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Comments: This is a good racquet to start off for beginners and lower intermediate players. It is on the lighter side and has good spin and power. Control is somewhat erratic, especially against hard hitters at the net and hard hitters from baseline. Feels stiff too. Overall, not bad for an oversized racquet. Although you get good power, be sure to ice up your arms afterward. Strung at 58 lbs with Babolat RPM Blast. I'm a 4.0 rated singles/doubles baseliner.
From: Nathan, 1/16

Comments: I play at a 4.5 level and compete often. After 12 enjoyable years of using the 2.0 Hyper Hammer 115 sq.in, I decided to go for a little more control with the 5.3, 110 sq in Stretch. While the control was there and I began to really like it, tennis elbow came back after an absence of almost 20 years. The consultant at Tennis Warehouse reminded me of the light weight and possibility not absorbing enough vibration for me..hence the inflammation. I might try softer strings at a lower tension or build up the grip. I hate to give up this racquet though because I really like it!
From: Joseph, 5/15

Comments: Love this racquet! Very user friendly, light and powerful with control. Strung it with Volkl Psycho at 50 lbs in the mains and 55 lbs in the crosses and it is a beast!
From: Carl, 11/13

Comments: Been using this "hammer" of racquet for a couple of years now, and it still provides a competitive edge. It is light, maneuverable, spin-able and stiff. Strong arms are a must to control this beast, for you'll feel the soreness afterward! Not for everyone but good to have to come back to when you feel like doing the "hammer time" on courts.
From: Nathan, 8/13

Comments: I have used this racquet for 10 years, tried all the new ones, still like this one better. Everyone in my family uses it also.
From: Jim, 6/13

Comments: I bought this racket a couple of years ago, mainly because my friends recommended it. I was using a Wilson Sledge Hammer before and this one immediately felt a lot better. I never took this racket seriously and kept on looking for the ultimate weapon that would improve my game even further. I selected the Head Youtek Radical Pro, being a Pro racket and all (and Andy Murray uses it). I found it a lot of fun to play with, because I could hit as hard as I wanted with great control, however I started noticing that my topspin backhands were landing a little short. There was also more vibration than usual, and when I developed some tennis elbow I had to stop using it. I went back to the Wilson Hyper Hammer. I noticed that all my shots were consistently deeper, more powerful, with less effort, having much better results over all. I also noticed that when I used all my power, the shots were amazing. I am 100% serve and volley, but now when I can't get to the net, I am winning more baseline rallies. This is a very good racket, get one even as a spare, you can't go wrong.
From: Robert. 5/11
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Great racquet, I have used this for the last 7 years or so. Over the last 12 months, I decided to switch racquets to improve my game and purchased a lot of racquets like the Head Radical, Babolat Aero Storm, Pure Drive, AeroPro Drive hoping I will like them. After experimenting with all these, I have decided I will go back to my Hyper Hammer 5.3 Midsize. Since I am a very flat hitter with a very huge forehand, an average serve with a defensive backhand, all other racquets failed to make my serve bigger or change my backhand or add any impact to my game. On the contrary being headlight, they all made my flat forehand less destructive. Bottom Line, The Hyper Hammer suits my game style, and I feel stupid wasting all the money to look for something else when what I had, was working well for me. This is absolutely your racquet if you are not looking for much spin and if you are a baseliner who likes to hit the ball flat and hard.
From: Vivek, Philadelphia, PA. 4/11

Comments: Great racquet, I have used this for the last 7 years or so. Over the last 12 months, I decided to switch racquets to improve my game and purchased a lot of racquets like the Head Radical, Babolat Aero Storm, Pure Drive, Aero Pro Drive hoping I will like them. After experimenting with all these, I have decided I will go back to my Hyper Hammer 5.3 Midsize. Since I am a very flat hitter with a very huge forehand, an average serve with a defensive backhand, all other racquets failed to make my serve bigger or change my backhand or add any impact to my game. On the contrary being headlight, they all made my flat forehand less destructive. Bottom Line, the Hyper Hammer suits my game style, and I feel stupid looking for something else when what I had, was working well for me. This is absolutely your racquet if you are not looking for much spin and if you are a baseliner who likes to hit the ball flat and hard.
From: Vivek, Philadelphia, PA, 4/11
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I have had this 5.3 racquet for over 8 years. I have always been a big hitter with a one handed backhand. I don't slice with my forehand very much but topspin is great. I used to do a lot of backhanded slicing, so my last coach is trying to teach an old dog new tricks with a topspin backhand. I was going to change to the new BLX racquet, but if it is not broken, then why fix it? I change the grips often because they get so dirty and worn out. The racquet performs great and I see no reason to change. My serves are so powerful and strong, my inside out shots are awesome and the forward strokes work well especially when I always hit the baselines. At 60, I just need to be consistent and practice to perfect what I do. I love my Hyper Hammer...
From: Dawn, Fort Worth, TX, USA, 03/11
String type and tension: 60 lbs
Headsize: 95
NRTP: 3.5

