the grommets from the lower part of the racquet come up and overlap the bumper guard piece. Why? Wilson needs to do a better job explaining this on their tennis website because I certainly cannot understand the performance or mechanical benefits. I can understand the frustrations when removing and replacing the grommets and bumper guards. Also, the bumper guard is two pieces kind of. There is a 6" section around the 12 o'clock position that comes out of the traditional bumper guard piece. Again -- why? For all of you Wilson players out there, no need to stock up on bumper guards and grommets. I'm guessing you will need a completely new package of them for your 2014 line (that features the parallel drilling technology). I have no confirmation whether or not older (pre-2014) bumper guards/grommets will retro fit the current models. I hope so since I have about a dozen of them. The new grommets do feature a small curvature in the mold. I'm not sure if this curve in the grommet molds is supposed to help the strings "track" better along the outside part of the frame and/or lengthen the string by just a millimeter or two. Maybe having the strings micro-lengthened across the entire string bed creates a slightly softer feel and bigger sweetspot. Again, I have no idea, but would love to Wilson tennis expand on this.
From: Michael, 2/14

Comments: This racquet has better control, touch, and feel than the outgoing 6.1 Team. However, the power level is definitely lower. Volleys are much better with this new version, but serving is more difficult. This racquet feels more polarized than the 6.1 Team, and also feels slightly stiffer. Overall, this is a very good racquet, but the easy power that existed in the 6.1 Team is gone. Also, the grip now runs true to size -- the new grip is a big improvement over the mushy grip on the 6.1 Team.
From: Eric, 12/13

Comments: I have been using this racquet for about a month. The look of the racquet is really eye catching. Nice colors and finishing. I strung it with Wilson Ripspin 16 at 56 lbs. To me, this racquet is way better than Six.One 95 Team (the one that I used before) in terms of feel, control and power. When we talk about feel, thanks for having Amplifeel 360 around the handle -- it's like grabbing the ball that comes to you with your hand and throwing back to your opponent. The grommet looks different, but I dont have any problem with it. I love the parallel drilling inserted on the racquet. It allows me to have a bigger sweetspot on the stringbed during the impact. The admire this racquet the most on my backhand. My one handed backhand has improved a lot using this racquet. It's really sharp and consistent. The forehand is superb, clean and powerful. To me, this is one of the best improvements done on this model from Wilson. Good job Wilson. Seriously, right now I am enjoying my tennis with this racquet.
From: Hashim, 11/13

Comments: Just a little bit more on the new wilson 95L racquet. I've had a chance to hit with it for about a week. Like I said previously, it's really too bad Wilson did away with the double-hold grommet technology as in the previous 2102 BLX Six-One team model. Once I strung the racket with my own MSV co-focus hex strings at a lower tension, I was able to get a little closer to the same playability, but not quite. I think back around 2006, Wilson introduced double-hole grommets. Basically the diameter of the grommets are twice the size of standard grommets. This increased diameter allows the string bed to flex and move approximately 20% more than standard size (this is per string; not the entire stringbed). In my opinion, this added to both power and spin to those rackets. The new Wilson six-one 95L did not carry over this double-hole technology from the previous 2012 six-one team model. If double-hole grommets gives approx. 20% more string flex, I think the parallel drilling technology that Wilson now offers only provides 5% (maybe 10%), but nowhere near the effect of power and spin that double-hole technology offered - especially to us average club players. If you own the new Wilson six-one 95L, you will most likely have to lower your tension by 2-4 lbs. If you demo this racquet, please make sure to use your own strings. In my opinion, the parallel drilling is fine and ok I guess (although I don't completely understand it), but doesn't come close to replicating the feel, power and spin of the double-hole technology from the previous team model. Wilson reps, if you're reading, hopefully you'll change this 95L back to double-hole technology in a year.
From: Michael, 11/13

Comments: I am very sad to say that the new 2013 Wilson 95L does not have double hole grommets. I think this model is supposed to be the updated 2013 version of the Six.One Team. It kinda is and kinda is not. I'm ok with the graphics. I'm a bigger fan of the previous 2012 Team majority red graphics. My favorite was the pretty generic nCode Six.One line with all- red and white stripes at 3 and 9 o'clock. The 95L does not have double hole grommets like it is stated on the wilson.com website. I find the double-hole grommets boost power and adds spin to your shots with just a little bit loss of control -- which I find a perfect addition for the Six.One line of racquets that have the more controlled oriented design. Without the double hole grommets, I find the racquet really under-powered as the previous 2012 Six.One Team model. With the Team model, I typically add 25 grams under the handle and another 6-7grams around the 12 o'clock spot (under the bumper guard). I bring it up to the "standard" Six.One 95 weight, but I really like the double hole techology (supposed to add power, spin and increase sweet spot another 20% or so). Even when I added weight to the 95L model to bring it up to my typical weight, I just found the racquet with less power and spin than the 2012 Team model. I string my 2012 team model with MSV co-focus hex at 52 lbs, but I had to drop tension to 50 lbs just to start getting close to the same playing characteristics as my 2012 Six.One Team. The one plus is that the 95L is slightly stiffer than the 2012 Six.One Team which I did prefer. After all of the years of making the Six.One Team slightly stiffer which each subsequent model, Wilson finally has gotten the stiffness on the 95L dead on perfect, they just forgot to keep the double hole technology. I cannot comment on the Wilson Sublime grip since I remove it and add a Bobalat leather grip for more feel and more weight in the handle. The rounded softer Wilson butt cap is absolutely great (something that Wilson added to the Team model a few years ago). It feels a lot better than the previous Wilson butt caps that had the sharper edges.
From: Michael, 10/13

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