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Comments: Definitely my favorite racquet so far! I started out using this racquet and went from JV to Varsity in 2 weeks of practice with it. It is a racket for masters, and will provide you with success if you are willing to put in the effort and practice. Serves became so much more powerful and explosive. Before my serves were the weakest part of my game, but now I am able to use serving to my advantage. Also my groundstrokes greatly improved with this racquet. At first it takes some getting used to with the weight difference, but if you learn to hit the ball in the sweetspot, your forehands and backhands become so much more powerful and accurate. Definitely found crisp touch with this racquet as well as excellent feel on volleys. Although it takes slightly longer to move the racquet since it is heavier. All in all, I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their tennis game, or become a more aggressive player. Strung at 55 lbs with Kirshbaum Pro Line X.
From: Fetty, 1/16

Comments: This one came right to the top of my all time favorite racquets. I've been using the Pro Staff 90 (2014) which was my favorite ever until now. Got this one as a birthday present but in stock form felt heavier then my Pro Staff 90 although it states the same balance point. The swingweight was higher and the strings and tension that came with it really weren't good. I decided to make it more headlight and also changed strings and tension (to Dunlop Black Widow 17 at 22 kgs). Complete metamorphosis -- the racquet became impressive. A true blend of power and control and yet laser precise. The frame is way more forgiving then my 90s, more powerfull but kept the same feel and maneuverability (slightly better). Now this is a do all well frame. What a great stick!
From: Bernardo, 6/15

Comments: In order to play with this racquet you must: be in shape, be at least a high intermediate player and have a long and technical swing, because it does not generate to much power. The feel, precision, and capacity to deliver heavy balls are unique. I am a 4.5 agressive player. I like to hit strong forehands, go often to the net, surprise with dropshots and use angles. The racquet has improved my game style. I played with Wilson Blade 18x20 for the last three years. I really enjoyed it, but decided to take one step foward with Wilson 6.1, and I am very happy with the choice I made. I use a Luxlon Big Banger ALU Power at 50 lbs.
From: Juliano, 5/15

Comments: The frame is solid and my forehand shots gained about 10 more miles per hour. I love playing with this frame but with a full bed of poly, my elbow is little sore. I have been trying the Yonex Tour 330 G and I like that even better so far. It feels even more stable and my backhand wing is better with it. And it's more comfortable.
From: Venkata, 4/15

Comments: Long time user of the K-Factor and this Six.One series. Somehow, I was not connected to this racquet any more; went down with tension, put natural gut into it and so on. I've experimented a lot with other sticks as of late. Well, I put Pacific Poly Force 16L in it at 1kg above max rec tension (i.e. 27x26.5kg) as a bad weather dug out. It is now what I always wanted. It is absolutely top notch now, an aggressive player's dream. Power is no problem at all, solid topspin (yeah!), slice is deadly, it stops short and is full of backspin, and I can go for aggressive targets. It has it all. Not harsh on my arm at all. That's tennis nirvana. Don't be shy to string it tight, as tight as it takes -- you may be surprised. But if you are a defensive guy, keep clear both of this stick and this set-up.
From: Andrew, 4/15

Comments: Best racquet I have owned so far. Having used many like the PS85, POG Mid, Technifibers, and Dunlops this one does one thing that none have ever done. The Six.One is dead quiet. I would get vibrations on framed shots or off center shots on all the other racquets at some point that would drive me nuts. The Six.One strung with Kevlar/ZX at 65/45 lbs is so solid and controlled and no vibrations. But I still have power when I need it. I weighted mine up to 380g and it's perfect. Love the 18x20 pattern. My serve is better with this racquet and my volleys are solid. Groundies have more control and decent spin.
From: Shroud, 3/15

Comments: Bought a Pro Staff 95S last year that quickly became my go to racquet of choice. Due to string breakage and having to customize the frame with lead, I decided to demo the Six.One 95. I generate good spin off both sides so I tried both the 16x18 and 18x20 and went for the 18x20 as it just felt like it had controllable power. I got this frame for brand new, strung with Wilson Sensation when it arrived. It's without a doubt the best racquet I have played with -- easy to swing, good power and touch, slices are heavy and low, nice sound on contact. The Sensation plays pretty well, but will replace with Tourna7.
From: Ed, 2/15

Comments: This is the best racquet ever made by Wilson. Unfortunately the Six.One line will not be continued. I don't want to play with a Blade or new PS97.
From: Bob, 1/15