Comments: It is amazing that this racket has stood the sands of time! Players and customers are still having comments and accolades about this racket! Oldie but goodie racket that appeals to all kind of different players. I even went to playing with it again this past week after I purchased my blx tour limited. I love the blx tour limited and it has become my number one racket for singles in front of my 5.3 hammer and 6.3 hammer 95 rackets. However, when I play doubles I pull out my 110 5.3 hammer. I love the way the ball just kicks of the racket on the serve. I can hammer it down the t and go out wide with the slice serve. Man I really am pleased that this racket is still desired and sought after for purchasing and playing with. Wilson sure has had a great run with this magnificent racket! I wonder if Wilson will upgrade it or try to replace it with another phase of technology? In the mean time I will keep all my hammers especially my 110 5.3 hyper hammer one of the best rackets in tennis industry racket history.
From: Brian, Houston, TX, USA, 02/11
String type and tension: Wilson nxt 17 65 pounds
Headsize: 110 and 95
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: When are you going to have a BLX replacement for this racquet.
From: Angel, Norfolk, VA, USA
String type and tension: Luxilon, 62Lbs
Headsize: 110
(Angel, Wilson is not putting out a direct replacement of that racquet in the BLX line, but check out the new Wilson BLX Tempest Four, which has similar specs to the 5.3.--TW Staff)

Comments: My son likes this racquet a lot, but it breaks too easily for him. He's broken two of them over the last few months. It's not that he drops it, he just hits with a lot of force as well as a lot of twist, probably.
From: Richard, San Leandro, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: This racquet is the bomb! I strung it even higher at 65 pounds and it has performed so well. The Wilson Hyper Hammer gives you spin and you can flatten out your strokes if you like. My one-handed backhand is lethal with topspin or flat. My forehand is above average but very consistent. This racket was my first choice when I started playing three years ago; I have won my 3.0 tournament and have move up to 3.5. With this racquet I am competing very well because I am comfortable with moving from a defensive baseliner to an all-courter. I have my coach to thank for that. Also I have settled in with my racquet and after experimenting with string tension from 55 to various tensions through 65. I found that at 65 pounds of tension is the right tension for my game because I play a tactical and precision game. I love the moderate open string pattern for my style of play. I use it for singles but mostly for doubles because of the frame size for volleying at the net. I play with the 95 version also, which is more conducive for singles play. I also purchased the 6.3 hyper hammer versions. Can't miss with either but I love the 5.3 oversize because it was my first. I still pull it out when I play doubles. This is one of the most popular rackets out there because all the pro shops have it still in stock while the other style rackets are discontinued or replaced by updated versions. Just can't beat that Hammer technology!
From: Anon, 12/10

Comments: When I was starting playing tennis I used different kinds of rackets and also different kinds of tennis courts. One day when I was played tennis, my old rackets broke during a game and then I borrowed an extra rocket from my friend and that is the Wilson Hyper Hammer and I admired its a great, very nice performance, more powerful in-terms in the back court, very nice impact and the ball spin very consistence and very nice in bally specially in pinching situation, because it's not so heavy very effective in the mid court, I like and I love that racket hyper hammer since 80's until now I used my favorite brand, Wilson hyper hammer and forever.
From: Ian Bagano, Cebu, Philippines, 12/10
String type and tension: tension is 58 and string size is gauge 18
Headsize: oversize

Comments: I have used this racket for the past 3 years. It is very light and performs extremely well. I feel very comfortable and am delighted with the way the racquet performs. I am 65 years old and think this is a racquet I would readily recommend to an older player who enjoys a good game of tennis.
From: Quint, Toronto, Canada, 11/10
String type and tension: nylon - 65 psi
Headsize: 4 3/8
NTRP Rating: 3 times a week doubles player

Comments: Very happy with it. It has the control and also power. The best part is the price is great.
From: Lin, San Francisco, CA, USA, 08/10
String type and tension: synthetic gut at 60 lbs
Headsize: 110
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I love this racquet! I've been playing with it for almost 12 years now. Very forgiving without sacrificing power or control. I've also tried Babolat AeroPro Drive and Prince Ozone 7, however after a few games during a match I'm just "itching" to grab my Hammer 5.3 out of my tennis bag again. I guess it just fits my game. I'm a 47 y/o lefty baseliner with a very big 1st serve, and hit mostly flat. Just broke my old one after using it for 12 years, and bought another one today!
I would recommend this racquet to new players who are willing to make a huge improvement in their game in just a short time. I've read good reviews from a lot more advanced players here as well so it's just gotta be an excellent choice overall regardless of you're age and level.
From: Rudy, Burnaby, BC, Canada, 08/10
String type and tension: Wilson NXT OS 16
Headsize: 110 sq. inch.
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I started playing tennis again after about 7 years and wanted a new racquet. After reading all the reviews about this racquet I decided to demo and then bought it. Wow, this racquet has incredible power. I had plenty of pop on my serve and at the baseline could easily whiz a shot by my opponents. The problem was they didn't always land in the lines. This racquet lacks control! For someone who doesn't create their own power, I would say this racquet is perfect but I have a lot of power and this racquet is not for me....I'm currently looking for others to demo.
From: Carolyn, Lancaster, PA, USA. 7/10
String type and tension: factory strung
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I have been using Hyper Hammer 5.3 OS since about 4 years now and I must say this has been the best I have ever had. I am generally considered a forehand player but after I got this racquet my backhand has improved by leaps and bounds. I can now slice as well as hit single-handed backhands with reasonable precision. At the net, it is not as stable as some other racquets so need to be a little more careful while volleying. The problem I face is that I break one racquet every 6 - 9 months. I am not the kind who bangs the racquet on the ground, it simply cranks because of my forehand (I do hit with a lot of power) and I guess because the frame is hollow it is susceptible to breakage. I have tried a few alternates (like Babolat Drive Z 110) but they are not the same. With Wilson having dumped this racquet from their portfolio, I am desperately looking for a good alternative. If anybody is aware of a good alternative to Hyper Hammer 5.3 OS, I would be very thankful. Otherwise, the only option seems to be that I buy about 15 of this racquet right now and make it safe for the next 10 years at least. That's an expensive proposition in the immediate time frame.
From: Raja, Chennai, India, 07/10
Headsize: 110

Comments: One of the best racquets I have ever played with. I starting playing competitive USTA state tournaments in the 1980's - this racquet is one of those rare gems. Demo one with Forten thin blend strings and compare it to your current racquet - it will make you a little better player right off the bat. You won't believe it until you try it.
From: Anon. 03/10
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I started playing tennis seriously about a year ago now, not knowing anything at all about racquets my father took me to a local store and picked this one up and tossed it my way. I immediately decided that this was the one to learn with. As it turned out I was absolutely right. This is the perfect racquet for anyone that needs to improve their game quickly, because mine grew exponentially, I would recommend this racquet to anyone who needs a quick fix to their game.
From: Nikolaus, Seattle, WA, USA, 02/10
String type and tension: Stock 55
Headsize: 110
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I bought 2 of these about 2 years ago and its not my main racket but I keep one In my bag at all times. I don't have the control with this racket as I do with my Volkl DNX 3 (but it's very close) also the Wilson can be a little hard on your arm. I can hit a heaver ball with the Wilson 5.3. I was demoing a few rackets one day with a friend, and after 1hr or so of hitting, I pulled out the Wilson and started hitting with it. After a few minutes my friend stopped and ask me what the I did to that racket. He told me he could really tell a big deference.
From: anon. 02/10

Comments: I bought the Wilson Hyper Hammer ProStaff Titanium 6.6, my first racket, about 10 years ago. It's a decent racket, but at some point, I started to need more control and a less power. I tried a Prince Ultralite Triple Threat Thunder, but while it offered pinpoint accuracy, it had absolutely no power. So I read some reviews online, and decided to give the Hyper Hammer 5.3 a try. I was a little put off by the head heavy weight distribution before trying it out on the court, but once I started to play with it, I was pleasantly surprised. I was able to hit powerful shots right down the line consistently from both the backhand and the forehand sides. It has great court depth, too, without going out by a foot. This racket felt a bit heavy, since my previous two rackets were designed to be extra-light, but I got used to it within minutes. I would recommend this racket to players in my NTRP skill range (4.0-4.5).
From: Drew, San Francisco, CA, USA 02/10
Headsize: 110 sq. in.
NTRP Rating: Between 4.0-4.5