Comments: Santa Claus dropped this off for me this year. I am used to a Pro Kennex Redondo 98 which is a legendary cult racquet -- just read the TW player reviews. The Wilson Six.One 95 18x20, however, is a brilliant alternative. The Redondo is for aggressive attacking tennis when you want to generate pace and dominate the court whereas the Wilson is ideal if you are playing younger, fitter, stronger players. The 95 just loves to feed off opposition pace and is amazing at cross court passes. It's a wonderful returner's racquet is what I am saying. Have a nice day from England.
From: Clive, 1/15

Comments: Didn't see a new update for 2015 in the new catalog but this is a great stick. Take that with a grain of salt because I'm an ex D1 player in 2009. I put leather grips on mine and strung with the best hybrid out there, Babolat Origin 17g and ALU Power crosses 51 lbs and 48 lbs crosses. Don't listen to the lack of spin on the reviews on here. This racquet gives plenty of spin if strung right. You just have to have modern strokes, I'd say overall great feel, great accuracy, amazing volleys, very precise serving (not a Babolat serving racquet), excellent on groundstrokes. You can really flatten out the short balls and don't have to worry about it sitting up like most other modern racquets. Slicing is a dream for sure. Service return was a blast. I did have a couple misfits here and there but that's due to lack of practice and focus. I'd say this is only for fit guys or gals who can execute above average technique and can hit the ball.
From: Adro, 12/14

Comments: This is an awesome stick, and maybe the best stick I have ever played with. The weight is perfect, the feel is wonderful and the balance is just right. The one thing that surprised me the most is the spin that I got from such a tight 18x20 string pattern. Kick serves were kicking like crazy. On groundstrokes, just let the racquet do the work for you. Love, love, love this racquet!
From: CF, 11/14

Comments: I previously used the 2010 version and enjoyed that racquet a lot, although it could sometimes be a little bit slow. This version has been the perfect solution -- still rock solid and easy to control, but it is just a hair faster -- leading to a great playing racquet! I felt so confident while accelerating that I was getting a ton of spin on my shots, despite the dense string pattern.
From: James, 7/14

Comments: I was using the 2012 model and loved it. I thought the 2014 model would be exactly the same! Unfortunately, it doesn't feel the same! I felt like the strings were a lot tighter on this one, anyone else felt that? After two practices my biceps started to hurt as well. Did it happen to anyone else?
From: Patrick, 5/14

Comments: Not as stable as I thought it would be (though certainly not unstable). Great on the backhand slice, great for control on the serve, but nothing special beyond that without modification. If you are strong enough to get the racquet head speed quite high, you can generate enough spin to make it matter, but otherwise you need to have a pretty classic style game to make this racquet matter.
From: S, 5/14

Comments: Just received my new 6.1 18x20 and it's absolutely fantastic, and a solution to a problem. I'm an "old school" flat hitter (I'm 40 and my son is 13), so he's a flat hitter also. Our go-to racquets are the PS85 and PS90. We have tried everything else, Aeropro, Pure Drive, various Head models, yet we always go back to the 85 or 90. Even in my son's USTA tourneys, he will sometimes switch mid game back to the 90. So we recently demo'd the "spin racquets," PS95S, 99S, 6.1S, the idea being that with built in spin, our flat shots would naturally be more controllable. Not the case, we ended up spraying shots, going long, into the net, the S models made us with less control. So my idea was to try to find something bigger but with the same or similar control and specs to the 85 or 90, something that we can just swing away with. So I demoed then bought the 95 with the dense pattern, strung with Lux Power at 55 lbs (will probably go to Rough), it is insanely good. We can paint lines, hit accurately with full swings with no fear of losing control, and of course we gain a bigger sweetspot and power. So if you are a flat hitter and want to move up to a bigger head, I highly recommend the 6.1 95 18X20. Ignore the PS95, it shouldn't even be in the PS family, it's light, weird. One other note, we have played with the K Factor 95 16X18 as third racquet due to it's similar specs to the 85 and 90, the new racquet, although same mold, is different. The K Factor you feel every vibration, every miss hit or good hit, and some may prefer that. The new racquet has a complete different feel, I wouldn't say muted, it feels more like plow through even though I know it's the new tech where you can't feel your shots. It's also a bargain, $159.00 for a new racquet!
From: Mike, 4/14