Comments: The Hyper Hammer is still available in the UK and online from PWP, £69 each or £65 each if you buy two. Hope this helps. I'm looking at the 5.3, but not sure if I want MP or OS. I'm a side spin guy on serve and generally hit flat, low to the net groundstrokes.
From: John Whelan, Cheshire, England. 11/09

Comments: I started out with a Wilson Hammer 3.2 however it was discontinued and was looking for the same feel and found Hyper Hammer 5.3. Combine it with Luxilon strings it gives me an edge in terms of power and comfort --> I'm giving a thumbs up for this racquet and planning to buy another one.
From: Dennis Puno, Quezon City, Philippines 11/09
String type and tension: Luxilon @60
Headsize: 110

Comments: I bought this racket about a year ago. it has great power and control. would highly recommend it for beginners to improve their game. I loved the power, but I am an older player, love to hit the ball really hard, and it gave me tennis elbow really bad. a great racket for a beginner but after you have improved, need to switch to a heavier racket.
From: John, Lexingotn, KY USA 10/09
String type and tension: prestrung
Headsize: 105
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I have been playing tennis at competition level in Australia both in singles and doubles for more than 35 years and would rate myself an A grade player (in US terms I suppose this would be around a 4 rating). I bought this racquet because: a) I wanted the closest possible replacement racquet for my Hyper Hammer 4 (now discontinued) b) Wilson's brand name c) Wilson's tried and proven Hammer technology Unfortunately, Wilson doesn't make the Hyper Hammer 4 any more, so the 5.3 O/S is the closest thing (from the research I conducted) to the Hammer 4. I also bought the Head Liquidmetal 8 at the same time from Tennis warehouse who offer a helpful and professional service. Here is my opinion on the two racquets. Wilson Hammer 5.3 It offers adequate power, maneuverability and feel for such a light frame and the comments made by the playtesters are on the whole accurate with the performance of the racquet. However, it comes up short on control compared to the Hammer 4 as it is just too light and I found the racquet twisting in my hand when returning powerful shots. Returning a powerful serve or one with heavy slice and kick with the Wilson 5.3 is very difficult and when resorting to just blocking the return this was largely unsuccessful. If only it was the same weight and had identical characteristics to the Hammer 4!! What a difference just 1 more oz would make to this racquet. Head Liquidmetal 8 This racquet doesn't have as much power as I imagined although it has a good blend of control and maneuverability. It is .25 of an inch shorter than the Wilson 5.3 and Hammer 4 and although this doesn't appear to be much on paper the effect is less power due to the stringbed pattern and 'feel' on volleys and drop shots left a lot to be desired. Conclusion: I suppose I'll have to go on using my Wilson Hammer 4 until the carbon fibres wear out or the frame breaks before I find another racquet like this one. Unless of course Wilson reads this and decides to re-introduce the Hammer 4 or it's equivalent. The 5.3 is good value for money and for most beginners doubles only players it would be a handy racquet to have in your bag.
From: Anon, 09/09

Comments: I have commented about this racquet before and months after first purchasing this racquets and nine months later I feel even more admiration about the performance of this racquet. Wilson has done a fine job with making head heavy racquets with a lot of maneuverability and lightness along with exceptional power. This blend has helped my game immensely. I feel comfortable at the baseline rallying with heavy hitters because the ability to return hard hit balls is partly due to the head heavy balance that allows you to hit through the ball more including hard serves, you can let loose on the ball or block the ball with the hammer technology that improves your playability. The other aspects I like about this racket is that you can also volley with this racket because it is easy to move around the net with it and hit the ball deep with slice or drop shot the ball. Serving with this racket is very solid. You can hit flat serves with it very easy and also slice out wide at the three and nine o'clock positions. I have two of these rackets and they have served me well these nine months. I even won my 3.0 level tournament with this racket. Which for me is success and let's me know that I chose the right stick for my type of game.
From: Brian, Houston, Texas US 07/09
String type and tension: Wilson NXT Tour 17 string 62 pounds
NTRP Rating:3.0

Comments: Dude this racket is the epitome of all rackets. I bought a lot of expensive racquets in my life such as Sampras, Federer and Nadal racquet, but nothing compares to this racquet. This racquet hit long if the tension is low, but with the right string and higher tension, this racquet is the bomb. I added a little bite of weight on top and the wing, the racquet is now around 9 ounce with superb accuracy and power. This racquet can do anything better than any other racquet. Take it from me, So far the best of the best.
From: Zufa, Sacramento, CA 07/09
String type and tension: Prince Problend at 64 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I bought this racquet from tennis warehouse. The racquet is nice, it's really improved my game. I advise for beginner to use this racquet because it really improves your game.
From: Mario Gonzales, INDONESIA. 06/09
String type and tension: Prince Gut 16 Black
Headsize: 110
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Great racket. Perfect blend of power and control. You have to get use to swinging it especially if you have a long swing stroke. At first the balls will sail behind the baseline. Just relax on your swing a little and add some topspin and the ball will sail right inside the baseline keeping your opponent back and swinging hard. On volleys bring your body in with the ball and it will fall into the court fast and high. On serves you will not have many blasting aces but you will have good spin serves and balls that bounce high at your opponents arms causing them to mis-hit. Very good racquet at a very affordable price.
From: Brian, Houston, TX, USA, 12/08
String type and tension: Ultra Sensation 16 gauge
Headsize: 110
NTRP Rating 3.0

Comments:I love this racquet. After searching for over 6 months for the right frame, I came back to the Hammer. This frame allows me the comfort of an easy, yet powerful baseline rally with the ability to turn up the speed based only my own energy level. The weight lets me whip through my backhands as well. Also, the sweet spot gives me great control up at net. The only concern I have is that I've noticed the constitution of the racquet appears to be compromised after a few heavy hitting sessions. I now have 2 racquets where the top of my frame "bows" to the left or right - no longer completely straight - and that's a big issue. Is there anything that can be done about this? Thanks!
From: Michael, San Francisco Area, California. 12/08
Headsize: 110
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: A year and a half ago, I stated that this racquet was only "average." I was completely wrong. I started playing with a Wilson Triad 3.2 after the Hyper Hammer 5.3. A friend of mine told me to try out the Hammer again, and I discovered that it was everything I was looking for in a racquet. I had so much more control, power, spin, and everything that my game nearly doubled. At least 5 people I know have started using the OS Hyper Hammer 5.3 as well, and their game has improved tremendously. After 5 years the racquet is still working great. I HIGHLY recommend this racquet. Finally, the racquet is extremely cheap for its quality.
From: Matt, Wenatche, WA, USA. 12/08
Headsize: OS 110
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I play exclusively with the OS 5.3 and have for the past 5 years with only positive results. I just bought my third OS 5.3 to replace one that wore out after 5 years. I strongly recommend this racket for 4.0 and above double players. I also use for my infrequent singles matches. I love this racket!!!
From: Barry, St. Joseph, MI. 10/08
String type and tension: Wilson Sensation - 65#
Headsize: 110
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I don't know why someone would post that they heard that Wilson Hyper Hammer racquets don't last very long instead of finding out the facts. This is a very good racquet. I have 2 of them. This racquet fits my stroke. I am a baseliner (Deep and heavy balls) I have a full swing with a lot of pace on the ball and the racquet has held up to this type of hitting. All things said, you need to find a racquet that fits your swing and style of play. This one fits mine. I have used a lot of different racquets, (All have cost a lot more than the Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3) but I came back to this one.
From: Dennis, NC, USA, 10/08
String type and tension: M: Ashaway Kevlar 18g X: Prince Synthetic Gut 17g Duraflex
Headsize: 110
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This has been a great racquet, one that I've used for the last 5 years plus. I respectfully offer this for Matt in Wenatchee and others who have heard that Wilson Hyper Hammer racquets don't last long, this one has certainly gone the distance. It has been a very solid frame, good control, and very maneuverable at the net.
From: Dan, Bucharest, Romania. 9/08
Headsize: 110
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I love this racquet and have been using it for a long time. It's so lightweight it makes swinging a lot easier and faster. I would recommend this racquet for any player especially knew comers because it's so lightweight.
From: Anon, Columbus, OH, USA, 10/07

Comments: Good racket for the price. Starting with this racket will feel weird because of how light it is but when used to it it feels like swinging a feather and feels great to hit with. I would highly recommend it for people not looking to spend a lot of money on a tennis racket or for someone just looking to play for fun. Overall, a very good racket.
From: Steven, USA, 06/07
Headsize: 110
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: I started out with this racquet and all I have to say is that it's great! It's the most popular racquet on my tennis team. I was amazed at the maneuverability and accuracy on my serves. If you're thinking of starting tennis, this is the racquet for you!
From: Bob, Santa Clara, CA, 12/06
String type and tension: Gamma TNT 2 17@63
Headsize: 110

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