Comments: Perfect "tweener" player's racquet, modern vs classic strokes. I have played with the 16x19 and 18x20 for over a month trying to make a final decision. Finally decided to go with the 18x20. I found slightly more spin on the open pattern, but the control and confidence, especially on the backhand slice, was noticeably better with the 18x20, at least at high altitude (in Denver). I'm a 4.5-5.0, and strung with X-1 Biphase/Red Code hybrid at 56/52 lbs.
From: David, 3/14

Comments: Great racquet! I can hit the ball really hard and the ball still lands inside the court. The racquet became more solid when I added small amount of lead at the 3 and 9 o'clock. This racquet really improved my serve, net game and forehand. No wonder this racquet got high ratings from Tennis Warehouse racquet playtesters. I used Luxilon Alu power at 52 lbs.
From: John, 3/14

Comments: Disappointed! I have played with all of the previos versions and this new one is totally different. It has lost the feel of the classic frame. During a session of training, I compared the new version with the 2012 version, both with the same string and tension (Luxilon Alu Power 43 lbs.). The new version is light and quicker but with less plow through; different sound at the impact, the mute feel make you disconnected. I like the feel on volleys due to the more maneuverability. Less mass and stability, and not as solid at the impact as the previous versions. It doesn`t make me the confidence I used to have with the 6.1.
From: Alex, 2/14

Comments: Switched to this racquet after previously using a Babolat AeroPro Drive, so it is quite a different racquet. I am using the factory standard Wilson Sensation strings for the time being. My first impressions are similar to those others are experiencing. The racquet is quite flexible (compared to my old one at least) and feels like it keeps the ball on the strings a lot longer offering great feel. This racquet has such great feel! My backhand slice has come on miles instantly and can be hit with excellent depth and accuracy. My forehand has better placement and control, I feel like its more of a weapon as it keeps me in the points longer until I get an opening to hit a winner. I am also able to hit a better flat shot as some others have mentioned. My backhand (one handed) has suffered slightly, I put this down to the heavier racquet being new to me and I'm confident I will get the swing correct over time. I will post a further review once I have more hours playing with this racquet and have changed the strings. I am thinking of either using NXT Tour 16 or NXT Control.
From: Joe, 1/14

Comments: I love this racquet! I started playing with a Head Extreme Pro a year and a half ago (which I still think is a great beginners racquet) then went to the Wilson Steam 99S which is also a fine stick and really helped me keep the ball in the court as I had a tendency to hit long. This week I took home the Blade 98S and the Six.One 95 (not the S, the 332g/18x20). I am in love with Six.One and am going to buy it. I hit all three racquets against the ball machine and the accuracy and feel I got from the Six.One 95 was superb (the Blade wasn't bad either but it wasn't better than my 99S). I probably could not have hit so well with it a year ago because my ground strokes needed a lot of work, but now that I am more consistent -- this is my stick! My only problem was the serve. Because this is a player's racquet, it is not as forgiving for sloppy strokes and my serves still need some work, but that is my problem and not the Six.One's. If you have been playing awhile I recommend grabbing a demo and giving it a try for an afternoon.
From: Scott, 1/14

Comments: For the last two years, I used for the Wilson Pro Staff 90 BLX. I decided to try the Wilson Six.One 95 (18x20) because something was missing from my game. When I changed to the Pro Staff, my control improved a lot, but I lost my flat ball. This new racquet feels awesome, especially when you are trying to hit flatter balls and it performs great when you are using slice and a one handed backhand. I don't know if it was just my first impression, but it feels stiffer than the Pro Staff. I strung it with a hybrid mix, both at 50 pounds (mains with Luxilon AlU Rough and crosses with Synthetic Gut 16), maybe 46-47 pounds would be the right tension for the 18X20 pattern.
From: Ricardo, 11/13

Comments: My first impression was not good because the racquet seemed far lighter than the specs on TW (12.3 ounces). I didn't like that. I want heft. My first impressions were soon changed once I hit the courts. I found control, power, and feel almost immediately. This is an extremely comfortable racquet with great control. My partner remarked that my shots came deeper and with more power even though I hit the same strokes as when I use with my Dunlop Aerogel 200. The Wilson racquet is too light so I'll have to add some weight. I did not notice plow through that I get from my ProStaff 90. Overall, I am really glad I gave it a try. It is really a sweet and enjoyable racquet to hit with and I expect that I will soon groove my strokes with this stick. Once word gets out, this racket will be all over the courts.
From: Bob, 11/13

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